There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Jason Stafford | Photo and Video Producer

The most important factor behind my success is staying fluid and flexible. Advertising is always changing and flows with the markets. Changes can come in last minute and always when you least expect it. In fact, the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. My way of dealing with these uncertainties is to treat every project like its own Jackson Pollock painting. The process may seem chaotic but the result is always beautiful. Artists are human and binging a group of artists together can only highlight their humanity. This is what makes our job so amazing. I can’t control people, nor do I want to. I prefer to provide them with paint brushes and their own area on the canvas. This way they can thrive and compliment each other as they come together. Read more>>

Wendy Posner | President & CEO

The success of Posner Fine Art is a product of our relationships; our business was founded in 1960 and that sense of loyalty and partnership has remained consistent throughout. We pride ourselves on our integrity and made a decision early on to work with artists, vendors and colleagues who are similarly honorable in business. The same goes for our clients; almost the entirety of our business is a product of networking and word of mouth and we have fostered client relationships that are built on transparency, honesty and trust. Further, we have always made an effort to diversify— we work between the worlds of private, corporate and commercial art services and as such have mitigated the risks imposed on those in our field who are less nimble. During the financial downturn in 2009 we took the time to regroup, rebrand and refocus our efforts. Read more>>

Violet Hategan | Psychic Medium, Traditional Usui Reiki Master & Educator

The most important factor behind my success has been integrity. Since the beginning of building my business and sharing knowledge & education about Reiki & the spiritual world, upholding the highest intentions of integrity have been my upmost priority. Understanding that in order to do so, my own continued personal development & healing were pivotal. In a realm work that often is skewed in depiction by false Hollywood narratives & subconscious projections, it was important to me that I am able to assist others through my work from a solid foundation. Similar to the phrase ” You have to walk the walk, to the talk the talk”. We must fill our own well of wellness in order to fill the cups of others. Education and further development has also been a key in the factor of upholding integrity. Read more>>

Clayton Vila | Filmmaker & Professional Skier

It’s important for me to be honest with myself about my goals. If I want to achieve something, I don’t necessarily tell anyone, but I have to fully admit it to myself. When it came to becoming a professional skier, I started by saying “wouldn’t it be great if I could just have enough success in this industry to make a living.” That wasn’t working. Then one day I decided that I wanted to win an X Games gold medal. Now, I never did — 9 years later I settled for a bronze medal, but allowing myself to set that seemingly unattainable goal created an intense level of commitment that fostered real success. I try to bring the same mentality to my filmmaking career. My professional athletic career is always something that I look back on as somewhat of a case study. Read more>>

Jessica Headey Gandolfi | Founder & Harmonyum Practitioner

Authenticity. I’m in the business of healing, I work with people who are dealing with trauma, addiction and burnout. Their nervous systems are overloaded so it’s crucial that I’m incredibly sensitive to that. I need to be open and honest about my own healing journey to instill a level of trust and confidence with my clients so they feel clear and receptive to take on their own healing experience. It’s an honor for me to work with people on such an emotional and energetic level and I don’t take that lightly. Being authentic gives me the ability to build deep rapport and connection with my clients to ensure they achieve the most powerful and effective results with their own healing process. Read more>>

Emiliano Forino Procacci | CEO & President

The most important factor behind my success is perseverance. I found many closed doors in my life, but I learned to keep knocking until one of them opened. For example I wrote 8 books until the last one “A World Without Emotion” was a success. Being persevering in every area of life is certainly important and it is equally important to be able to transform a simple intuition into an idea, which, growing day by day, become a concrete project and maybe even evolve into a real business. I’m the CEO and President of Unstatus Luxury™ and I’m so proud of it. Behind the success of my brand there are my life experiences, my two master degrees, my family, and all the big and small things I have done in my life from the medal of merit received in Vatican to the choice to donate part of the profits to the research. Every life experience enriches us even if it is not exactly related to the business. Read more>>

Avi Rafael | Professional Saxophone Player & Composer

Being successful in your field, surrounding yourself with the very best in the music industry, and touring with your music requires two things – hard work and self-awareness. Hard work is the key to advancement in any aspect of life, and self-awareness as your compass to show where you stand and where to keep going. Read more>>

Erin Shimazu | Wedding Photographer

I have discovered that my calling in life is to make people happy – I do this through my art, and it’s what fuels my spirit and is the driving force behind what I do/what I think makes my business successful. When I first started about 10 years ago I had no idea how to run a business – I was terrified! What kept me pointed in the right direction through all of the uncertainty and stress, was that I really cared about my couples and based my decision-making on how I could bring them the most happiness. The way I do business evolved from the only things I knew how to do at the time: to be honest and open, and treat everyone how I would want to be treated with the desire to bring them joy. I have fun with my couples – I’m silly & weird with them because that’s who I am (this also has the added bonus of attracting other people who aren’t afraid to be silly and weird too, which is awesome :). I ask my couples about their stories and relish the honor of sharing their joy with them. Read more>>

Rudy Manning | Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

The biggest contributors to our success are vision, faith, and stamina. Vision, for knowing where you want to go, what problem you want to solve, and what the future should look like. Faith, to believe that those things will come to pass, even in the harder times. And finally, stamina for the long hours and days, to be able to withstand and persevere through the hard times, and to keep keeping on. Starting a business isn’t glamorous–there can be some really dark times, times where you think about giving up, but stamina is what helps you move through those moments in persevere. Without these three elements, it really is hard to succeed in the business world. Read more>>

James Deirmendjian

Just a few years back, when I came back from a brief stint of training with the US Army that didn’t go quite as I’d planned or hoped, it became abundantly clear to me just how inadequate fitness training is within the United States Military as a whole. To be more specific, even though I excelled at PT, I ended up injuring myself 3/4 of the way through Initial Entry Training. I saw the dream of a lifetime shatter before my eyes when I chose to withdraw from training, so I could get the care it seemed to me that I needed, and which also seemed to be lacking from within the training environment. This experience also turned me on to an understanding of just how woefully underserved the tactical professions are in this department. Read more>>

Evan Hatfield | Multi-Instrumentalist & Music Producer

I have created a life that revolves around creating music. Music always comes first, no matter what. My music creation begins every morning when the sun comes up. Read more>>

Meg Le Vu | Vice President

I believe we are relentless with our own standards. Our work is what we like to call timeless. In the moment, we focus on taking great photographs and capturing the right moments. In post, our focus is not to fix or filter anything. We simply enhance and stay true to the atmosphere of the moment and tell our clients’ stories without imposing what we think their wedding should be. Our clients guide our craft. Through the years, we’ve never strayed from our work ethic and standard of our final product. It’s not always easy and in the beginning, we definitely had more stressful moments. Nowadays, running your own business and maintaining your brand’s voice will always have its challenges, but in our maturity, we take them in stride and roll with the punches. Read more>>

Beth Haney | CEO, Doctor of Nursing Practice & Nurse Practitioner

Luxe Aesthetic Center was founded on the philosophy to provide our patients with an honest, safe, and results-oriented experience. In an industry that is flooded with the next latest-and-greatest treatments it has become our mission is to be the premier beauty and skin care facility in the community by providing excellent, consistent skincare and health promotion through education and practice. Luxe Aesthetic Center uses only FDA-approved treatments and procedures. Our healthcare providers make it a point to make sure patients are safe, informed, and happy, which is one of the many reasons that have made Luxe incredibly successful. The success of the practice over the years is also attributed to the exceptional team we have at Luxe Aesthetic Center. The clinical staff that consists of four members have over 40 years of aesthetic experience combined. Read more>>

Jason Kozma | Personal Trainer

I love what I do and take pride in transforming my clients’ lives. Fitness training is not just about workouts, it’s about understanding my clients’ goals, setting realistic expectations, monitoring progress, encouraging during setbacks and celebrating achievements. I pride myself in my commitment to my client’s success. I always go above and beyond to make sure that my clients have the tools and external motivation needed to achieve their fitness goals. I care as much as they care, or probably even more than they do. In addition, my knowledge in this field is far more extensive than the average trainer, which is how I create consistent results in a large number of clients over the years. You can see the evidence in my client before and after photos, and testimonials sections of my website. Read more>>

David and Dylan Schenk | Co-Founders

As a married couple who own and operate LIFT Society, the most important factor behind our success has been teamwork. Over the years the demands of owning a business (especially during Covid) have forced us to work together in ways that utilize both of our unique skill sets. These include skills like: management, leadership development, sales, marketing, programming workouts and creating our overarching philosophy on fitness and defining our role within the fitness industry. We learned early on that neither of us have all of the necessary skills in order to run our business successfully. We had to be a team. However, we would be lying if we said that it’s always been easy to work with each other. We have had more than our fair share of fights and disagreements over the years, throw in a couple kids into the mix and it has been overwhelming at times. Read more>>

Art Moreno | Coach

Being genuine. The brand seems to follow and grow naturally. Business decisions are easy, because they are people decisions. We then feel incredibly comfortable doing what we do. The success also seems to follow naturally. Of course everything is not so easy. There is time, effort and hard work, but the bread and butter is that we care about what we are doing. Read more>>

Gianluca Foà | Chief Commercial Officer

I have the privilege to work for an italian institution full of heritage and tradition. Imagine than the Pharmacy have been opened in Florence in 1221 by the Dominican monks and still works in the same place. My goal since my entrance in the company, has always been to respect and spread those values which have contributed to make it unique, different from the competitors. Of course time are running fast, as a consequence lifestyle and customers needs are completely different therefore the management team and I had to adapt the offer to what have become the market standard and desiderata ( the use of organic, natural product, eco-friendly packaging, new and more effective skincare in order to create skin barriers to stronger clima changes, new and more refined fragrances). Read more>>

Lindsey Warren | Artist

The most important factors behind my success are hard work and resilience. These sound obvious but are incredibly difficult to maintain year after year amongst constant self-doubt and repeated rejection. I have never been interested in or good at marketing myself or my work, which is not typically a recipe for success. However, I have always had the willpower to work towards invisible goals and the ability to persist despite rejections and setbacks that far outnumber the number of successes and I have been lucky enough to see that dedication pay off. I define my success as being able to make paintings as my primary career. I approach my work as though I always have a deadline so that when an opportunity presents itself I am ready to say yes! I have yet to run out of ideas. Read more>>

Elektro Ninja | Music Producer

I think the most important factor behind anyone’s success is consistency. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, if you’re not consistently producing a quality product success becomes harder to obtain. Read more>>

Michael Ng | Mixologist

Being obsessed with the craft and the paranoia that someone out there is hustling more than you are. In my opinion, these two things make up the impetus that drives success. Creativity and standards are constantly pushed to new levels. Obsession opens the mind up for any and all inspiration. Even topics that have nothing to do with cocktails can generate new ideas. For example, sushi has been a trove of creative garnish skills. The knife work is impeccable and the imagination of sushi garnish is incredible. I’ve incorporated so many techniques from sushi garnish into my own repertoire. Not only sushi, but I’ve studied plating in the culinary world as well as baking presentation working with spun sugar and tempered chocolate. Practice and honing of skills are also driven by obsession. Read more>>

Amy Holt | Food Stylist & Photographer

Passion!! Passion is what drove me to create my business Peas Thank You. It is what constantly drives me to get better and better. I love what I do and have grown so much over the last few years because I work on getting better every day. I am always developing recipes, gathering styling and platting ideas, challenging my photography style with lighting, props, angles, etc. I see food as art. I love all the textures, colors, smells, flavors and how these all change from season to season and geographic location. I think it’s so important to always be gathering inspiration from others; trying new restaurants, saving images you come across, cookbooks, magazines, blogs, chefs, food stylist and from the farmers who supply seasonal ingredients at the farmers market. Read more>>

Amir Marmar | Global Leader in Crypto Accounting

The most important factor behind the success is treating “everyone” (employees, clients, vendors) with the utmost respect and never thinking that I am better than them or above them. In essence treating everyone equally and fairly. Read more>>

Robin Nguyen | Small Business Owner

The most important factor behind my success is simply to continue working. I am a firm believer in all work is honorable, and if you continue to keep working, no matter the task, you will be rewarded. Read more>>

Brandi Milne | Fine Art Painter & Illustrator

The most important factor behind my successes is authenticity. All that I do in art or my career comes straight from my heart. I do my very best, I work very hard and ultimately, what I put out IS my authentic heart. So if what I do isn’t a “success” in other people’s eyes ~ regardless, it’s a success to me and I know I can trust it. Read more>>

Federica Beni | Destination Event Planner & Designer

Surely the passion combined with a complete dedication to my work and to my clients and the great respect I have for all the vendors that support me in this path. Read more>>