Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Chenliang Zhu | Filmmaker

By challenging myself through filmmaking, I tend to break away from the egoistic notion of who I am and to further explore the subconscious and unconscious parts of my mind. Read more>>

Zoë Pawlak | Artist and Industrial Designer

Everyone admires makers and entrepreneurs from the outside. I think people’s perception of me is that I am less afraid than I really am. I have had to train myself to take risks all the time. I practice and have built up my courage with the small stuff, so when big choices come along, I’m more prepared to make decisions based on experience. Read more>>

Natasha Ofili | Actress | Writer | Producer

My mother always picked on me when I was a child. “Natasha, stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side.” I always took risks on everything (chuckle) because I followed my inner intuition. When I see something, I genuinely believe it is the right path for me. I have taken several significant risks in my life. Read more>>

Eric Dash” Friedman | Music Artist

My thought process about risk is very different from the practical mind. I don’t only think about it by weighing the probability of success and failure. That’s obviously important, but when you’re moving forward with a possibly risky situation or venture, there will be a bunch of people who disagree with your decision. Or they may just frown upon it entirely because it looks like too much work. Read more>>

Saint Sergy | Chicano Musical Artist

Risk plays heavy in my like of career that I chose, especially the fact that I’m a native Mexican American born in the San Fernando valley. I could’ve ggotten a safe job but instead I chose to make music, not just any music, my peoples music mixed with modern Americana sound. So I’m basically cat walking over a rope. I started when I was 17 now i recently turned 23. Read more>>

Andi Elloway | Photographer

Calculated risk has always been a tool to help me avoid regret in life. I would hate to have wanted to do something that I didn’t try for because of fear or insecurity. Both of those feelings are valid, but I try to rationalize how real any hesitation is and whether it’s grounded in facts. Read more>>

Andy Stenz | Photographer and Eater of All the Candy

Risk is all about finding a way to balance the worst-case scenario with the opportunity. I’ve tried to live a life that’s open to taking risks but one of the first questions I ask myself is, “If this doesn’t work out, where does that leave me?” And if I’m ok with the answer, I’m more open to exploring the opportunity in front of me. Read more>>

Jeremy Furton | Los Angeles Real Estate Agent

I can honestly say that throughout most of my life, I’ve been a rather risk-averse individual. I always played it safe and ensured that I didn’t make too many waves. When it came to jobs and my career path, I worked my way up in companies but never really found a path that I was interested in. Read more>>

Brelinda | Photographer & Consultant

I have been known to make jumps when it comes to life decisions and for the most part it has worked out for the best. There was a little fear, but there was always hope that things would just open up new doors. Big moves require big jumps and faith that you’ll land somewhere other than where you are in the present. Read more>>

Mason Tremaine | Father , Professional Dancer + Photographer , Director & Visionary.

Risk to me is life’s little loop hole I feel is provided to us beings. Where morally there is a decision , where both lanes one could choose could lead to the same result. Accept … one could mean utter destruction ( gross exaggeration ) or a boost to the finish line faster. Read more>>

Marcos James | Actor

Risk taking is essential in the process of transitioning out of comfort zones. Whether it’s moving to a new city or taking on a new project or signing with a new representative, risk taking ensures that you are taking steps to advance to the next level. Read more>>

Kristen Vaganos | Actor & Producer

I think there is no way to succeed in the path-less, instruction-less, oversaturated entertainment industry without taking risks. Read more>>

John Wlaysewski | Music Producer & Band Leader of Late Cambrian (w/Olive Hui)

In our career, risk has been one of the most important aspects of what we do. Risk forces you to commit fully to what you are creating. When you see the riskiness of what you are doing and jump in and do it anyway, it sets you on a path towards new possible futures. Read more>>

Eric Penn | Musician & Writer

I don’t believe there is any chance at success if you aren’t willing to take a risk. And yea, risk-taking is subjective because my cliff-jumping could be a walk in the park for someone else and vice versa, but risk-taking is mandatory. When you think about how the direction of music and arts in general can change so quickly, you have to be steadfast in your own vision and not worry about whats so called “popular”. Read more>>

Jack Louii | Hair Artist

I love taking risks. Once I learned to accept failure even after hours and hours of hard work I soon realized that risk taking was the easiest part of winning. Throughout my career every step has been a risk. And without those steps I truly believe I wouldn’t be able to stand where I do today in my industry. As an entrepreneur I believe we all must accept that taking risks is just a part of our journey in order to create the bigger picture. Read more>>

Lucille Banks | Caterer & owner of Homestyle Kitch’n

I’m a very impulsive person. I’m currently working on that lol. But anyways, in this regard my impulse to take risks actually helped me. I wanted to be self employed and I knew I had a talent/passion. I could cook! I’m good at it too! I looked at it as, what do I have to lose? I have everything to gain. Read more>>

Jaden Gilbert | Owner/CEO

My thoughts on risk are that if they are not taken then how can you know your limits? I feel taking risk is what separates the followers from the leaders. Risks are what gets us to the next level in life. Whether that be in your business, schooling, or even just daily tasks. Read more>>

Kenia Contreras | Food Blogger and Professional Baker

I believe that there is only one way to know what is in the other side of the bridge and it is to cross it. Risks are always scary, but I like to cross bridges and see what happens. I like to learn from experiences and take decisions with all the acknowledge that I have from the past. Read more>>

Steven Fowle | vinyl graphic installer

NO RISK, NO REWARD! Risk taking has always been a huge part in my like and career as im always betting on myself. Before stumbling in to vinyl I was a machinist for 10 years in Michigan and needed a change so I packed up my things in my car and drove to califorina to get certified with Avery Denison. 2,189 miles and 6 years later I could’nt be happier that I took that risk to now be doing something I absolutely love. Its hard sometimes but even the worst day in vinly is still the best day to be working for myself. Read more>>

Jade Green | Producer, Artist and Infinite Being

So my whole entire life has been full of risks, choices and risks are one in the same because we never know how they’ll pan out. With that being said risks are beautiful, at least to me. Just the thought of not knowing can be scary for me sometimes but I’m learning to embrace it more and more everyday. Honestly, none of us would be in the positions we are in currently if we didn’t so just put that into perspective. Read more>>

Kat Bielobrova | Artist & Illustrator

By nature, I’m not a risk-taker, it took me a lot of stress and self-work to allow myself to make mistakes. I was always very self-demanding, and I struggled with it all of my life. But it got better when I was 21y.o. I went on a summer trip to a different country, on my own, with a backpack and almost no money. I have put myself in risky and stressful situations to see how I can swim in deep water. Read more>>

Benji Bae | Singer/Songwriter

Risk is something I don’t really think about that often. When it comes to thinking about risk, I feel like it adds an additional sense of fear and worry that tends to detract from whatever I’m trying to accomplish. I would rather fully be able to disappear into my work with full confidence to a fault rather than worry about the things that “could” or “might” happen. Personally I’m a full supporter of if you want to do something put your faith behind the fact that you WILL succeed. Not that you “might”. Read more>>

Silvia Luna | Attorney/Abogada/Law

Growing up in an immigrant household, life centered around security. My mother, who obviously wanted her children to have a better life, taught my siblings and I to get an education, secure a good job, and live the American dream. I did that. Many people do that, and there is nothing wrong with it. Read more>>

Amanda Gonzales | Intuitive Sound Healer

When I think about risk taking my reaction is always curiosity. When it comes to risk I’ve always felt curious about what would happen if I just took the risk and what if it all works out. I’ve also wondered what I might miss out on if I don’t take the risk as well. Reflecting on this has made me realize that I’ve always been a risk taker throughout my life. Read more>>

Ryan McCrory | Actor, Filmmaker, Martial Artist

Risk taking is crucial for anyone pursuing a career where they work for themselves. Taking a risk is giving yourself the ability to learn or be exposed new opportunities. They may not always pan out how you expect but I guarantee if you’re looking you’ll find from that “failed” risk you took away some wisdom or maybe you met someone that 5 years down the road will remember you and give you something better than what you original attempted to achieve. Read more>>

Margarita Kallas-Lee | Executive Pastry Chef and Co Owner of Scratch Bar & Kitchen, Pasta Bar LA and Austin, and Sushi by Scratch Restaurants.

Risk has always shown me that if i leap a net will appear. Of course i mean that in a very metaphysical way haha, i do not mean doing something dangerous. But in the beginning when we created the idea behind Scratch Bar, all we had were our savings and a dream. We took a huge risk in doing a pop up for our concept, which then led to someone coming in to eat and saying “Hey I have an empty restaurant space that this would crush in”, to us taking that risk and it just kept being a snowball effect of doing really risky things that some times weren’t in our favor. But I believe it’s not always about getting something out of it, because i’ve learned SO MUCH along the way of just taking that leap over and over again. Read more>>