Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Alex Rodriguez | Record Store Owner & DJ

I generally don’t think about risk too much. I go into things with an open mind and a go with the flow and roll with the punches mentality rather than think about the various outcomes that could come along with taking risks. If I think too much, I start to get nervous and second guess myself rather than go with my gut feeling. 75% of the time my gut feeling is right. When it’s not right, I consider it something to learn from. I’ve definitely taken risks all my life like moving to another state/city with no real plans or a job, opening a business with very little money, switching jobs and taking a job I have no experience in, stuff like that. I wouldn’t be the person I am and I probably wouldn’t be doing what I love to do if I had I played it safe and not taken the unknown road. Read more>>

Neomi Fletcher | Family Life Consultant

Risk and contentment are partners in my mind. In order to be content with the relationships I share, the way I earn money, the way I designated my time and the overall narrative of my life, I have to take risks. Sometimes taking a risk leads to greater contentment and sometimes I have to renegotiate the plan. But in both situations I experience overall growth and joy. This far, every accomplishment I’ve made required me to take a risk. In starting Peace Ground, the risk involved believing in the concept and trusting that there is no other career decision that will make me happy. There is a deep cost to promoting a service that is unfamiliar. But I am willing to endure the slow seasons while families are introduced to the concept because I believe that our clients will only appreciate the investment if they come to the conclusion that they want to experience greater peace in their household routines. Read more>>

Martryce Roach | Visual Artist

As I age through my adulthood, I’ve found myself becoming so regimented. I have come to value structure because it’s predictable. You do A, you get B. Not taking many risks is certainly worry free, but how boring is that? I had a dream recently that me and my friend were out climbing a huge mountain. It was so high that when we got to the top, we were close enough to reach out and touch the clouds. I love clouds! I wanted to touch one so badly, but I was afraid. Rio got right up on the tip of the highest point of the mountain, and he reached up and put his hand right through a moving cloud. I just stood still and watched. Then, I woke up. That dream changed me. Read more>>

Shevaré Perry | Contemporary Artist + Story Teller + Fashion Educator

I am driven by emotion and passion. So, when it comes to risk, I tend to do what feels right and what aligns with my passions. After graduate school, I was not completely sure about my career path. I moved around a bit- from London, to St. Louis, to New York, to St. Louis again, then to Arkansas, and back to St. Louis. Within these moves, I took advantage of the work opportunities that aligned with fashion, retail, and creativity. This ultimately led to me being who I am today- an artist, story teller, poet, and fashion educator who explores creative expression through the overlap of visual and theatrical art, fashion, and beauty. Read more>>

Sonia Roman | Community Clean Up Lead and organizer

I think risk is the mother of being brave to explore the possibilities. To take the leap of putting yourself in a place, role or situation that you love or are passionate about- not many dare. July 2018 I took the risk and posted a question on Nextdoor App “how do you start a community clean up club?” A few people replied post the date and place we will go. I then bought a few brooms, dustpans, small table and asked county for some gloves and trash bags. The clean up date and place set not knowing who was going to show up… and 13 individuals showed up. That is when.”The City Terrace Project” clean up group was born. Read more>>

Alex Walsh | Music & Theatre Artist

I think risk taking, especially in a creative life, is one of the most important things you can do. I mean, most people think that choosing a career in creativity is a risk in itself. We are the risk takers of society! I believe it always pays off. The risks that work out have unbelievably wonderful results and the risks that don’t always leave me feeling glad that I took them. I took the risk of leaving my previous college and non-art degree to go to a college for art and only art. There I remember taking risks for auditions and not booking many of them. Younger Alex cared a lot about what people thought, and had people often only point out the negative ‘what if’s’ of every risk. Present Alex has, first of all, surrounded herself with positive people who love to dream, and second of all, realized that a risk in the direction of happiness is a beautiful stepping stone. There’s no time to be unhappy and if it takes a little risk to get to where your heart is leading you, then RISK IT!!! You’ll always be glad you did 🙂 Read more>>

Emily Jones | Comedy Writer and Performer

When people think about risky decisions that were made in 2005, they probably think about George Bush starting his 2nd term as President, not Troy Bolton risking his jock popularity to sing onstage in High School Musical. I was far from the star athlete of my 5th grade class (more like last picked in kickball) and had a group of friends that totalled 3, but that movie still sent my 10 year old heart ablaze. I decided performing onstage like those wildcats was my destiny, and for the first time in my 10 years of living, I was ready to risk it all and audition for a local production of High School Musical where I would *spoiler* play a cheerleader for the first and last time in my life. As terrifying as that audition was, I decided that the chance to experience telling that story with a bunch of other theatre nerds was worth the risk. After I started making creativity and performing a huge part of my life, I never wanted to stop. Read more>>

Eva Hamilton | Actress & Hypnotherapist

Risk taking has played an enormous role in my life, both personally and career wise. It’s terrifying – and also, I believe, the most important thing you can do. If you choose to bet on yourself you really can’t lose. Loss happens when you become stagnant. If you’re in the process of doing something, whatever it is, you’re winning. Read more>>

Ena Coleman | Goal Success Coach & Energy Influencer

One of the key principles of my business is taking risks. My entrepreneurial journey started while I was in a toxic cycle. I wasn’t managing money well, I was in a bad marriage, I was undervalued and underpaid at my job. I was depressed. It wasn’t until I took a chance on myself, and realized that I had to change from the inside out, that my life started changing. At almost 40 years old, I left my relationship and my job (after saving for over a year) to pursue the life I knew I deserved. As the saying goes, “nothing grows inside your comfort zone”. Read more>>

Alexandria Norman | Creative Space/Production Studios Owner (Visionary Studios La) (The Photo Lab La)

If you never take risks you never have a chance to win. If you don’t take the risks that other people are uncomfortable with than you cannot set yourself apart. Risks are liabilities and rewards. They are inevitable, they cannot be avoided. When starting any business you are risking finances, faith, and “failure”. But with failure and risks you never fail. We learn, we grow, and keep going! Starting a business, moving with purpose, and having a vision – executing the vision. Are you ok with failure? Are you willing to risk financial stability for your dreams, purpose, and future? These are the questions I ask myself still today. And every time the answer is yes without any hesitation. Read more>>

Helena Koroteeva | Fashion Stylist

The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore. Dale Carnegie I’m a risky person
for me risk is a challenge – I set myself a very high bar and it is difficult for me to be content with an average result. Every time I take a risk, I don’t know how much the case will work out, but I am firmly convinced that I can resolve the situation in the way I need. Read more>>

Errol Sack | Film Director

I believe that Risk is the best way to learn , You don’t have to wait to long for the outcome and the outcome is always a learning no matter if its bad , good , its all learning Read more>>

Malcom Jubilee | Aka YNG Mac Jay Artist & Speaker

I took A lot risk in my life some was bad some was good but I learn that taking risk is more built on faith having faith in god & taking risk for god is the best thing a person can every do. Put your faith in the lord! Read more>>

Melissa Moschitto | Theatre Director & Writer

In my 20s, taking a risk was about adventure. From moving to Spain on a tourist visa to work with a theatre company in Sevilla or packing up my two suitcases at age 24 to relocate to NYC without a job (classic!). I realize that my ability to make those choices was thanks to the safety net of a supportive – if skeptical – family. I’m the kind of person who pours my whole self into my work, passionate if not downright obsessive. I risked a lot in order to start and sustain a theatre company, most notably with a lack of boundaries. In many ways, my work has paid off, but much was sacrificed along the way. Read more>>

Brandon Middleton | Actor

It’s important that there is a risk-reward analysis beforehand. Taking risks is very important but it’s also important to recognize the potential consequences. I fully believe that risks need to be taken in life in order to accomplish anything great. The way risk has impacted my life is in choosing this career in the entertainment industry and acting. There are very few people that become successful at this but when you love something, you’re willing to take a risk. I’d rather take a risk doing something I love rather than not take the risk and do something “safer”. It’s as simple as a choice you make in an audition, being bold with your creativity and your art and maybe doing something non-traditional within a character to show your abilities. There’s a risk because it could be rejected but sometimes it’s that very risk that gets you noticed and gets you a job. Read more>>

Patrick Horvath | Filmmaker & Illustrator

I probably subscribe the most to the school of thinking I’ve heard from artists who say when you’re a bit in over your head, you stand to do the most interesting work. I can’t think of any personal project or career opportunity that didn’t involve a decent amount of risk. Whether it’s money, or your future career, or your credibility that’s hanging in the balance, you almost always have to just trust in the idea and your ability to bring it into existence. Most of the time, I’ll have no idea about all the steps needed to get to the end, but the only way to figure it out is to move forward. Read more>>

Crystal Lewis | Grammy nominated Singer/Songwriter

I think the idea of RISK can be interpreted differently depending on the person or circumstance. I think it’s possible to gain varying degrees of ‘rewards’ based on varying degrees of ‘risk’. I suppose it depends on what your desired outcome or end game is. I do believe that in order to experience any level of growth or evolution, taking risks is imperative. For me, personally, I’ve definitely experienced the full spectrum of risk vs reward. There have been seasons when I risked little to nothing, and simply stayed stagnate, virtually stunting any growth. And I can say with confidence that it’s been the higher risk endeavors that have produced the greatest rewards. Read more>>

Kat Kennedy | Singer/Songwriter

Nothing in life comes without risks. We choose to take the risks that we either belief will have a positive outcome, or is worth the risk of failure. When I look at my life and my career- choosing to go into music was a huge risk- I went to college for music, which is an enormous financial risk, I left my family and my home state and moved across the country to pursue music, which was a big social risk. Even the act of creating itself is very scary- you wonder how your work will be perceived by others. I love the idea that creators and entrepreneurs take risks all the time knowing the odds are against us, that it may not pay off, and do it anyway, because the drive to create is so strong. That kind of bravery is the way that I want to live my life. Read more>>

Oriel Poole | Recording Artist & Singer

My entire path in music started with, what I thought was, a huge risk. I traded my seemingly “safe” design career in the events industry to pursue a deeper calling in music. What I’ve discovered along the way is that there’s no such thing as a truly “safe” path. This is especially apparent now, as all of us work to recover from the pandemic. The events industry in particular took a massive hit across the board. So many of the people I know in the industry, who had stable jobs, found themselves suddenly furloughed. Had I stayed on that career path, I would be in the same situation—fighting to reinvent myself inside a changing events landscape. And in my case, it would have been a battle for a career not fully aligned with my inner purpose. You can choose the “safe” option that doesn’t feed the soul, and you will likely still have to fight for it. So, why not fight for the option that truly feeds your heart and soul? Read more>>

Andra’ Calvin Brown II | Founder & Co-CEO of Bymyselfornothing LLC, Fashion Designer, Recording Artist, and Photographer

Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Talk about chemical makeup. Now, that leaves you to only wonder about that 1% right? What could that remaining 1% possibly be? Assuming that I, Andra Calvin Brown II am responsible for getting us to that perfect score, I am only left with one answer for you. Dear diary, my answer is risk. Risk is that remaining 1%. Risk is something boys don’t take. Read more>>

Roslynn Alba Cobarrubias | Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist, TV & Events Producer

Risks are an everyday thing that I’ve had to encounter throughout my career. I risked stability when I chose to pursue a career in music, start my own company, every time I produce an event, etc. Risks have been beneficial because they have created unforeseen opportunities, helped develop new skills, were great learning lessons & helped develop resilience when things didn’t go as planned and building blocks when they did go right. The risks I took helped create a business in helping others, have brought opportunities to travel the world and most importantly, inspire those younger than me to pursue unconventional careers in their own passions. Read more>>

Lynne Friedman | CEO Fit Eats

For me, it’s like stepping off a curb. I step off a curb to cross the street and I am taking a risk—a risk of being hit by a bus, car or bicycle (let’s hope not!). In that scenario, I want to get to my destination, so the thought of riskiness doesn’t pervade my thoughts. I’m simply crossing the street. At every business or personal intersection, perhaps a decision or an investment, I just want to cross to the other side so I can get my company where it needs to go. Like crossing a street, I look both ways, subconsciously assess the traffic patterns and stay alert (think: a New York City crosswalk!). If no clear danger presents itself, and I know that this is the way to the destination, I go. It’s that perception of the step off the curb as one taken toward getting somewhere, that keeps the brain from the fear and hesitation that would normally be associated with something risky. That said, I have been splashed by cars making a right turn through a puddle…it happens! . Read more>>

Noelle Hensler | Actor (Film, Theater, Voice, Haunt)/Gamer/Cosplayer

Everything you do has risks associated with it. There are risks to going outside and risks for staying inside. The most important thing to remember is that you can’t control everything, so learn to identify, weigh and manage those risks to live an interesting and rewarding life. Choosing to be an actor was a huge risk because I am either working for a few days at a time or grinding to find a new job. I put myself in a vulnerable position, putting myself out there for every audition to be met with rejection a lot of the time. But the excitement, fun, and relationships I make along the way makes it feel worth it. Also, I took a risk writing for this article, because nothing is fact-checked and I’m interested to see if they even post it. Nothing is guaranteed so why not pursue what makes you happy and see what happens? Read more>>

Deja Peters | Model

Risk is the cost of opportunity; risk can even be opportunity in disguise. And the best fruits are found at the end of the branch. When we’re faced with a choice, sometimes we become hesitant, and allow our brains to come up with reasons why it may not work… but what if it does? Removing those blockages are key to a successful brand. Sometimes risk looks like taking on another trade job, or not taking no for an answer. But all of that hard work, ends up paying off in the end. And you will always see the fruit of your labor when you are dedicated, humble, and remain disciplined. Read more>>

Stacie Buhler | Fashion Photographer / Creative Director

I don’t think about risk taking. Maybe that’s not the best thing, but because I am Bipolar, I’m sometimes not even aware I’m taking the risk. I don’t worry about it, because I know I’m capable of making it happen. When I was first starting out in fashion I bought a plane ticket to Paris during fashion week. I snuck into shows, shot street style and celebrities. I took a leap of faith and built a portfolio, but I always had a feeling that I could do it. That trip to Paris changed my life forever. I now shoot fashion weeks for magazines in Milan, Paris, and New York. I’m living my dream, and I really feel like that trip solidified my career as a fashion photographer. Take the risk, but know you can do it! Read more>>

Angel Gravves | Guitarist for GRAVESEND

When it comes to playing music, there are so many risk you have to be willing to take. You risk personal relationships, family, work, and so much more. When you want to make your dreams come true, you set so many things aside for that small chance that will make your dream your reality. A lot of people do recognize the involved with playing music. There are constant battles between my life as a musician and my personal life. We sacrifice and risk it all to be on the stage. I’d risk it all for that one chance. Read more>>

Harry Myers | Artist, Producer

Risks are something every creative person has to face regularly. The risk of not becoming successful, the risk of regretting not seeing it through, the risk of coming to the conclusion that you’re not good enough. As for me, I avoided the deep end of my creative endeavors and for a while thought I was going to be a mechanical engineer because that was the safe bet and becoming a working musician seemed far less likely. I wish I had overcome this insecurity a lot sooner. But I’m sure as hell glad I’m doing what I’m doing now instead of being stuck at some desk wishing I’d had the guts to chase my actual dreams. Read more>>

Matt Yocum | Sound Designer

Taking risks is an interesting topic to discuss because there’s typically some sort of assessment that takes place before hand where you evaluate the potential risk against the potential reward. A lot of it probably comes down to personality and how risk averse a person is or isn’t. That being said, in life there are often defining moments in which taking risk, especially when you’re young and starting out in a career, where risk taking can be extremely rewarding. Read more>>

Alexandria Geringer | Yoga Instructor and Wellness Entrepreneur

I have always viewed myself as someone that is creative. Living outside the box is where the evolution of yourself lies. I believe risk has gotten me to where I am today. I left a more conventional life to pursue my love for Yoga while I was in college. The leap that I took by doing this was the reason that everything else fell into place. Living outside your comfort zone gets more comfortable the more that you do it. Read more>>

Mei Eldridge | Singer & Content Creator

I’ve been a risk taker since I can remember. This is something that had always gotten me into so much trouble growing up but it has finally paid off because I don’t think I would be anywhere close to where I am today without my willingness to take risks. My entire life, I was shown the path to success was very black and white. You work hard, go to college, get a job, make money, and that’s it. My biggest risk in terms of my career was the very stereotypical (but very life changing) decision to drop everything and move to LA. Read more>>

Chris Monte | CEO

Risk can be a scary term. It makes you pause and consider your next steps. For some, it halts them in their tracks. From the time I was 10 years old, when I started working at the local gas station, I just did what came naturally. I never considered what would happen if i failed. One day at a time, I did what I thought was the right thing to do in that moment. Since the gas station job, I have been self-employed for a majority of the last 40+ years. Have I made errors? Or course? But, have I failed? Not often, if ever. Risk is a matter of perspective. How do you look at any given problem – as an obstacle or an opportunity? Throughout my creative career, the one thing that I have learned is that it is very difficult to get anything done without limitations or constraints – that is when you get creative and motivated. Read more>>

Thais Eliasen | Public Relations Expert & Mom of Four

Risk is part of life and with every opportunity there are high chances there are risks involved. As we know life is made of choices and choosing to take a risk or not can most definitely change not only the course of ones career but the course if ones life. Since I was a little girl I’ve been known to be a risk taker. Starting my own Public Relations Business as a mom of four was definitely a leap of faith. Taking the risk of investing my time, talent and resources in something uncertain from the ground up with no team of staff behind me at the time was most definitely one of my most fun and rewarding adventures. Read more>>

OGDL | Artist/Song Writer

I think that taking risk is in essential part of growing because if you end up staying comfortable and not taking risks you will never know what could’ve been. Taking risks in my life as well as with my career and making investments into myself,Has been the best thing that I have ever done for myself. Read more>>

D’Vonte McKneely | Father & Owner of You So Crazy

Risk-taking is essential without risk I personally feel you’re doing yourself a disservice. No one became successful playing it safe, to get to where you truly want to go you have to be willing to put yourself in uncomfortable positions, and when you do take those risks that lead to opportunities and innovation. Risk has played a huge role in my life I wouldn’t have my own hat company if it wasn’t for the risk I took to just start. Read more>>

Devan Renea | Writer, Producer, Creator

In the entertainment industry risk is everywhere, especially as it pertains to navigating the pathways of your career success. When I initially started out in the game, I took MAJOR risks because where I come from opportunity, very much like time, waits for no one. Like the mantra of a true hustler I believe, “you gotta get it, or you’ll get got.” So, following my dreams inevitably lead me to take all sorts of risks; like pursuing and obtaining four degrees, packing up and relocating states three times, the last of which was cross country, and throwing myself into the creative deep end when I was only an intern. Read more>>

Ariane Aligo | Proud Owner & Founder of the Artistic Exchange Market

Risk is something that can be both terrifying and motivating at the same time. We take risks every day – whether we realize it or not. We take risks when we get into a car, when we buy shampoo at the store, when we decide what to make for dinner… risk-taking is not a new thing in this life. Risk-taking has always played a big role in my life, especially in my career. I’ve just recently opened up a new shop called the Artistic Exchange Market; a market in which we give space in our brick-and-mortar to local small businesses to showcase and sell their products without having to be there in person. The concept of the store itself is a big risk in itself, as vendors who come and go through the shop sign up for a space to sell their items but take the risk of making no sales during their stay. I myself took a big risk just by launching the store – and doing it without even applying for a loan! Read more>>

Joyce Fuerza | CEO/Founder of Joyce Fuerza Productions; TV-Host, Producer, Filmmaker; Film Festival Director of Programming

In life, taking risks is an absolute MUST. People don’t realize it but everything we do includes risks whether it is in our personal or professional life. Risk taking has become a great part of my life, from moving to four different countries, to deciding to become an entrepreneur and start my own production company. Yes of course in the process I had doubts, fear at times, not everything was certain, but I did them anyway. I am happy I did. All the risks that I have taken (and continue to take) in my personal life and career got me to where I am today. Read more>>

Rocio Garcia Montiel | Abstract artist

I believe that taking risks allows us to grow. However, the word “risk” causes our rejection, we are not really used to seeing risks as allowing us to improve, but to avoiding them and protecting ourselves. It is normal, but I think that going the easy way or only doing what we consider is safe, is not satisfactory and good. Personally, each step I have taken has tested me and taken me out of my comfort zone. It is not easy at first, but I learned that from each experience there is something to learn, we are in constant learning. Read more>>