We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Geoffrey Helms | Acupuncturist and Founder. Injury, Sport, and Performance Specialist.

As an acupuncturist, my job is to help people. Integrative health systems recognize that our physical, mental and emotional health is inter-connected. I observe these connections and use acupuncture to help someone feel better. Using different body Read more>>

Courtney Titus | Women’s Holistic Health & Empowerment Coach

My business helps the world by helping woman step into their best selves, physically, mentally and emotionally. I do this through nutrition, understanding the menstrual cycle, creating a self-care practice and leading life with pleasure. Our society is built on very patriarchal ideals of what our lives should look like. Read more>>

Janeane Bernstein, Ed.D. | Speaker | Author | Radio host

Before the pandemic, we were facing a mental health crisis and flash forward, we are in a mental health pandemic. In 2020, I was asked to give a lot of talks and workshops about mental health, resilience, the power of self-care, the Science of Happiness, and other topics featured in my book, GET THE FUNK OUT! %^&* Happens, What to Do Next! Read more>>

Simone Noble | Photographer

I’ve shot a very diverse range of subject matter for a vastly different clients since I first picked up a camera, but in the last few years I’ve been focusing on women – and especially women who are in major transitions in their lives. The women I work with are often at a point where they are ‘calling back’ pieces of themselves. Read more>>

Yago Cura | Publisher of zines & books, Library outreach machine

At HINCHAS Press, we believe in “Bibliophilia 4 All!” This means that every person, regardless of creed, ethnicity, or religion, can develop a fever for books, an utter love of reading, fervent literacy, and fulfill their destiny as a reader engaged in lifelong learning across different media, and engaged with the world through analysis, compassion, and contemplation. Our business helps the world by reminding the world that people of color not only make and produce books and content, but also have the audacity to create thoughtful, critical content in English, Spanish, and Spanglish. Read more>>

Rianna Lara- Godfrey | Artist

By teaching others the art is a form of self care. Being the Director of Curriculum Development and Instruction, I am able to teach students (and other teachers) motivational techniques to instruct and inspire children through the Artsy Kidss program. Read more>>

Lew Sid | Hip-Hop Artist

I hardly see music as a business, but more as a tool of expression and inspiration. When I think back to how I was introduced to music and how I became attached to it, it wasn’t something that was taught to me or instructed upon my life. Read more>>

Bobby Sud | Filmmaker, Photographer & LA Animal Save Organizer

As a vegan/animal rights photographer, cinematographer, and producer, the content I create spreads awareness to the reality of animal agriculture and the effects of a plantbased diet on health and wellbeing. Read more>>

Rachel London | Dating Mastery Advisor & Founder of Total Package Club

Total Package Club is a dating mastery consulting company focused on transforming the way we date and relate. We live in an age where people are seemingly disposable due to the paradox of choice and with that often comes an apathetic approach to the way we engage with and invest in others. Read more>>

Meg DeLoatch | Television Writer & Producer

Obviously, Hollywood has a major impact on society, that’s why I’m so excited about my current show on Netflix. Family Reunion is the first time in my career where I’ve been allowed to tell my personal story without it being filtered through others. Read more>>

Gisela Rocha | Owner and Creator

Our mission helps the world, our values uplift our community. UnTamed Natural Care is 100% plant based and 90% vegan, we’re eco friendly in that almost all our products come in reusable glass containers or recycled & reusable plastic. Read more>>

Katinka Igelberg | Visual artist and poet

I truly believe that the world we see around us, is a reflection or reaction to what we carry within us; thoughts, emotions, visions, intentions and dreams. In that sense we are all artists and we all contribute to the forming of the society and the world at large. Read more>>

Samjgarfield | Music Producer

I have spent a lot of time in my life trying to figure out out how to use my voice and skills to make a difference in the world especially at a time in our culture where there has been such a big shifts and changes in the social climate of the earth. Read more>>

Marvin Jordana | Honey Bee Ambassador

My business helps the community by raising awareness about honey bees, pollinators and beneficial insects. I help people get over their fear of bees by having beekeeping workshops that teach them about the benefits of honey bees for the environment. Read more>>

Weng San Sit | Artist & Educator

I am hesitant about the word ‘help’, as it sometimes creates a hierarchy between those who help and those who receive them. I believe that we each give to, and receive something valuable in the process, the sum being more than its parts. My work, as an artist and educator, seeks to use visual imagery and text to question and challenge our ingrained perspective of often marginalized or unseen communities. Read more>>

Manori Sumanasinghe | CEO & Creative Director

My Neuma Being co-founder and I both experienced high levels of stress and burnout in our careers in engineering operations and architecture. We turned to our decades of mindfulness and substance-free altered states practices as a resource: a blend of traditions both ancient and modern that allowed us to tap into the creative, healing, and transformative power of the subconscious. Read more>>

Stan Evans | Photographer & Director

I created www.socialstudiesshow.com Social Studies is a podcast that explores the relationship between advertising and activism. Hosted by photographer and director Stan Evans, this series of interviews digs into how these two methods of influence impact elements of culture, mindfulness, communities, and the profitability of companies. Read more>>

Jacquelyn Fisher Joanna Huckins | Co-Founders of Sweat and Tell, LLC.

Our social impact is broken down to the individual connection we have with our existing community and those who find our brand to help encourage them on their personal health and wellness journey. When we first started Sweat and Tell back in 2018, our goal was to make all women feel accepted and encouraged to be the best possible version of themselves. Read more>>

Brittany Byars | Foodstylist & Founder of Couteau

From day one of Couteau’s conception, when it was just a list of ideas jotted down on a piece of paper, I knew that I wanted to incorporate eco-friendly practices into the very core of its being. I believe that we all have a responsibility to do our part in keeping the planet healthy and balanced, and that includes businesses as well. Read more>>

Reyna Joy Banks | CEO| Creative Director | Choreographer |Brand Curator | Viral Content Creator| Wealth Builder | Voiceover Actress| Author| Producer| Artist Developer | Marketing & Advertising Executive

FHG Entertainment INC x 2 LIVVV 501c3 mission is to COVER, CULTIVATE, CONNECT, CREATE and CATAPULT people, businesses, brands, ministries, artists, authors, live and pre-recorded productions, product lines and more, in every area of life within every industry. Read more>>

Kai Brown | Designer and Chainstitch Embroidery Artist

When I learned about the environmental impact of the fashion industry on our plant I was totally shocked. I knew that with amR I wanted work on being apart of the solution. That’s why we’ve focused heavily on repairing and repurposing vintage clothing and trying to reimagine it though the artform of Chainstitch Embroidery. Read more>>

Steve Gonzalez | Master Barber & Owner

Shave and Co. Helps provide jobs, and it helps bring character to a beautiful concrete jungle community. I wanted to create a place were people from all parts of the world and different cities can come together and forget about everything going on in the world and just relax, listen to some good music, watch sports, have a complimentary drink and laugh at some barber Jokes this is also a Kid-friendly barbershop we are—all Family. Thanks Read more>>

Aspacia and Rodolfo Kusulas | KOUS Co-founders & Calligraphy experts

We love to share our knowledge and to make our best effort to preserve the art of calligraphy. A skill that is getting lost slowly and we want to continue with this beautiful tradition that has been around for hundreds of years. Nowadays, with fast pace lifestyle and digital technologies we hardly write with a pen and paper, let alone practice calligraphy. Read more>>

Christina Diamantara | Film Director & Voice Director

I am a writer/director. Through my work I create stories or I help communicate stories that are already created. These stories revolve around, articulate or reflect upon matters of specific human experiences and therefore by being communicated to broad audiences, they raise awareness and sympathy over unexplored themes and by consequence help people come closer and better understand each other. Read more>>

Shaton M. Squires | Holistic Relationship Counselor

There’s a tremendous affect my business has in both the community and the world. When we impact and support mental wellness we affect the world we live in. As a Holistic Relationship Counselor, I have the pleasure of meeting clients right where they are. Read more>>

Elena Karina Byrne | Writer, Editor & Educator, Arts Events Curator

Dynamism in the arts isn’t just about the individual artist’s reflection of the culture in which they live– it is about creating an ongoing dialogue between the arts, the artists, and the outside world. Read more>>

Rod Foster | Photographer

The most meaningful and fulfilling assignments are those when get to tell stories of hope, compassion, justice and truth. One of my favorite organizations to photograph for is Purpose Jewelry, who empowers survivors of human trafficking by providing healthcare, community, education and practical skills. Read more>>

SJ Hasman | Voice teacher and Choral Director

I believe in my heart of hearts that humans were designed to participate in music. Where singing is concerned, our culture really has left the singing to those who are “gifted” or “talented.” But really, when I meet folks who are scared to sing and use their voice in musical expressive ways, its so so sad to me! Read more>>

Monica Richards, The ecobabe | Sustainable Living Consultant, Eco-Expert & Entrepreneur

I am the founder and co-founder of two conscious companies: ecobabe and The Collective. ecobabe is an online community, lifestyle brand and blog where people are empowered with the tools and products to live more sustainably. The Collective is where we really get to be of service, as a global community where like-minded individuals come together with one common mission at hand: united action for a regenerative world. Read more>>

Erin Tillman | Inclusive Dating Empowerment Coach & Certified Sex Educator

My name is Erin Tillman, aka The Dating Advice Girl. I am an Inclusive Dating Empowerment Coach and Certified Sex Educator dedicated to empowering people to have fulfilling dating and relationship lives through positive and consensual self-improvement, personal development, and boundary-setting techniques. Read more>>

Ashley Swartz-Oliva | Treat Decorator 🍪🍫🍓

I am the type of person that enjoys making others happy and by starting my own business I can do that with every order! 😊 I feel like any customized gift or treat means more sometimes than something just picked up at a store. So with my business I am trying to bring happiness and joy to the world especially at a time like now 💗 Read more>>

Jenny Deveau | Vibrational Healer

In this time of profound change on personal and collective levels, the energy can feel quite intense and confusing. It’s important we find ways to calm & soothe our emotions and mental states. Read more>>

Reece Ford | Model/ Accessories Designer

My business helps both the community and the world. I save a percentage of my profits and donate it to organizations that helped change the narrative of homelessness, Building up the community, equality, and education. Each piece that I make helps fund organizations and helps bring those dreams of a better tomorrow into fruition. Read more>>

Jess Wood | Comedic Storyteller & Outlaw

I tackle problems like trauma from chidhood, sex issues and topics most people think of as taboo. Then I infuse them with humor and personal stories. So far the results have been amazing. People tell me that after listening to my show, they feel more confident in their lives. I’ve had people give me credit for getting promotions at work and being able to end toxic relationships. Hearing these things validates the work I do, and keeps me going. Read more>>

Akira Nakano | President, CEO & Artistic Director

When we first formed the Los Angeles Inception Orchestra in 2017, we had to find a lane to go down, as there are so many amazing nonprofits in LA doing music. But many of them were teaching students how to play instruments and were graduating kids to college who found themselves behind in composition and music theory. This is what we have done since, mentor junior high and high school composers in writing original music for orchestra and teaching them the theory behind it. Read more>>

Maggie Mackay | Vidiots Foundation Executive Director

We’re a 35-year-old iconic and beloved film hub in Los Angeles. Our Founders Patty and Cathy opened Vidiots in 1985 as an alternative video store offering access to a diverse film and media collection representative of the entire filmmaking community. Read more>>

Madison Eker | Founder & CEO of Sum of Us

Madison feels strongly about having a supportive community. “I never felt understood until I found the LGBTQ+ community. Growing up, I felt like I was in an isolated bubble. I didn’t know another queer person until I was in my 20’s. So when I finally found community, I felt a sense of belonging that I had never felt before. Read more>>

Lin Chen | CEO & Founder of Pink Moon

Pink Moon was founded on compassion: Compassion for yourself, others around you, and the planet. We donate a part of our profits to charity, partner with sustainable + ethically minded female founded brands, and support women through their self-love journey. Read more>>

Leslie Levito | Brand Strategist and Business Coach

Work plays a major role in our lives, it’s where most of us spend the majority of our time. Unfortunately, when it comes to work, many people feel stuck. Maybe they feel they are in a dead-end situation. Maybe they are barely able to pay bills. It’s hard to feel creative, worthy, or helpful when you are stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to make it. Read more>>

Latifah Davis | Massage Therapist

What I do helps alleviate people’s physical pain and relax them mentally. Impacting change through spreading the importance of including massage and wellness into people’s daily living. Not only servicing clients but leaving them with professional products that take care of our skin, mind, and physical pain. Read more>>

Shea Smith | Speaker + Leadership Coach

I am in the business of empowering women to make small changes that have a big impact on their lives and businesses which leads to positive changes in their communities. Whether I help them create a healthier home or develop their leadership skills, I guide them towards changes that continue to produce results far beyond their immediate reach. Read more>>

Cindy Rinne | Fiber Artist & Poet

I am participating in a local art exhibit at the first art center our community has had and it’s five years old. Places are barely opening up as we deal with sharing art in a pandemic. The art is in the space. There is the option of in-person or online viewing. Read more>>