There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Melanin Bee | Laugh Strategist, Laugh yoga Instructor, Holistic Comedian

I feel the habits that help me succeed in my business are: daily Laughfirmations, Laughter meditation, offerings to my ancestors, am routines, grounding in nature and constant gratitude is a major habit. Read more>>

Mandy Mendoza | Brow Artist / Brow Expert

Waking up early and having a daily working out routine has taught me discipline. I took this with me when starting my business. Clearing your mind and challenging yourself physically with a tough workout every day prepares you for the daily challenges of business. Read more>>

Angela Yanez | Content Creator Specializing in Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Success is all about consistency. As long as you continue to do what works for you the success will follow. People will start to follow you on your journey and the positive feedback becomes the drive behind motivation. Yes there might be bumps in the road, but those bumps will only help you in the end. Read more>>

Andris Mattson | Producer and Recording Artist

The bedrock habit for me lately has been prioritizing sleep. If i don’t get a good night’s rest, every other task I’ve set up for the day feels infinitely harder. Next I would say is meditation. Meditation helps with the usual crippling self-doubt that accompanies most artistic projects I’m involved in. Our minds are with us constantly, and once I understood that all those annoying thoughts in my head are just thoughts (they’re not based in any reality per se), I could push through and finish a lot of projects. Lastly I’d say, going on long morning walks. I’ll specifically walk with no podcast or tunes playing so that I can think about the tasks for the day and brainstorm creative ideas for songs. Read more>>

Jesse Clark | Artist

I am a disciplined worker and I try and set aside a lot of time to work on my art practice. While hard work is a big factor in bringing my ideas to life, what I am learning helps me feel successful about what I make is if I slow down and give myself the time to enjoy it. I have a bad habit of powering through the process of creating and when it’s done instead of feeling accomplished I am preoccupied with whatever project I have lined up next. To feel fulfillment and fall in love what what you are doing in the process is something I’m cultivating to help me succeed. I think that’s more important than how the work is ultimately received. Read more>>

Annika Grace | Singer/Songwriter, Poet & Founder of Saturdays at Seven

I think always sticking to a routine in some sense has really helped me. Also I have found having other outlets besides music has been really beneficial. I spend so much time with music, I’ve found its important to find other ways to be creative. Currently i’ve found a passion for watercolor and film photography!. Read more>>

Christopher Hawley | Musician and Teacher

I’m a lifelong athlete, and I’ve always looked at playing the guitar and singing as a physical activity. I work to be fit, feel as good as I can, and to maintain my body so that I can make music that helps others feel good. Besides consistently practicing and growing as a guitarist, singer, and songwriter, my fitness and wellness habits are integral in helping me succeed. I try to eat a plant-based diet as much as possible, and once a week, I don’t eat for 24 hours to give my digestive system a break. It’s been a mind blowing practice for many reasons, one of which is the increased awareness of how little I actually need to consume, not to mention the anti-aging benefits. My yoga “habit” of almost 25 years is a huge part of my wellness routine. I am grateful to be injury free, especially in my arms and fingers, after tens of thousands of hours of repeated motion with a guitar in my hands. Read more>>

Ayana Evans | Performance Artist & Professional Troublemaker

I think there are four habits that stand out… One isn’t healthy though: 1. I don’t quit easily. By the time I have abandoned a project most people would have walked away a year or two earlier; this usually leads me to a solution for problems that arise when working on new projects or pushes me through the rough patches of my career (meaning financial rough patches and long stretches when I am not offered shows). 2. I ask for help when needed because I know I cant do it alone AND I give help when I can because I don’t want others to do it alone either. From asking for money during a Kickstarter campaign to asking friends to link my posts or help me with designing PR materials I often have to humble myself to get some help to get to bump to the next rung in my career. In turn, I really try hard to lend help to others with this same level of rigor, if not more. That has come back to me in many unexpected ways; nothing helps a career like being humble and nice. Read more>>

JASON AVALOS | Writer ,Actor, Director and Producer at Schoolhouse Pictures

It really is about making a eco-system for myself that all contributes to success. I meditate daily often using the Insight gap, I have therapy weekly for the past 4 years, sobriety, working out daily and prayer. Those are the habits that truly ground me. As far as running a company goes I think paying attention to the market, showing up for the community and staying consistent and flexible especially after Covid has made us all pivot. Read more>>

Randy Delphine | Creative Educator, Yoga Self Love Expert & Business Owner

I’ve always been a huge believer in the power of routine, the rituals behind the actions and processes. One of the things that I truly believe has made a difference in my life, work and personal, has been allowing myself more time by waking up earlier and beginning my day earlier. Time is something we never get back and there’s only so much of it that we can use in a day, by waking up early I’m able to set aside time for myself which not only prevents burnouts but allows me to get more done in my block of work time. There’s this whole notion of grinding and hustling but not enough talk about self-care, creating habits that block off time for work, time for self, time for family and friends I’ve been able to maintain a consistent workflow. I truly believe that’s were success lies. Read more>>

Autumn Withers | Screenwriter & Actress

The habit of FOLLOWING THROUGH no matter what I’m feeling or thinking, no matter the doubt, lack of inspiration, and second-guessing, to do what is at hand by trusting in uncertainty and the unknown and creating from the artistry within. It takes practice to remain present when working in film and television, to create from truth and spontaneity, and to commit to what is happening NOW. The follow through of continuing to audition without giving up. Also, the habit of sitting down for a minimum of three hours a day when I’m writing a script. No matter if I write a half page or twenty pages in that time, I sit down and I write. Even if I think I’m typing dried up horse crap, I may be doing very good work and it can be reshaped and rewritten later. Acting is accomplished one moment at a time, writing is accomplished one word at a time. The practice of following through doesn’t always feel good, but other times it feels downright magical and you’re dancing with pure creativity itself where anything is possible. Read more>>

Jonathan Martinez | Creative Marketing Consultant

Flexibility is a key one for sure. There will constantly be things that come up last minute, or changes needed unexpectedly, but you have to be willing to adapt to the moment. It’s clear that culture and society are evolving so rapidly that being flexible will not only showcase your value, but enhance it. Embrace the evolution of plans and enjoy seeing it once it all comes together. It might not look like what you originally planned, but more times than not it’s better! My other key habit is relationship building, I want to know who I’m working with, what drives them, what inspires them and what turns them off! Knowing those type of details helps maximize conversations, and allows me to bring value to our time together. I apply that principle to my personal relationships as well, I want you to leave feeling better after we’ve spent time together. Read more>>

Natalia Bilbao | Actress & TV Host

I used to be a semi pro tennis player and I think having an early morning routine and discipline has really helped me stay strong and work hard during both moments of a lot of work and also moments of little work. Being a healthy person, working out every day, eating good food, drinking water and meditating are some of the basic elements that help me stay focused, grounded and energized as well as have confidence in my ability and feel ready to take on challenges. Read more>>

Sarah Daye | Grammy Nominated Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Producer, Vocal Coach & Music Consultant

I’ve learned early on gratefully to build great relationships, and I started by figuring out how to position myself in specific atmospheres to connect with the desired professionals, surrounding myself with those greats who inspired me to grow in the industry and in my craft. I learned to watch, look and listen carefully. Pick up the phone and call, take initiative to build. Ask questions and do my homework, Early on after leaving musical theatre college, I realized how important it was to get out there in the scene and connect with creatives, and networking as much as possible with the right people who will lift you up and continue to inspire you. I have also worked consistently on my craft and skills by creating my own work producing my own shows internationally, rather then waiting on others to do it for me. Discipline is key! I learned about consistency and hard work from my dad. He introduced me to sports and enrolled me in dance since the tender age three. Read more>>

FERNANDA MARTINEZ | Artist and Muralist.

One habit that helped me succeed in my business was and still is ‘Consistency’. I started painting as my hobby, prioritizing creating over perfection. When I first started using watercolors and acrylics, I was amazed by the endless possibilities that these mediums could offer. Continuous experimentation has driven me to the habit of painting every day. Other habit has been ‘Perseverance’. Before being accepted to exhibitions, collaborations and other opportunities I was rejected countless times. Read more>>

Carlos King | Audio Engineer, Music Producer and Entrepreneur

I attribute a lot of my success to constant growth. Learning new things excites me! It leads me to try different things and develop skills I never thought I was capable of. I have 3 habits I swear by; reading, asking questions, and trial and error. I have read books about creating effective work relationships, business structures, and engineering techniques. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions; I ask questions all the time. I have mentors that I speak to regularly and ask for guidance (it’s very helpful to learn from the experience of others). Honestly, the most effective way I learn is through trial and error. One day I was an intern and the next day an engineer- I had to teach myself on the fly! I jumped in and tried all kinds of things in a short period of time. I quickly learned what does and doesn’t work and I use that same mentality today. Read more>>

Iassac J | Bespoke Performance Personal TRAINRR

My career in fitness/ personal coaching has been great and rewarding. The habits that I have applied early in my career I believe are the ones that keep me going. Number one is to keep learning and reading a wide range of topics. I have a lot of interest and threw these interest I have always been able to connect with al types of people in conversation. I approach everyone with a non judgmental attitude because I am interested in there story can find common talking points Number 2 is waking up early to self care. I am up 4am or 5am just depending on when I go to bed, I started with meditation and some type of positive info audio/ book/ journal of gratitude . This has me in the perfect flow state when interacting with clients to give out amazing energy. Number 3 is education in my field is key. I have 20 plus certifications and I am always looking for more. Practice and the hunger to learn what you don’t know shows up in your work no matter what you do. Read more>>

Alicia Blue | Folk-Rock Singer-Songwriter


Staying with myself. The moment you leap outside to someone else’s idea of you, chaos ensues. Someone else’s idea of an album cover, or a lyric, or a way to phrase. Of course I’m open to other opinions, but checking in with myself over and over again is the one tool I’d never be able to exist without. Read more>>

D’essence Romero | Producer, Host, Personality

I believe in God’s Faith but also believing in yourself to succeed with Determination, Patience, Consistency, and of course Persistence. Resilence is major, as well, in my line of career of Media. There are many times of rejection and doubt but having the ability to get up and continue when you actually feel like giving up is a gift of being Resilent. #GetInLine. Read more>>

James Lucas | Primary writer for Dear Banshee

We’ve discovered that the more we practice and coming up with new ideas together the greater success we have. It is important to share ideas with each other to help us grow musically. Read more>>

Morgan Mantilla | Content Creator

Networking has been major in my line of work. Making genuine connections with people, and nurturing those connections over time, has led to projects coming my way consistently since I started. Likewise, those people that have tapped me for projects are top of mind for me when I need a hair stylist or a makeup artist for something that I’m working on. It’s a lovely cycle of creative work. Additionally, I’ve modeled my career after my mentor’s, James Arnett. She has always freelanced throughout her career, even when she’s had full time work, and that has helped her to actively evolve and move from one position to another. I’ve had a similar experience so far, freelancing regularly throughout my career has opened up so many new directions and connections for me that I would not have discovered otherwise. I believe this model allows for your career to be more fluid, instead of trying to follow a strict career ladder. I think this has worked for me as well as it has, because it’s sort of a modern career adaptation to the modern creative workplace. Read more>>

Erin Naifeh | Visual Artist

I believe success is loving oneself and believing in oneself. But, first understanding what love and believing in oneself means is essential. As I believe these two things, can be easily misunderstood. Lets say an ocean represents the self. When you love yourself you will dive to the bottom of the ocean, through its many layers, if that’s what it takes with a gentle ease not harming any in the way. But in the same breath, when you love yourself you will know when it’s better to float with a gentle ease until the time is right for you to dive further in. And to believe in yourself means you will not walk away from that ocean. You might close your eyes to rest and that’s ok. But you will always be there, with the ocean, still moving forward. And Loving oneself and believe in oneself both bind to Trust. Trust is the water in the ocean keeping you afloat or moving you along. All 3 connecting you to your truest self. That is success. From that, something will be different. Read more>>

Sean Grant | Comedian/Actor

The two P’s have helped me succeed in comedy and in life. 1) Prayer… Before I make any decisions or perform I have to find myself in alignment with God, I don’t do it in order to have things go my way… I do it so that my outlook and my attitude can be right throughout the process. God gives you a peace that will see you through disappointment and keep your ego under control during times of success. 2) Professionalism… No matter what the opportunity is I make sure that I am grateful to the people that gave it to me and I show that by being on time and being respectful to all the staff or crew involved. Here is some game for live performers: The club/theater staff has tons of influence over who gets booked continuosly, so if they find you to be a joy you will find yourself booked. Read more>>

Alexis Davis | Bakery Owner

The habits that I feel have helped me succeed in my business are leading by example, integrity, organization and giving back. when I decided to hire my first employee, I knew I wanted to work side by side with them and let them know my business was a team effort even though I was the owner. Integrity is a really important habit for me in my life and my business. I feel like doing what you say you are gong to do and to do it at the best of your ability is invaluable. Having an organized bakery and daily schedule allows productiveness, cleanliness and happy people! Since day 1, we have given back to families, our community, and organizations that are inline with our bakery philosophy. It feels good for us to see the difference we make while working our job. These 4 habits are ingrained in me and I try to impose them on my team at the bakery. Read more>>

Michelle Christensen | Floral Designer

The habit of committing has been incredibly instrumental to my success so far. Self-doubt and comparison are some of the most consistent insecurities many of us encounter throughout our journey as business owners and with that I committ to following through. There have been times when I’ve wanted to give up and throw in the towel but my motto is: finish what you started. Accomplishing an event like a pop up shop is often my biggest reward. Holding patience to see it all the way through and learn from the process is the committment I make to myself every time I take on a new client or working toward a large event or desinging for a wedding. Get comfortable committing even if its not what you imagined it to be. You’ll get there with practice. Read more>>