We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Ashton Pemberton | Media Personality & Aspiring Social Entrepreneur

I am inspired by the idea of nobility in the struggle. I want to affirm the struggles that communities in this world go through such as racism, sexism, and more. I know I will not see the fruits of all of my labor, but I want to pass the baton to future generations of media personalities and social entrepreneurs. I’m also inspired by balance. I believe in being able to have a successful career, time with family, and a charitable relationship with my community. I believe in dominating all aspects of my life and showing others it is truly possible to live fully in your calling. Read more>>

Bent Hansen | Entrepreneur

The hard work, simplicity and elegance that manifests in genius. Read more>>

Heather Donatini | Co-Founder & Executive Director, BumbleBee Foundation

Cancer kiddos are what inspires me. As a bereaved mother of a child diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of 3, I witnessed first-hand the resilience and innocence these children go through on a daily basis. For many, the hospital becomes their home away from home. They undergo countless pokes, chemotherapy treatments, surgeries, radiation, and scans. They experience unimaginable side effects. And yet, they still smile. They rise up. They exhibit incredible inner strength. They teach us what fortitude is. They teach us to be in the moment and remind us that life is precious, sometimes fragile and fleeting. My son. These kids. They are who inspire me. Read more>>

Dillon Stewart | Actor

I’m most inspired by other people’s passion. When someone’s really into that recent film, or your friend’s excited to start their new job, or your favorite contestant pulls it off & wins the million on Survivor. Observing that authentic passion… it’s really special to see, and in turn brings out in me the things I’m passionate about. For this reason, I love meeting new people, and I’m always trying to ask deeper questions so I can learn what makes them tick. Read more>>

Kali Basman | Founder of Kali Durga Yoga: Yin Yoga & Dharma

I lean heavily on Buddhist teachings of impermanence for endured motivation. When my inspiration thins, I remember what the Taoist practitioners recite each morning before they even open their eyes “My death is certain. The exact time is unknown. Knowing this, what’s most important now?” Read more>>

Caspar Madaus-Brück | Musician, Artist

From the very beginning I had a fascination with the role of The Fool. The Fool or also known as the court jester used to be one of the few sources of entertainment of his time. There is something very cunning about the way he performs. If you were to confront any person with a serious matter and expected them to reflect on the given matter, people tend to tense up and miss the point of keeping an open mind when addressing the problem. The actual “seriousness” of it seems to get in the way. Consequently, they might let emotions alter their thought process which could result in flawed decision making. Read more>>

Laura La Rue | Plant Dye Tie Dyer

Right now, I’m inspired by the movies ‘Dazed and Confused’ and ‘Taking Woodstock’, brightly colored flowers like Strawflowers, my mountain man cowboy, old trailers like my 1981 Silver Streak, and my wiener dog, June Carter Cash. Read more>>

Zoe Karlson | droopywing : handmade fashion and art

Everything. My friends and family mostly; Sentimentality. Things I have a direct + deep connection with. Street art, art history, people watching, interacting with a crowd, nature. Referencing and Parallelity. Consciousness. Color. Concepts. Read more>>

Natasha Holt | Licensed Esthetician & Permanent Cosmetic Artist

Mugshots 2 Glamshots Change didn’t come overnight for me or anyone that I know. Even the thought of change took years of misery, isolation and a toxic lifestyle to say to myself enough is enough. Once I was ready to put my thoughts into action is where I allowed my God to guide me. I listened to those that have become the change and have experience in the change but also people that actually care about me and want to see me succeed in life. Read more>>

Louiza Vradi | Visual Artist, Photographer & Art therapist

I am inspired by the sea, by walking, by my thoughts, by movies, by books, by heartaches, by archives, by my ancestors, by nature, by fighting social injustices, by indigenous healing, by far away lands and tales, and everything that creates a vibration in my soul. My desire to explore, wander and expand, either in my inner or the outer world, has been one of my main driving forces so far. Read more>>

Max Boonthanakit | Co-Owner of Boon Sauce and Executive Pastry Chef of Blue by Alain Ducasse

I’m really inspired by truthful reactions. I love to make foods that get instant reactions from people. The ones where they don’t have to think. Like when both eyebrows shoot up. Read more>>

Gabrielle Mouton | Artist | AMFT | Art Therapist

As much of an introvert as I am, I’m really inspired by people and how they experience their bodies, identity, mental health, relationships, healing, etc. I reference queer, plus size, and disabled bodies of color in my personal illustrations because they are very much tied to my own experiences. Often if there is something I’m internally struggling with, I end up creating some kind of imagery that helps me process and find meaning. I’m also very into plants and I almost always find a way to include some kind of botanical detail in my work. Other inspirations include anime, art therapy, bugs, folklore and anything spooky! Read more>>

Sunshine Hurtienne | Recent College Graduate and Aspiring Story Artist

I’ve always made it my goal to help people smile through good and bad times. Sometimes, seeing something cute and dorky can really brighten your day. It’s why I’m inspired by art and short stories that are simply down-to-earth, cute, and heartwarming. Pascal Campion, Michelle Lam, and Sarah Vettori are some of my favorite story artists. Their comics share small moments from their daily life drawn and told in a way that makes your heart feel light and warm. Read more>>

Drew Carolan | Photographer/Filmmaker

Youth inspire me since they have boundless uninhibited energy. With them there is no looking back only forward. Read more>>

Madeline Mack | Graphic Designer & Blogger

I am inspired by freedom. By living life freely, unconventionally and purposefully and by respecting the freedom of others – human and animal. This usually requires breaking free from social and environmental structures that we were born into, which doesn’t only take a lot of courage but also strength and perseverance – because sometimes that means going against the current. But I think the reason why we are here is to follow our heart, explore the world with an open mind and learn to trust our intution – to not only be free ourselves, but also to bring freedom to others and leave the world a little better than we found it. Read more>>

Caitlin Crommett | Nonprofit founder | Speaker | Entrepreneur

I’m inspired by human kindness. By the impact of true and authentic connection. By young leaders. Through my nonprofit DreamCatchers, we work with students in high school and college that choose to give their time to make someone’s day, instead of hanging out with their friends or doing something for themselves. I’m constantly inspired by their hearts, but their drive to make a difference and impact another person’s life. Despite all of our differences and negativity toward other people, this is what always brings me back to the core belief that the vast majority of humans are innately good and kind. Read more>>

Marie Lewis | Floral Designer & Visual Alchemist

A nocturne is a work of art or music that is inspired by night. Having named my floral business “Nocturne in Bloom” I naturally pull a lot of inspiration from art, music and the aesthetic of night. My favorite painting is called “Nocturne in Black and Gold – The Falling Rocket” by James Abbott McNeill Whistler. It’s this dark amorphous visual that has a twinkle to it. This is what I seek to create with my floral design; arrangements of nature’s bounty that are dark, magical and melodic. Read more>>

Joe Echegaray | Actor

To have the ability to touch people’s hearts, to hear someone telling me, because of you I didn’t give up. I remember as a kid around 7 or 8 I suffered from nightmares every night. Then one day my mom surprised me with Star Wars bed clothing and curtains. And my mom said .. now the force will be with you so now you don’t have to be afraid anymore. And just like that the nightmares ended… that’s when I knew and what I had to do… Read more>>

Raquel Kalina | Jewelry Maker

Art, design, music, film, people, crystals and their symbolism, the ocean, the desert, just overall nature and the universe. Read more>>

Jonny Kosmo | Songwriter & Therapist

I am inspired by stories. Your stories, my client’s stories, fictional ones, my own, stories of the caterpillar’s journey down the block… you name it… I LOVE STORIES! They are a pool of imagination for me. Whether I’m collaboratively helping others to re-author their lives or sitting at the piano with a notebook writing a song, stories continue to be the vessel for inspiration. There is an inherent resourcefulness that I continue to be curious about in storytelling. The passing of narratives has always felt so fertile for me and it’s where I like to live and grow. Read more>>

Blue Odiwell | Psychic Medium

I am endlessly inspired by Spirit and the subconscious mind. Exploring my subconscious led me to Spirit, and Spirit has led me to the deepest understanding of Myself I could have hoped for. I am inspired by the stability of Self that comes from living authentically brings me, and I am so inspired to bring whatever awareness someone needs either through my readings, my videos, or my Instagram. My favorite thing in the world is sharing what is coming through for me from Spirit, and watching that change someone’s life in front of my eyes. It’s the magical life I wanted and signed up for. Read more>>

Debra Ray | Author , Playwright and Entrepreneur

I am inspired and led by God. When I sit down and write I am in a trance. It’s my love affair with Him. I will sit and meditate on something I may have heard in a Sermon or just reading and poems will come to me. I’m in the process now of writing a fictional series and I’m inspired by different memories of my life Read more>>

Ronda Spinak | Founder & Artistic Director of a nonprofit story company called The Braid

I’m inspired by courage. People who take risks. Acts of selflessness and kindness. I’m inspired by natural beauty and man-made beauty. I’m inspired by people who commit to the common good. I’m inspired by vision, focus, hard work and collaboration.I’m also inspired by stories…authentic from-the-heart stories and the people who share them. Read more>>

li liu | Creative director & Production designer

Ever since I was little, I have been inspired by the color and light of sunsets and how each one is unique. As a child, at the beginning of each school semester, I always enjoyed carefully choosing what wrapping paper to wrap my books with and what color of pens to use for note-taking. When faced with plain-wrapped objects or spaces, my creative mind kicks in to find new ways to create excitement and joy through color, texture, and design. Read more>>

Brandon Lee | Guitar Player For RVNGE

My inspiration mainly comes from seeing people who are close to me succeed. When you surround yourself with people of the same mind set and ambition who continue to push theirselves will help give you the same drive to make your visions a reality. My friends and family help push me to go above and beyond and without them I wouldn’t have been able to come as far as I have. Read more>>

Manny Liotta | Indie Filmmaker & Actor

I’m inspired by cinema, by the way you can capture life through a digital memory recorder, by colors, by style, by substance, by richness. I’m inspired by music and how human beings cope with life through music. I’m inspired by so much when I’m open to being inspired. Read more>>