We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Emily Yager: Model turned Movement Maker

B10xB, which stands for Be Ten Times Bolder, helps you to become a ten times bolder, more confident, & badass version of your already awesome self. The B10xB Movement is an army of tens of thousands of incredibly talented, bold, fearless, decisive risk takers & leaders, just like you. Read more>>

Trinity Asing: Student & Entrepreneur

Mauka Market is the world’s first regenerative marketplace with a goal to set in motion a change in Hawaiʻi and around the world. Mauka functions as a platform where products made from abundant local material, such as Albizia, an invasive tree to hawaiʻi, as well as responsibly sourced indigenous materials, can be sold and purchased. This exchange creates demand and economic drivers that incentivize the use of removed invasive material and supports sustained cultivation of native resources in its place. Mauka directs its profits to projects that are restoring ecosystems. We empower artisans & customers to do business in ways that heal our environments. Read more>>

Annalisa G. Dunker: Singer, bellydancer, Earth guardian.

Music always helps us to cope, understand, elaborate, let go. But a couple of years ago I decided I wanted my music to DO something more. I wanted it to be a magnetic tool, inspiring people towards the better choice when it comes to our relationship with Nature and animals. The impact I wanted to create was not only giving a central position to environmentalist issues within culture itself, but also inviting people to the mysterious, incredible, breath-taking natural world, in order to rediscover the planet and its creatures, rediscover the awe for this unique phenomenon of life and biodiversity that happened on Earth at this point in time.  Read more>>

Staci Levine: Marketing expert and owner of agency SLPR, co-founder of Sacred Woman Retreats and the Creative Business WMN Collective.

I have 3 businesses which all have a common theme; service and community. With Sacred Woman Retreats, it’s our mission to create opportunities for women to come together, free of judgement or competition, whether on retreat or at our various gatherings and events, purely to support and inspire one another. Listening, truly listening from the heart is one of the most powerful gifts we can give someone and feeling heard can be incredibly moving. It never ceases to amaze me how inspiring it is to sit with women in this capacity. Read more>>

Eric Chebil: Founder & Real Estate Broker/Mortgage Broker/Engineer

At Cher®, we believe everyone at all stages of life should have the choice of achieving homeownership and to build equity to become financially independent. Whether buying a home is for financial reasons, a change in lifestyle, or wanting more space for a family, we have created a free software for homebuyers to access all resources and tools to make your dream home shared and simple. Read more>>

Jhordan Harris: Braider & Protective Stylist


Braids and protective styles have become increasingly popular in recent years. We have seen more braided styles on screen in films, within the media, and in fashion. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, there has been more education around the benefits of these styles specifically for people of color. We have such unique hair textures. For many years, we truly have not had the proper education or even products available to maintain our hair in it’s natural state. Our hair and the way that it’s styled has always been so controversial. Read more>>

Stephanie Spirovski: Alchemist + Educator + Founder of House of Rituals

House of Rituals is all about self-care and the magic of slowing down in order to fully love and be present with ourselves. Our intention is to remind our community of Mother Nature’s healing powers and give them the confidence to use our earth’s gifts on a daily basis. Through scent, taste, touch, and education we want to teach our neighbors and loved ones how to heal on a deeper level. If we all slowed down a bit more and tuned into our bodies I believe we’d all be a bit nicer to ourselves, each other and to our beloved Mother Earth. Read more>>

Dr. Jonathan V. Llamas: Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Mental illness can be just as debilitating as physical illness—sometimes even more so. New research reveals that Americans between 45 and 65 years old are experiencing more stress today than people did in the 1990s which may be due to various socioeconomic factors such as advancing technology, complicated family and relationship dynamics, and rising economic hardships. Read more>>

Mary Margaret Skelly: Leadership Development & Executive Coach

As an advisor, I inspire and guide people to have a more fulfilling experience of their work. Often, with a few tweaks, we can start to enjoy the work right in front of us, although I also work with people who are ready to transition to something new. Read more>>

Sam Jordan: Founder + President, EnviTours

Philanthropy and community service are built into the ethos of EnviTours. For every EnviTours hosted trip or event, we partner with a local non-profit to give back to the communities that welcome us.
In Los Angeles, we have partnered with Dreamers Youth and the Melo-Rodriguez Foundation to provide free meals to those in need. EnviTours also hosts an annual toy and supply drive around the holiday season to benefit the Children’s Hospital LA as well as other Southern California homeless and youth shelters. Read more>>

Alison Masson: Metal Babe Mayhem CEO

The biggest impact that Metal Babe Mayhem has on the Community is making people feel (and look) good in our clothing, jewelry, and accessories…. Like a Metal Babe. We are connected worldwide through our love of music and fashion. Read more>>

Narumi Ogawa: Therapist/Educator/Healer

Some people call me a healer or bodyworker, but the real premise of my work is to teach my clients that the power to heal is already within them. My mission is to help people understand that it is their birthright to be healthy, happy and abundant in all aspects of their lives. And while the healing journey can take time, each step along the way provides an opportunity to tap into a multitude of benefits that can allow them to become more centered, empowered and even look and feel sexier! This is because my system of holistic remedies and techniques called, The Ogawa Method, not only heals the body but also focuses on matters of the heart. Read more>>

Nicole Steen: Dance & Fitness Expert

As a dance and fitness expert, my business Nicole Steen Fitness, is helping people all over the world maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Good health is so important especially now during these crazy times we are living in with the COVID-19 pandemic. My workouts have always been a way for people to stay in shape, but ever since the world went into lockdown, my workouts became more than that. At Nicole Steen Fitness, I use my workouts to provide an outlet for people to virtually connect with others and experience joy instead of sadness, happiness instead of depression, and an overall better outlook on life. Read more>>

Lester Li: Owner/Publisher, Town Planner Community Calendars — Corona and Riverside

When I became a Town Planner Community Calendar franchisee in 2017, I did so because I believed in the business model of sending a free, large, family-friendly calendar packed with local information to households via the US Postal Service, where residents soon found the Calendar to be an invaluable resource guide for their community. In turn, business sponsors and advertisers in the Calendar would have their brand and marketing message be a household fixture, since the Calendars are “On Display, Every Day”. Read more>>

Joe Henry: Adam’s Attic Singer/Songwriter

Adam’s Attic, an internationally-touring, pop/rock band, released “We Are,” on Friday, January 22. It’s a new anthem that people can relate to worldwide, especially amid the chaos we’ve experienced, especially in 2020. The band is based in Orange County and originally hails from New Orleans. With the civil unrest, organizations, companies, and people are longing for unification. As a unified front, the band believes that we can rise against the discord of politics and racism to take a bigger stand for complete unification as human beings. Read more>>

Yohannes Yamassee: CEO of Yohannes Studios

Yohannes Studios seeks to create animated content, consumer products, and healthcare applications in order to effect positive social change. Right now, we are laying the foundation, and essential building blocks of establishing the First Black & Native Indigenous Animation Studio. This is a bridge, for other Black/Brown and Native Indigenous companies to bond with us, to live Umoja- to become a pine forest overflowing with acorns. Read more>>

Jules Davis: Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master, Master Crystal Healer, Sound Healer & Spiritual Mentor

The amazing thing about doing the kind of work that I do is that I’m either helping people, or teaching others how to help people. Everything I do has the potential to positively impact the community. Whether it’s my self work and healing, my one on one energy healing, psychic or medium sessions, my workshops, or by training others to do all of those things. Read more>>

Kira Nashed: School Psychologist & Founder of Amal Center

I have the honor of helping the Los Angeles community through providing mental health resources to underserved youth. As a school psychologist, I started working in lower socioeconomic status (SES) areas in order to help bridge the gap between lower SES and lower academic achievement. I wanted to help steer students away from the school to prison pipeline. Read more>>

Cody Kennedy: Actor, Writer, & Acting Coach

Elpis Africa is a social enterprise committed to improving the health, safety, and economic conditions for the 8 million artisanal small-scale miners in sub-Saharan Africa. We are commencing our operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, providing affordable access to PPE, heavy-duty mining equipment, and software with plans to scale throughout the region and continent. The problems we are tackling are 70-80% of miners experience injury or develop respiratory diseases, leading to a life expectancy shortened by 7 years when compared to non-miners. Read more>>

Elif Koyutürk: Filmmaker, Photographer, Humanitarian.

It has always been in my heart to hold a hand, listen to a story and build a foundation of assistance for those in need. As a Portraitist and Documentarian, I find characters who hold stories of wisdom that help educate others to solve life problems. For me, this journey started with one story which then led to another and another. I have spent time in war-torn Syria supporting refugees, children in impoverished Turkish villages and worked with inner-city and under-resourced youth in the United States. Read more>>

Reda Haddioui (Redah): Record Producer / Songwriter

What got me into music and songwriting in the first place was the need to share my deepest emotions through music. We all go through high and lows in life and the lows can be pretty painful and sometimes haunting you for the rest of your life. Music clearly has a healing power as it gives people the feeling that they’re not alone. Wether you’re listening to a breakup song or a party song, it still gives you the feeling that someone else, while you’re listening to the song, is feeling the same way. Read more>>