Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Sara Bianchetti | Marketing Director

One of the most important factors behind the success of our brand is handcrafting an enduring legacy rooted within the heart of downtown Los Angeles. People’s Choice Beef Jerky was founded by my great grandfather in 1929. Over 90 years and four generations, we’ve valued our history and resilient bonds to our LA roots and respect that we are truly a part of something larger than ourselves. Read more>>

Dr. Brandy Engler | Founder, CEO, Author & Psychologist

Can you remember the last time you experienced amazing customer service in healthcare? In training, I ask my intake team to personally answer this question. Most healthcare visits are rushed and perfunctory. In mental health, patients often reach out to therapists only to get an answering machine and no call back. We are in the business of selling relationships; specifically, relationships that heal. From the first phone call, our intake team is instructed to slow down and take time with potential clients, to listen to their stories, provide empathy and warmth. Silver Lake Psychology has a large volume of word of mouth referrals from current customers, a sign of a healthy business. I believe the cornerstone of our success is our full-service relationship building. Read more>>

Felix Navarro | Designer

There are sooo many things and people that helped me keep my company alive but ultimately I would have to say my determination to not fail was the most important factor. So many times I’ve hit a wall or was in a situation where I thought I was done for but I would crawl out of bed and keep fighting no matter what obstacle I was facing. Read more>>

Mariana Parnes | Influencer Marketing Expert & Co-Founder

We help our clients navigate through the quirky world of social media influencers, ensuring campaigns are executed flawlessly with our unique and creative strategies, to achieve our clients’ goals. After all, Influencer marketing is not as black and white as it seems, and there are many insider strategies that are not always apparent to the outside world. We have the key that unlocks the blueprint to a strong return on your investment in social content, by forecasting and estimating our client’s potential ROI for each campaign. We make this possible due to our proprietary way of tracking and compiling our clients’ sales data, by influencer and per campaign, allowing us to only hire influencers with a proven track record of success. Read more>>

John Johnson | Body Piercer & Studio Owner

Trust. Trust in myself, my vision, my values, and my abilities. This trust, however, requires me to know what my limitations are. If I know what I’m not capable of, then I know where I need help. There are always people who know more than I do about things I need to know about, and people with skill sets I don’t have, but need nonetheless. I’ve got a vision for my business and where I’m taking it each year. This means having a plan, Executing that plan means setting a course but being flexible at the same time. The piercing industry is like a big wave and we have to ride it where it takes us, and it’s always in motion. I have to trust my ability to navigate a small business in an always evolving industry. Knowing that I can’t do it all I have to assemble a team of people who understand and share my vision. Read more>>

Larry Dean Harris | Writer & Producer

In my career, I’ve always looked at what everyone else is doing and then done the opposite. Years ago, I was asked to produce a fund raiser for a Toledo-based AIDS service organization. At the time, all the benefits were black-tie, very formal, sit down dinners in pricey hotels. So our event was informal, creative attire, no tables (so people could mingle more), in non-traditional venues. By our second year, everyone was copying us. I once developed an ad campaign for an eyewear company. We didn’t show a single pair of glasses, but rather all the beautiful things you could see with 20/20 vision. We were featured in ADWeek magazine. Read more>>

Tyriek A. Murphy, MPA | Multipreneur CEO

The most essential, yet truly inspirational, facet behind the success of Murphy Enterprise Solutions (MES) is the iconic historical underrated sports figure named Cisero Murphy. MES and all of the business components under its umbrella have some form of inspiration from the world’s ONLY African American Professional Billiards World Title Winner and BCA Hall of Fame Inductee. Cisero Murphy’s determination to be the best and to do it in a uniquely fashioned plan is the core of MES approach on delivering the luxurious quality professional and leisure services to a wide array of multifaceted perspective clientele. Despite the many organizations or brands in the world, particularly the U.S., none of them can firmly say their entity was founded on the principle of a historical gentleman whom accomplishments still stands untouched while simultaneously remaining current day Sports/American/Black History. Read more>>

Amy Strong

The #1 factor behind our success is how we embody being unique. Sunny Day Scoot is definitely a one of a kind experience. In every aspect, our brand screams unusual, unconventional yet AMAZINGLY REMARKABLE all at the same time!   MINI-CARS: Let’s start out with the most obvious, the mini-cars! The vehicles our customers get to drive for all of our experiences look like they’re right out of a cartoon! They’ve been described as looking like Mario-Kart or something out of Dr. Seuss’ Whoville, yet this is real life and we’re driving on roads right next to regular cars! Our guests not only get to enjoy the caricature-like cuteness of the mini-cars, but they also feel like famous Hollywood movie stars as passers-by honk, wave, and snap photos of them. Read more>>

Suzanne Brown | Agent of Change

The most important factor(s) behind my success/my brand would be the four G’s. Those four G’s are Grace, Grit, Grind and Gumption. Grace is what I try to grant in all circumstances of my life. Emphasis on “try.” I believe that every scenario deserve grace rather it be with a person, place or things. It is my goal in life to grant grace first before reacting. When I speak of Grit, I’m speaking of the strength in my character, which represents my brand. Grind, represents my work ethic and my constant pursuit of excellence. Not perfection but excellence, which is my absolute best. Gumption, is the boldness I bring to the table. My ability to face challenges before me with confidence and as fearless as possible, even in the face of failure. Read more>>

Gabi Purrer | Transformational Counselor & Body Therapist

The most important factor behind my success is that I have followed what has meaning to my heart, expressing with integrity my essential creativity and my love for people. This has lead to a successful and very rewarding business in the Healing Arts. Read more>>

Sue Rudolph | Travel Agency Owner

The most important factor in my success is my ability to connect with people and listen carefully to what they want and create trips that exceed their expectations. Read more>>

Sara Zanville | Owner & 90s Expert

BE KIND, REWIND is the home of your favorite 90s events. I create events where DJs are playing your favorite 90s jams, you can walk into the room and see Friendship Bracelets, Slap Bracelets, Airheads, Warheads, Fanny Packs, and all of your favorite 90s memories in one space. And now I host virtual 90s trivia via Zoom, where I want you to walk into a night of your childhood. I believe that any success story needs to start with passion. This is what is the most important factor behind my success of BE KIND, REWIND. I created the 90s events because I genuinely love and am so passionate about the 90s! Read more>>


Alina Fridman | Entrepreneur, Content Creator, Podcast Producer & Host

The most important factor behind my success is that I am open to new opportunities and am not afraid of taking risks. I don’t want to live a life of “what if?”. I’ve interviewed many women on my podcast, Ladies Take the Lead, and a common thread that I see is that when they all let go of that fear which was holding them back, success was just around the corner. It’s hard to face our fears because the truth is that every time we face them, we are opening the door to the unknown and that can be scary. However, when we embrace those fears and see them as an obstacle that stands between us and opportunity, we have to decide what’s more important; the fear or the opportunity. If you don’t face that fear, you’re closing the door to opportunity. I choose to focus on the opportunity because the opportunity is much greater than the fear itself. Read more>>

Danielle Spangler | Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Specialist Owner

When I think about how my business has grown and changed since I began my journey over 25 years ago, I believe a few factors have helped me with the success of my brand. First, I have a niche clientele as some one who specializes in prenatal and postpartum fitness and sometimes a niche can be limiting and other times it can be extremely helpful to your business as you are honing in on a specific client base that may not have a lot of resources which is very true in prenatal and postpartum fitness. I have spent years catering to this population which has also helped my brand succeed. Another factor I believe has helped with the success of my brand is the hard work and “never giving up” attitude. Your mindset is everything when you have your own business. Read more>>

Monique Salas | Founder

The most important factor behind my brand is that I speak and teach about only what I have experienced.  Being able to be my authentic self the last 7 years has truly empowered me as a woman in business.  I believe every person has their own story that motivates them to get up every morning. My success wasn’t given, I had to get out of my own way and I do my best to share those stories with my students. Helping women embrace their story and find the power in it has been such an important factor behind the success of my brand. The biggest joy is watching my student’s flourish from not knowing, to confident new entrepreneurs! Read more>>

Barkhaus Petsitters | Superstar Petsitters: Zenia Avelenda, Helen Yam, & Megan Orozco

We’re a small team of three and each one of us has a different response to this question, but we strongly share the same vibe. Zenia: An important factor behind Barkhaus Petsitters’ success is the love we offer our furry clients. Our clients are not just clients. They are truly a part of our extended family. We pride ourselves on the communication we have between us and every owner. Helen: I feel that our passion for what we do is clear to our clients. It shows in a strong and genuine way. There is no “faking it”. We all are extremely passionate about the services we provide and the time we spend with their fur babies. We love what we do. Megan: Our clients are always treated as family. We treat the fur baby clients as if they were our own and that totally sets us apart from everyone else. Read more>>