Legend holds that Cornelius Vanderbilt had built a massive fortune in the steamboat shipping industry, but then realized the railroads were the way of the future and invested almost his entire net worth into railroads. The gamble paid off and made Vanderbilt one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs ever. But risks are inherently…risky. How do you think about risk and how has it affected your life and career? Some of our community favorites share their perspective below.

Rachelle Lynn | Actor, Author & Clothing Line Owner

When it comes to fighting in your pursuit towards your dreams, you’re either all in or you’re all out. There’s no in between. No matter the cost. So when it does happen, No one can ever take that away from you! “And that is everything. Read more>>

Kalyne Lionheart | Director | DP | Editor

I believe taking risks in life/career is imperative for growth. Naturally, we as humans are afraid of taking risks. We may fear failure, rejection, and uncertainty. Taking risks allows us to explore outside of our comfort zone. Without the unfamiliarity that taking a risk provides, we may struggle with adapting to change. Consistency in the ability to recalibrate and try again is imperative to one’s success. Earlier in my career, I took many risks. (I still do to this day) Some risks are larger than others. However, each one has been a stepping stone towards my success. (Whether or not I succeeded, I still learned a valuable lesson, and to me, that is a different kind of success) I’ve taken on film and editing projects that were above my skill level, and in doing so, it made it a must to learn the skill required to execute. I personally thrive in putting myself in those types of situations because it puts pressure to learn the skill faster than if there weren’t any real-life consequences. Read more>>

Leah Cordova | Singer & Writer

To an extent, my whole life has been a risk. I’ve made many mistakes but I’ve also learned many lessons. I’ve been pretty low, but also have been pretty high. Risk to me has to do with following your intuition and then trusting it more than logic. It’s both scary and exciting. It’s exhilarating. It’s uncertain. It is just walking through, jumping in, or letting go. The result may not always be what you expect, but it will always lead you where you need to be. Read more>>

Todd Sandler | Film Director / Editor

I think about risk as an essential part of growing. Without it, you can’t expect anything more than just “status quo”. As someone who gets bored of routine quite easily, I’m always assessing what risk needs to be taken in order to keep my own journey fruitful. I can’t think of a single job where I didn’t feel like it was an all or nothing, zero sum game. Do I take it on or do I shy away from it? I wouldn’t have been afforded nearly any of the opportunities I’ve been so grateful to experience without trusting my instinct and taking the leap of faith that it would all turn out for the better in the end. Read more>>

Nate Adamsky | Comedian/Actor/Writer

As a stand up comedian I believe that without risk there is never progress. I owe all of my success to risk taking. When I was first starting out as a comedian I took the risk of just getting up on stage and I was not even prepared. Little did I know it would change my life forever. I remember performing at an open mic in NYC at the Broadway Comedy Club and staring at all of the headshots of the greatest comedians I looked up to. I told myself my face would make it up there too. That same night I was approached by an agent and I have now performed in clubs across LA and NYC. If I didn’t take the initial risk of trying at all I wouldn’t be where I’m at in my career today. Read more>>

Dillan Garcia | Artist/ Educator

When I think of risk the word decision comes to mind. I make calculated and impulsive decisions all the time. I work hard to not be indecisive because it distracts me from my original intentions. It really depends on the situation. Following this metric has helped me commit to people, places, and opportunities that have helped me grow personally and artistically. I have also learned not to doubt my decisions regardless of the risk level, standing by them every step of the way. At this very moment, I’m an emerging artist that chooses to follow the art path. I know there’s a small chance I may make a decent living as a professional artist. I make work that is not always aligned with the fad of the art market, which possibly closes doors for opportunity. In other instances it may open them. I let that aspect not influence my artwork and future goals. Although, I am content with the direction my art is heading in. Art and life decisions have all sorts of risks but beyond it lay an abundance of opportunities. Sometimes the bigger and better opportunities require me to risk big. To me, taking risks means that I won’t always get it right but I am not afraid of making mistakes and moving on. Read more>>

Vanessa Ringel | Neuro-Coach and Spiritual Psychologist

Everything worthwhile in life is RISKY. YES. Have you noticed that? And usually the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Nobody ever said falling in love isn’t risky business… it is vulnerable and terrifying for most sane people! Yet it’s the most worthwhile risk you can take in your life, isn’t it? What else are we here for if not that?! For me personally and professionally, taking risks has been incredibly rewarding- from attracting my soulmate and husband, to starting my own coaching business, to investing in property and the stock market, to letting go of my lifelong beliefs to become open to a new way of perceiving life… All of it involved some element of chance. Yet without taking those risks, I would not have been able to reap the rewards. Every day I witness people ‘playing small’ and staying “safe” by holding back, terrified to fail or be rejected. Making decisions from that place of fear will never get you where you want to go. It is only once you let go of all that, that the magic can happen, and that you can start manifesting the life you actually want. Another way to look at risk is letting go of control. Read more>>

Trish Healy | Founder & CEO, WonderTent Parties

Moving from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles and leaving the support of my family and the security of my career trajectory behind, I was asked, “Are you crazy?” A few years later, when I decided to adopt a teen from foster care, the “Are you crazy?” question popped up again – along with some really loving and supportive sentiments too. And when my adopted daughter asked to have her first-ever sleepover at age 13 (something she couldn’t experience as a foster child), and it inspired me to leave my executive-level job to start WonderTent Parties, I was meet with, “Of course! That makes sense! Do it!” – not really, then more than ever I was greeted with the well-intentioned “Are you crazy?” time and time again. And to be honest, it’s a powerful question to ask. Not to be talked out of chasing a dream or taking a risk, but to pause, reflect, and reaffirm that, yes it may be crazy but I have faith it will work. Each time I have stepped boldly into the “Are you crazy?” moment it has enriched my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. Read more>>

Addie Bell | Luxury Travel Advisor & Owner of Jetset & Travel

Taking a risk is the scariest but also gives you the most rewarding outcome. In order to grow and succeed in life you need to take risks and put yourself in uncomfortable situations. The scariest thing I have ever done was quit a consistent salary job to start my own company knowing it would take time to make money / not knowing if I would make any money at all. This was the best risk I have ever taken because the outcome of having my own company gives me the freedom and money I never expected. Read more>>

Fiona Silver | Musician

Risk taking has been an essential part of my life and career. All of the best opportunities I’ve had came from taking risks and getting outside of my comfort zone. Many times risk taking involves asking for help, which can be uncomfortable for someone like me, but it always strengthened my relationships with others as well as myself. Every time I take a risk I feel I learn more and came to trust my own instincts more too. Read more>>

Christina Wong | Creator + Chief Chicken Wrangler at Baking With Chickens

I have an illustration from artist Jeremyville hanging on my wall that says, “Trust In Your Ideas and Jump.” That trust jump is the hardest part about risk because you don’t know what lies ahead. It’s unknown, it’s scary as hell and exhilarating at the same time. Walking away from a salaried full-time job (that I loved) to go all-in on Baking With Chickens was the biggest risk of my life/career. That leap of faith has been freeing, eye-opening, and humbling. I still worry about whether or not others will see the value in what I create, or if the risk will pay off but I trust in my ideas and the life I want to create for myself. Zero regrets. Risk is a necessary part of growth. Growth doesn’t happen without taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zone. Combating the fear of failure is just a mindset change: It’s not a failure as long as I learn something from it and continue to move forward. Take many small risks. Don’t be afraid to fail fast and often. Trust in your ideas and jump. Read more>>

Dusty Saunders | Animator

I grew up skateboarding, so I learned at a pretty young age that taking risks can be a lot of fun. Some of my best memories and experiences in life so far came from taking risks. Honestly, everything you do is a risk in the grand scheme of things, so my only real advice would be to not risk anything you can’t afford to lose. What you can and can’t afford to lose is totally up to you. Read more>>

Eden Kai | Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar / Ukulele Player, Actor

My life is all about taking the risk. Not just for being a singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar / ukulele player, but without the choice I’ve made like moving out to Hawaii from Tokyo, entering a reality show on Netflix back in high school, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Read more>>

Rachel Lang | Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Writer

I took a leap of faith as I started my career as an astrologer and psychic medium in 2006. I was living in Nashville, TN, at a time when astrology wasn’t anywhere near as popular as it is today. I was only one of two certified astrologers in the whole state. While I took a risk in starting a new business, I did it carefully and worked a full time job while I was building my business. Those first few years were a wild ride. With each decision I made, I weighed the risks with the rewards, and I discovered that my rewards were always the intangibles– the love of my work, meaningful interactions with clients, and pursuing a career path I enjoyed. Because these sorts of rewards are unmeasurable, it was a challenge to define success in those first few years. I wasn’t seeing as much financial growth as I desired then. So, I had to have faith and perseverance, and it has paid off! I’m grateful I stayed committed. Risk accompanies discipline. Once you take a step in courage, you need to steady yourself by implementing a solid plan of action. I took a risk in starting my business, but I grounded myself in that decision and found ways to make it work. Read more>>

Jamie DeVilla | Make Up Artist, Middle Eastern Dance Artist, Fitness Instructor

I’ve been a risk taker all my life but never realized it until recently. Without knowing it, I have always evaluated risk and unless it was life threatening or foolish, usually chosen to take it! Embracing risk brought me to Virginia Commonwealth University where I studied fine art and dance, risk brought me to Los Angeles, where I pursued a career as a union Make up artist at nearly impossible odds and brought me back to a dance career I believed had passed me by. Risk was a driving force when I chose to balance two full time careers. It’s been good and bad, elating and exhausting, both careers have suffered under the weight of the other, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have always had two driving mottos since I was very young! 1. I will never look in the mirror and say, “woulda, coulda, shoulda!” 2. Jump! The net will appear. Read more>>

Jordan Ching | CEO + Director of Flipbird Films

I think about risk as an exciting challenge. To me, taking a risk means diving head first into the unknown. When I first started out, I knew nothing about the creative industry or film production. I studied international business in school and come from a family of sales, finance, and real estate people. The first time I worked on set of a music video, I fell in love and knew I had found my thing. I took a risk and deviated off course and pursued a career in the arts. It’s been challenging to say the least, but the rewards far out weigh everything else. Read more>>

Itzy Martinez | Dance Teacher and Choreographer

One of the definitions of risk is “to do something although there is a chance of a bad result” for example when you know that crossing the street here is dangerous but you say “I will just have to risk it”. That’s exactly how I feel every time that I decide to do a change in my life to pursuit my dance dream. I know there is always the possibility to fail, but even that, I prefer to try it, instead just be waiting and longing to have that opportunity in my life. Make it happen! Sometimes we have to take those risks because they will take us out of the comfort zone to have the best chance to grow and improve ourselves. One of the biggest risks that I have taken, it was when I decided to move to Los Angeles, leaving my family, friends, my dance studio, and so much more in my hometown (Guadalajara). But I know that it would be amazing to try something new and also it would open my mind and my path to different people and opportunities. Read more>>

Dakarai Akil | Collage Artist/Designer/Art Program Assistant

I’m from Cleveland, OH where the art industry isn’t nearly as strong as it is here in LA. Thats not a bad thing or any slight to my hometown but you have to follow the opportunities that are out there. I made a decision to move to LA with almost nothing. I was living out of my car in Pittsburgh, PA after a failed job opportunity that made me uproot my career in Ohio. I knew there was better out there for me so I bet it all on moving across the country and going after it here in LA. I came out here with $1300. After bills and rent, that was all gone in 3 weeks. But I was determined to make this work for me. I decided for myself that nothing would make me abandon this. You have to make that decision with yourself for yourself. Either you’re gonna kill it or let it kill you. I think that mentality will take anyone far in life. Just bet on yourself and let nothing throw you off of your center. Read more>>

Nico Navia | Cinematographer

Risk in a creative and artistic profession is inevitable. The life of an artist is perpetually unpredictable and with that comes financial, emotional and interpersonal consequences. Risk can be a scary and intimidating idea but without it our lives can become monotonous and unfulfilling. As children, we all have big dreams and most often those dreams are difficult to achieve and consequently it’s a risk in itself to pursue them. Ultimately risk equals purpose. if we don’t take risks we endanger ourselves to think of our lives as meaningless and incomplete. Personally, I have taken big and small risks with both good and bad outcomes but always fulfilling in one way or another. Because of the risks I have taken, I have been able to have experiences beyond my wildest dreams. I can only attribute the memorable moments in my life to decisions that could have backfired but with a little bit of luck things seem to find their way. For those few inopportune moments of misfortune one can only learn and grow. So without taking risks, one will only feel stagnant and inadequate. The role of risk in our personal life and career is paramount to success and ultimately happiness. Read more>>

Terry Carter | Founder and CEO of Travertine Spa, Inc.

I think of risk taking as a necessary element on the way to achieving goals. As an entrepreneur I am continually taking risks. It can be exhausting and rewarding all in the same day. I think what holds most people back is fear that the possibility of failure is real. Where I think people limit themselves is not allowing for the equally real possibility that success is real. Hard earned – but real. Prior to starting the Travertine Spa Collection, I worked for a prestigious Fortune 500 Company. I had a great salary and great benefits. I was laid off during the recession of 2008/9. Looking back, it would have been hard for me to walk away from the financial security of corporate America. I had a mortgage and other responsibilities. Starting a company while unemployed during a recession was a risk. I chose to believe in my ability to solve problems and invested my time, money and efforts in myself. Years later I am running a small business in the midst of a global pandemic. Now I not only have myself to look after but also employees, office space and recurring expenses. Read more>>

Benjamin Lechuga | Guitarist/Composer

Taking risks is everything in progressive music. I’m lucky enough to be part of a musical movement that appreciates risks and new sounds. Progressive rock is all about that. I’ve learnt the hard way, that the more lost I feel when writing and the more I experiment with new ideas, the better the results are. In life it has been the same. Taking risks have ALWAYS ended up in a positive change. I remember back in 2015, before moving to Los Angeles, when I was still living in Chile, I decided to travel to Europe with my guitar on my back and visit the music festivals I liked the most, to show my work. I ended up meeting amazing people that appreciated my music, and I was booked in Europe for the next 3 years in a row. It would have never happened without that first risk. I started realizing that if you believe in what you do and you trust your gut, risk are always worth taking. Read more>>

Kelsey Rose Weber | Food Stylist & Culinary Producer

While many people who know me might say I’m a risk taker, I don’t see myself that way. Perhaps it’s because I associate risk with spontaneity and I’m a type A planner to the max and my normal reaction is to say NO, not YES. There’s three times in my life I said YES – despite my inner organizing type-A demon screaming at me to say NO – and it’s these moments that gave me my career. I grew up in LA amidst the industry but never saw myself being a part of it. After college, I was working in the marketing department of a pretty well known fashion brand and absolutely hated it. I worked as a curve model throughout college so I had the knowledge of the industry but I didn’t have the heart and so I left after a year – much to my parents dismay – and had no clue what I was going to do. I dabbled in retail, did some odd jobs heres and there and then I ended up as a receptionist at a production company…..and then I was laid off. I felt like I was back to square one – unsure of my path and too scared to take a risk – or so I thought. Read more>>

Jennifer Cunningham | Salon Owner, Purveyor of Confidence and Style

I have always been a risk taker. Mostly, because it seems riskier not to be!! I hate the idea of looking back and having “what if?” questions. Risk for me is always, “What will I lose or miss out on if I don’t do this?”. Whether it’s a career or life adventure, nothing can torture me more than a missed opportunity. I don’t want to convey that I make “fear based” decisions, but I guess we all live with a certain amount of FOMO! I’ve lived on both coasts working on my career dreams. I followed that dream into Salon Ownership. I faced what I didn’t know about business. I faced what I didn’t know about leadership. I sum up the risk factors and start plucking away at the things I can control off the list. I just can’t get past not knowing where something might take me. I have always had a very strong intuition or gut sense. If I feel like I must in my gut, it’s almost impossible for me not to dive in. It takes experience to learn to trust your instincts. When is it time to breathe through impulsivity and when is it time to trust your foresight? I didn’t always trust this Knowing, but… we learn. There’s always a way to talk yourself out of something. Read more>>

Roy Shellef | Film Producer

Without taking risks, I would have never be who I am today in every aspect. When I was 22 I opened my first bar in Tel Aviv, without knowing anything about the business just because it was a dream of mine to own a bar. Stupid? ABSOLUTELY! Regrets? None! I learnt mostly what not to do and what kind of people and working environment I would like to have if I decide to open a new place. This is something that no school could’ve taught me and I am happy I did it. At the age of 24 I decided to follow a new dream once I started college. I was supposed to study business management (“the safe road”) but a week before, I changed my mind and “Took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”. I went to study communications majoring in visuals (editing, directing and filming). There I met the people who became my new family! Creative and wonderful minds who brought me into their world and then I knew, I want to be a producer – director in the big league. Once I graduated, I packed up my bags and all the money I have got and went to Hollywood! I studied in New York Film Academy in Burbank and I am currently a producer for short films, features and music videos (from the smallest to the biggest productions). Read more>>

Naärai | Singer/Actor, Writer

The terror is in the fear of failure. Fearing what others with say/think of you if you take the risk and it doesn’t work out. The way I see it, I’d rather take it and find out. I have my private freak outs. I pray A LOT! But when it comes to dreams and purpose, risks are a part of the journey. When I moved from Florida to LA, I took a huge risk and people thought I was crazy; I had no job, no “connections”, and I ran out of money not longe after moving and buying my car. I had so many people try to talk me out of it. One person told me they would get me in front of Broadway casting directors. I even had a Broadway casting director asked if I wanted to move from LA to NYC, because he had work for me. Not to mention the guaranteed job I had at home at my father’s theater company. It looked foolish to others, but I had faith. I still do. It’s been on life support a few times, but I still have it. As long as I have faith, the risk will always be worth it, because when you live in purpose life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you. There’s a lesson in all of it. That move was the biggest risk of my life and it was so worth it. Read more>>

Anna Simone Scott | Actor-Writer-Director

Living a life as an artist is definitely a risk in itself, but one worth taking in spite of the ups and downs. I trained at a theatre school for teens in Sydney and was fortunate to act in films at a young age with some major actors and directors. That was both terrifying and exciting but I didn’t consider myself to be a risk taker until I moved to the UK. I graduated from University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Art History and wanted to experience different cultures. I lived in London for several years and worked on stage throughout the UK, along with appearing on several TV shows. My mother was born in Ireland and I certainly felt a certain familiarity with the British Isles. Also the easy proximity to Europe, allowed me to experience the art, architecture, cuisine and language of several countries. I believe all of this flows into my life as an actor and filmmaker in Los Angeles, where I’ve lived for many years. My love of the visual arts and fine art influences my vision to a great extent. Read more>>

Dalia Patron | Creative & Digital Entrepreneur

I will be the first to admit, most of my life I wasn’t much of a risk-taker. I followed the rules and did everything “by the book.” 5 years ago, I finally took it by heart that a change in my life had to happen and quickly. My safe job (then) it’s all I knew but I was chained to it. I had not ever traveled, I worked holidays and I felt I was no longer growing. All the unhappiness trickled into so many aspects of my life. So one day, I put my 2-week notice on that decade long career and dove in headfirst to a field I knew nothing about. Taking this risk changed my life completely! Was it easy? No way! I cried for like 2 months over frustration and instability but I had something better, my freedom. Very soon my online business started taking off and in no time I was working from my computer while traveling the world and living in different countries. My only regret, it’s not doing it sooner. I can’t promise you it won’t be hard but it will be worth it. Read more>>

Kristen Matthews | Pilates Expert + Functional Nutrition

Throughout my life I have gone back and forth between playing it safe and taking risks. I’m sure that’s the case for many people. There is something to be said about “no risk, no reward”. If I never took any risks in my life and my career, I most certainly would not have ended up where I am today. I also believe that I’ve missed out on a few opportunities because I was scared not knowing what the outcome would be. When I think about people that I admire or look up to, one theme that threads them all together is their ability to take risks. As I’ve gotten older and become more aware of this, I’d like to think I’ve been open to more risks. I’m always amazed at what age brings. I also don’t want to have a ton of regrets. I’m a very curious person by nature, and love trying new things. I’ve traveled alone in foreign countries, moved across the country alone, studied abroad, went scuba diving at night in Australia with sharks (friendly ones but still!), tried out for a reality show (if you knew me you’d know that’s a big one), went bungee jumping on spring break, and always look for the hardest part of a mountain when skiing. Read more>>

Ben Meredith | Cinematographer, Producer and Director

I think being a filmmaker in of itself is a risk – never knowing where the next job may come from, operating in an extremely competitive market, etc. So risk just comes with the territory. I let that carry over into my work. If I’m not taking risks on projects, I’m more than likely making something that either I, or someone else, has made before. So then what’s the point? I try to take creative risks to tell or show stories people have not seen before, or add an element that makes them stand out. Risk is my personal opportunity to always outdo myself, which allows me to always learn and grow. Read more>>

Marlene Forte | Actor

Risk. A trick thing. A scary thing to take on but almost as necessary as food. Too much of it can get you into trouble, but one must eat. My first risky move was to leave my high school sweetheart, who was my husband at the time, to follow my dream of becoming an “actress”. That’s what they called us female actors of the time! I was 23 years old and had a 3 year old daughter, Giselle Rodríguez. I had just graduated college and my husband wanted more children. I wanted an acting career. I knew my heart, and courage, wasn’t big enough to handle more than one child, one husband, and one career! It was the 80’s! I would say I never stopped talking talking risks from that day on. The size of the risks varied, depending on the day. Somedays it was a risk to contact an old friend. Somedays to say “I’m sorry”. Somedays to say “I’m not”. When I first left Giselle’s dad, my biggest fear was to let her down. I wanted to be an example to her. Not of failure but of someone who fearlessly followed her passion. I wanted my daughter to know that a woman, just like a man, could follow “her” joy. “Her” happiness. “Her” success. Read more>>

A.G. Billig | Published Author & Agent of Inner Transformation

The lens we use to look at life influences how it unfolds. Therefore I choose to look at risk as an opportunity for growth. Each time we step outside of our comfort zone, into the unknown, we take a risk. Yet in doing so, we learn more about ourselves and become stronger. Each time we show up in the world as our authentic selves we risk being ridiculed or rejected. Yet it is by staying true to ourselves that we are free. Each time I took risks and stayed away from the beaten path, my life became effortless and everything came together in synchronicity. I was at the right place, at the right time, met the right people and was able to manifest my vision. Read more>>

Vanessa Erskine | Jewelry Designer

I think risk taking is so important in living a life that’s true for you, but it’s also scary for most people. If I hadn’t decided to go on my own and start my business, my life and career would look totally different than it does today. I would be clocking in somewhere every morning, and probably not living my passion. I think there are major rewards in taking risks and I do believe it’s essential to being a human on this planet. Read more>>

Shaun Jacobs | Singer, Songwriter and Producer

Nothing in life is fully in anyone’s control, so there is an element of risk involved for everybody, no matter what you do. I think you can’t get anywhere without taking some sort of risk and leaving the nest. But it’s also important to be rational about the risks you’re taking, and not jump out of the nest without some kind of wings. When I was a musician in South Africa, my dream was always to come to the US. I worked as hard as I could, and once I had a network of people backing me, I took the risk to leave South Africa and pursue my dream in the US. A big risk, but not a completely irrational one. Because of this I have seen my career progress significantly with opportunities I would never otherwise have had if I decided to play it safe. Read more>>

Megan Gersch | Branding + Website Designer, Marketer

Taking risks has been a huge part of my life. Growing up, I always kind of found my own way. I was an “art kid” – so I was always making things (even when they didn’t make sense). I took a trip with a friend out to San Francisco shortly after college. That’s where I fell in love with California. I knew that eventually, I had to move there. After some research, I quickly found how expensive it was to live in SF. When I turned 25, I packed up all of the stuff that I could fit into my Scion and hit the road. I was moving to Los Angeles – a place that I hadn’t ever been before. I didn’t know anyone there either. Many of my friends thought I was crazy for making such a big change, but I knew that I had to do it for ME. My thought process was that I could move to the other coast, “save some money,” and then eventually move to SF. Looking back, that is a hilarious thought to have had, considering the cost of living in LA. Read more>>

Dornaz Maraghehchi | Founder/Owner of DermaRx & Medical Aesthetician

I think that taking risks is something that must be done sometimes in life. No one knows the future or how somethings will workout and you can prepare for things as best as you can but sometimes the very last step will be that you will have to take that leap of faith and take a risk. I always say it is better to try and fail and learn than to never try and know at all. It is a major factor for growth and learning. As a business owner I have had to take many calculated risks and in my experience this has been something that has always helped me move up in my career and truly has helped me grow. Without taking risks, you will always remain in the same spot and will not be able to expand. Read more>>

Carrie Gibson | Actor and Screenwriter

As an actor and a writer I have had to embrace taking risks and conquering my fears. When I first decided to pursue an acting career I had to battle with fear in every audition. I am sure it showed in my auditions so I realized I had to eliminate it. I did everything from fear workshops where I walked across fire coals to less drastic acting workshops. I think perspective was the ultimate life changer. I realized if my life was not at risk there was no real risk other than to my self esteem. As I told myself fear had no place in my life, I began to take on any assignment with joy instead. As a story teller now there is no where I will not go if it serves the story and the story has value. As a screen writer the only risk is spending time on something that never gets made. What I have discovered is that if you stay committed to writing and rewriting and never give up, the risk is worth it. I have a writing partner which makes the commitment part easier and more gratifying. I am thrilled to say that our first screenplay is slated tp be made in 2021 with a wonderful producing team based in LA and England. Read more>>

Elizabeth Tinglof | Artist and Curator

The concept of risk taking for most artists is their only path for creating. Without risks in your process, whatever that may be, the work doesn’t grow. Artist, Mark Rothko said, “Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take risks.” Creative thinkers take risks intuitively but also intellectually. As an abstract oil painter my focus begins with ideas, something I’m seeing in my head, then those ideas can and often do mutate depending on my approach to the materials and process. Altering established applications and practices for materials needs to be a balance between understanding and experimentation. Knowing when combining components can be approached loosely and when you must know the reactions precisely in order to alter them. Working between these two approaches is an integral part of my process. Another aspect to this way of working involves taking even more risks because sometimes I have to have a willingness to destroy what I’ve created in order to push the piece even further. The risk of losing what you have labored over is a real breathe deeply moment. Read more>>

Fabrizio Mancinelli | Composer and Conductor

Risk taking has, from the start, been part of my everyday professional life. On one hand I had my parents, pushing me towards a “safest” career as an attorney (I graduated in Law and passed my bar exam in Italy), but I kept choosing the more risky musical career, studying as a composer and conductor and taking a huge leap of faith into the uncertainties of this profession. Moving alone from Italy to the United States has been maybe the biggest risk I have undertook, if I observe my life from an external perspective – not having a family here and having to restart everything from zero. But for sure I believe I undertake risks on a daily basis with my choice making process (which makes me usually neglect the easy path in favor of the more challenging and fulfilling). Investing energy and money in projects that I believe could have more potential of their apparent face value is another aspect of the risks I undertake with my job and one that forced me to develop a fast and deeper ability to analyze projects and people. In short, I believe risks made and make my life more interesting and my will (to succeed) stronger. Read more>>

Elaine Barnett | Senior Education Manager & Entrepreneur

Taking risks has played a huge part in my life and career. I don’t like to live my life with doors closed shut – I like to see what life brings my way when I’m open to new possibilities. I have really only ever taken risks, especially within my career. I’ve tried new opportunities, different avenues within my industry, moved to different states and cities when I didn’t know anyone. All of this, just to see if the door that opened was the right one to walk through and for me, it’s been a great ride. I personally don’t think you can be successful without taking risks and pushing yourself to see what truly makes you happy in life. Read more>>

Desiree’ Irving | Pro Natural Hair Barber & Stylist. Owner @DESIRVBEAUTY

Like most things in my life, risk is a part of balanced equation. We will all create some endearing moments, as well as some tragic moments. We will relish in reaching higher levels, as we would dread the motions of lower levels. Likewise, risk is a part of a balanced equation with it’s counterpart, safety. In business, it is smart to keep things safe, create boundaries and consistent routines to make better business habits. Safeties guarantee the life cycle of the your works. But, in my experiences, risks can be equally productive. With enough thought, risks can help you level up in ways you may have not seen otherwise. The growth that you can acquire from risks can be life altering, and for the best. And in the balanced equations that safety and risks bring, you inevitably see that everything works out as it should. Read more>>