There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Shelley Cerny | Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

The bigger and scarier our goals are, the more support we need to make them happen. Don’t be afraid to get help! When I signed on to my first 5 year office lease for my business, I was terrified! It cost about as much as I was making and I didn’t want to be helping people just so that I could pay my landlord. I leaned on entrepreneurial friends for courage, psychotherapy for validation and strength, and I took extra business classes that helped me get really solid about how the services and help I’m offering are very needed. From a more emotional and spiritual perspective, I used all the tools I had acquired thus far to handle my fear, find serenity, and to trust myself, my desires, and my direction. It was a big leap of faith and I landed very nicely. Read more>>

Sarah Ford | Key Art Artist & Photographer

Working on my mindset and health has been a crucial part of being creative and a business owner. I try to make time to meditate and exercise daily and have a routine. Without that I tend to feel somewhat lost and can easily be overwhelmed. Read more>>

Brian Hoover | Public and Commercial Aquarium Expert

Habits that helped my company and myself grow are hard work, determination and never giving up. I’m 37 years old and fish tanks have been a part of my life for the past 25-30 years. if you can go to work everyday and feel excited and passionate for what you do then its not work anymore and its a lifestyle. I would be lying if I said running a company, having employees, and dealing with clients is fun all the time. It is really important to keep your eyes on the goals you have for the company and don’t let anyone stop you in the process. Projects, Life, works problems, and personal problems will create hiccups along the journey, don’t let them stop you in your tracks, stay motivated and meet your goals. Read more>>

Jearnest Corchado | Actress, Singer, Film Producer & Entrepreneur

I think having a positive mindset is key to succeed. It has always been really important for me to first be aligned with myself, be happy and at peace internally. I started to create habits that could keep me balanced while going to college, auditioning, working on set and everything that comes with the acting world. I would go to yoga, exercise, run, create a vision board and prioritize what was important in the next week/month/years to come. Making a list of goals has probably been the most essential habit. It works!!! I think I’ve accomplished every single one of the “dreams & goals” I’ve written down. And being disciplined! Anytime I got an audition or opportunity sent my way I said “YES!” And I failed many times, but I would clean my “tears” and keep going ! You always have to KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Read more>>

Ashling Loh-Doyle | Owner & Creative Director

When it comes to the success of Lotus and Ash, I believe two things have contributed to it: 1. Time Management, and 2. Going the extra mile for our clients. No matter what business you’re starting, it’s critical to have good time management. Time management isn’t just about setting a schedule for the day (though, that’s a large part of it), but it’s also about being realistic about timelines with clients, and being able to understand the value of your time. For example, every day, I break up my day into hour-long blocks. Some blocks are used for meetings, some blocks are used for creative work. Other blocks are used for eating or working out or caring for our newborn. Mapping out my days in this way allows me to understand how long it will take me to accomplish something, and helps me to stay on task throughout the day. Read more>>

Kylie Tullipan | Performance Coach & Kettlebell Specialist

From a young age, those that were close to me would always say, “You’re off with fairies” and “Stop living in La La Land.” I was a dreamer then and even still, a dreamer now. Because of this, I have a clear vision and mission of what I want to accomplish while having a mind that is open, adaptive to change, and thrives in adversity. In my youth, I was brought up with a daily routine. As I grew into my young adulthood, that routine and schedule became fuller while managing school and various after school activities. These responsibilities helped me cultivate a sense of ownership and confidence and brought me a strong sense of discipline, focus, and drive to my life. Read more>>

Melody Trice | TV Host, Actress, Model & Entrepreneur

Staying encouraged, even if it means me encouraging myself. I form a habit of daily inspiration, through pray and meditation. Keeping a positive mindset, through gaining knowledge on my craft. To be the best I can be. Read more>>

Stacey Millett | Web and Graphic Designer & Photographer

One of the most valuable habits we have found is being committed. In the early days of building Willhouse, we faced the battles of uncertainty and struggle. It would have been easier to give up or settle for a different path. However, we kept our chins up and dedicated ourselves to our business, that persistence worked and I love to encourage other business owners to keep going and stay committed. Read more>>

Ric’DiCULOUS’ | Los Angeles Street Artist & Fine Artist

I would say that habits that I have adopted over the years that have made me succeed is work ethic. I paint from a place of emotion, so if I’m not feeling it that day..I can’t paint. When I’m feeling it and the creativity is firing, I can paint for 3-4 hour sessions with ease. Some of my biggest influences for work ethic was my father, George & the late great Kobe Bryant. Kobe’s Mamba mentality has helped me just try to out work myself everyday more than yesterday. What I hope to achieve from these hours of work is a feeling and emotion that goes into each and every piece of artwork. Read more>>

Nick Alvarado | DJ, MC & Owner

Determination. When I started down the path of growing my business, I had the eye of a tiger! Nothing was going to get in the way of my success. Whatever obstacles came my way I would learn to overcome them. If I didn’t know how to do something, I learned how to do it. (Website design, email marketing, etc) The right mindset. When I was young I was taught by my loving parents that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. I’m a firm believer that our thoughts and beliefs shape our reality. If you have any false beliefs that are holding you back, do whatever you can to change them. After all, sometimes our biggest obstacle is ourselves. Loving what you do. This is a BIG one. I didn’t start my business to make money, which is just an added bonus to what we do. I did it because I have a deep love for every part of my business. Read more>>

Emre Sonmez | Founder, Managing Director & Wholesale Fabric Distributor

I will say foresight. The ability to visualize the future. For me, this is the number one habit that I can attribute to my success. I always visualize what I want and how I want it first. Although, this might seem like taking a longer route, it has has always been working for me. Another habit I have developed is staying positive even in the face of uncertainties. Having a positive mindset means I can always look at things with a positive view and work towards that positive end goal. You need to have the “Yes, I can attitude instead of “No, I can’t.” Be committed. Whatever the job you have, or you do, you need to be 100% committed to it. You need to sleep, breath or live every single day with your goals at the back of your mind. Commitment means you may need to sacrifice some things in your life at some point. Read more>>

Daniel Rivas | Professional Photographer

I have been a professional photographer for over 40 years and I have always tried to have habits that not only helped me to succeed, but also help my clients along the way. Giving the best product I could deliver at a fair rate allowed me to build a clientele that returned to me repetitively. I have photographed many clients throughout their lives in doing so. Starting with newborn and children’s portraits, I would photograph these babies each year for their birthday portraits, then do portraits for them for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Hanukkah and Christmas and just about any month because I offer great special offers each month. These children and families really get to know me. When time came for Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, Quinceanera’s, Sweet Sixteen’s, Engagement portraits and Weddings I was given the opportunity to help them with those special events as well. Read more>>