In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees.  We’ve shared some highlights below.

Alexandra Adomaitis | Film/Television Director

When I think about risk, I often picture being on a ship, headed out for an adventure. You know your target, and with the vast ocean expanding out before you, you take this journey knowing full well that you could achieve glorious things or you could very well perish in an instant. Now while my piratical metaphor may be extreme, being an independent female director is very similar and takes guts, patience, and passion. Like other industries that play host to freelancer workers, having a career in film & television is full of risk. In my field, you are often unsure when or where your next job is, and you must always be ready for the landscape to change. Read more>>

Krystyl Wright | Co Owner & Clinical Psychotherapist

Risk taking may sound like it doesn’t have rules . I feel like we take risk daily to continuously create environmentally/organic safe products and at the same time ensure our messaging is clear. Being a mother and daughter brand we are learning so much about ourselves as women in the world and how we want to impact change. We both have careers in education /mental health and we wanted to use our products to help people health while making self care inviting. When we set out to develop products we set financial goals for each product and use the profits to launch the next thing. We are still learning best practices and we use our own money to scale which is a huge risk and realizing we are 100% in because it is out legacy. Read more>>

Briana Trevino | Blogger & Freelance PR Manager

I think risk taking is essential for everyone. Life happens outside of your comfort zone and some of the smallest risks have the biggest pay off. My move to LA in itself was a huge risk, not knowing where I would work, but I knew I was prepared and it would pay off for my blog. I was right. I think you have to always evaluate and try to make the best possible decision for the best pay off. That could mean stepping into the unknown. Each blog posts could even be considered a small risk because in today’s world everything is out there to be judged and what you say can ultimately come back to you. Read more>>

David L. Rivera | Director & Content Creator

In my line of work, filmmaking and content creation, risk is just as important as learning your craft. I think this is true whether you’re a novice or an expert. Challenging your comfort zone and taking risks might be the only way forward. One of my biggest personal flaws in my own past was complacency, I used to allow myself to get very comfortable in life, but over time I’ve learned to remind myself that whenever that begins to happen, taking a risk and doing something out of the ordinary is the only way to wake up. I would urge anyone in any field, especially the creative field to look around and see if you’ve become too comfortable, if so, taking a risk in your career, whether it pays off or not, is a great a reality check. Risk is an excellent answer to comfort. Read more>>

Sarah Buxbaum | Award Winning Entrepreneur, Business Owner & Philanthropist

Now more than ever, being a business owner is one of the riskiest things out there. I’ve always been a risk taker (I used to be a certified skydiver!) and really thrive off adrenaline and doing things outside the box. I think this trait has benefited me overall, but has definitely given me setbacks. I left a great career to pursue a startup business before I started my own, and it didn’t go well. I lost almost everything and had to rebuild not only my finances, but my spirit as an entrepreneur. On the other side, because I have gone down unforeseen roads, I have had great things happen such as meeting lifelong friends, grown not only one business, but now have expanded that to three, won awards and grants, been able to travel and experience once in a lifetime opportunities. More risk, more reward, right?! Read more>>

Neil Vanides | Entrepreneur & Actor

For me, I played it safe for a very long time… That is to say; I like making responsible decisions especially when it comes to money. However, to get my startup capital where it needed to be, I did make a lot of risky moves to multiply my capital. When I first started putting away little bits of money here and there, I decided that I would follow in my Father’s footsteps and invest in used automobiles. (My first word was “car” so it only makes sense..) I started buying cars on craigslist that I felt I could repair on my own with little to no money. I started with Mercedes because they are the most reliable cars I’ve ever been in and I knew the brand well thanks to dear ole’ Dad. -My Dad has faithfully worked with Mercedes for my entire life… Read more>>

Nick Mason | Drummer

There can be no advancement or achievement without risk. Taking risks is the only way to success. I packed up belongings, kissed my friends and family goodbye and moved 3,000 miles across the country. There are very few places in this country that one can maintain a career in the entertainment industry. My eyes were set on Los Angeles. Prior to moving I already had a well-established career in the music industry, but if I wanted it to grow I needed to move. Making that move would almost set me back to zero. That’s a huge risk, to give it all up and begin again with the hope that you can not only rise to the level of success you’ve already fought so hard to achieve, but to be able to surpass it. Read more>>

Pavel Kozlov | Pro Wrestler & Actor

Taking risks, or if I can rephrase it as “step out of your comfort zone” is extremely crusial if somebody wants to be successful in life. It is very comfortoble to just relax in your “bubble” where you have everything and doing things that you already used to. But if you have a desire to achieve something that is on “another level” you have to have an ability to break that “bubble” and make this very hard step out of your comfort zone. When I was 20 I decided to jump into unknown and move to America. Just because I was following my dream of becoming a professional wrestler. That was my only reason to move from my country. I had everything in Russia, my family, nice place to live, was studying at the University, had a job. I had a good life there. My “bubble” was extremely comfortable. Read more>>

Krystal Nelson | Fashion Model

When taking risks it makes you achieve the goals that you have & realize how life is short. I just recently moved to Los Angeles in the beginning of 2020 on my own, not knowing what I would be doing and where i would be living. I just took the risk to do this on my own and just go along with it. I was nervous and worried to be alone and risk my life in another city. I have learned to face my fears no matter where and who I am around. I have role models that have gone through Racism, traumas and depression, but never though about giving up. My dreams is to further my career in modeling and help others in need. If I decide to not move and give up on my dreams I would not be able to succeed in life and feel stagnate. Read more>>

Sadie Jo Reil | Jewelry Designer & Small Business Owner

Being a risk-taker has always come naturally to me and is something that has been crucial in building a brand and owning a business. From a young age, I saw my father Jay taking a risk by quitting his job to start his own company later in his life, with no formal education or schooling in business. I saw how everyday he spent time educating himself from the ground up, and how he turned his passion projects into a successful business. Much of my success thus far with Sadie Jo Jewelry Co. has been from adapting that same “do-it-yourself” mentality, and trying to perfect that delicate balance between knowing when to take risks or when to take a second look. Read more>>

Catie Morris | Actress

Two quotes that I have kept to heart for as long as I can remember are, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” (Walt Disney), and “Never say “no” to adventure. Always say “yes”, otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life” (Ian Fleming). I feel I have always been the individual who thrives off of risk taking. As a young performer, I did not realize it but I took risks every time I put myself out there. Every audition, every rehearsal, every performance was a risk. Looking back, every great possibility in my life has come from taking risks. When I moved to San Diego, CA to begin college, I was terrified. I debated not following my heart and sacrificing my happiness for comfort for so long that when I finally leapt, I felt relieved. Read more>>

David Deutsch | Musician & Film Composer

As artists and creatives, risk taking is single handedly the most important part of our lives and daily existence. Not only do we have to take risks and reach out to people, show case our work, promote ourselves, and push ourselves beyond belief for the single idea that we can, but we also have to find and take a risk within ourselves to allow us to open up and be completely vulnerable to create our art. It’s so easy being comfortable and staying put in life. It’s easy being content with what goals you have already accomplished, and where you are now in your current artistic growth. What would happen if you never take that next step or risk in your career? What will happen if you just stay the way you are and not progress further with your goals? Most likely, nothing terrible, and everything would turn out ok, if you are happy with how your life is right now. Read more>>

Monica Ortega | Creator & Host

I think risk is involved in every aspect of life so it’s all about not letting it hold you back while also being smart. I am someone who’s afraid of almost everything so I created my show as a way to show people that pushing out of your comfort zone is worth the risk. Read more>>

Domenick Nati | Celebrity Publicist & Radio Show Host

Risk taking is the biggest determining factor of whether you will achieve success or failure, Behind every success story is a long line of failures and rejection. When I started my venture in the entertainment industry, I had hundreds of doors slam in my face before one opened, but I kept going. The reason I continued is because of a life motto I created before I even started my journey. I told myself, “I will always fear regret more than rejection” and I have lived by that creed throughout my life and career. Read more>>

Daisy Noemi | Photographer & Community Organizer

Risk taking makes me think about discomfort. A discomfort that is both familiar and new. I also think about how discomfort is only temporary and we move out of that discomfort into a version of ourselves we couldn’t see before deciding on going through with a risky decision. I have found that every time I take a risk, whether it be in my personal life or for my career, I am better for it even if it I don’t get the outcome I hoped for. Most recently, myself and the other organizers of the Los Angeles Zine Fest decided to cancel our yearly festival which was supposed to occur on May 31st, at Helms Bakery. Read more>>

Miguel Ayala | Multimedia Designer & Graphic Artist

One thing I find important about risks is that people really shouldn’t be afraid to take them. The greatest risks many a time end up giving the greatest rewards later. Going into the design industry is a risk in of itself; this is because trying to make it into this industry is quite difficult to do on your own. Getting a bit of background in marketing and maybe some advertising will help garner an understanding about how chaotic it can be being a designer and how to overcome difficulties that may arise on the journey. For example, before I broke into this industry back in 2012, I gained a unique opportunity to work for a Los Angeles based marketing agency and that helped me immensely in learning how things worked. Read more>>

Marcella Ochoa | Filmmaker

Risk taking has definitely played a huge role in my life and career. I took a risk to move to LA on my own when I had no connections in the entertainment industry, no experience, no job, and a small savings in my bank account. I took that risk of moving away from all my friends and family at young age to follow my dreams and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Had I not taken that risk and never tried I would always have regretted my choice and never achieved my dreams. I ended up getting a great job in the publicity department for a major studio, but in my heart I always wanted to be a filmmaker. Read more>>

Kristie Kennedy | Image Confidence Expert

I’ve tasted the sweetest rewards of success because I chose to overlook the fear associated with taking risks. For years I have stated that I want the words, “Here lies a woman with no regrets!” on my grave headstone. I have been in hot pursuit of my passion for decades and it’s what keeps my blood boiling. I have fallen flat on my face on numerous occasions and each disappointment has revealed a priceless pearl of wisdom. It is easy to become risk-averse after experiencing countless setbacks. Yet, I would rather be fully alive than merely existing and watching time fly by from the sidelines. Read more>>

Leslie Augustine | Actress & Dancer

Deciding on a career as an actress and dancer is a huge risk in itself. There are no real rules or exact steps that guarantee success in this career. After I graduated from college I took a huge risk and decided to move to Los Angeles. I’m from the east coast so moving 3000 miles away with not knowing anyone here was quite the risk. In the entertainment industry you are basically working 24/7 to try and get yourself established. You will spend so much money on headshots, demo reels, acting classes, etc all in the hopes of getting an agent and booking a good role on a television show or movie. And that might never happen. Read more>>

Jill Zachman | Artist & Future Independent Perfumer

There are defining moments when potential risk and attendant change present themselves to us and we must accept or deny the calling. They are funny and unexpected, or known and dreaded moments; often not recognized for what they are or might be. Moments when walking away from risk, is a risk in itself. I have ‘traveled’ with risk and purpose both personally and professionally. Forms collided and I have been changed by a painting, a scent, a potential lover. I have found myself in Tokyo nights making choices leading to an unexpected trajectory. This tilted me on my axis towards new designations and destinations. It changed and rattled me. Read more>>