One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Alysha Cassis-Shaw | Owner/Curator/Stylist

Vintage clothing already exists in the world so getting people to shop in the far more sustainable way positively impacts the cycle of waste inherent in our culture. Read more>>

Shane Conley | Musician and Teacher

I think music has a huge impact in people’s lives and communities. For some people it becomes a lifelong passion and career. For other it’s a creative and emotional outlet; something personal that allows them to bring beauty and peace into their life. For others it’s primarily a social competent of their life. playing music with others gives them access to a new community and connects them with people they may otherwise never meet. Read more>>

Kenya Gray | Healthy Lifestyle Coach

As a African American women, I know personally and statistically how poor health can affect African American communities. African-American women have the highest numbers in the United State of obesity and heart disease. As a healthy lifestyle coach, women’s fitness specialist and group fitness instructor, I hope to bring inspiration, education and resources to the community so that Black women can have a better quality of life and live longer. My focus is prevention. Read more>>

Jennifer Fenton LMFT | Executive Director, Lead Clinician

The greatest barrier to mental health treatment is the mental health system itself. Wait times for appointments are months out, exclusionary diagnostic criteria, interventions to fidelity (cookie cutter care) are failing to address the mental health crisis we face. Read more>>

Brittany Bratton | Online fitness coach

Like many other women, I grew up with alot pressure to be beautiful, to be “skinny”, to be liked, loved and accepted. I found myself spending hours a day working out, eating a healthy diet, making a ton of sacrifices and very little change to my physique. I spent my entire 20’s working out 4 to 6 times a week and cutting different things from my diet with little to no improvement. Read more>>

Lauren DeCarli | Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Paneros Clothing

5 part brand promise… -in addition to all that, 1% Read more>>

Brian Tabor | Personal Trainer, Founder of Strong Made Simple

When I started Strong Made Simple my initial goal was to help people discover the confidence and resilience that I had experienced through strength training and staying active. Overtime that has evolved so that Strong Made Simple helps people to become confident and resilient not just through physical activity, but through the support of our community and the people we serve. Read more>>

Bethany Londyn | Energy Healer & Intuitive Catalyst Coach

By teaching people to understand their truth, they are set free. When people are set free from their limitations, judgements, and then some they become happier. As people elevate into this joy they automatically are lifting up others around them. Conversations change, connections depend, love abounds. Per Dr. David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness a human being vibrating at a level of LOVE elevates 750,000 people around them. When I work on companies, I’m able to successfully influence so many people at once and then the 750k people around each person. It’s ammmmazing! Read more>>

Kira Rappaport | Early Childhood Music Educator

I support parents and families in the first 3 years of their children’s lives through Music, Movement and Mindfulness. My weekly music classes provide a routine and a community for new and veteran parents and the songs we sing become part of the daily lives of the children. Songs can mark the beats of the day from waking up and eating breakfast to playtime, lunchtime, nap time, bath time and bedtime too. Read more>>

Kelsey Mira | Singer/Songwriter/Composer, Music Lessons Teacher & Coach

As a traumatic brain injury survivor, I suffered memory loss and had trouble retaining new information after I got sick. My neurologist suggested to my Mom that I start putting what I needed to remember, to music because of how the brain retains information put to rhythm and melody. My gift in songwriting grew as a tool for doing well in academia and I would create songs using rhythm and melody for study guides in all subjects. Read more>>

Siria Contreras | Entertainment Marketer & CEO

At this stage of my life, I’ve decided that a majority of that which I involve myself with professionally has to impact the world for the better. Via the work we do at Music Forward and the projects we take on with Consciously Studio, I am lucky to get to focus most of my time on providing opportunities for others or leading projects that contribute to lasting positive change. In 2020, via Consciously Studio we led an important Gen Z Voter initiative, Bring on the Ballot (, which had great impact on the results of the presidential and senate run-off elections. Read more>>

Andrew Malcolm | Director and Producer

Our production company focuses on telling stories which highlight challenging modern dilemmas in. unfiltered ways. Most recently our work with conservation groups like The Wildlife Emergency Fund, The Aspinall Foundation, and Willdtrust, has been oriented around showing the nuts and bolts, the real work of what goes into emergency rescues of endangered animals in Southern Africa. Our films Malelane, and Coming Home: The Mpilo and Makhosi Story, focus on emergency intervention operations to save five elephants from being shot, and two rhino orphans being relocated to a new game reserve. Read more>>

Michelle Stroffolino | Dancer, Fitness Professional, Artistic Director of The Academy NYLA

My goal in creating The Academy NYLA was to build a safe space for dancers to train and grow without comparison or shame. Training as a dancer provided me with so many life skills, resilience and self discipline, but dance culture is often a breeding ground for body image insecurities. The nature of this program, our teaching methods and ideologies work to give dancers the space to build healthy self esteem and a positive relationship with their bodies. Imagine a world where we are taught from an early age that we are enough as we are and grow from there. Read more>>

Diana Wallace | Voice Artist/Musician/Drum Circle Facilitator

Drum Circles & Rhythm Experiences create a joyous community, where everyone gets to shine their spirit in a musical magical rhythmical jam. I love the journey from loading in to a space, setting up the drums and leaning in as the magic begins.. Science has now proven the health benefits of drumming in community. This experience is available to everyone so therefore everyone can have access to the health benefits.We are all coconspirators of a musical melding of souls.
For ages communities have drummed together as apart of celebration, rituals and spiritual events. Drumming brings us back to our deeper more connected selves. creating in community. There is so much joy and love in every circle. Read more>>

Asia E. Marche | Artist, Advocate, Independent Psychological Researcher

My company Limitless Destinations is a one-stop shop for all artists alike. The community we serve is creatives that are seeking to not only use their art to serve the entertainment industry, but who desire to find what their identity means and what their purpose is as an artist. Our mission is to assist others in reaching their goals far and beyond. We specialize in educational forums and workshops, social justice advocacy, entertainment consultations, and community liaison services. Read more>>

Kay Powell | Tax Professional, LIfe Insurance Agent & Senior Pastor

As the CEO of Speedy Tax Services, I provide tax tips, financial updates and status on community issues that impact the financial stability of individuals, families and small businesses. We discuss local and national hot topics such as stimulus checks, unemployment benefits and/or renter’s assistance programs on my weekly Tax Tuesday broadcast on FB and Tax Thursday on Instagram. Read more>>

Adassa Ramirez | CEO & Founder

MicMas ReMiX has helped the community by encouraging self love with celebrating coarse and coily with the motto, “todo pelo es pelo bueno/all hair is good hair”. Our aim is to be a conscientious brand helping to share the message that your hair texture doesn’t determine whether it’s good or bad. In addition, MicMas ReMiX believes in giving back to the community and has been involved with various contributions in Puerto Rico through Operation Backpack; Read more>>

Porscha N. Dillard | CEO/Founder

Founded in 2017, Off The Chain Alliance is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization within San Bernardino County that assists disenfranchised minorities families with wraparound grieving services. Recognizing that individuals mourn differently during their psychological state of grief, Off The Chain Alliance wants to produce the deserved dignity and honor for all living and deceased person; in the means of providing funds for end of life services, continued healing with a resource to a grief counselor, and educating the families on ‘How to create a Holographic Will.’ Read more>>

Allison Bibicoff | Intimacy Coordinator for Theatre, Film & TV; Choreographer; Director

Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault and abuse I’m an Intimacy Coordinator for theatre, film and television. This is a relatively new field, so before I answer your question, I think it would be helpful for me to first give a brief description of what exacting an Intimacy Coordinator (IC) does: An IC is a professional trained to oversee scenes involving physical intimacy, nudity and sexual content. Read more>>

Olivia Bergeron, LCSW | Psychotherapist & Parent Coach

I am a psychotherapist and parent coach specializing in helping moms and dads. Working with struggling parents to find joy, peace and confidence has ramifications that reverberate throughout families and communities. During these uncertain times, stress and anxiety can take hold. It’s easy to be ten steps ahead considering all that can go wrong–and to feel like it WILL go wrong. But we don’t have a crystal ball and worrying in advance about something that is unlikely to happen, does not help. Read more>>

Antonio Frazier | President of CannaSafe

Any company I operate will be focused on creating social impact on both a local, national and global level. CSR initiatives are a key focus and we are focused on making a change. At CannaSafe, we want to make sure that the cannabis industry develops in a sustainable way that properly highlights social equity.
At state level in California we collaborate closely with both legislators and community leaders. Read more>>

Robert Lydecker | Composer

This question is on my mind constantly. One reason I decided to pursue music is because of the wonderful impact it can have on the world. Music is medicine for so many souls, and the stories music tell can take us to new places, create understanding, and teach us things we might not learn through our own experiences. Read more>>

indiana woodward | Ballet, coaching, pilates and strength/stretch instructor

Dancing creates a freedom and a togetherness of community. It brings people of all back rounds together. That is what I aim to do with my business. I want to grow love in communities all over by creating a period of time to come together and feed your own soul and freedom with movement as well as connect with people all over the world. Read more>>

joseph key | Host of THe MiDNiGHT CaST

I believe THe MiDNiGHT CaST helps the community through art and helping fellow artists get their work to other platforms . One example, is what the podcast has supported since the beginning, which is underground music. Any up and coming artists/talent artists or music that we happen to come across; we find a way to plug the artist or their song or both onto our show. Read more>>

Amanda Brown | Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Intuitive Guide

My business is created for those who are willing to dive deep within their own healing journey. I provide a safe and supportive space which allows the relationship to self to strengthen. This is a beautiful, co-creative process of growth and self discovery. I promote behavioral transformation by encouraging a positive outlook and the adoption of new attitudes, reactions and perspectives. I truly believe when we take the time to improve our inner world, our outer world becomes a direct reflection. Read more>>

Verkeya Holman-Davis | Social Worker

Throughout my lifespan, community has been key to my growth and success. I endeavored when thinking about what Verkeya Speaks could be, wanted to first and foremost give back to my community. So many people over the years have poured into my life. My parents raised me in Union Baptist Church in the Village of Harlem, NYC. My church has been a community of people who have ensured that not only my spiritual growth was fostered, but my educational and emotional growth as well. Read more>>

Haley Ahern | CEO of Refuse Reality Productions, Director, Producer, Professional Dancer, and Model.

I believe cinema and digital media is one of the most impactful forms of communication in the world. It has the ability to reach people from all around the world, give viewers a new experience and information, all while being entertained. At Refuse Reality Productions our goal is to give people a glimpse of the world in someone else’s eyes and bring to life thought provoking stories. We want our audience to walk away feeling like they learned something new, about others or themselves. Read more>>

Sydney Simone | Owner, Simone The Label

It was important that I founded Simone The Label in purpose, and the Jewelry for Justice collection was my first step in building an empire of impact. 50% of all profits from the collection are donated to the Equal Justice Initiative, and with the help of our STL fam we’ve had great success in our ability to give to EJI. Read more>>

MARIO DIAZ | Queer Event Producer & Actor. Your Gay Uncle.

As a Queer event producer for over 30 years my main mission is to facilitate connection, joy and spread love. One of the core driving forces of my sex positive work is to dissipate our relationship with shame around sex. This was the motivation that drove me to open my NYC bar, The Cock, in the 90’s.. Our sexuality is a powerful force that drives us, drives our connections, drives our love, our art and also our fear. It’s an unoriginal force that we all share in common and it is a force that we often hide. Read more>>

Kaile Teramoto | Co-Founder of Westside Compost

Our business, Westside Compost, is a Los Angeles based initiative that helps promote the values of composting to help close the food waste cycle. When we recycle food waste through natural decomposition such as composting, we are building back up the soil structure and adding nutrients where it was once lost due to harmful human activity. Read more>>

Emma Benitez | Sacred Geometry Artist and Intuitive Healer

My mission on this planet is to support in the rise of human consciousness. I am here to paint and share the forgotten wisdom of Sacred Geometry and hold space for healing, for fear and separation to transmute back to into wholeness. Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation. Everything in existence can be measured mathematically and follows patterns that reflect from the micro out to the macro. From the way flowers bloom, to the way our cells divide and multiply when we are first conceived in our mothers womb, and the way the cosmos are formed, Sacred Geometry is the infinite web that connects us all as one. Read more>>

Charlye Sweeney | Founder of Homies Who Give

Homies Who Give has the sole purpose of serving community by providing essential goods through community initiatives. Our mission is to curate impactful projects that provide unhoused folks in the Los Angeles area with essentials i.e. canned goods, menstrual products, clothing, toiletries and more. Everyone deserves access to basic necessities. It is so important that we show up for our community in this way. There is no radically transformative force greater than true acts of love. Our mutual aid is supporting our community and through these acts we have taken on the responsibility for caring for one another and changing political conditions. Read more>>

Ghaz bazrafshan | chef and owner

It is incredibly important to us to give back in our community. We feed people so if there are people in need we are happy to provide them with meals. We do discounted holiday meals for our local seniors, free meals for our unhoused neighbors, and donate food to as many causes as we can manage Read more>>

Sara Haynes + Lisa Staugaard | Founders of Iridium Interiors

We started Iridium Interiors not only because we love vintage furniture, but because we value sustainability and the benefits it has for the environment. Our main goal is to reduce waste in the form of restoration and provide high-quality designs to our customers that will last a lifetime and beyond. More people are beginning to recognize that the convenience of buying from big box stores has significant hidden costs that end up being paid for indirectly, especially by the environment. Read more>>

Niki Cozmo | Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Mentor

My background is in trauma and PTSD, so whether someone has experienced massive trauma or minor trauma, post traumatic experiences can not truly be measured. With that being said, almost all humans on this planet have lived through a trying time. Especially now, having gone through a global pandemic, people are in need of support. Hypnotherapy is a gentle and yet wildly successful approach to healing. My clients range in age and backgrounds and having worked with thousands of people, I know that everyone leaves a session with something positive to gain. My business helps bring people back into their bodies and back in touch with their emotions. It heals wounds and scars, thus shaping a more harmonious world. Read more>>

Kellen Lewis | niimíipuu, Nez Perce and Black Artist

I endeavor to become an incredible storyteller. As the owner of a small, traditional arts-based business, stories are directly linked to the DNA of my products, and thus the success of my enterprise. The art that I sell explores the intersection of tradition and innovation, where the vocabulary of ancestral knowledge that has been passed down through the generations is used to craft contemporary statements. My (he)artwork speaks on identity, shares Indigenous teachings, and promotes wellness efficacy within Black and Native American communities. Read more>>

Benjamin Wightman | Artist | Nonprofit Founder

Quest of Sages is a nonprofit organization that aims to empower individuals, causes and organizations across the globe through innovative storytelling and collaboration with the arts. The organization was built around a multidisciplinary personal art project that will require me to travel to every country in the world, photograph one person from each, have them paint a line across their portrait and display the images in an installation by connecting the photographs together by joining the line segments. The final work will have created one unbroken line, in which the entire world painted, laid on top of their photographs. The project blurs the line between artist and subject by promoting cross-cultural collaborative art. Read more>>

Nishanth Shri Shiva | Director of Photography, Fine-Art Photographer, Editor & Colorist

I work both in Hollywood and the Indian Film Industry. The regional film industries in India are creating exceptional work but still lacks in global representation. I would like to work on creating representation for such films while working with them too. I believe the concept of independent filmmaking in India is still primitive, but the extreme amount of new filmmakers and movies waiting for their time is large. Read more>>

Deborah Jane Burke | CEO, Screenwriter & Hip-Hop Recording Artist

The House of Deborah Jane Studios is a production and content creation company located in Orange County, California. Our mission is to create dynamic media that makes a social and spiritual impact in the world by telling the stories of diverse, marginalized people — in innovative ways. We have developed multiple television, film, digital, and musical projects. Most recently, one of our TV series was offered a comic book deal. Currently, we are producing a short film, Strange Fruit: The Hip-hopera, a hip-hop musical about racial reconciliation. Read more>>

Shane Skaar | CEO/Founder

With Streignth, we want to build the biggest platform of positivity as possible- inspiring others to create the greatest version of themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. The word “Streignth” has “REIGN” in the middle- meaning to “Reign from Within” and take control of all aspects of your life. Each launch we always try to have a unique theme- this past spring launch, The Relentless Collection, has been centered around Mental Health Awareness. Read more>>