Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Emily Coupe | Actor/singer songwriter/producer

I pursued an artistic/creative career, because I don’t think anything else makes me feel as alive as creating art. It really fuels my soul, and is a real way of expressing yourself authentically, without overthinking it and trying to please anyone else (unless hired by someone to create at for a project). Also to me creativity is really spiritual, and when you really get in the zone, whether that is collaborating with someone else, or letting the ideas flow and come to you, then there is really no other feeling like it. I love the book ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron and ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert, and think that they both really sum up the creative process perfectly 🙂 The more I write and create etc, the easier and faster it becomes, as I get out of my own way. Read more>>

DJ Bateeza | DJ/Producer

I pursued a creative career because I’ve always had a passion for music. At a young age, music was always a huge part of my life and I couldn’t have imagined pursuing anything else. I started vocal lessons incredibly young and decided to go to college for vocal performance. Then, I graduated with a Music Business Degree. My love for music led me to DJing. Read more>>

Elisa Guidelli | Novelist & screenwriter

It was pure instinct, actually. Writing and be a writer is very often a gamble, so I tried to come to terms with the world we live in. I decided to follow and grown my passion but at the same time I came up with a plan B and diversify the applications of writing, using it not only in my own creative world but also in journalism and in the business world, and I think it was a good compromise because you don’t lose sight of your goals. Read more>>

Pearline B. | Singer & Songwriter

I always say that music choose me. My parents made me join the children’s choir. I enjoyed the choir. But, when I was chosen to sing a solo. Everything changed. I feel in love with music. Everything about music. I had to get more of this love from music. So, I learned more though songwriting and instruments. After music chose me. I had to return the favor by pursuing a career in music. I have to continue on the gift that is inside of me to give to others. Read more>>

Lucas Tartaglia | Music Producer & Artist

Ever since I was young I was always surrounded by music. As I grew up, I felt less and less like I wanted to have a regular office job, or just any regular job for that matter. As I felt this I also discovered the joy of music production around the same time I started learning guitar. I think as I started developing these skills and growing older, I realized that if I pursued any other career, I would regret not going after music, the one that I was truly passionate about. Read more>>

Alexander Young | Model, Manager, Creative Director

I chose to pursue an artistic career because art is a powerful way to bring change to the world. In everything I do I bring love, progression, unity, and inspiration for future generations. Every body of work, I really put my all into it. I do a lot of activism, progressive ideas, and brand building for black owned businesses. I try to give back in everything I do, in some way. I feel it’s all of our duties to help bring change and unity to this world. Being artistic has helped me do so in my own creative ways. Read more>>

Matt Bachman | Musician/Producer/Music Craftsman.

I am an artist from a long line of artist in my family. One brother is a musician, my other brother was a director of photography, my sister was a makeup artist and my father was an animator of cartoons. I have always had a love for music and the power of song. Crafting songs and writing lyrics was something I started in my early teens. Music has always been a major part of my life, with needed breaks here and there throughout my song writing journey I have found such joy and elation, as well as heart ache, from making music. Read more>>

Deborah Ray-Sims | Filmmaker – Writer

I did not realize I was a creative until much later in life. Along the way there were signs, but I ignored them. I explored different artistic lanes, but I was not really aware earlier on. I love music which became very noticeable early on. In kindergarten I had a traumatic experience. I remember crying kicking and screaming when my mother took me to school my first day. Read more>>

REDWOOD | Artist

Aside from music being the light and love of my life, I’ve been blessed with the gift to touch others through it. I transmit love through my art and my performing and I’m very grateful to be able to positively impact others. Whether it is giving some one a momentary escape from all of life’s trouble, or being able to reach someone with music in a way that brings healing, release, reflection, insight or discovery. Art, and music in specific is such a powerful and metaphysical part of this human experience, that being blessed with the talent and passion to create it is the only thing I can see myself committing my life’s work to. Read more>>

Daniel Parada | Artist-Illustrator

I have always had an inclination in creating stories since I was a child. Drawing was a way for me to put down on paper what was going on in my head. Growing up I found art to be an accessible medium to convey my ideas, share the things I learn, and create the stories I wanted to tell. Both of my parents had something of an artistic background, my mother who wrote poetry, and my father who painted. So, my artistic pursuits were something they always supported. I was also encouraged by teachers and peers in my classes who believed I had a lot of talent and things to offer. For me it is both something I enjoy doing and feel the best way I can contribute something meaningful to the world. Read more>>

Melissa Cho | Multimedia Journalist, Documentarian, Digital Content Producer/Editor

My love for the arts stemmed from my passion for theatre all throughout middle-high school. The high school that I ended up transferring to as a junior had incredible film and arts programs, and I was THAT KID who auditioned for every single play, musical, did improv (and I was new too, so everyone was like “????who is she????”). I was very set on auditioning for a theatre performance program for college. Read more>>

SubSpace | Music Producer & Beatmaker.

Ever since High School, I have been drawn towards music and the creative side. I had been deeply involved in all the co-curricular activities in my High School and always had fun. When I was pursuing Graduation, there was a time when I was working 4 Jobs at once. Mostly Work From Home in order to start earning something for myself. Read more>>

Lisa „Liser“ Schrofner | Illustrator & Jane of all Trades

I already knew in Kindergarten that one day I want to be an artist, but the circumstances were not given. When I started posting my drawings and paintings on my social media accounts in 2018 though, I received such great feedback and even requests for prints that I thought: „Why not?“. I took a risk and thanks to the people who appreciate my work and have been following my process since the very beginning, it worked out! Being able to generate income with something I enjoy doing so much and making people feel some type of way with my art is a blessing. And I will be forever grateful for that. Read more>>

GOE | Creative Genius

Due to the lack of resources it forced me to create new opportunities for myself. Due to this it allowed me to see my gift and talent I didn’t know I had. Read more>>

Georgina Avilez | Sr. Program Manager & Story Teller

There has always been a love for the arts, created by my imagination and fueling a desire to serve others since a very young age. People would snicker when I shared dreams of working in the entertainment business in college, but mentors knew the spark would one day become a flame. Strolling through a music store, a magazine caught my attention, and instantly became mesmerized by the glossy pages spotlighting Latino arts and entertainment. Read more>>

Pavel Fedorov | Director / Cinematographer

Today I understand that in my case there was no other way. I have tried a few “proper” paths and got to the point when I asked myself, why the hell am I wasting time and becoming better at something, that I don’t like at all? Right after that everything was very clear to me. I focused on my creative path and to this day it is an ongoing, cinematic and very exciting adventure. Read more>>

Rosie Shapiro | Fashion Designer

I grew up in Ojai, CA, where my free spirit, creativity and artistic abilities were greatly encouraged. Whether it be drawing/painting, singing or playing guitar, pottery or anything fashion related, I felt most fulfilled when doing something creative or imaginative. While growing up, the school I attended in Ojai focused on critical thinking, the natural world and individuality. Still, the typical school subjects didn’t necessarily bring me joy or inspiration. Even when I was very young, I knew that I was going to use my creativity and expression as a career, if possible. Read more>>

Jill Lin | Fashion Illustrator & Creative Director

Drawing has always been therapeutic for me since I was a child. However, due to my pragmatic upbringing, pursuing a life in the arts felt out of reach. Instead, I pursued a career in advertising. While I’ve had a successful career as a Creative Director, it wasn’t fulfilling in the way I needed it to be, which is why I started People of Fashion a few years ago. Read more>>

Travis Morningstar | Artist

I pursued an artistic career because it really is the only type of career that resonated with me. To me personal expression brings the highest joy and art is the purest form of expressing yourself. When I write a song I’m creating something that carries deep emotions and personal feelings. It’s more than just words and notes being played. It’s a part of me being shared. Read more>>

Bill Rude | Horror Artist & Ambassador to the Dark History of Pop Culture

There wasn’t really a choice. If you have the spark to create, it is uncontrollable and it will find a way to be expressed wether it be visually or otherwise. When I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art + Design I was elected class speaker, and spoke about the connections between science and art. Read more>>

Ramin Nazer | Artist

I pursued a creative career because Art was the only thing I ever really cared about. All my heroes were all some kind of artist. And if they happened to be a scientist or engineer, they were definitely a weirdo creative-type. It’s a scary career path for sure but if you avoid your true calling you’ll find that the regret can be scarier. Read more>>

Taeylor White | Creative Entrepreneur

I chose to pursue an artistic/creative career, because it was an outlet to express myself. I wasn’t the type to express myself through words. I felt like it was hard, especially when I was younger, to get people to understand how I was feeling. Dance and art screamed the words I was afraid to say, and it opened a door for my audience to truly understand what I wanted them to hear. Read more>>

Yash Naran | Actor, Dancer, all around creative

From such an early age I was always creative. Taking more time in art class or going outside the box in wood shop. To me I was a way of expression. A way to express individuality. I felt that it separated me from others and showed my different way of thinking or expressing myself. But what it actually did was brought me closer to everyone. Read more>>

Tessa Nesis | Dancer, Film Photographer, Model, Yogi, Actress, Musician

To pursue full expression without judgment, archive the creative mind and body, and bring imagination to life – visions to fruition. Art helps process experiences, emotions, thoughts. I value seeing the beauty in everything and finding joy in the small things. Not only that, communicating deeper meaning, the impetus of existence is a driving force. As a lover of aesthetics, creating and commenting on beauty fascinates me. Also, who wants to live in bug society? Not me. 🙂 Read more>>

Kenia Mauricio | Company owner and performer

Since a young age art is something that has come naturally to me. Over my life I have explored mostly all artistic outlets. I would claim that Pursuing an artistic career is something that my genetics chose for me. Life would always take me in the direction of artistic expression and I always embraced it. Read more>>

Terrance Kendrick | Artist and Performer

I chose to pursue an artistic/creative career because it allowed me self expression. Once I started to explore self, and how it feels to be free, I gained more and more confidence along the way. The more confident I became, I was able to ground myself and connect or reconnect rather, and be the change I wanted to see in the world. Art and creativeness became a passion for me. Read more>>

Keilan Stafford | Movement Artist

My background with dance has been…interesting. I first started taking ballet classes when I was about 4 years old. I don’t remember much from these few weeks other than being scared of the other kids and crying about it during every barre. Years later, I went on to join a recreational hip-hop team that I danced with off and on for 3 years. Read more>>

Josiah Smith | Social Media Influencer/ Content Creator

Well first and foremost I believe all my gifts and talents come from God. Me not using them would be me not putting to use what God’s given me. I love to entertain others and have fun so creating content brings me a lot of joy, and it definitely brings me joy as well to see others enjoying my content. Read more>>

Amy Cassandra Martinez | Entertainment Host & Actor

I grew up knowing that I was interested in a lot of things a lot of other kids my age weren’t interested in. I loved going to the movies, watching musicals and performing. As I grew up, I had classmates put me down for wanting to go into film and tv. They would say things like “We’ll I’m going to get a real major” or “So, you just want to watch movies?” This hurt me because I felt I had to prove to others why what I loved was important to me. I loved watching interviews, seeing films that moved me. I loved playing my violin, singing and dancing. Those activities were the highlight of my school life and I knew that I wanted, heck, NEEDED those in my life to be happy. Read more>>

Allysa Sing | Producer / Director

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had the urge to create. I’ve always enjoyed the process of putting things together to make something new. Whether it was painting, sculpture, photography, writing, I’ve always found a way to enjoy the process and before seeing the result. I found myself sticking to filmmaking as it’s such a collaborative process that encapsulates many other forms of art. I’ve always found myself constantly challenged by it which makes it exciting to me. Read more>>

Noelle Chiodo | Artist & Songwriter

All of my life I have been so passionate about music and creating art in general. I was one of those people that didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, was super shy, and didn’t know exactly how to talk about or express my feelings, so music and all of the art surrounding it has always been my outlet of expression. As I grew up, I began to realize that I wanted to build a career in music and there was absolutely no other way that I wanted to spend my days. Read more>>

Mia Makris | Aspiring Artist

For as long as I can remember I have always had a pencil in my hand. When I was a little kid I would put a piece of paper up to the TV and trace my favorite cartoon characters. As I got older I started to draw them based off of memory and I just kept doodling. In my teenage years I was exposed to more mediums and began expanding my creative abilities. Read more>>

Vago Galindo | Music Producer / Mixing Engineer

I used to be a very religious human when I was very a very young kid, like everybody at that age I liked fairytales, and when I discover music I changed my religion to music. Literally, I stopped believing in my religion and gave all the focus I could into music but I didn’t know you could make a career out of it, everyone back home thought that was my hobby. The pivoting point for me was when I was studying Industrial Engineering, back in Mexico, everyone I knew was following the exact same path in life: graduate from college, get married, have kids, buy a house then watch your kids graduate, get married and the loop goes on and on and on. Normality freaks me out. That “life plan” really freaked me out. It really really freaked me out. That’s when I decided to really give music a try. Read more>>

Precious Castillo | Model

When i was younger I was always a daydreamer , my mind always tend to wander . Which is sometimes a good thing because it tend to show throughout my content on social media. It stimulates me, motivates me and it challenges me. I am not the typical statistic side of beauty. I knew once i stepped in to the industry knowing being different would make me stand out. Read more>>

Allison Lobel | Actor, Writer, Producer

Ever since I was a kid I used any excuse to turn an assignment into a creative project. In school if we were given free rein to create something- I would always make a silly film with friends. In English class this was a movie acted by popsicle stick puppets and in my science class I made a weird parody of the Jerry Springer show teaching about catapults. I didn’t make the connection at the time that this is what I wanted to do as a profession, but it was something in me that I just naturally had an affinity and a love for. Read more>>

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Because in that space of being a creative, I’m the most vulnerable and reachable. It’s my happy place and I feel that people can relate to me the most when I’m in that space! Not to mention, I’ve been singing and performing since I was 5. So it’s second nature to me. Read more>>

Gui Fuentes | Session Drummer & Producer

Being a musician has always been a dream of mine, there is nothing that brings me more joy than playing drums. I understood from an early age that it takes everything to dedicate your life to music and the arts, if you are not giving yourself to music 24/7 it’s hard to make a career out of it. But since it is my passion, I have no problem giving up other things. Read more>>

Lina Li | Film Director & Producer

First of all, my definition of an artistic or creative career is very broad. It is not just a career of filmmaker, music composer, writer, or painter, I believe that anyone with creative thinking in any field can have an artistic or creative career. Me, since my strengths are visual expression and storytelling, I use the lenses to weave the texture of the movie just like the texture of the clothes, my perception has become a tool for me as a filmmaker to pursue an artistic or creative career. Read more>>

Crisanto jr Banuelos | Make Up artist , Hairstylist, Photographer

Choosing an artistic career was not my first choice to be honest. I was actually at a young age drawn to magic and science believe it or not. As I continued to grow and explore my options I began to adapt . To music, Dance and acting . I was still so very shy but yet outgoing . I grew up in a Mexican house hold . my culture is know for amazing parties and family gatherings . I was always the dancer in the family, every party and gathering I was the first one on the dance floor. I grew up watching telenovelas and talent shows. Read more>>

Jes Fama | Host | Broadcast Journalist | Emcee

I was born with a creative itch. You can never satisfy it, it’s always there. My brain is constantly swirling with ideas and it causes many sleepless nights! So, what I’m getting at, is that I didn’t choose to pursue an artistic way of life, it was just something that I was made for. Trust me, this lifestyle is grueling and demanding; uncertain and inconsistent, but anyone with the same passion understands that it’s just part of it. Read more>>