By far, the topic that comes up most in our conversations with entrepreneurs and creatives is risk.  We’ve had conversations about risks that worked out and risks that did not. We’ve seen eyes light eye sharing about career-trajectory changing risks as well as folks sigh about the risks they wish they had taken.  Below, we’ve selected and shared some of those thoughtful conversations.

Chunbum Park | Artist

In the act of painting, I always have to consider whether to push onward with the changes or just stop because there is always the risk that I will be ruining my work. Taking risks in moderation helped me to grow as a painter and push the limits of what is possible for me in painting. Every touch that I put down on the canvas can completely change the image. Every color that I put down can change the relationship of colors on the canvas. I just need to be certain of my vision and make sure that I recognize whether what I already have is good or not, whether it works in terms of color, form, and meaning. Greed can distort the situation and make me take too much risks that I can’t handle. Greed is when I have too many things that I want to achieve at the same time. The truth is that I can only fix one thing at a time and push the painting forward step by step. I have had many instances in which I ruined a painting because greed pushed me to fall off my limit, like a cliff. Read more>>

Viktoria Vennice | International Songwriter, Singer and Model

I am the Queen of Risk taking! My family teases me and tells me Im like a cat because I have 9+ lives. I have quit every low and mid level corporate job I ever had because of the effects It would take on my mental, spiritual and even physical health. The risk factor that many of those choices have in common, is that most times, I did NOT have another solid job or opportunity available when I would choose to exit. I simply knew that I could not be in that environment and not access my full potential as a creative artist. Even when people expressed their concern, I knew that the vision and talent that God gave me was mine and mine only. The Risk that I have taken in my life have allowed me to meet amazing people, enjoy lucrative and life changing opportunities and ultimately, the risks have allowed me to now, live my life abroad which is something I have spoken into existence since I was around 12 years old. Every Risk may not be successful, but the alternative is worse. I don’t want to leave this earth with any what if’s. Read more>>

Natalie Shershow | Actor, Writer & Filmmaker

At first blush, I don’t seem like the average risk taker. You won’t find me jumping out of an airplane or gambling large sums of money for the thrill of it. In most parts of my life, I tend to opt for the safe bet, the secure option that will guarantee happiness–and a bedtime around 11 pm. Taking a risk is intimidating; hurdling headfirst into uncertainty is daunting for anyone, especially a fraidy-cat like me. Yet, somehow, all of the most pivotal moments in my life thus far have had the same catalyst: taking a risk. Deciding to pursue an acting career in the first place was a huge risk. Granted, I made this decision at the ripe age of nine, and had little to no idea what I was getting myself into. All I knew was I adored performing, and that’s enough to be successful, right? Wrong. The reality of this industry is that actors need to be more than artists, we must be the CEO of our own business as well. To stand out amongst heavy competition, we must be bold, go the extra mile, and have the courage to do something memorable. Read more>>

Akshaya Sawant | Director, Producer

I am a strong believer that risks are important to take that big leap in your life/career. Personally, they have been essential in shaping the kind of storyteller I want to be. My debut documentary feature ‘Talking To The Wind’ explores the social and psychological effects of climate change as it impacts identity, the idea of masculinity and the patriarchal structure that crumbles under extreme environmental crisis. The film opens with a 9 minute uninterrupted shot of a man walking from his home to the nearest well for a pot of water; a choice I had to defend time and again while editing the film, because keeping that shot as/is meant losing out a major chunk of audience; A huge risk for a first time filmmaker. Read more>>

Keiko Moreno and Marcus LaMontagne | Co-founders of Cryptic Industries

Any venture worth pursuing necessitates some amount of risk whether it’s emotional, financial or both. In 2016, I went to the funeral of Don Nakanishi, and I was exposed to the Japanese cultural concept of Ichi-go Ichi-e which translates to, one moment, one chance, or to treasure each unrepeatable moment. I had known him most of my life but never fully understood how far his reach went, or how the risks he took paved the way for so many Asian Americans. As I listened to the stories about how much his life embodied this concept, I realized he lived a life filled with treasured moments where he chose to take risks, and each of those risks created a legacy. People like Don Nakanishi break down barriers and make the fight for progress and equality possible. He spent his one moment, one chance in this life lighting a torch and opening the door for others. Read more>>

Anna Edsall | Holistic Esthetician + Creator of Oil Studio Skincare

Risk has played a large role in every major decision I have made in my life and business. Many of the most fruitful outcomes in my life have come from moving through fear, and taking a leap. For me, risk isn’t done in haste or impulsively, it is more calculated. It is amazing what happens when we give ourselves time to pause and process before making a big decision. I am a big advocate for sleeping on it, and not succumbing to outside pressure or a false feeling of urgency. I live my life guided by intuition and believe in the power of paying attention to my gut instinct. I appreciate the comforts of life but also know I don’t want to live a life of playing it safe every time, I like to shake things up, lean into the fear, surrender, and trust the process. Read more>>

Michelle Vogel | Actor & Creative

To be completely honest, you know when you’re a kid and you and your friends have a cool idea to [insert cool idea here]? I was the one in the back saying, “Are we sure we should be doing this?” I was not much of a risk taker I must say, so its almost comical the 180 I’ve made when it comes to the risk taking business. I started my career off in a 9-5 sales job. Loved the company, the people, you name it, but was extremely unhappy because I was too afraid to take the risk to just “try” what I really wanted to do. You know, we work, what, 30% of our lives, so why not spend that time doing what you love? It’s your life, so live it for yourself. I decided I don’t want to live within the confines of what society says I should do. I don’t want to be on my death bed thinking “Man, I wish I would have done that” I want to be thinking “Daaaang, I can’t believe I did that”. Read more>>

Angelique Calvillo: Singer, Artist, & Producer

Dedicating my childhood years to music didn’t feel like a risk; it was a lifestyle. It seems cheesy to say “music chose me.” However, my first professional recording was at age 6, my intense studio training kicked in at 14, and I was signed to a major label by 17. It really did feel like things were just rolling out before me and I was simply walking the path. Then, failure. Oh, the deep sting of failure! It’s so good for you. When you understand the stakes that failure presents, you become a more conscious risk taker. At age 21 I moved to Nashville, TN. You could say that was the first big risk I took. I was leaving my home base and all my friends and family in Los Angeles to pursue another musical world. I learned so much from being there, but also from the leap itself. Read more>>

Grac13lla Masterton | Tooth Jeweler

I think every job I’ve worked/career I pursued there was always risk involved. From working at illegal dispensaries, waitressing at underground poker clubs, to to modeling & webcaming while going to makeup school and even now with being a tooth jeweler, theres been a constant pattern of there being an equal chance of failure as there was the chance of success. When I think about risk the first thing that comes to mind is weighing out the pros and cons of a decision or a situation. I’m not sure if I was ever really good at that to be completely honest. My mom always said I was the type to “push the envelope” and I think Im figuring out how to harness that trait to my advantage. I’ve always found that taking the risk is better than not taking it at all. When I was debating diving into tooth gems I had just finished makeup school and wasn’t sure if another big investment into another career was smart or would be a total waste of money and go nowhere. In the end I’m glad I did. My designs took off and have kept me busier than I ever was doing makeup which I thought I would be doing full time!. Read more>>

Luca Buzas | Stylist & Makeup Artist

You have to take risks in your life in order to grow. I moved to LA from Asia ( where I lived for 5 years prior moving to the US ) with only 2 suitcases in 2017, only knowing a few people. No matter the outcome, I started working on different sets, began to network. I believe we grow through the process of experience and become stronger and more confident as we move ahead. By taking risks, you give yourself permission to try things out, to learn, to fail, to grow, and to explore. You get to test your limits and go beyond what you believed was possible. You can go after the things in life you really want to achieve and in LA, the sky is the limit!. Read more>>

YU SHI | Music Composer / Founder of C Sharp Business Consulting

After being a risk analyst for so many years, I have so much to say about it, since it seems to always be around my life as a friend, enemy, teacher and mentor. Imagining someone living in the center of the finance world, working 80 to 100 hours a week, earning a fairly good salary, working at a reputable company with professionals who hold high standards for themselves, doing exercises actively, eating healthy and having great friends and family around.  Does that seem like a good life to you?Meanwhile, living in a very busy and expensive city, working until the wee hours of the morning at the company, competing with super smart co-workers, not having time to exercise regularly, functioning on minimal sleep for tomorrow’s workday, and unable to see friends and family. Does that seem like a stressful life to you?. Read more>>

Ashley Vincent | Life & Business Coach

One of my life mottos is “be bold” and it has never led me in the wrong direction. The first bold move I made in my life was moving to Switzerland from Canada for a year just after university. I went to teach children with autism (which I had never done in my life). Needless to say I am a quick learner, and excelled in this role. The next bold move I made was moving to Los Angeles from Canada on a whim- no plan, no job, no money. I made incredible connections then started working in retail for natural beauty and wellness stores. Fast forward 6 years (still living in Los Angeles) and I quit my jobs to go all in on life coaching (another bold move). I had no idea what on earth I was doing, and how to run a business online, so I invested thousands of dollars on coaches and business programs (yet another risk) to help me before I made even $1. The result: tens of thousands of dollars in sales over the span of a few short months. Read more>>

Lin Sun | Comedian, Writer & Actor

Risk taking is a MUST! I take risks when my dreams/goals are worth it to me. I’ve taken plenty of risks in life, even dabbling in minor illegal activity…in order to help my Mom financially get by. Because I took those risks, when I started stand-up comedy, I now have unique premises because I personally lived a unique life. Risks are also challenging for me and I love a good challenge. Read more>>

Jennifer Mora | Personal Trainer & Online Coach

I look at risks as the key to elevating your life. As a personal trainer I believe that “Stepping out of your comfort zone” is the only way to grow and step into your full potential. I think if you’re passionate about something and you follow where you heart is telling you go, then you should have nothing to fear when it comes to taking risks. I wouldn’t be living my dream as a Los Angeles independent trainer if I decided to let me fears take over and keep me comfortable where I was. I was a senior in college at the time when I decided I wanted to move to LA and pursue a career in fitness. Up until then I was thinking I would be going on to medical school to become a doctor! I knew that I was taking a crazy risk, leaving behind everything I knew in Massachusetts, to venture out into the unknown… ALL BY MYSELF. Read more>>

Erin Yoshi | Muralist / Arts Based Creative Strategist

I believe in strategic risk taking, that you need to try different things to see what sticks, that thinking outside the box allows you to keep innovating. Sometimes, you learn to create a plane while flying. I’m more afraid of staying in the same place, than taking a leap of faith, because failure doesn’t scare me. I have failed a lot, but each time I learn. I think if you aren’t failing, then you aren’t trying. When you take a risk and you win, it’s so sweet, because you remember all the attempts and you worked so hard for it. Read more>>

Matt Cash | Music Artist

Risk is everything when it comes to building a lifestyle beyond your current means. What I mean by this, is that in order to progress and move forward in life, whether it be financially or emotionally, you have to take risks. No one has become successful in their journey without taking a risk. You have to be willing to put it all out on the line for what you believe in order to open new doors. You might not be comfortable, and thats totally normal. Most people are extremely nervous about new ventures and creating new paths in life, but the ones that actually move forward with it and take the risk, are the ones who ultimately create a better life for themselves in the long run. A huge risk I took was moving to LA on my own. I didn’t know anyone at all and I had no idea what my life had in store for me when I moved. I just up and decided one day to make the jump and believe in myself and here I am today! Successful and living a life I could have never imagined. Read more>>

Dwayne “Deascent” Gittens | Hip-Hop Artist & Writer/Host

I think about risk as a way of challenging myself and escaping my comfort zone. Its role in my career has led to so many amazing experiences. and accomplishments. I’m a very pragmatic person, but some of my biggest wins in my career and in life are a result of throwing caution to the wind and following my gut when an opportunity felt right. Read more>>

Atif Afzal | Singer-songwriter

I have to say it can be quite risky if you are not ready to take risk! I have taken high risks at various stages of my life and they have paid off really well, beyond what I could have ever imagined. You won’t believe it when I say that I was once making race cars during my engineering days and worked with one of the best professional practice firms in the world – KPMG. Doing pretty well for myself in career and financially, I decided to take the leap of faith and dive into the world of music. I wanted to live my passion every single day of my life and realized there is no way I can do that if I don’t risk the stability and comfort that life was offering me at that point in time. I left my corporate job and ventured out into film music. So, this was the first big risk I took. Read more>>

Angie Shell | Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

If I can articulate my answer in the boldest and most controversial of ways, I think I speak for all of us when I say risk is the one of the biggest aspects of my life and my career. I moved from a small town in Pennsylvania, that alone felt like the biggest and most gratifying risk I have ever taken. I wasn’t prepared emotionally or financially, I had sold my car, and left my job and friends behind me. This was before the pandemic, before the death of George Floyd, before walking outside was a risk within itself. I, like many around me didn’t know what the future held for the world, let alone the entertainment industry. When I was faced with a decision to stay in Los Angeles with no car, no roommates, during a pandemic I rolled the dice again and stayed. Taking risks are what make us artists, breaking your own personal boundaries and choosing to grow are going to cripple you with fear and sometimes make you feel as if you’re cornered by your demons. Read more>>

Lee Steffee | Actor & Prop Person

This past year I have taken the biggest risks of my life so far. What I have learned in those risks is that they are definitely worth taking. My acting teacher recently said that at the core of risking is listening. Listening assumes “yes” – which is your way of submitting your creative spirit to the universe. Therefore, you cannot risk if you’re not listening. What we should be listening for are invitations to create. Essentially, meaning we only move forward by saying “yes” to the creative impulse. It’s been a little over a year since VoyageLA last did a story on me and since then, a lot has changed. I listened to that creative impulse and right before the pandemic hit, I decided to pursue acting full force. I stepped back from my art department jobs – set dressing, props, and buying, and leaped right into self tapes and acting classes. Shortly into a new acting class, quarantine began and we were shut down. Read more>>

Jordan Webb | Rap Artist & AfroFuturist

Thinking about risk at this point has almost become second nature to me. More often than not the risks that I’ve taken, and am willing to take, are consistently rooted around my ambition to make the best music I possibly can and reach as many people as possible through the emotions & thoughts my music evokes. When I was younger, I learned to view risks as a chance to shake life up in exciting ways, consequences be damned. This mostly came as a result of growing up in a small-minded Nashville community and speaking to many adults who seemed to casually brush off the fact they gave up on their own dreams for normalcy and comfort, which was definitely not the wave I ever planned to follow. However, I had to hear this perspective constantly and was even told by my own mom at the time that I was “allowed to study anything in college except music”. Viewing risk as this sort of life catalyst helped motivate me to embed certain risks in decisions I made at the time. Read more>>

Annette Corsino | Retail Yarn Store Owner, Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery Instructor, Artist, Innovator

It seems that my entire life has been compiled of risks. I think real change does not happen without it. Playing it safe never leads to satisfaction. Risk implies discomfort, but doing something totally new can be exhilarating! I took a lot of risks opening my store. Would people respond to my sensibilities? Would the community reject me? Would I lose my shirt? Do I have what it takes? Ultimately, it came down to a deep belief in myself and what I had to offer. I had a store from 2004-2009. We closed during the recession. At the same time the store was closing, I was going through a terrible divorce, got into an abusive relationship, and pretty much lost most of friends and almost my relationship with my kids. Read more>>

Alex Merkin | Writer and Director

I think many people would agree that taking risks is a crucial ingredient in advancing their careers or distinguishing themselves among their colleagues and I’ve personally found this to be the case in my life and career. For me the risks can vary greatly from micro decisions I’m making daily hundreds of times on a set to major decisions like even taking on a film that has the cards stacked against it from a budgetary standpoint in the first place. But I’ve always believed that taking risks is as much about learning from my mistakes and growing from the inevitable failures that come with some of those risks as it is about reaping the benefits. I personally don’t feel you’re truly taking risks if you’re not making some mistakes or failing on some level along the way. Read more>>

Rob Hedrick | Content Specialist

It’s a cliche, but the risk is part of the game. I was working in I.T. out of college, making a good living and I walked away from that job to take a job that paid less than half of what I was making to start working in television. It was tough at first, but I learned so much at that first job about the fundamentals of television production that I knew it was the right decision. When the time came to take the next big risk, to make the jump to work for an NBA team I knew I had to do it. I knew the risk would be worth it. Each new challenge meant more risk, and each time it brought bigger challenges and after 2 NBA teams, an NHL team, WNBA team, and numerous cities, I’m now working and living in LA. Read more>>

William Reed | DJ & Realtor

I was born the states but was raised in Europe. Growing up abroad was truly inspiring in so many ways. The cultural influence and its impact on my development is undeniable. As a teenager I was exposed to so many genres of music for the very first time which shaped my music tastes and evolution as a DJ. British MTV is where I got my first tastes of trip=hop, Brit-pop and electronic dance music. And the nightclubs are where I honed my tastes on the various sub genres of electronic dance music. These influences absolutely impacted who I am today. Read more>>

Nikki McCauley | Artist, Writer, Performer, Content Creator

I’m not really “from” anywhere! I was raised in a military family and we moved every few years. We were stationed in Madrid, Spain when I was younger and proceeded to move mostly in the Southern region of the U.S. until we landed in Texas. While moving from place to place, and frequently visiting my mother’s family, who all still lived in her native Venezuela, my dad made sure we visited as many countries as possible, exposing us to different foods, languages, music, dance, as well as those cultures’ art and textiles, which are so much more colorful than we usually see in the states. When I first started showing my visual art about seven years ago, I was working more with warm watercolors and a lot of white empty space. Perhaps it was the massive amounts of colors I was exposed to in European and Central and South American textiles and architecture that made me want to keep my art light and clean and simple at first; but recently my style has shifted. Now I am going back to my roots, per se, and am finding myself really drawn to more and more color!. Read more>>

Vanessa Persephone Wells | Self-Worth Witchery for Intuitives, Creatives, + Healers

I define Risk as the willingness to thrust oneself into the realms of experiment and experience, without attachment to – or even awareness of – a specific outcome. Risk is often times defined in terms of reward – “I’m willing to ‘risk’ (meaning sacrifice) X in order to potentially gain Y.” But I’d say that’s a gamble, not a risk, and they are different. The risk lies in the journey, not the destination. To risk is to enthusiastically embrace the unknown, and to take pleasure in the potentiality of the undetermined. Risk is characterized by trust, curiosity, courage, and vulnerability. I think the times in which I’ve embraced risk were times when I knew something desperately needed to change but I didn’t know what or in what way. I had to trust my gut and take action from a place where the rules of reason didn’t necessarily apply; I had to be curious to explore “different” without the assurance that it would be better. In just over two weeks, I moved across the country to LA leaving 90% of my possessions, my job, my friends and family, to try living in a city I’d never been to – in a state I’d never been to – only knowing 3 people there, moving in with a stranger, and having no job lined up. Read more>>

Alex Drachnik | TikTok Content Creator | TV & Film Production

Risks! Taking risks in your career is whats going to set you apart from everyone else. I took a big risk of putting myself online and creating “Sasha” who is my Russian Character I play on TikTok. I completely changed who I was and became this alter ego character, making skits that revolve around the Russian lifestyle and entertaining people. The risk I take is putting myself online for millions of people to see. A lot of people love it but there are some haters who don’t like it, but thats the risk I’m willing to take to put my brand out there. Putting yourself online for everyone to see and pick you apart is hard. You risk being called out by random people complaining that they dont like your skits but you also risk the fact that you may get noticed my casting agents or brands that want to work with you because they love your content! so you never know unless you try. Read more>>

Abraham Cobian-Gonzalez | Communication Studies, BA

Risks, to take them or not to take them? Taking risks can be terrifying, but I think never being willing to take risks is even scarier for your life than taking a risk and losing. In my life and career, I always think about the risks I’m about to take, what can go right, and what can go wrong. However, I realize that I will never truly know an outcome unless I go for it, so I do (for the most part). I learned relatively early in life that if something is in your mind and does not seem to go away, then you need to listen to whatever that is, and go for it. Risks are worth it—well informed risks at least. I am from a small town in the central valley of California. Moving to the Los Angeles area all alone was one of the biggest risks I have taken. I was 18 years old, very driven, but extremely nervous. I was ready to see what there was to offer and I had no idea the failures and successes that were to come. Had I not taken that risk, I would not have graduated college, I would have never worked with the family of Regional Mexican Music sensation, Jenni Rivera for 5 years. Read more>>

Justin Kane | Cinematographer

I see risk as movement: I make choices that can radically or incrementally change my journey. If I choose to hold still, then I won’t move to the next possibility. My first few years in the film industry were made of unmotivated steps to just get paid and I didn’t quite know how to get to a point of autonomy as a working cinematographer. For about 5 years I felt stagnant and I needed to take a big leap to change course. I decided to apply to grad school to build a deeper connection with the craft. It was at the American Film Institute that I developed my own unique eye in a collective of filmmakers. This was a huge financial risk for me, but the AFI program unveiled my politics of choosing which projects to shoot, which filmmakers to collaborate with, and most importantly forming my instincts to design images that an audience can engage with. Every step or stride I’ve taken since has deepened my interest in the craft, and while progress isn’t always clear, my mistakes help shape and motivate the future of my artistry. Read more>>


Matilde Riva | Business owner

With great risks comes great rewards! As cliché as it sounds it’s absolutely true. Life is ultimately about doing the things you enjoy. You can sit back and let life steer you on autopilot or you can take a calculated leap of faith and put certain things on the line in the pursuit of a life filled with adventure and passion. Read more>>

Lolita Prnn | Plus Size Model

I think taking risk in life challenges you to become a stronger person In a good way. In anything you do, whether it’s chasing a dream, owning a business or working a 9 to 5, you must believe in yourself enough to put yourself out there for the world to see. Modeling for me has challenged me to exercise faith like never before. In order for designers and brands to see me I had to take a chance on myself and show them what I am all about as a model through casting calls, auditions, or social media. In order to get something you always wanted you have to something you never did. You must take the risk and go after what you want in life. Read more>>

Jenni Williams | Vintage Collector

I was just thinking the other day about the concept of risk and safety and all the fear factors involved that would prevent a person from pursuing their dreams. Be it physical, emotional, or financial; if you’re curious about at least one of these things, you might be inclined to take big leaps. For me, making the decision to move across the country, where I met stellar people who provoked my mind and satiated my interests, led me on a journey that was just a seed of an idea. Risk taking does require research and a grasp of reality, but if I hadn’t been naive a few times, I might not have been so bold. And maybe it’s not naivety, but a trust in … yourself, your work ethic, your God? A blind devotion to your craft and well-being. Whatever it is, I think if you jump, the “universe” will throw out a safety net. Read more>>

Jules Whelpton | Musician

Risk taking is putting yourself out there without any safety net. It is very much frightening, but if you are doing it with an end goal in mind, and you are willing to put in the work to achieve your end goal, there is no reason not to take a risk! In my life, I would have never met my connections in the music business, nor would I have ever gotten the experience if I had played it safe and just waited for the connections to come to me. About ninety percent of the time, they will never come. Read more>>

Dario Selvini | Conscious Entrepreneur & Actor

Risks are everything. I love them. Of course, embracing a risk with a well thought plan and projection makes your decision easier to take. But sometimes, the opportunity will not give us time to study every single side of the situation, specially in this new era. What to do in this case? Just follow your feelings. This is the hard part, because we prefer certainty to be 100% sure on what we are doing, but the best results always come following this rule. My life and career completely changed when I decided to give up a respectable and well paid working position back in Italy. Most people around me were thinking that I was crazy, saying that was the opportunity of a life time. And yes, they were right: it was an opportunity of a life time, but not mine! How I knew that? Because I knew my feelings!. Read more>>

Trevor Laake | Vocalist for Screams of Syrens, Actor, Composer & Producer

Risk is everything in the music industry. Bands that just play local shows and never do anything outside of their comfort zone will never go anywhere. It’s just a fact of this industry. My band, Screams of Syrens, has had some success because of risk taking. Touring being one of the major ones! As a smaller band with no financial backing from major labels, it’s all on you. So you are taking a big risk by funding a tour that could possibly have no money on the back end. But we do it because this is our passion, you take risks for what you love!. Read more>>

Sara Blackmore | Artist Name: “Woo” R&B Singer

I believe risk are God given challenges. Risk are simply tasks that I take on with pride because I know once completed I will be a better person and at the least more educated in something. Taking risk has made me who I am today, has built character in myself. Taking risk has opened the doors and allowed me to be connected to not only with some big time Billboard Producers asking with celebrity vocal coaches but people and a community that believe in my talent and myself that have the same intentions/goals and by means to put me in a position to win. The truth is if I never took the risk to step outside of my comfort zone I would not be where I am today. Read more>>


Obioma Okonko | Serial Entrepremeur

“If,” by Ruyard Kipling that states, “If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss.” This has been a microcosm and way I’ve lived my life especially as an entrepreneur. Alot of the times I never know how things will turn out in the end. I only know the amount of regret I would feel for not taking the leap. Spiritually, we’re taught, spiritually, to have faith and that with the right amount we can move mountains. We’re also taught that this is where we can actually test God. So before I go into anything I ask myself, ” what is there to win and what is there to lose? When there’s much more to gain with little to no risk of “loss of life” I find myself taking the leap every time. I understand I may win some and I might lose some so I calculate my risks but the goal is always to win more than I lose. So far my strategy has been working and I’ve grown a lot mentally because of it. Read more>>