Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Steve Kechichian | Real Estate and Mortgage Broker

If you dont take risk you will never grow. A lot of people are afraid to take risk because of failure. But in order to succeed you will fail over and over. Failure is not a bad thing. Failure is part of success and its the greatest teacher of all time. At the age of 27 when I opened my Real estate company a lot of people told me not to. They said I didnt have the experience to run my own company and they said its a lot of liabilities. But those same people who gave me the advice never ran a company on their own. So I started asking for advice from people who succeeded at what I wanted to do and I took the risk to follow my dreams. I knew the risk I was taking by starting my own company but the risk of me failing didnt stop me to purse my passion and go all in. In 2019 I started my own mortgage company ( addition to my real estate company) same thing happened a lot of people kept telling me its not worth it. Read more>>

Tasiaux Audrey | Designer / Art Director

I am an optimist. Plan A didn’t work? There are 25 other letters in the alphabet! “Tout ira bien!” as we say in French. I see risk as an opportunity to explore the unknown, as a necessary component to move forward to something good – with the delicious adventure goosebumps that come with it, per favore! I see risk as the highway to where I feel the most alive – a trigger to draw out one’s unexpected inner power and to think out of the box to find solutions. And why is that? Because change never came out of comfort zones – and going through great trial & tribulation is part of the process. I’ve chosen to leave a stable career path in geopolitics to start a sustainable luxury brand with no background in the fashion field – topped up with macro ‘risky’ conditions to launch a business (economic stagnation, covid, – vibes….!). That was a risk. I also risked the “what if I become an embarrassment who didn’t make it”. Read more>>

Angela Maradiaga | CEO of Evoleros & Author of Chasing Black Butterflies

I once heard a quote, “Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise,” and that has always stuck with me in all of my decision-making. I know if I try something and fail, it will just make me a stronger and wiser person. And to achieve all of my dreams, I have to step outside of my comfort zone. Writing my memoir “Chasing Black Butterflies” and sharing all of the sexual and physical abuse I went through as a child scares the s**t out of me. I know there are so many risks in coming out with a book that exposes all of my demons. Still, I’m willing to take that risk because I know there’s a greater purpose of helping others the way people have helped me by sharing their traumatic stories and how they managed to overcome all of their obstacles. I realized I couldn’t let my fears paralyze me from fulling my destiny. Everything I ever wanted in life was on the other side of fear. Read more>>

Wesley Barker | Model & Behavior Interventionist

I am a big believer in listening to your intuition. That little voice in your head that helps you make tough decisions can insight fear, anxiety, or great excitement. Sometimes all three. I thrive on listening to that voice, and taking risks that scare and excite me. That is the reason I packed up my life, and drove across the country to California to start fresh. The greater the risk, the greater the reward. Read more>>

O.P. Almaraz | CEO of Allied Restoration

In my experience, people almost always express the greatest amounts of regret over the opportunities that they didn’t attempt to seize as opposed to the opportunities they attempted to take advantage of and failed. Too often, I work with other business owners and managers who are so terrified of the risk of failure that they never even attempt to take advantage of it. Prior to the founding of Allied Restoration, I served as the Vice President of a large restoration company that I had helped to grow through much sacrifice. I gave time, energy and all of the passion I could muster to build this brand with the hopes that one day, I would be able to purchase the company. I approached the owner to sell and twice we had gotten within inches of making the transaction when he pulled out at the last minute. Read more>>

Kid Clever | Music Artist & Producer

My entire life has been one big metaphorical dice roll. Without putting myself out on a limb, I wouldn’t progress the way I do. With that being said, risk plays a big role in how I move today. Being in a creative field that is already challenging to break through, I’ve learned risk is most of the battle within to accomplish. You cannot fear what is needed to proceed. I am originally from a part of the world where comfort is a thing. The midwest is shaped on the values of getting a job, house, car and getting married young. I however, couldn’t ever seem to agree with those procedures. I saw myself different and wanted to do more with my life before getting to those joys. I risked that “normal” life of comfort, to have access to the world I am in now. Read more>>

Kira Lingman | Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Band Manager

Risk taking is not innate. I feel that people find comfort in avoiding risks because the outcome is known. Part of risk taking is being vulnerable, making mistakes, trying out new things and failing. When it comes to pursuing a career as a musician, the odds for financial success are constantly stacked against you while your art is constantly being judged. But that’s no secret, so why would anyone want to take risks to pursue their art?! I think it comes down to identifying what “success” really means to you and your team along with developing realistic goals for you art. Once those are established, taking risks become easier and more focused. The scariness is removed because you know what you want. Producing music is a process that involves, vulnerability, thoughtful insight and conviction, while promoting and developing your brand takes business savvy, hustle and consistency. Read more>>

Shuichi Morimoto | Entertainer ,Fitness Instructor , Dancer and Choreographer

Risk is one of a tools for open up my ability to do something new in my life/ career and using it when I have lots of options in front of me. For example , I used to be a dancer and wanted to be a backup dancer , working for artists and toureing . But I realized that I actully wanted to be a front of camera when I got first commercial job in LA. So I took my risk to stop dancer’s career permently and I was focus on Commercial, Acting and modeling jobs in LA that was extreamly fun and I found many characters in my mind. Read more>>

Julian Ho | Drummer/Producer

Making a living as a musician comes with a lot of risk and reward. Will committing a lot of time to this artist pay off? Will people vibe with my new song? Should I play a dense groove or keep it simple? The choices I make can make or break the music and ultimately my career. It’s a lot of pressure. Instead of focusing on the pressure of risk I prefer to think of risk as opportunity with an unknown outcome. The most meaningful musical moments of my life were a result of embracing risk and accepting the unknown. Read more>>

Lisbeth Scott | Composer, Singer, Songwriter

As an artist in any field, risk taking is a way of life. It is at once terrifying and blissfully rewarding, and it is an absolute necessity. Without taking risks, we as humans never, ever learn what we are truly capable of. To have the temerity to look at an art form and say to yourself “I could do that, and I could make a living doing it” is a unique form of insanity that only creative artists know!! But the interesting thing is, that risk taking is not only essential for artists. It is essential to being an awake and empowered human being. If you don’t risk playing that chord that you don’t normally play, how can you experience where it will take you next? And if you don’t risk saying a bumbling hello to that intriguing person you see in the park every day , how will you ever find out if they are a future love or friend? Risk is an essential part of daily life. Read more>>

Owin Pierson | Content Creator & LGBTQIA+, Mental Health and AAPI Advocate

It all ties into a spherical journey that really changes direction the moment you do. There are so many moments where I had a “clear” fork in the road. To decide one, meant the other was going to be halted. I’m grateful for those hard moments because they lead to so many opportunities I never would have imagined. But also I’ve learned through all the risks, moving across the country, investing thousands into my business, saying yes to travel opportunities(pre-covid), and navigating the influencer space and what my “worth” was monetization wise and time was all a crash course in marketing and business that I don’t think any college course teaches. Being self taught really challenges you to the core and you work 24/7 and sometimes with no results and many failures. However, it’s learning that those failures are actually all stepping stones to the success that truly is better than what you originally thought. Read more>>

Malia Prim | Entrepreneur | Business Owner & Artist

I feel that risks are inevitable in any entrepreneurship setting. Where there is risks there is also satisfaction. The faster you accept that there are risks the quicker your success. I am very familiar with taking risks. As a Black Female Entrepreneur with a college education, risks are at the forefront of every decision. When starting a business we have limited resources and knowledge to financial/business strategies. Systemically there are hurdles that prevent us from getting business loans and other government funded programs. My experience of starting my own business was a major risk due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. I was newly married and expecting my first child when i suddenly was laid off. I was forced to make a decision to better my family, While my husband was fortunate enough to remain employed during this time we had to again take a risk and invest everything we possibly could towards my business. Read more>>

Diane Lefer | Writer and Social Justice Activist

From the time I was a little kid being read to, I loved books and wanted someday to write some. But I grew up in a cautious family and so I assumed I would go to college and prepare for a career or profession that would provide me with a stable middle-class life. I’d write in my spare time and if I became a great success, only then would I leave my job in order to write fulltime. Then I took the risk: I dropped out of college and forgot about economic security. As long as I could keep a roof over my head with freelance and part-time work, I would devote myself to writing. Back then, I didn’t understand that the vast majority of published authors never earn a living from their books. Even if I’d known, I would have gone ahead anyway. I was never able to write fulltime. I did once burst into tears when the laundromat raised the price on the machines and I didn’t know where I’d find the additional quarter. Read more>>

Zaye | Artist

I believe that risk taking is necessary in the art field. If it wasn’t for the risk takers we wouldn’t have the beautiful art we have today and the technology we didn’t even see coming. All because someone took a risk and dared to think outside the box and it worked in their favor. I have adapted the skill of risk taking lately. I mean, I literally dropped out of college recently because it just wasn’t doing it for me. It wasn’t my path anymore. And now that everything is virtual I wasn’t getting the education, in my field of film, that I needed to help me grow as a filmmaker. So, I am now taking the time to really focus on myself and art career. I wanna invest all my time into my art and see how life just unfolds. I know it will work in my favor because I am taking a big risk not getting a degree, but that just makes me wanna work harder and better. Read more>>

Marcus Eaton  Musician

The greater the risk, the greater the reward. I have taken many risks with my life/career and I believe any artist will tell you that simply committing fully to your craft can be a risk. It means that you have chosen 100 percent that there is no plan B. It also means choosing a life that is not conventional. Because of this, when you do have successes it is even sweeter. On the flip side, you end up questioning yourself a lot and you have to work to keep a balance. These modes can help you create your best work as long as you don’t linger in a state of fear or worry. In my case, I am proud that I have remained completely true to my artistic and musical vision which is also risky. Regarding risk in the world, I believe we really need to realize that safety is an illusion and we really need to commit to re-connecting with one another. This pandemic has done some serious harm to our mentality and it is important for all of us to have a vision of the future we want to see. Read more>>

Dominique Vellutato | Singer / Songwriter / Artist

Life is made up of risks. Some, bigger than others. Some, might feel small but end up having a larger reward or teaching a valuable lesson. Read more>>>

Ria Dolly Barbosa | Executive Chef & Partner of Peso Hospitality

When I was in my late teens and just starting my career, someone asked me what I was afraid of the most and I responded by saying I was afraid of taking risks because I was afraid of failing. Just shy of two decades into my career, what scares me the most now is NOT taking the risk and missing out on what could be. It’s safe to say that where I currently am in my personal and professional life is the result of more than a few calculated risks. I think the reason why I was afraid to fail was because I didn’t yet understand that when you do, you are presented with very important lessons I guarantee are necessary to help guide you further down your path. Having been raised in French brigade kitchens, it was a risk to step away from preparing cuisine that a majority of the dining public felt comfortable eating. Read more>>

Jesse Robinson | Actor, Story Producer & Comedian

For me there has always been a certain level of risk involved in working (and attempting to trend upward) in the entertainment industry. My life could be completely different right now had I not taken certain risks or said “yes” to various projects and people. Risk, as it pertains to the entertainment industry, is both immediate and enduring. Should I get in my car to drive ten hours to another city to audition for this role and put my steady day job in jeopardy? Should I move across the country with no guarantees of employment, connections or success? Should I try this brand new joke out on a packed mainstage show? Should I take on the role of an unwelcome individual with a highly questionable sociopolitical stance much different from my own, even if it is for a major network/streaming service? My answer to each of those was “yes”, and I would say that those risks, among several others, have paid off. Read more>>

Jonathan David | Music Production and Mixing

I find that the way we think about risk to be a deeply strange thing. We all seem to have a rather large bias toward viewing our current situation as generally risk free (assuming a stable situation). The comfort of what we know keeps us where we are. This can have obvious benefits but on the downside it seems to, quite often, keep us from seeing its consequences. Comfort is amazing but it’s also an amazing trap. Striving, wanting, trying, yearning – these are all uncomfortable but they are the essential for success. So, when I think about risk I think about the very deep risk of getting too comfortable. If I’m not doing things that make me a little uncomfortable, that push me outside of my comfort zone to move forward, then I’m terrified I’m about to fall into the quick sand of comfort. Because of this, I think that one of the biggest risks we face is letting comfort keep us trapped in its luxurious embrace. Read more>>

Benny Adams | Host, Producer, & Actor

When it comes to risk taking, I will always be 100 percent for it. Steve Harvey said it best “Life is about risks. If you play it safe in life, you aint going to have much of a life. Life is a risk, it takes courage to pursue your dream.” I try my best to live by that quote everyday. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified every time I chose to take a risk, but I’m so happy that I choose to take those chances in my life and career. I honestly do not think I would be where I am today if I did not take risks. One thing about taking risks when it comes to your career is you have to be willing to put in the work. When I moved back to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of becoming a host, I knew i was taking a big chance. I was leaving a good job in Las Vegas and stepping into the unknown. However I knew what my passion was, and what I wanted to do with my life, I worked hard and eventually started seeing results. Read more>>

Steven Rueda | Photographer

I think everyone should take risks. In order to accomplish your goals and dreams , you have to take risks. A lot of my accomplishments are because of the risks I’ve taken. If you don’t take the risk, then you’ll miss out on a lot. You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. So take advantage of every opportunity you get and take that risk. Read more>>

Brittany Christine | Actress & Producer

I’ve always seen risk more as opportunity, possibility, and prospect. Where as others might hear the same word and think threat, jeopardize, uncertainty. It’s not that I don’t see those potential outcomes as well, it’s just that I don’t let them get in the way of all of the good things that could happen too. I look for the truth in all the pros and cons, figure out what’s an exaggeration or fear, re list all facts, then weigh up the, “is it still worth it” and proceed accordingly. So in other words, it may seem like I’m this huge risk taker to the outside world but my movements are always well thought out, discussed with others, and very strategic. I’m the type of girl that loves o take risks- because I also have a couple back up plans. Read more>>

Jada George | Directors Assistant & Content Creator

I am a firm believer in taking risks. I think that when you don’t take risks, you are automatically limiting not only yourself but also your experience. There is so much that the world has to offer and you will never know what works and what doesn’t if you are afraid to take risks. For me, one of the biggest risks that I took was when I decided to move to LA. I had just graduated from college and I knew that I needed to keep the momentum going. I made the decision to pack up and move across the country and thankfully, I have a family that fully supported my decision. While there were a few people questioning whether or not it was the right decision, I knew it was something that I had to do. I didn’t have anything lined up for my move, no job and no apartment, but I knew that LA was the place I needed to be as a director. Read more>>

MaLisa Riley | Author & Business Owner

Risk taking comes with a lot of scarifies. You’ll have long nights, early mornings, you’ll hear no’s and have dollar menu days. There will be times where you have to empty your account to invest in your business. This all comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are the ultimate risk takers. Read more>>

Michelle Danner | Acting Coach and Film Director

My life has been all about taking risks. I left home early, at the age of 17, to move from New York to Los Angeles by myself. I built 2 Theaters and an Art Gallery in Santa Monica and raised a million and a half to do it. When I signed the lease, I was still fundraising and was able to get some fantastic people to believe in the mission of 2 live theaters. We cut the ribbon in September of 2002 with Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw in attendance and many other theater supporters. I started principal photography on a few of my movies without all the funding in place but I believed that it would all come together because every time I tackle a project, whether it would be in my personal life, raising children, or with my career I have faith that it will happen because I visualize it to make it happen. And because of that I enter into my fearless zone. Read more>>

TIMMS | Artist/Musician

I’ve always been attracted to unconventional things. I made a decision when I was younger that if everyone was doing the same thing, I wanted to do something different – you could put that down to an excessively low tolerance for boredom, I suppose, but that desire has pretty much followed me into every area in my life, because it makes me feel most like myself. I was a weird little kid and felt out of place – I was often bullied and teased for the way that I was, but the idea of not being myself was definitely a much worse punishment than the actions of other people who feared something they didn’t understand. One of the first major risks I took in my life, was quitting my various jobs, taking all the money I had made, and moving from my friends and family in South Africa to be an artist in the US. Read more>>

Monseé Wood | Creative Director | Photographer | Director

Risk. It’s necessary to take risk because if you don’t you may not know what is or isn’t possible within reason. I’ve always considered myself to be a strategic and analytical person so I’m totally for taking calculated risk. Read more>>

Kumase “Mas” DeMesma | Basketball Coach/Trainer & Philanthropist

I believe if you don’t take risks, you won’t be highly rewarded. You just have to be smart about which risks you are willing to take. If you take the time to envision the possibilities of taking certain risks, I believe that makes it easier to make good decisions depending on the possible outcomes. The risks I’ve taken have played a huge part in my career. When I decided to play basketball for Narbonne High School, I took a risk on playing for a program that had no championship pedigree. By my senior year, my teammates and I made Narbonne a respectable program again with a LA CITY D2 Championship. Risking playing for small colleges could have ruined my career, but instead it helped introduced me to people who helped get me to play basketball overseas in Germany. Read more>>

Sybil Amuti | Founder, The Great Girlfriends

We’ve all heard the term “bet on yourself” and every time I take a huge risk I’m taking a big bet on myself knowing myself. When I left my cushy 6 figure career to develop in my entrepreneurial journey, the only thing I knew for sure was that God would provide a net and never let me fall completely to the ground. I might come close to the bottom, but I would never actually take on more than I would be able to bear. There have been plenty of moments where I wanted to say no to a big risk but I would oftentimes be reminded in my spirit of all of the sacrifices my ancestors have made so that I get to sit in the position that I’m in and believe big. Because of that, I refuse to quit on the next generation. It’s my job to leap so that they can soar. Read more>>

Emma Eunoia | Photographer and Environmental Enthusiast

When facing situations with an uncertain outcome, the trust and fear within has deeply strengthened my vision and desire to create. From early on it was apparent to me that comfortability can often inhibit progress and growth. Being an artist and an adventurous spirit, I aim to never hold the burden of “what if’s” but rather to keep an open mind and live my life to the fullest extent. Finding myself in situations where there is no choice but to trust in myself has always been a constant. At age 3, I begged my parents to take the training wheels off of my bike without any proper teaching. Reaching the bottom of that big hill all on my own instilled the realization that inherently we all know what we are doing in this life; It’s just a matter of having the confidence to trust in our own process. Read more>>

Daniel Lape | Musician / Musical Director

My thoughts on risk are that no matter what, calculated risk plays a role in every decision made. You’ll generally fall somewhere on the risk scale when you get into situations that can potentially expand your career. Although once in a while it is necessary, I’ll usually avoid the excessive ranges of risk or lack thereof. Almost certain levels of failure due to risk, you might lose that connection, job, etc… But, too little risk and you’ll never grow. Examples from my own career usually come in the form of when a client asks if I can do something that might be new to me. Like performing on an instrument that’s not my normal, or something technical that I may need to research. I’ll normally calculate risk by the amount of time needed to prepare. There have been plenty of times I’ve pulled all-nighters practicing in order to be ready for the job the next day. Was there still a chance of failure, definitely, but I could manage the risk by attempting to be as prepared as possible. Read more>>

Bonique Edwards | Digital Marketing Expert | Leadership Development Coach

When I was 28 years old, my best friend was making plans to visit Italy. She came from a middle class household and I grew up in a family household with limited discretionary income. Vacations for me and my siblings were to Palm Springs, which was a two hour drive from Los Angeles. The idea of traveling to Italy seemed liked something you saw White families do on TV. I personally could not fathom the idea of traveling outside of the country. It seemed unreachable and I perceived it as an opportunity reserved for the middle class or elite. With more than $20,000 in credit card and student loan debt, I was cheering for her on the sidelines. Finally, my friend said to me, “Why aren’t you trying to come with me?” I explained my finances and she said, “Focus on how you can come with me instead of the obstacles that are getting in your way!”. Read more>>

Ricardo Guerrero | Beautypreneur & Jewelry Designer

Risks keep me going! When you take a risk and succeed, you end up with a much higher reward. In my life I have taken many risks in order to keep growing, challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone sometimes can be scary but if don’t take the risk you can be loosing life-changing opportunities. As an entrepreneur I can say I’ve taken many unconventional decisions for example: staring two brands from zero during this pandemic. People were saying “oh you’re crazy” “this is not going to work” etc but I didn’t listen, I took the risk and my savings to start a beauty line and a jewelry line. By the end of 2020 both of my brands were profitable and sales keep going up. Life is about taking risks- go after your goals, never settle, and most importantly BE FEARLESS. Read more>>

Jessie Yarborough | Makeup Artist

The only reason I have a career is because I took risks, and continue to do so. I think risks are the best and most important adventure you could endeavor. I packed two bags and took a one way ticket to LA from North Carolina with no money and just hope. I reached out to anyone and would work for anyone who would give me a chance, and said yes to jobs that I didn’t know if I actually could do what they needed, but knew I could figure it out. I think the only way to accomplish big things is taking risks and making your own path. If I would’ve followed what I was told to do, and not taken the risk, I would not be doing what I love. Read more>>

Anthony McRae | Actor, Model & Entrepreneur

I believe that the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. So in my life I’ve only ever taken big risks for my career. Risks to me are opportunities, for you to learn about yourself. Risks help you learn about the person you’re becoming, your work ethic, your habits, and what kind of career you will create for yourself. You have to be willing to take the biggest risk for your dreams, knowing that tomorrow you might now see the progress from those risks. Once a person can accept all that comes with risks, I believe possibilities are limitless. Each year I present myself with bigger risks and bigger obstacles, and each year I’ve have overcame them and became more successful than the predecessor (past years). Read more>>

Alexis Brubaker | Home-Based Studio Florist

I don’t risk my life driving like a maniac on the freeway, I don’t take financial risks, and I don’t take any risks at those restaurants with a big “B” rating on their front window (yuck!). I follow a very straight and narrow path- I like rules and believe they are there for a reason. In terms of my former background in the medical field, there was never room for error, therefore risks were never taken, and I was good with that because it suited my Type-A personality. Whether I was giving advice as a nutritionist, or administering medications as a nurse, taking risks meant that I could lose my license, or more detrimental, it could lead to harming a patient. When I worked in the medical field I had a steady paycheck and vacation days, but my husband pointed something out to me that took me awhile to understand- at the end of the day I was doing a “job”. Read more>>

Chris Silcox | Filmmaker, Actor & Stunt Performer

I’m a stunt performer, so risk is built into my job description. But I wasn’t always a stunt performer. I started out as an actor. Acting in plays in school, while I was also a competitive gymnast. That turned into an NCAA career, while I pursued my BFA in Acting. After that, a stint with Cirque Du Soleil creating and performing in their new shows and then… stunts! In all seriousness I never wanted to do stunts. I didn’t even know it was a job! Yet here I am risking my limbs, and sometimes my life, for entertainment. Risk initially meant possibly looking like a fool. In my acting work I have to do that daily and the fear always diminishes as I get more experience and share more of my work. Moving to a new city with no money that was risky. So was making my first short films and putting them out into the world. The risk in my life and career is front and center now. It’s visceral for me. Read more>>

Terry Ray | Actor, Writer & Producer

I’m an actor, writer and producer. There’s nothing I do in my career that isn’t a complete risk. Will I get this role? If I write this script will anyone buy it? If I take on this project will I be able to convince others to invest their time, energy or money into it with me? The occupation that I have chosen, that gives me joy and fulfillment, is “risky” on its best day. One major way of how I survive from one day to the next is I keep my expenses low, which takes the pressure off of the need to make money. Of course I have to make some money, but when I have a bit of a windfall–from a role or a project I make that does well, I make that money last. It’s not a fancy car that gives me joy–it’s telling a story. So if telling a story is my priority, I have to live like it’s my priority. I save fancy restaurants for very special occasions only. I drive a used Prius, which I’m 100% happy doing because I don’t have the pressure to make those payments. Read more>>

James Larsse | Director

Without risk there is no progression. As a director it is important to embrace change and the unknown. One can only achieve creative diversity by taking risks and trying things that are outside of their comfort zone. Taking chances and accepting the outcome (both positive and negative) is essential in my occupation in order to grow creatively. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received is that if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. It’s about being ready for when opportunity strikes but it is also about staying on your grind and knowing when to bet on yourself. No one is going to believe in you if you don’t first believe in yourself as a director. We are told “no” way more than we are told “yes” and it’s up to you to prove you can do what is required. Proof is in the work and if you stay safe, your work will reflect that. Read more>>

Amie Enriquez | Actor, Writer & Puppeteer

I never considered myself much of a risk taker, but when I look back on every thing in my life that got me to where I am today, it was all thanks to taking massive risks! Risk is terrifying for someone who has difficulty letting go of control. To say “yes”, to jump into something without knowing the outcome or at least very heavily weighing out all of the possible outcomes is a risk in itself. One of the biggest risks that I took in life was going to a rehab center to get treatment for eating disorders. I had to trust the process of getting worse before you get better, to “let go and let God”, to share the deepest parts of my soul to rooms full of strangers in group therapy and 12 step meetings. That risk paid off. I am here today, healthy and thriving. The most recent risk I took was last year when I wrote my solo show, “Lightweight”. It is based on my experience in treatment centers, dealing with family during recovery, and overcoming addiction. Read more>>