We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Reginald Baylor III | Business Owner & Brand Strategist

Through Twelve Rounds, I am able to inspire people to persevere through all obstacles, big and small. Whenever I tell someone the meaning of Twelve Rounds they instantly connect with the brand and I have had numerous conversations with people that have told me they found themselves wanting to give up on life itself, but the saying “Keep Swinging” kept them in the fight. Read more>>

Amerylus Ann Cooper | Ceo

Project43 was started after the death of Nipsey Hussle I started the business to continue the marathon in his name during the pandemic I decided not to close the doors we were just on the brink of getting the project off the ground but I pushed through and I’m so glad that I did during a pandemic Project43 paid over 2000 families Read more>>

Dana Perri | Fitness Expert & Life Coach

Everyone who works out at SHIFT by Dana Perri is part of the community. I am inspired daily by the incredible men and women who make up the SHIFT community. We talk with each other. We encourage each other. We are here to support each other. At SHIFT, no one is a stranger. It can be challenging for everyone to stick to an exercise program, so we are all in it together. It is incredibly important to me in each class or training session to offer personalized attention, a how-to instruction or simply words of encouragement. I take the time to learn a client or student’s primary strengths and weaknesses. I help guide you, correct you and encourage you. Read more>>

Camilla Boemio | Art Writer & Researcher Curator

My work at the crossings of art and activism, in particular, under challenging political, social, and economic conditions. My practice focuses on interdisciplinary systems from an intersectional feminist perspective, with a focus on the social systems and ethics of ecologies. For example, my new book investigates How should we live on this planet? The pandemic crisis has crystallized a physiological need for society. “The Edge of Equilibrium weaves” a dialogue of many voices, instead of making a fixed statement, offering and offers a wider picture of art communities, alternative land-based, low-impact ways of living, that which address issues and dilemmas relevant for an epochal renovation. Read more>>

Jayme Lanai | Esthetician & Beauty Maven

I want people to take away from me and my brand to always live your truth and be your authentic self, love yourself and be confident in your own skin. As a Skin Therapist and Makeup Artist I love to enhance natural beauty and emphasize that natural skin glow. I never like to pile on the makeup or alter my clients natural beauty and cover up what makes them unique. I always try to equip my clients with the knowledge and tools to achieve healthy skin through proper skincare and healthy lifestyle changes. I also emphasize that makeup should be treated as a tool to enhance beauty and not create an image that isn’t true to their identity. My goal is that every client that leaves The Beautē Lab feels glowy, confident and beautiful in their own skin! A confident person is unstoppable. Read more>>

Gary Mack | co-founder, MILO

MILO is addressing the biggest problem that occurs in k-12 Education. For the first time in history, ALL 3.9 million teachers are “First Year Teachers” in the hybrid learning environment. This is having a negative effect on the 57 million students who are experience reduced learning of anywhere from 7-8 months. Even WORSE, for students of color, they’re experiencing reduced rates of learning of 11-12 months. Read more>>

D’Angelo LaVelle | Creative Director & Ministry Leader

Hope Road Ministries mission is to extend the peace of God in the communities we are providing food, clothing and healing to the people of God; re-establishing joy, purpose and light in every community and being a cornerstone of hope to the hopeless. Read more>>

David Moricca | Founder & CEO of Socialive

In this day and age, the power of human connection is more important than ever. We all crave the same thing: authentic, thoughtful experiences. Outside of being in person, video is the next best way to develop meaningful connections and build thriving communities. Historically, creating video has been difficult, and limited to those with deep expertise. Read more>>

Eugene Weems | Formal Kickboxing Champion, Author and Philanthropist

Weems is committed to making society great again by changing lives and helping families in need. he believes a great business or organization shows its purpose not only by the way it treats people but by showing love for its community and doing more than what is required for the people. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there were so many people who were laid off and could not afford to pay bills and provide food or the bare necessities for their families. Weems gathered a team together and went door to door in local communities giving food to families, Activity Buckets to the kids, Bags of Hope to the seniors, hygiene, and Personal Protective Equipment products to those who could not afford them. Read more>>

Scotty MOson | Photographer

The business of photography has many connections in which it may serve the community. Photography provides advertisements of local businesses so that those in need of goods and services have information pertaining to their needs. Community events that showcase preforming or cultural arts would be documented by a photographer. Capturing the spirit and liveliness of a community event is a goal all photographers aim to achieve. Lastly, photography benefits the community by serving as a news outlet. Keeping the community informed on real life affairs. Whether it’s a fireman saving a car in a tree or a crime of any sort, photography documents the moment for all. Read more>>

Anna Bakunts | Founder & HR Director

HR Lab was found when I saw the need to utilize my diverse knowledge and experience in supporting both businesses and employees. From the business perspective, we are a Human Resources (HR) focused consulting and advisory firm. From the employee perspective, we are a training and professional development hub. Our aPHR Academy trains, educates, and prepares entry-level HR professionals to enter the business world. Our goal is to develop diverse and inclusive HR professionals through HR apprenticeships. The world would greatly benefit from a more skilled workforce and more knowledgeable business owners. Read more>>

Emily Fabretti | Movement Maker & Visual Artist. she/her

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a business, but my life passion brings harmony and unity to the world. The beautiful thing about dance is it initiates thoughts, feelings, emotion, and movement in an unconventional way of communicating. I find that in my practice I feel the most gratitude when the movement in my body invokes a spark in someone else. I’ve grown up performing and competing, and while there were ups and downs the main thing I would walk away from is knowing that I did something, because I felt something. Read more>>

Sierra Barrett | Artist & Costume Designer

In all honesty I have been pleasantly surprised to see how my business has impacted my community. Being someone who delights in thoughtfulness and deliberative gift giving I have been amazed at how others have used Painted Pendants as a method for doing just that. Through the custom designs and commissions I make, I get to discuss with people what they want to gift others. I have seen people show support through gifting others portraits of pets both past and present. Others have had me paint memorable moments for anniversary gifts or to just show love to their significant other. Read more>>

Josh Cumbee | Recording Artist | Record Producer | Songwriter

One of my favorite things about making music is the cultural bridges it builds. This year I’ve been privileged to release a collaboration with a Japanese pop star (Vickeblanka), produce for Dominican artist Techy Fatule as a part of Spotify’s EQUAL campaign, work with DJ’s whose careers I greatly admire in the Netherlands, collaborate remotely with new talent in Korea and China, and meet brilliant would-be strangers right here in Los Angeles. It has this magical way of creating a common starting point – we all grew up differently, experienced different cultural norms and educations – but when we hear that one magical melody everyone’s eyes light up at the same time. There’s a common humanity in it that is unmistakably humbling and exciting at the same time. Read more>>

Jesse Randall | Filmmaker

I think creating content for LGBTQIA media helps the world by amplifying the voices of the queer community in a heteronormative world. I think a lot of LGBTQIA media either succumbs to the pressure of identity politics or trauma porn because Hollywood has historically either portrayed the queer community as either victims or the punchline of jokes. We’re finally starting to scratch the surface with of mainstream entertainment with nuanced stories thanks to shows like Pose (one of my personal favorites), but there’s still a lot of work to be done. I hope my work offers a fresh perspective on queer life and our struggles while still being entertaining. Read more>>

Tessa Ghenender | Founder

The philosophy of Amber Fort has always been help the planet and help our people. I sought out to create a low impact alternative for bedding – something everyone needs and uses daily – and came up with an outrageously comfortable and inviting hemp fabric. It’s one of the most sustainable materials out there and will outlive all of your other bed linens with it’s innate durability. Read more>>

T.J. Norton | Actor/Writer/Comedian

I used to questions–and quite frankly, sometimes still question: “What is the point of doing comedy? The world is polarized, it’s depressing and it’s too much to handle!” That’s exactly why creating comedy is important. I think it’s how we gotta deal with some of the tough internal and external realities of being hopelessly human. Comedy is the most beautiful thing in the world because it lets me put my personal boogie man up on a stage so we can all laugh at it together. It’s in that shared laugh that we realize a few things.: Read more>>

Kate Mior | Street Performer & Twitch DJ

Prior to the pandemic, I was a street performer who traveled all over the world doing shows in festivals, theatres, circuses and on literal streets for audiences of all kinds. I have always believed my job was a vocation and not just a source of income: I believe that art and entertainment should be accessible, and not just reserved for people who pay $150 for a ticket to Cirque Du Soleil, or are educated enough to understand deeply complex work that may alienate others. I always strove to provide a balance in my work between artistic and easy to understand, especially considering I would perform in many countries where English was not spoken. Read more>>

Brittney Au | Art Director of Halo Top International & Founder of Compassion in SGV

Our non-profit, all-volunteer organization, Compassion in SGV, was born out of the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and we help the community by offering free chaperone services to anyone who might feel unsafe. We offer to accompany business owners as they lock up, walk someone to the bus stop or to their car, go grocery shopping, or even go on daily walks. Our mission is to help provide a sense of security and unity for Asian communities in San Gabriel Valley. We prioritize compassion and unity above all to stop AAPI hate and foster a community of togetherness. Read more>>

Denise Thompson | Owner of Neck Peace & Creator of Shae Chronicles Blog & Podcast

Social media used to terrify me. A few years ago, you couldn’t get me to take any of it serious. I looked at social media as a pool of sharks, pretending to be fishes. When I first decided to take the path of entrepreneurship, I knew I would have to utilize social media to promote my business and I did not want to create a world I wasn’t really living. I made a conscious decision to allow the world to truly see me. I thought it would be irresponsible of me to introduce the world to the person I was pretending to be. I was absolutely afraid to even start looking at myself but I wanted a better life. Read more>>

Angel Melanson (AKA HorrorGirl Problems) | Writer/Podcaster/Content Creator

Everything I do comes from a place of genuine love, passion and a desire to help whenever possible. When you’re running a small operation on your own it can feel nearly impossible to do things in a way that will benefit the community. In those situations, I ask myself what my skill set is and try to use that in a way that will be helpful. Sometimes that means screen printing shirts by hand to fundraise for charities. Other times that means using my writing to talk about my own experiences navigating the world through my own personal lens in a way that is very raw. Read more>>

Rich Wright | Entrepreneur/Chemist

Many, many people are suffering daily from chronic symptoms in their nose, ears & throat – And on the skin. But we believe that if those chronic symptoms could be relieved without the use of any chemicals or medications, all of humanity benefits from the overwhelming relief our products inspire. Read more>>

kelly pantaleoni | actress & activist

Give Backpackers helps communities in need by catering to their most immediate need; whether it be schooling in Peru, clean drinking water in Cambodia or teaching girls how to sew and have a sustainable business model in Uganda. We listen to the community leaders and raise money for them through in person and virtual fundraising, then bring the funds personally to the country and volunteer our time so our donors can see exactly where their money is going through live social media updates. Read more>>

Marianna Correa | Founder of Latinx Marketing: Your one stop shop for IG community & education.

Latinx Marketing was created with the intentions to teach and guide the Latinx/WOC community of entrepreneurs the ins and outs of Instagram. Instagram is a free app with the possibility of putting all of these amazing small businesses on the map. What I’ve noticed is that so many small businesses get frustrated with the app because of all the get famous quick schemes. With Latinx Marketing, we teach and guide people the importance of building a strategy and how overtime the results will come if consistent. Read more>>

Diana March | Store Owner/ Jeweler/ Entertainer

The Mission of our business is to bring art, entertainment, and knowledge of Earth, Sea, and Space to the community. We are artists supporting artists to thrive in a magical theatrical boutique setting. Also, since we are a women owned and operated business we’ve been told we inspire other women to go for their dreams. Read more>>

Corie Mattie | Street Artist

On one hand, I have pieces that I want people to feel uplifted, hopeful, and most importantly connected. I want my art to be applied to people’s personal experiences and connect with it in anyway they see fit. Art is meant for interpretation. It can be universal and specific, which makes art expression so inspiring and beautiful. Read more>>

Jad | Founder at J&R Artisan Fashion

At J&R our brand’s ethos revolves around the concept that each luxury purchase made changes the life of someone else. We provide 6% of all sales to our network of Non-Governmental Organizations. These include but are not limited to the United Nations, MSF(doctors without borders) and smaller organizations based upon what is needed in the current environment. One of the proudest achievements we have been able to make in collaboration with our customers is providing relief to the children of Yemen during the COVID-19 crises that came during a wave of famine, destruction and war Read more>>

Crystal Bauer Feldman | Publicist/Brand Architect

Outside of medicine and getting high, not many people think about the deep impact cannabis plants have, and it’s deep rooted-ancient relationship with the human race. I believe it is the most sustainable natural resource, and when used effectively, can simultaneously house you, heal you, feed you, clothe you, and transcend you. The plant is even considered a Holy sacrament in many cultures because of these abundant gifts. Read more>>

Michelle Tangeman | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Parenting is rewarding but equally exhausting, often leaving us feeling depleted. It’s our most important role when raising the next generation of kind, empathic, young solid humans. Just as you get used to the baby stage, BAM the Toddler has arrived. Parents are faced with not knowing how to support their toddler’s development and often resort to what I call default technologies (parenting the way we were parented). Read more>>

Kamryn Alyse | Healing Massage Therapist / Creative Artist / Entrepreneur

My healing massage therapy helps beings both physically , emotionally and energetically. I am grateful to be able to assist in the healing of others . I say that I am assisting in healing, because it’s sort of like a jump start to ones own healing energy within themselves that I am assisting in. Physical touch is extremely important along with many other sensory things. A simple hug can brighten someone’s day, make someone feel so amazing, loved, and relaxed all in that moment. Our skin is a huge organ that many people don’t necessary realize. It’s extremely important to recognize and be thankful for our skin. Read more>>

Angilee Jones | Life Coach & Creator

My business helps the community by using visional journal workbooks as a tool to creatively educate, uplift, and inspire men, women, and youth to use spirituality as a means to help themselves, but to also achieve success and overall health and wellness. Read more>>

Jessica Houston | VP of Operations and Lead Esthetician at BEAUTYBEEZ

Seeing black women behind a brand, that is ultimately creating spaces for us. We give a rather larger percentage to the world of beauty and there aren’t many spaces that we are able to see women or people who look like us or understand the struggles of hair and skin. For me, it’s empowering to be able to show other women of color that if you just start, you never know where you may end up. Read more>>

Margeaux House | Yoga Instructor, Lifestyle & Wellness Blogger

When I started practicing yoga several years ago it was made very clear to me that not only were there not many people of color in the wellness space but not many people of size. The wellness space as a whole can feel very exclusive and is marketed toward a certian group of people. I wanted to show people that wellness and in particular yoga and mindfulness is for everybody. Read more>>

K. Williams | Journalist & CEO Ken Chronicles Media

Media in any genre is needed for the world in the general sense. Ken Chronicles Media offers exclusive news (locally and worldwide), music content, interviews, audio podcast, culinary and a host of other viable content for consumers. Everyone has different lenses in which they view media, KCM is dedicated to presenting the highest quality of content. Read more>>

Kathryn Marino | Executive Producer / Owner President

OC Fashion Week® is a one world symposium for emerging designer talent, photographers, models, influencers, startups and ecommerce to launch with unique international supplier programs for business retail tourism. This 5-Star destination site highlights the OC luxury lifestyle and offers strategic digital and broadcast media campaigns, meetings, rewards, and event incentives that bolster business, community relations, and long lasting international alliances. Read more>>

Janey Gioiosa | Baker, trouble maker, 2x cancer survivor

My business/cooking show is all about community especially the young adult cancer community. I am finding a way to marry my love and career in the food industry with my 2 cancer diagnosis in hopes to create a widespread connection, even if it is behind a computer screen because as a young adult cancer patient you are the outlier in your immediate community usually and what a horrible feeling that is, on top of a cancer diagnoses. Read more>>

Juliet Okonkwo | Wellness Expert

It helps those who are looking to improve their well-being as they quiet their minds while treating themselves to a self-care service. As we slowly ease into a post pandemic world, coping strategies and low stress environments are very helpful to those that may be dealing with anxiety. Read more>>

Teo Smmot | Founder/CEO at Cool Room Entertainment

Film expression has become as important to societal structure as breath to life. Its unique ability to bridge gaps and shades of race, culture, faith, thought, fear, and prejudice should be given every opportunity to reach its full potential. It is with this belief that Cool Room Entertainment was created. Read more>>

danica Lynch | Somatic Experiencing Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

Social impact: how does my business help the community or the world? That is a wonderful question. Imagine walking into a room of school students that just experienced a level of trauma due to a school shooting. The room is full and all eyes are staring right at you, some eyes full of fear and some completely disconnected as if you presently did not exist. In that moment you invite everyone to just bring awareness to the breath, can you notice where your inhale settles within the body, if its comfortable place your hand upon the area you notice the expansion of the inhale and as you exhale can you just notice what that feels like. Read more>>

Angela Zhang | Business Owner & Creator

When I first got exposed to trading, I started like everyone else, had little sense of what was going on. An engineer by trade, I was never taught this in school! I’ve experienced the euphoria of making quick profits and also the despair of making mistakes and suffering losses. No matter trading or investing (in stocks or crypto), everyone goes through the emotional “rollercoaster” of the markets. This was especially true during this past volatile year with COVID19 March crash, GME short squeeze, and Crypto Mania. Read more>>