The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Irving Keys | Work-life balance

WORK-LIFE BALANCE After graduating from SFSU with a bachelors in Audio Production, my main focus was to find a stable job in my field, a start of something new. Working with the public can be a little hectic. Especially when covid-19 took over and made it even more stressful. I keep my work and time balanced by focusing on my goals and staying consistent. Also investing time in friends and family, and taking care of my dog she’s like a daughter to me, my roommate. I can not let work take over my path in music. I have to share my time and put in extra hours for my music, it’s my passion. I don’t mind working for my success it’s all about timing. When my job does not provide me with more pay and hours, I learn how to cope and find ways to keep my life balanced. Read more>>

Lyell Evans Roeder | Artist, Producer, Composer

I really resonate with this question – particularly coming out of the past year of Covid lockdown. In the arts, in my experience at least, ‘work’ and ‘life’ are entangled to this just extraordinary extent. Often when we feel like we are living at our best, it is when we are ‘working’ – which can make it hard to even want to find a work life balance, or what I have come to think of as time when we are creatively ‘on’ vs. ‘off.’ Read more>>

Rhonda McCoy | VISION Board Method Expert | Owner and CEO of Better Begins Within | Clarity, Accountability Life Transformation Coach

I have always thought that I had to give 100% to my job. In the beginning, pre family this was easy. But as I got older, I realized that if I give them 100% that I will have no time left for myself. Yes, I work hard and get transformations everywhere I go. That’s my brand, to make everything or everyone better than I found it. However, I have learned over the years and especially with COVID, that there has to be a balance. I make sure that each area in my life feels like they are getting 100% without burning myself out. How did I achieve this? I made sure I was one of those areas that I included in my vision. I used the V.I.S.I.O.N. Board Method to ensure that I started off with self-care, and approached my day (both work and personal) with intention. I learned to Re-Write My Story. Read more>>

Jenn Barazon | Owner

Becoming a new mom, working from home full time, and running a full time business has made me realize the importance of balance. I strive for work life balance, but the reality is, there’s only so much hours in a day to be mom, wife, creator, employee, friend, and more. In the past year, especially during the pandemic, my outlook on balance has changed over time from being fast paced and non-stop to taking the time to pause, rest, and take care of my mental health. For me, balance does not mean giving equal time to each thing in my life, but to slow down, fill my time with what truly matters, and take care of myself. This type of balance equates to me being more happy, more creative, more present, and most of all more inspired. Read more>>

Ben Law | Brewer / Brewpub Owner Operator

Before opening Brewery Draconum I was a stay at home dad with two kids who worked nights at the local BevMo. I was doing most of the household work ( cooking, cleaning, laundry, washing and sanitizing bottles etc etc..). My wife and I had talked about all the changes that would come with the opening of the business but nothing prepared us for how drastic a shift in the entire families lives it would be. For the first month or so we opened I was running the brewery with one employee during the day, 9-4 in the evening. Then we would open the restaurant at 4pm and I would manage the floor until we would close at 11 pm and not get home until midnight sometimes later. Read more>>

Bobby Mota | Audio Engineer & Producer

I think about balance a lot. It is such an important aspect in life that i think people overlook all the time. Growing up my father was big on this. It started off as “son if you don’t have balance you’ll fall over” looking back now this is such a blanket statement. As time goes on I started taking on more responsibility; college, sports, friends, work, etc. It became clear to me that if i could not balance these i would definitely “fall over” whether that be due to fatigue from sports, hanging out with my friends too much, missing school because of work or vice versa. Although my focus now is balancing work and life with music. Read more>>

Casey Lipka | Music maker

A lot changed for me when I got in touch with my purpose and values. With anything I do, I want to uplift through creativity, collaboration and connection. When I’m making a decision about what I’m doing in work and life, I refer to that compass. If it doesn’t fit in with how I want to live, I don’t do it. Of course there are times there are commitments that sneak up on me that don’t align with how I want to walk through the world. I usually don’t enjoy them and I do my best to learn from them and adjust accordingly moving forward. I think less about balance and more about harmony. Sometimes certain aspects of my life take the front seat and that’s alright. Read more>>

Sam Elle | PhD Candidate & Youtuber

I used to have no work life balance. I used to be the type of person who would work-work-work and I had a hustle mentality. I even would be critical of friends and family who didn’t have this same mindset because I didn’t think they worked hard enough. My idea of work life balance shifted when I realized how drained I always was and how I simply wasn’t happy. Even though I have had a lot of successes in my life, there was still something missing. I have come to learn to take breaks and that grinding all the time isn’t great for your mental health. Read more>>

Kiara Ana | String Player & Yoga & Meditation Guide

I truly believe that this is an ultimate goal; to be able to work and live and play and relax in a supported, productive, fun and full life experience. I have found that I am in my deepest state of flow and artistic expression when I am more in alignment with my work life balance. I feel so fortunate to be working in spaces that often feel like play or like the “life” part of the equation. The challenge lies here: since my work brings me so much fulfillment and consists of the moments that spark joy, I can deplete myself completely before realizing that I need to balance the scales again. Read more>>

Deirdre Salomone | Team Leader of the L34 Group

Work life balance…it is ALL about balance-coaching on our team. Terry and I have been working in real estate for awhile now, and we have seen the burn out of agents all around us. There is this idea that you need to be available 24/7 in this business, hogwash. Why? What business do you need to be available 24/7? Here’s a secret…there are very few real emergencies in real estate. If a client needs me 24/7, we are not a good fit. Read more>>

K Lorayne | Fashion Designer & Creative Director

Overtime, I have been able to create a great balance in my life. I live by the concept of working smarter and not harder. I think that overworking yourself not only tires you out but can leave you uninspired and unable to create at your highest capacity. Im so afraid of the idea floating around that entrepreneurs need to have lots of sleepless nights in order to be successful. I do think there are times when you’ll have to work a little harder to meet a deadline or two, but that shouldn’t be the norm. If you are a full-time entrepreneur, treat it like a full time job. Thats only 40 hours out of your week, and maybe throw in some overtime. Read more>>

Jessica Laurel | Calligrapher, Business Owner, and Regulatory Affairs Project Manager

I’ve learned that setting boundaries helps me stay focused and motivated in my work life balance. I have a very go with the flow personality, but with that said it helps (and is almost necessary) to set aside distractions and schedule time to plan, work, workout, clean, walk, read and most importantly, rest. I try to make time for everything, but also not overwhelm myself by taking on too much. Much easier said than done, of course! I have a full time job and running a creative business, so time blocking and prioritizing has become my friend. Balance is investing your time in the right places. There’s a harmony in the day-to-day to fit in both work and life (and rest). Read more>>

Daniel Broadhurst | Film Director & Musician

Balancing work and life is a fundamental part of a successful and rewarding career. I have spent many hours on projects that have been a key component of my development as an artist and businessman and it took me many years to discover without balance, the work has no way to breathe. Stepping out of your work has given me a fresh perspective and a unique understanding of why I do what I do and the rewards seem to be more fulfilling because I take time to enjoy the world outside of my work. Read more>>

Alexander Krispin | Music Producer & Mixing Engineer

As most freelancers have experienced, the early stages of establishing your work identity are extremely intertwined with your developing self. Work in the early stages can be all – consuming, as it was for me. I’ve been very fortunate to work with incredble artists whose life is all about work. It has showed me the power of dedication to a craft just as much as it’s depicted a life that ultimately would not be healthy for me as an individual. Read more>>

Kathleen Wirt | Recording studio owner

In the early years when we were getting 4th Street Recording off the ground, I worked three or four jobs at a time. I am not an engineer; I administrate, so daytimes I could do script coverage, or proofread legal depositions in my office, then go to wait tables at Louise’s on Montana, then back to listen to mixes and close up the studio when the session ended at midnight. So I have always worked too much, and the extent of my work/life balance now that I am “the boss” is not picking up unknown calls after midnight and not going in on Sundays. Read more>>

Taylor Price | Illustrator

When I was in college and fresh out of school, I put so much time into making work for others and was always striving to have multiple projects on the go. As I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve realized the importance of making time for my own personal work instead of constantly trying to take on extra freelance or making portfolio pieces. It feels good to make things that are just for me. Read more>>

Clay Bassford | Founder, CEO, Bespoke Sound

I’ve long believed American work culture champions workaholism, and this opinion was further solidified during my five years living in Europe. On the other hand, when you’re able to work with your passion – in my case, music, and in a more general sense, creative entrepreneurialism – the boundaries between work and play become blurrier. Add into the mix the inherent demands of building a small business and consistent time management is just a necessity in everyday life. All that’s to say, I honestly believe 60+ hour work weeks are not necessary, or even ideal, in being an entrepreneur, or even an average American worker, and the sooner we can destroy that myth, and build the public and private infrastructure to support a healthy work-life balance, the better off we’ll all be. Read more>>

Jiayu Zhang | Multimedia artist

As a video and performance artist who tells stories about collective trauma, intimacy and displacement, I am interested in the idea of the synchronizing my life and my work into one stream of creative energy. I took courage from exploring my inner self, and the perspective from self-ethnography method to constantly observing my surroundings and my inner-self to generating creative actions. From there I transform the material of my political/physical existence into the medium of expression. Read more>>

Julian Tan | Artist

During the beginning of my artistic practice I was working on projects nonstop and sleeping 4 hours a night for about 5 years. This kind of pace was working for me until it wasn’t anymore. My insane daily routine caused me to neglect many aspects of my life including my relationships with people I care about. In 2020 mind management became a huge focus for me. This mainly consists of 20min meditations and 1.5hr’s of intense workout 5 days a week. I haven’t missed a day since March 2020. Read more>>

Tisha Marina | Holistic Life Coach/Energy Healer/Peace Activator

I have always been non-stop, checking off the to do-list, wondering if I accomplished enough things by the end of the day. I would often base my success off of how much I got done. I am recently awakening to how corporate and systematic this is, and an actually a very unhealthy way to live. My list of things to do now include naps, taking breaks to color and mandatory meditation. I am no good to myself if I am pushing myself to the brink of burnout. When we rest, is when answers and great ideas can present themselves. When we apply self-care to the top of the to do list, everything else falls in to place from there. We must break the paradigm of “no pain, no gain”. Life isn’t meant to be lived that way. Audre Lorde sums this up beautifully, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Read more>>

Maritza Worthington | Functional Medicine Nutritionist & Women’s Hormone Specialist

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, maintaining work-life balance seemed like an impossible feat! And it was through pushing myself to extremes, over and over again, that I was able to discover my limits and form boundaries/rules around my life and work. Working for myself was a strange thing to get used to at first, especially when I was used to bosses and teachers telling me what to do. At times I slacked off, and at other times I pushed too hard. I didn’t really know how to find an in-between, and so this was something I explored for a couple of years. Read more>>

Bre’jon Patrick | Model

Balance to me is essentially being happy about the life I live. I ask myself if I’m doing the right things, making enough time for myself, resting when I need to? About five months ago I started to take my fitness and health seriously. I was tired of feeling weak and small, so one day I got so fed up that I said “That’s it. I’m working out right now.” And I did and it was genuinely one of the best choices I’ve ever made for myself. Strengthening and fueling my body has brought me so much physical and mental balance in my life that I can’t imagine not having fitness being a vital part of my every day. Balance used to be going to the gym no matter how tired or not in the mood I felt. Now, balance is working out consistently, but resting on the days where my body tells me it’s had enough. Balance taught me how to maintain the lifestyle I want to live. Read more>>

Nick Marks | Pianist & Piano Teacher

Roughly a year ago, I left a secure, good paying job (with benefits) with a supportive workplace environment filled with kind-hearted and talented professionals. Now I am hustling to cover my monthly bills. I suppose, in the general sense of the phrase, that my ‘work life balance’ has worsened. I have less free time and less discretionary income. But I feel the exact opposite.
You see, over the past year, I started a private piano teaching business, I launched a podcast, and I released a debut EP. Read more>>

Brandon Boulay | Director + DP

Work life balance has been a difficult thing for me to establish as a creative. A big part of my life is my work as it is inherently part of my personal identity. But it can be really difficult to not only balance your time but also your personal identity, self worth and happiness. It is easy to ignore you life balance when work is going great and fills your soul when creative and fun projects are abound. However, it can get really dark when you are constantly being rejected for work, or measure your value against the productivity of others (social media is a huge driver of this feeling in many other creatives I know “look at all the cool work everyone else is getting, whats wrong with me that I don’t have that?!”. Read more>>

Kai Watanabe | Designer and Media Artist

In the beginning of my academic career as an artist and designer, my work life balance was largely out of proportion. A lot of this in-balance came from a lack of conscientiousness, causing me to play during the day and spend the night studying. Although I would get my work done, it would always sacrifice the amount of sleep I got and caused me to have deteriorating mental and physical help. This gradually got worse overtime for two years, until I was finally unable to function and got very ill. After my recovery, I had to reassess my lifestyle to get to the healthier lifestyle I have now. Read more>>

Nik Shriner | Voice Actor & Comedian

Nowadays, I surf almost exclusively at night. I’m kidding, surfing sucks, don’t try it. My version of balance was either: never at all OR all at once. The bummer with that strategy was, whatever I chose, I hated it. There I’d be on a week long bicycle adventure down highway 1, soaking wet and having the time of my life- all the while beating myself up for not being in LA getting more stage time. Insane. Although, it WAS pretty nutty biking through those November storms in the middle of nowhere, “Dang, helluva day for a bike ride ya’ll, gonna rain like hell tommara!” Read more>>

Shannon Sukovaty | Women’s Intuitive Empowerment Mentor

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a few decades now and the one thing I’ve learned that has helped me in all areas of my life is that work/life balance is not a daily thing. In fact, in 2016 I wrote a book called “Balance is BS” which explains how we are led to believe that every day needs to be balanced with work, family, self-care, and other daily life activities. In actuality what I learned is that some days you will need to dedicate more time to your business and other days you will need to dedicate more time to your family. Read more>>

Maimouna Camara | Producer & Manager

My balance between work and life had to be redefined. For a while, I was always counting on work to give me good, you know what great results, so I could live life. Happily , Tip in one direction at a time. Through my lens, balance comes from the virtues of patience, and acknowledgement. I understand that my emotions are varied, and I can’t ever be stuck in one mode. balance has helped me embraced a fluidity of emotions, thought, perspective and comfort with myself and the folk who bring love to life and the craft of art I enjoy. Read more>>

Melissa Fernandez | Illustrator and Community Organizer

My work-life balance has shifted towards prioritizing my emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellness and rest. I used to overextend my work into my personal life and blurred the boundaries between the two. I saw productivity as a means of self-worth and success and pushed myself to toxic extremes. I realize this stemmed from perfectionism, over-achieving tendencies, and hustle culture. I forced myself to explore the nuances and shifts between work and play and saw an opportunity to be kinder to myself. There are some days that I wake up motivated to work and exercise my creativity by drawing, collaborating with others on projects, or revising sketches, and other days that I take long naps at parks, cook dinner with friends or watch Youtube videos. Read more>>

Jules Bruff | Actor & Producer & Writer

My work-life balance has definitely evolved over time. I went from solely focusing on work to slowly integrating more family time, self-care time, and travel into my life. The biggest shift came when my constant hustle of the last 20 years screeched to a halt in March 2020. I think like many others, once the pandemic hit, life as I knew it ceased to exist. I hadn’t realized how on-the-go I was until we were given the safer-at-home orders. It became clear to me that I needed to slow down. For me, one of the silver linings of the pandemic was that when I was forced to stay in one place, I realized that I needed to slow down. Like, a lot. Read more>>

Ma Lia Miranda | Event Designer and Florist

As the events industry started opening up again, it has been BUSY. But juggling is truly a skill I needed to learn quickly, and I still am. I just have to remember to always stay grounded and really spend time with friends and family. Read more>>

Shay Keys | Music Producer

My work life balance evolved from what I deemed a “comfort zone “… to a regimented schedule. In the beginning, sure, you’ll run into writer’s block and it won’t be the most comfortable and convenient time to create. And you may feel that in your comfort zone and in your convenience is where you’re at your best, however in the real world, with deadlines, schedules and release dates, there is no “comfort zone” Read more>>

Alehn James | Creative

Balance is everything, for I find very essential to the fluidity of my existence. I’ve learned through my experience that everything needs time and attention, somethings more than others. Is see my body as it’s own universe within a universe, in a constant push for equilibrium. To me Balance is a ingredient of love. I strive for balance in every aspect of my life including music. Music is one of the many things I love to bring balance to. It’s most definitely a key component in a creating a masterpiece. “Balance is the key to a tasteful life “ -Alehn Read more>>

bo lee | creative strategist / creator, consultant, community curator

I don’t believe in “balance” as things are in a rhythm and the seasons are always changing. it’s death to: work – life balance and it’s: mind – body balance and work – life integration. Investing in things that give me time freedom is my mantra. Read more>>

Alice Yang | Visual Development Artist & Illustrator

A few months ago, I didn’t have much of a life outside of work and school because I didn’t think I had the time. More recently, I’ve slowed down and returned to activities I once loved—jiu-jitsu, running, quality time with friends and family, etc. Weirdly, re-introducing these activities into my schedule have helped me be more productive in some ways. I’m taking this as a sign that when I’m happier I work better. Moving forward I’ll try to keep these activities going even in busier seasons of life. Read more>>

Lucy Manalo | Art Teacher and Artist

My work/life balance has changed dramatically over the years. I used to just work and work, with little regard to time. It’s easy when you love what you do. I soon realized I was slowly beginning to neglect the precious time with my family. They’ve always been so supportive of everything I’ve done. The realization that time isn’t something you can get back, was the catalyst I needed to make a change. Read more>>

Sue McCafferty | Content Creator on Youtube and Instagram, Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor

Balance is a funny concept as it can mean different things to different people. As a yogi, working on my yoga mat I have learned many lessons from balancing on one foot, on hands, head or forearms. Balance on the mat is also about working and stretching opposing muscles to develop equilibrium throughout the entire physical body. Balance on the mat can also be attained by moving and flowing to total quiet and stillness combining all of these elements have been so meaningful to me off the mat in pacing my life to a happier and healthier cadence. Read more>>

Doris Muna | Energy Healer

When I started my career, work just took over my life. I poured my heart and soul in my business. There was so much to do and it seemed there were not enough hours in the day. The balance was tipped heavily towards work.
As life takes you through all the journey bends, I encountered several set backs that forced me to take stock of my life and re think how I was spending my days. Balance is putting all your self, health, relationships, work, and all you do on that balance and see how well it is balanced. Is one area of your life over used, under used, or actually balanced. Read more>>

Tetiana Kazak | Makeup artist

Honestly, I don’t think that my life/work balance could be considered healthy. I’m one of those people who’s work is their life. But that’s exactly the way I want it. The only thing that changed over time is my relationship with sleep. I realized that my health and productivity depends on the amount of sleep that I get. So I try to sleep 7-8hrs a day. If I have a night shift, I’ll sleep in as long as I can the next day. And I don’t feel guilty about it. Read more>>

Molly Haas | Photographer

My work/life balance has gotten pretty blurred this past year in the best way. In large part because I’ve started to trust myself more, listening intuitively for cues instead of concrete schedules or check boxes. When the pandemic hit California, I kind of watched this natural flow happen for myself. Similar to intuitive eating where you let yourself have something with maybe a ton of sugar and stop when your body tells you to stop and learn to trust that your body will give you that cue if you listen, I found that I have a natural tendency to want to create and participate in society as well as this tendency to pull away sometimes and be lazy. Read more>>