It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Dr. Pooch | Dr. Pooch Founder of the Dr. Pooch Foundation

Selling my books out of the trunk of my car primarily throughout South Central Los Angeles I used many sales tactics. I had to be witty, spontaneous, engaging as well as fun and educational. I would make sales on the spot throughout barbershops, nail salons and local businesses. I would hold up my children’s book series and say: “I’m Dr. Pooch, the new Dr. Seuss!” and be able to captivate people’s attention and ultimately make that sale! People would give me cash, credit cards or send money through apps for 1 or most times all 5 books I was offering at that time for $35. I would regularly make 100’s of dollars in my community just by selling my product and making connections for a couple hours. Becoming the “new Dr. Seuss” is proving itself to be a very timely affirmation. Health-literacy is now equally if not more important than just being literate. Read more>>

Nicolas Wendl | Film Director

My goal has always been to tell stories visually. Ever since I was in my early teens I’ve been fascinated by the art of film, and have wanted to be a filmmaker since then. I don’t see it as an end goal but more of a journey, a filmmaking/storytelling journey. While my goal is to make feature length films, I don’t want to limit myself to just that as my way of expressing my craft. Over the years I have enjoyed working in different mediums such as music videos, fashion campaigns, commercials, and more recently virtual events and galas. As a filmmaker at heart, directing features is the ultimate goal, but as a visual storyteller, I see myself by the end of my career as someone who will have explored and created in various styles of visual art, with an emphasis in feature and narrative storytelling. So I guess you can say it’s less of an end goal and more of a mosaic of my work. Read more>>

Mary Pipes | Producer/Director/Editor • Boutique Video Production Company Partner

I began my business over 30 years ago shortly after graduating college. A friend and collaborator from college wanted to form a video production company as a partnership. I’m grateful for all we have accomplished. At this point, the career goals I have for myself and my company are to nurture our current client base and continue to grow the business each year with new clients. I would measure success at the end of my career by several factors: did I provide/facilitate stellar content for our clients so that they could achieve their goals? Did I provide a workplace where our employees enjoy working at and stick around because they love the environment we create here and make them feel appreciated? Did I carve out time for my family and friends and not only focus on the work? So professionally at the end of my career, I would like to look back and see that we had continued growth and that I created a strong company where everyone thrived to their full potential. Read more>>

Cat Del Re | Actress + Creator + Writer + Producer

In a creative landscape, do we ever have an end? Or do we end first? I think over time the idea of my career I set out with has shifted and molded as much as I have. I’ve never been the type of person who objectifies the next ten years like it is some sort of to-do list. I will say, however, I dream about various scenarios I’d enjoy seeing played out if such and such circumstances align within the realm of work I am doing. Perhaps that is my way of objectifying the future, dream plotting, crossing them off when they do come to pass. With the end goals, I get a sense of melancholy, all the fun has been had, the growth learned, the struggles cease to be present, the act of doing is complete, it’s all memory. Which is why is I present this question to myself, is there ever an end? Or just a placeholder? Some of the greatest works of art are lost and rediscovered decades or centuries later and I wonder or read, they were never complete. Read more>>

Ethan Greenfeld | Interior Designer

My end goal is something that I have given a lot of thought to, and it’s honestly what continues to push me at the end of every day. I have pretty big plans, and have always felt like you need to dream big. Furthermore, I believe that you have to master each goal for yourself before moving on to the next. Ideally, I want to have a brick-and-mortar location in the West LA area where we can literally do it all. From building and designing new homes to commercial designs and builds. At the same time, I want to have my own furniture and accessory line that is designed and manufactured in LA. Basically, everything you want can be done by us for you under the Ethan Charles Design lifestyle brand. Read more>>

Jaimie Beebe | Casting Director & Podcast Host

That’s a loaded question with a million potential answers! The ultimate end goal is to always wake up happy. I’m there now, so as long as I keep going on this path then wherever I end up is the right place. That being said, ideally, I want to continue to create more and bigger projects and always stay busy. I’ve been successfully working as a Casting Director for over 10 years now and am really proud of all the projects I’ve helped create and look forward to continue casting and get more involved in the creative process by producing my own projects with my production company, Creative & Depraved. And through the success of my podcast “Strictly Stalking”, I plan to continue launching more podcasts in the True Crime genre. Read more>>

B.J. Lane | Artist – Painter, Sculptor, Writer, Teacher

It’s funny, when you’re young everyone asks “what do you want to be when you grow up?” But nobody tells you that when you are finally done with all your schooling and venture out into the world, you might be set on a different path. A path you could have never imagined. Be assured, your goals will change as life changes around you. But there are somethings that haven’t changed for me. I remember my father saying “you’ll never be rich and famous until you’re dead, so you better take a typing class”. So I took a typing class … and an art class. When I graduated from high school I got a job as a secretary … and I kept painting. When I move to Southern California I settled in Burbank, and worked at the LA athletic club as a secretary… and I sold my drawings and taught art classes. I started exhibiting my work in libraries and buildings in Los Angeles. I painted watercolors of beautiful old buildings in downtown. Read more>>

David Anthony | Fashion & Portrait Photographer

The end goal for me, is to have my own studio. I feel inspired when I rent out other studios for my photography, and I have a plan on what my studio will look like. Professionally for me is already having a stable job for photography, having celebrity clientele, having multiple studios, and for me to teach other creatives about photography. Read more>>

Lara Lafferty | Singer-Songwriter & Vocal Producer

I want to make it my number one goal to do music full time. First things first, I would love to build a team that will work with me to create an album, music videos, and content that is beautiful, cinematic, hopeful, and powerful, and use that to find a meaningful home in the synch world (songs being placed in movies and television). I want to inspire and gain a following of people who truly love and relate to my songs, and to be able to record and perform in some of my favorite places in the world (Europe is the goal and would be incredible). But at the core, the biggest dream of all is to make a living from my art by carrying out through creativity my unique brand of hope, truth, classic beauty and relatability, as well as fiction and fantasy. I eventually want to create experiences for my audience, my music becoming a soundtrack to the experience behind it in a new and interactive way. I’m such a huge fan of experiences myself that I would love for that to be incorporated. Since it is a dream to combine my love for acting and storytelling with my love for music, maybe I’ll return to my roots and even create and perform in an original musical one day. Read more>>

HoneyLuv | Dance/Electronic DJ/Producer

My ultimate end goal is to be a well known DJ/Producer not only here in the United States but in Europe as well. I want to be owning my own record label to help develop and showcase artist like myself. I want to have traveled all around the world playing for the most beautiful venues and locations. I want to have had a few singles charting on the billboard in the Dance/electronic music genre. I also want to be a great producer, mastering all the skills and goals with producing that I had set for myself. Read more>>

Cynthia Fletcher | Painter and Printmaker

My goal is to build my ability to express a thought, a feeling or an idea visually. This drives me to continue to refine skills and expand my tool kit of techniques in order to forge an image that will convey what I’m chasing. The piece I create is the shadow left by the thought or emotion that evoked it. I have never regarded what I do as a career. I enjoy the process of making things but the tangible “products” are secondary to the quest to convey the intangibles that define our lives. A certain feeling moves through me and I know that I have to try to give it form. I need to bring my full attention to it and as soon as I’m done, I know that I am just that much better equipped for starting the next piece. There will be no end. I know that I will keep responding to the pull and keep following the excitement of the next vision. I can’t imagine life without the very personal and compelling joy of working in the studio. Read more>>

Alisa and Sam Bither | Vintage Seller and Artist

Our plan is to move to Bangkok in a few years, where Alisa is from, then start a small custom/one-of-a-kind brand. We still want to do vintage but want to shift towards custom art on vintage garments. We have always wanted to do something that combine Sam’s art background and vintage. Actually Sam has had a couple of projects done since the lockdown in March. The first project we did with a streetwear brand is coming out this Spring. Another reason we want to create a brand is eventually, it’s more sustainable. Bangkok has amazing source of vintage which is pretty known in Asia but no place in the world can compare to LA. Read more>>

Jacqueline Falcone | Artist, Curator, Baker, and Founder of Bed & Breakfast

I started a project called Bed & Breakfast in 2012. While B&B is a curatorial platform and alternative exhibition space, my new baking business is tied it. Through hosting exhibitions, installations, performances, happenings and meals, Bed & Breakfast seeks to blur the line between public and private through a commitment to social interaction as a means to nurture community and collective expression, while continuously addressing the core question of how art, architecture, and hospitality can cross paths. With that said, it was only natural for my food-focused business to tie into B&B, rather than become it’s own separate entity. It’s more clear than ever how much we need to nurture one another, how much we could all use a treat here and there, how much we need each other. Making food for my peers and through word of mouth and Instagram, their peers too, has sort of softened the hard edges of this Pandemic for me. Read more>>

Jazzy Collins | Casting Director

My end goal is to be able to tell stories about marginalized groups by marginalized groups. For many years in my career I’ve been vocal about making sure we see diversity on our screens and until the Black Lives Matter movement came to a head in 2020, no one was listening. Now companies are scrambling to figure out how to show diversity on our TV screens, but the stories are still being told by the same people, through the lens of the same people. It’s important to me to see the BIPOC community’s stories being shared in the right light and by the right people. By the end of my career, I hope to be working at my own successful production/casting company that has BIPOC in the executive roles telling stories that are often overlooked. Read more>>

Pavan Basra | Mental Health Therapist & Director at Womxn of Color Therapy

The end goal for me and my partner’s business Womxn of Color therapy (WOC therapy) is to create an online space for womxn of color to connect, build a community, and access our wellness workshops. Ideally, we would love to expand our Los Angeles branch into a wellness hub for womxn of color to have full access to once this pandemic has subsided and made it clear for more in-person activities. Moreover, we are planning to extend WOC Therapy nationally and have therapists set up in each state to be more accessible for clients who need therapy services from a trusted, well-informed, and cultured therapist that we have hand-picked for her experience. We are currently working on giving our clients the option to choose from a very specific team of therapists and coaches based on their styles such as more clinically based therapy, inner child/attachment style therapy, astrology-based wellness, and more. Read more>>

Samiyah “Sami Social” Hall Jalen “Jay Soull” Chandler | Entertainment Moguls & Content Creators

At the end of our career we want to have a top entertainment company that expands worldwide. Our goal is leave an impact for people of color in the entertainment and pave the way for other future creatives. Read more>>

Katie Lane | Freelance Artist and Creator

As my business is in its early days, my end goal is defined by the sum of my days, weeks, and months. I center those shorter-term time frames around my five core values. These are a handful of words that were defined early on as a way to evaluate my version of success. Those values are Freedom, Compassion, Boldness, Passion, and Purpose. As my business develops I define everything I do with these five concepts in mind. My end goal looks like my ability to be free to work with people and companies who I feel embody these values and create work that speaks to a niche audience that seeks and invites these energies into their lives and homes as well. For my business’ identity, I hope it becomes a layered, deep, multi-passionate, and evolving entity, allowing me to weave all of my interests and creations under one intentional and unique brand. Read more>>