In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Dustin Husain | Trance Music Artist

I love taking risks no matter how big or small the possible reward is or even if there is a reward. Risk taking has been something that has followed me my whole life with my initial intent along with outside voices bringing negativity or telling me nothing good will come out from it. That has not stopped me from taking risks in my life, especially in my music career. Taking risks in music has given me new life and also keeps me on my toes. Read more>>

Anahid Boghosian | Fine Artist & Designer

I definitely am of the school of thought of ” no risk, no reward ” I have taken a few leaps in my life and career as an Artist and they have always paid off in one way or another. The most recent leap of faith I took was is in 2013. I quit working as a personal chef and catering private parties to concentrate on my art career. I figured my children were both in high school and more independent, I had money put aside to survive with bare minimums and I was going to take a year of just creating and finding representation. By 2016 I was represented by numerous galleries and participated in exhibits across the states. Won a couple of awards, and even joined a couple of co – op galleries that that opened other doors. I feel this showed my children that I never gave up and that there must be some risk to follow your dreams. Read more>>

Angelou Masters | Entrepreneur

I think one of the main things that separate successful entrepreneurs from people who do not own businesses is that we have a higher threshold for the risk we take. The simple act of taking and engaging in a high-risk situation for a potential reward is something many people do not do but something as an entrepreneur you must get used to doing and eventually seek out. As an entrepreneur taking a risk usually involves doing something no one else is doing, and if you can do that successfully you can create a space for yourself where the possibilities are endless. Read more>>

Sugi Dakks | Artist/Musician/Producer/Songwriter

Personally, I think it’s important to remember what the risk is for yourself vs. what other people see as risky for you. I think a lot of times pursuing a career in music seems risky for someone on the outside, someone in your outer circle that doesn’t fully know why you make the decisions you do. They will always see what your doing as more risky because they are putting themselves in your shoes. They might not be as passionate about music, or might hold different values on what it means to be successful and what success looks like, and they will try to impose those views on you by saying it’s risky to pursue a career in something like music. But, from an inside perspective, in my case, it is way less of a risk for me to pursue a career in music because it aligns with my values way more. I want to pursue something I am passionate about. I want to inspire other people. Read more>>

Jacek Lazuka | Artist

Risk is LIfe. Life is Risk, I watched from a distance on my routine morning walk at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach. A Diver being floated to the shore by two women swimmers. Thinking how pleasant that must of been for the diver as he floated into death and floated into the next life. My son and i were on FaceTime and we watched the EMT personnel attempt to save this happy soul. I said to my son, this a one of the most pleasant deaths i seen in my life, for life can be brutal. I recall being T-Boned and breaking my neck in 2017 alone in a small toyota truck in the middle of forest on a winding road in Oregon. No one is promised tomorrow. That being said, i love being me as a painter. I love watching paint dry. It is only a matter of time. Read more>>

Alessandra Salituri | CEO + Creative Director of Citizen Atelier Online art Gallery / Interior Stylist

Risk has played a huge role in my career and life. When I wanted to start my company Citizen Atelier I was working full time at a PR firm and was building my business in the evenings. At the time, there were very few online art galleries and I thought to myself before I launched: “I either have an amazing idea or this is not going to work at all.” My intuition told me that I had to go full speed ahead and everything flourished as a result. Two months after launching my business, I had pieces of art featured in Jessica Alba’s home. Everything grew from there. I took a leap of faith about a year after starting my business to focus on it full time. I think the biggest challenge with risk is fear of the unknown. As Tony Robbins said, one of the 6 basic human needs is certainty. It’s extremely difficult to live in the uncomfortable space between the known and unknown. But I believe it’s something that can be learned and I’ve trained myself to become comfortable in that zone. I think what guides me through is becoming really intentional on what I want to create and build in my life, and then having faith that it will be brought in at the right time. Read more>>

Monalisa Okojie | Jewelry Designer./ Jewelry Brand Owner – Nehita Jewelry

In my opinion, risk is taking a step above your normal and building plans to be better at your new normal even when challenges arise. It’s like assuring yourself of certainty in the midst of uncertainties. As a designer, risk have somewhat been inherent in my life decisions, I mean leaving behind a promising career in law to take on an already saturated business of making jewelry, and not just any jewelry, high earned jewelry. I had to learn a lot, make mistakes, understand the rudiments and intricacies of gemstones and jewelry. The struggles that came with getting the perfect pieces, that are beautiful and also affordable, while staying afloat in the competition through networking, exceptional customer service, marketing, cold calling etc. All these has been one bold leap I took in my life that has pushed me and my brand to be better, as we derive satisfaction in knowing that our clients get the best timeless jewelry. Read more>>

Leon Logothetis | TV Host & Author

When I think about risk, I think about potential. I start to wonder how this risk could help me grow as a person and how it could change the lives of others for the better. I remember the day I had to call my dad and tell him I was leaving the family business. Feeling the uncertainty of this risk in my own voice but knowing this was the only way I could become my own person. Over my career I’ve had many of these uncertain moments: arriving in Times Square as I was about to walk across America to the Hollywood sign or taking that first step out of my front door before I circumnavigated the world relying solely on kindness. But each time I knew I had to at least try. And in the end the risk was well worth the reward. Had I chose to sit on my couch instead of choosing to take a chance, I never would have known the magic of potential. Read more>>

Lyrik Johnson | Actor & Musician

When choosing a role, I think risk is a good thing. It can be scary, but the result for me, finding another way to express yourself, was more than worth it. I’ve been fortunate. I’ve had amazing teachers who encouraged me to take risks and that have helped me grow exponentially as an actor and a musician. Read more>>

Stephen Grey | Founder of Positive Identity

Without risk theres no reward. In terms of The Positive Identity, we know historically talking about race in general has been taboo, but defying that normative behavior and bringing the conversation to the forefront is what we’re about. We identify the risk, but we see that everyone will benefit from this risk. Read more>>

Cali Wang | Film & Video Game Composer

Of no doubt, Hollywood is an industry that values high-risk takers who know their worth and are not afraid of choosing the more challenging path in their career in order to improve their crafts and up their game. Through out the last three years in LA building my own relationships and network, I have learned that no matter how much you try to plan ahead, opportunities almost always come when you are not prepared for it. When I was offered to score my first feature film about two years ago, I was in a very early stage in my career and was working for multiple composers. I knew that my workflow was not mature enough to take the gig, and the scheduling will be very tight with all my other tasks going on. Yet I said yes to the project. The process was very challenging and there were quite a few times when I questioned my decision, but in the end, I found that I’ve not only learned so much about scoring, workflow, communication, but also got myself through the open doors of other collaborations because of this project. Read more>>

Logan Austin | Filmmaker & Podcaster

There’s risk in everything, personal life, professional life, and the things in between. Sometimes I feel like risk can be defined by fear. Personally, when I choose to run towards the fear and not away from it and leap to take the risk there’s always a positive outcome. Whether that be a learning experience or achieving my goal. I think about all the people who have influenced me in my life and they failed countless times but they never gave up and now they’re where they want to be. Personally, I just keep trying things with my podcast, film scripts, television scripts, social media, etc. At the end of the day by taking the risk I will learn what is best for me and my company, Crazy Ant Media. Read more>>

Esjay Jones | Producer. Songwriter. Entrepreneur. Collaborator.

Risk-taking is as a positive and necessary process for my personality type – I am intrigued and driven by “what if’s” and work much better under pressure. Being consistent, resilient and taking risks has taught me how to let the small things slide and how to overcome challenges. The first big risk I took was self-financing a USA tour with my South African based band, Stealing Love Jones. That tour was not successful from a business perspective and from it, I learnt humility, the importance of marketing & strategy and how to bounce back from failure! That failed tour, fueled my fire and desire to be “successful in America” and ultimately set me on the path to obtaining my O1 visa and opening the door for my music career in the States. Read more>>

Tyler Argento | Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

Risk, this word brings up a lot of emotions and thoughts when I think about it. Risk has played a big role in my life and in my career. If we think about the word risk, life is full of risk taking. We never know what the result is going to be when we try something new, yet we still try, and that is the risk we take. We accept that their could be possible success or failure, and I admire that about the concept of risk. Risk taking can be scary, however I this is truly where I think a lot of magic and growth happens. Like I said earlier, risk has played many roles in my life, in my personal life and my career. I believe we take risks when entering a relationship, getting out of a relationship, taking on a new role, a new job, leaving a job, having a hard discussion with someone… and in so many other ways to. Read more>>

Aaron Janik | Trumpet Player & Business Owner

We must think of “risk” as actually not being risky at all. The “risk” we take – to invest in ourselves – is 100% necessary. This can take many forms, from investing in gear to do our jobs more efficiently, to moving to a new city that better suits our aspirations, to starting a new business and investing hours and dollars in building it from the ground up, to even saying NO to gigs because the employer does not associate enough value to our contributions. Without taking these calculated risks and following through fully on them, it is near impossible to achieve lofty goals in any field. As we all know, financially stable musicians are entrepreneurial and acquire their income from multiple streams. Let your “risk” always involve building one of those streams of income, and it will always be worthwhile. Read more>>

AJ Tesler | Producer/Director

One of the most important lessons I learned in college was “If you’re going to fail, fail big.” It was a common refrain from my professor, Mary Poole, and it has guided so much of what I do. Failing is a part of every creative pursuit and has been a part of every important creative growth I’ve experienced. If I had never taken any risk, I never would be where I am today. My first major risk was starting the Independent Television Festival, a first of its kind independent TV and web festival (now Catalyst Content Festival) at age 26. With little idea how to create a festival and having never attended any kind of festival other than Lollapalooza ’93 at age 15, it was a giant risk. It’s now going into its 15th year and has helped launched the careers of many working tv, new media and film creatives. Through that experience, I built one of the most incredible networks of creators and crew all around the country and world that I continue to lean on and collaborate with to this day. I wouldn’t be the same kind of producer I am today if I hadn’t taken that risk back then. Read more>>

Jodie Smith | Yoga Instructor & Herbalist

Every single magical accomplishment I have made in my life, both business and personal; has always been on the other side of taking a huge risk. At a very young age I was climbing the corporate ladder to what I believed was true success in the beauty industry and over time I realized that it wasn’t success, it was a cage. II felt trapped in a industry full of people that didn’t give a damn about me as a human, a black woman, or how I felt. I felt expendable. So one I had enough day I threw it all away, left my toxic marriage, left the world of Capitalism and became a yoga teacher. All of which has led to the magic that is my life now, Yoga entrepreneur, Herbalist, Content Creator, Fiancé & Mother. I’ve created 2 businesses in that time Magic Melanin Mama & Melanin Body Soul and I would have never reached this ever ascending peak I call life, had I not take a leap of faith in the Universe & in myself. Read more>>

DeVaughn Hooper | Artist

Life is the equivalent to playing a video game. It’s designed for you to take risk, and grants many chances in return. To become a confident risk-taker, one most deviate from the stigma of the word risk-taking as being negative or anti. The Universe is always working for you and never against. But, like the human brain, the Universe requires stimulation of it’s own. It requires play without fear. Living on a mountains edge not knowing if you leap will you fly or fall is of an intimate expression to the Universe. Trusting in it to determine your fate is the only direction to success. Those who understand and sway in this intimate dance of risk-taking with life are the most jolly and fulfilled, knowing they left nothing behind. Individuals who take no part in risk-taking grow bitter and are left only to fantasized wishing they had the courage to have taken more risk in their life. But, in the mean time they are busy trying to make meaning in the less valuable treasures of settling. Read more>>

Clay Campbell | Artist & Woodworker

The topic of risk when it comes to running a business is a challenging one. The answer to how much risk to take when making decisions can be a blurry line sometimes and as most small business owners would probably agree, I’ve found that more often than not creating a successful business requires a bit of trial and error in the beginning. When I first started Timber Wave, it almost felt like every decision I made was based on impulse and that the future of my success as a business was based on what little knowledge and intuition I had at that time. Big decisions with higher risk such as, what material suppliers I should use, weather or not I should take out a business loan or invest in buying bulk supplies, were topics that I spent a lot more time researching before considering. Smaller decisions with less risk such as signing up for a business class, building a website or applying to sell my goods at a street fair. Read more>>

Denie Shae Martinez | Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation Practitioner, Aromatherapist & Bodyworker

RISK- I love that it is a 4 letter word. I tend to be more of a conservative type, wanting to always weigh the pros and cons, although I am ruled by my gut knowing. The risks I have taken in my life and career might not appear to be BIG on the outside but for me internally stepping in to being seen, heard and connected to was a big RISK. Would I be accepted? Would I be valued? Would others “get it”? I realized I would never be able to step into what life was asking of me- teach, create, connect- if I stayed small and afraid. In 2017 I decided I would say YES to everything- every teaching opportunity, new client, new formulation. It was a wild year. I learned what worked and what didn’t. My discerning wisdom became fine tuned and the experience gained that year was deeply transformative. I believe I would not be the person I am today without that year of YES. Read more>>

Gigi Rich | Recording Artist & Songwriter

Risk is doing something with as much chance of failing as succeeding, but it’s necessary to take them in order to achieve your goals. When I take a risk, it affects both my personal life and my career. As an artist, the two are very intertwined. I think the best opportunities I’ve had in my career so far have been because of the risks I’ve taken!. Read more>>

Itzel | Music Artist

Risk taking is a challenge for me but it’s a task I’m willing to conquer because it helps me become a stronger and fearless individual. Yes, it’s hard for me to take risks with every little moment in life but as my mom said, life is not easy, and she’s right, it’s not. It’s also the best part because all the hard work and efforts lead to another level with new challenges to face, why else would you be doing it? At least that’s how I view the word. I meet and talk to so many different individuals who do all these amazing things. One question that always crosses my mind is how did theh end up there? They might say hard work, perseverance, etc. but the root to all those is taking risks. Anyone and anything will take a risk at somepoint and as terrifying as it may look, you will do it. I personally know you can. No matter the situation, you will have a breakthrough and you will be proud of yourself for doing it. Read more>>

Santiago Alberto | Music Artist

I believe it is important to get out of your comfort zone and not be afraid to take risks in pursuit of your dreams if they’re of a worthy cause that will help make the world a better place. I’ve noticed that every person I admire who is successful has experienced failure many times. Never be afraid of failure because it only makes you stronger. Taking risks has gotten me further than had I not taken them. One big leap I took was moving from New Mexico to Los Angeles by myself when I was 23 years old. That was a huge leap of faith and was not easy at first. It was a big change for me and I’ve grown so much since and have had opportunities that I don’t think I would’ve gotten otherwise. I just decided I was going to go for it and make the move. If it didn’t work out, I could always have a place back home but taking that risk paid off immensely. It all worked out and I have been very happy here and still love to visit home when I get the chance. Read more>>

Stella Musi | Graphic Designer

In Italy we say “Chi non risica non rosica” that I believe translates to “nothing ventured nothing gained”. It’s a concept that was hard to understand when I was younger, I wasn’t really sure what I had to risk. But getting older I found myself in front of a lot of situations that required taking risks and staying true to my vision. The more I grew, the more I had to loose. At the same time I learned that real growth happens exactly when taking those risks.
It was hard to believe in something that doesn’t exist yet, something that I couldn’t see, but when I am aligned with my vision things always work out for the best. In my life I took several risks such as changing industries (from Product Design to Graphic Design) at the beginning of my career, moving to Milan, then moving to the US. All of these decisions were really scary at the time and some of them seemed almost impossible, but every single risk was worth taking and I am who I am today because I took those risks. Read more>>

Kaya Dzankich | Animation Artist

I’m a believer in the saying ‘The greater the risk, the greater the reward’. If you are in a position in life where you don’t have to chose the ‘safe’ option, sometimes the riskier option can lead to more exciting learning experiences and successes. For example, moving from a hometown to a big city like L.A. might feel like a risk to some. To me it was an exciting new chapter that fed my motivation even more. If you take the riskier route, it’s important to follow your intuition along the way. Go with your gut on every decision. A turning point in my career was when I chose an exciting part-time job over a corporate full-time job. I knew I would learn more at the part-time job and that it could be a stepping stone to something bigger. The full-time job was the safe option, but I knew it wouldn’t be challenging and there wasn’t any creative freedom. My gut told me to take the risk. The part-time job quickly became full-time, I learned a ton, made new friendships and eventually it led to a new career in animation. Read more>>

Joep Sporck | Composer For Film TV

I took a risk of choosing this career as a film/tv composer to begin with. It is not a steady job at all, sometimes you are out of work, and sometimes it’s just way too much at once. With (almost) every new job a composer needs to pitch a demo first before being even considered to be hired. This happens for film, tv, and also for trailers and commercials. Us composers put in a lot of work, knowing that we might not end up actually getting the job, a big risk, but a necessary evil that comes with this line of work. At first I was always very anxious and stressed after I sent in a pitch for a project, but after living through so many rejections (and successes), you can put these things more in perspective. I just make sure I present my very best work for each pitch, and then try to forget about it until I hear back. With these risks come surprises as wel. Sometimes you are not chosen for a particular project, but you might end up on other projects, because you did make a good impression. Read more>>

Derek Mari | Writer/Director

With years of experience in the entertainment industry, I’ve come around to making opportunities for myself instead of waiting for them to appear. As a writer/director who relatively early in his career, it’s necessary to showcase my abilities in order to receive more creative work in the future. Every new project requires a level of risk. It’s a leap of faith to put time, money, energy, and other resources into creating a film that I hope others will love just as much as I do. Independently producing a project challenges me to convey a vision comprehensively to a passionate team of individuals who are similarly fueled by a pure love of the craft. I’m always proud of the result and the initial anxiety/excitement of the risk is always worth it. Read more>>

Trina Hendry | Hospitality Marketer & California Ambassador

I am a firm believer in the notion “no risk, no reward” and I’ve always been a bit of risk taker, if I’m being truly honest. From taking a job that I felt I was slightly under-qualified for to moving to a new country (from Canada to the US) with no job, no place to live and no real plan. I’m the type of person where if I want something, I just go for it and figure it along the way. That is what sparks my entrepreneurial spirit, and why I am always looking for new challenges. Read more>>

Nightxime Incognito | Musician, Lyricist, Singer, Rap Artist

I believe risk taking is the most envied and underestimated tool in the music industry. For someone to go out of their way and be who they truly are despite the worlds perspective is a super power and the biggest risk. The most notable musicians and creators were innovators who took a risk and realized that the biggest sacrifice enabled the most prominent reward. Nobody will fully understand you at first, and that’s the catch. It’s something i have allowed myself to get bye and accept because i realize what makes me different is the only thing that will help me survive, bring the most change and leave my mark on the universe most effectively. When i started my music journey i had to first learn the system, the ropes and the business. The talent came to me by nature but without insight you can’t thrive in the industry. But a lot of people get stuck in the system and never get back to their inner child because of the ostracizing society that will compare them. Read more>>

Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo | Award Winning Poet, Organizer, and Educator

Probably the first big risk I took in my career was saying no to a press that wanted to publish my poetry collection. Days after receiving the acceptance letter, the editor published an op-ed that was homophobic, racist, and cruel toward the concerns of marginalized writers. Her worldview and mine did not match, and I made the decision to pull the book, even though they were the biggest independent press in Los Angeles. This was in the summer of 2014. It was a scary decision. I didn’t know what would happen with my book, but in the end it came out with Sundress Publications in 2016. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. To submit your work and to stay true to your voice and your vision takes a lot of risk taking. It takes the ability to say no to people. Sometimes a publication or an opportunity is so big, you want to please the editor, or agent, or whomever, but if what they want you to do doesn’t fit your own vision, you have to think, which is the bigger risk? Not having your work out in that space or having your work out in a way you can’t stand by?. Read more>>

Dave Kloc | Illustrator and Gig Poster Artist

In the moment none of the decisions I’ve taken that I now see ask “risky” felt like risks. I was just young enough (see: dumb enough) to say to myself “this is what I want, so I’m going to do it” and then without much consideration, I went through with it. I didn’t go to college after high-school because I didn’t know what I wanted to study, I was the only person in my grade to do so. I moved to Worcester, MA to try and figure out what sort of work could best activate my interests and talents, and while there I painted hockey helmets as an apprentice, loved it with all my heart and then went to art school from there. Both were huge risks – but honestly just seemed like “good ideas at the time”. Then after art school, without an idea of how to utilize my art education, I moved to LA to work on a comedy show my friend has offered me a job on. Didn’t really seem like a risk, I just knew I hated the winter and Los Angeles had very little of it. Read more>>

Lori Tipton | Writer & Public Speaker

Risk-taking is a precursor to growth. Doing things differently will result in some form of change – for better or worse. While I have embraced risk-taking in my life, I acknowledge it is a privilege. I believe it may be easier for a person who feels safe and supported to take big risks than those who may be lacking these basic needs. Many of my personal and professional life choices have fallen outside of societal norms, easily casting them as “risky.” I believe this will prove a temporary classification as people become more accepting of non-traditional relationships and families as well as the incredible potential of psychedelic medicines within the field of mental health. Personal and professional risk-taking shouldn’t be synonymous with danger. While some people thought my participation in an FDA-approved clinical trial of MDMA (also known as Ecstasy) to treat PTSD was risky, it truly was nothing short of life-saving. Excavating my trauma and pain was not an easy or comfortable experience, but was rewarding beyond what I could have previously imagined. Read more>>

Dr. Wendy T. Talley | Corporate Wellness Trainer

Risk? When I think about the word risk, it evokes emotions and thoughts dating back to my childhood. Just my existence has always been a risk, growing up a black girl and developing into a black woman growing up in Los Angeles, California. My community was full of families, kids of all ages, double ditching, and street racing on foot. However, there was another side of a fairy tale, drug pushers, and users, drive-by shoots, fights amongst rival gangs, and stray dogs who chased us home. Each day was a toss-up of whether you would a “good day” because of cute guys or girls flirting or heart throbbing activity of being shot at or chased by older kids ready to beat you up. Either way, you knew by the time you laid your head down there was a story to tell at school the next day. Read more>>

Lady Ele | Tropical R’n’B Artist & Entrepreneur Lady Ele

I love to take risks. Risks to get happier, healthier, stronger, wiser, more in tune with myself. I’m all about taking smart, calculated, manifested risks to advance on my journey thru life. I see risks like the bonus mushrooms in video games, if you catch one you’ll get a new life, a better one at least. Moving from Sweden to L.A to study and work in Hollywood was a risk and then from L.A to Jamaica to live, enjoy my family life and do music was also a big risk. It took great preparation & much belief, I’ve lived here for 1 year now and my life and musical freedom is even better than I expected. My husband & manager Peter Mott and I started Mott Music Group 2019 and since we have come to cross paths and work with some of the greatest in the entertainment industry both in L.A & Jamaica. Creating art with other people is about collaboration & vibes, exchange of energies and locking in. We have created a platform here in Jamaica which is called Studio Villa Exodus Retreat. Read more>>

Marandan Ferguson | Wife, Mom, Beautypreneur

Taking risk is necessary! I am a jumper, there would be no Marandan Renea if I did not believe in taking risk. The universe is waiting on you. There are levels to EVERYTHING, the more faith you show in your self, the universe has to reciprocate!. Read more>>

Ruthie Thomas | Founder, Birds of Paradise Public Relations

For better or worst, I’ve always lived my life by the age-old adage: “no risk, no reward.” From working up the courage to climb (and, consequently, fall from) mango trees during my carefree childhood, frolicking under the warm rays of the Caribbean sun, to acting on impulse and moving to NYC as a teenager with a few hundred dollars to my name, and taking a wild leap of faith by starting my boutique PR frim AND moving across the country to Los Angeles, all at once, I’ve always chosen the road less traveled. And I’ve accepted both the failures and rewards that inevitably came with the many risks I’ve taken. Like the many nasty falls I sustained, losing my footing and falling out of trees when I was a little girl, I’ve also taken risks in my career and business that caused me to lose my footing, livelihood, and even the very roof over my head. I’ve made wrong choices and formed alliances that were doomed from the start. Read more>>

Eshani Music | Artist/Songwriter/Performer

You take a risk every day when you wake up everyday and realize who you were yesterday isn’t the same person you are next day. We are constantly evolving and changing and accepting who we are as we move forward in life is a risk we take every day. I believe taking risk is necessary and it is the only way to grow and learn. I have never been the type of person to stay in my comfort zone for too long. I took a risk when it came to giving up everything to focus on my music career which is a passion by itself. Born in India, growing up in the middle east, risk isn’t something that is encouraged. I was always told to play it safe. Get a business degree, focus on business management or Human Resources and that is what I did. I followed the norm for a while until I realized that I couldn’t and can’t do that anymore. I wasn’t happy. Read more>>