Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Doc Ventura | Musician, Songwriter, Broadcaster and Promoter

You must pay attentions to human details above technical details. You’ve got to slow down the merry-go-round enough so people have a chance to get on board. If its spinning too fast people will walk away. Put a handle on it. I sometimes think of my performance in terms of how it impacts the least engaged person…someone who is very casual about music and perhaps even fickle about it. I like to make music for those true blues fans and I can connect with them on many levels naturally; we share the same taste. Read more>>

PG Culture | 3EO’s – 3 Executive Officers

The most important factor behind our success is how we are able to bring pop culture references to our products. Surprisingly picking names for our products isn’t easy but it sure is fun. For example, we have a blueberry waffle scented candle named “I’m Making Waffles” which is a line from the 2000 film Shrek and another candle named “They See Me Rolling” which is a lyric from 2005 hit Ridin’ by Chamillionaire. Read more>>

Ashli Haynes | Entrepreneur & Actor

The most important factor behind my success is my intention. In everything I do, whether that’s my candles, tarot, 21 Sundays, or my creative expression, my intention is always to empower and inspire. I’ve found when stay true to myself and my intention, everything lines up and those who resonate with the work naturally gravitate to me. When my energy shifts away from that and becomes more concerned with external validation, that’s when I feel the least heard and the least valued. Ultimately, I find the most success when I remain authentic, heart-centered, and intentional. Read more>>

Miggie Wong | Artist

“ Arts keep me alive and teach me to survive.” -Miggie Wong Read more>>

lullaboy | Artist & Producer

As a musical artist, some people might think talent or connections are the most important but the truth is that we would be nothing without the fans. I’ve felt that way from the beginning of my journey and that will always remain the same. I have this belief that if you say you just want to create and you don’t care if people like your art or not, you can just save your singing for the shower. Art to me is about connecting to people… helping others not feel so alone and realising in the process that you aren’t alone either. Read more>>

Ryan Yamashita | Community Builder & Ocean Resin Artist

I’d say the biggest factor behind the success of my brand has definitely been community. Prior to the pandemic, a lot of my time was spent filling my weekends with volunteer opportunities for various surf and skate organizations. As the lockdowns went into place though, I lost that major part of my life and definitely felt that absence when we were no longer able to see everyone in person. Read more>>

Coco Clem | Swimwear & Surface Pattern Design

I feel the success of Coco Clem is from a combination of things: mending a hole in the swimwear market, and not compromising on my creative expression. While I aspire to be size inclusive with my silhouettes, my hand illustrated textile prints aren’t for everyone’s taste, which I kind of love. Read more>>

Sarah Desage | Creator of WILLO LA

WILLO LA was created as a gift, with the idea of making someone happy, and it remains the most important factor behind the brand. The Christmas after I had my second child, my diaper budget ate into my Christmas budget. It was a year when lots of family member were getting together, and I felt a bit at a loss in terms of what to give. I decided I was going to make gifts from the heart, aka handmade gifts. The first WILLO necklaces were created and they were very well-received! Read more>>

Aaron Valencia | Founder of the Lost Angels Children’s Project (LACP) & Philanthropist

Community. Without the support of our community, Lost Angels would not have the opportunity to join youth on their amazing journey to self-empowerment, independence, . . . adulthood. We are blessed to work with youth every day building custom automobiles and smashing barriers to their progress one at a time. This dream job wouldn’t be possible without the incredible support, generosity and guidance we receive from our community. Read more>>

Keely Totten | Yogini, Mother, Student, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

The most important factor of success behind KULE Yoga & Ayurveda is practice, studentship, and tradition. I, as the owner, always engage in active studentship to apply the ancient principles of Yoga & Ayurveda into my life. I aim always to deepen my understanding to serve the community. I have guidance from my teachers and study closely and consistently. This helps to keep me and the business rooted in truth. Anyone who works for KULE Yoga & Ayurveda does the same. They share yoga from their experience of Yoga, as a practice and a way of life. Read more>>

Nate Bradley | Olive Oil and Vinegar Store Owner

I truly feel that there are two really important factors that have lead to the overall success of my company. The first being our ability to offer the absolute highest quality product on the market, while simultaneously keeping our prices affordable. Secondly, we’ve been very successful in educating the public on why they should care about what we’re offering. This product education has come in the form of daily tastings, in person presentations and more recently Zoom classes. As result, the vast majority of my business comes from word of mouth and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Read more>>

London Basquiat (King) | Artist / Designer / Tattoo artists / Musician / Body painter / Muralist / Sneaker designer / Clothing designer / Fashion designer / Toy designer / Bottle painter for Macy’s

I think that the most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is my drive . My constant WANT to succeed. To win. To get better, and be better. I did not come from much growing up. I was never given the necessary tools in order to succeed. With every obstacle that has been given to me throughout my years on this earth, I refuse to give up. Read more>>

Roshni “Rush” Bhatia | Movie Director, Writer and Producer

There are several factors that have contributed to my growth in the film industry. For example, the friends I made back in film school that I still collaborate with, or the unconditional support from my parents back in India, or simply the icons that have inspired me to become the filmmaker I am today (Richard Matheson, Shirley Jackson, Rod Serling, James Cameron, etc.). However, I strongly believe that it was my persistence towards finishing projects that led to my “incremental” growth and progression, in turn also allowing me to explore wider avenues of storytelling and opening up to ideas I once was afraid to tackle. Read more>>

Trey Lucas | Founder of Motiv8 The Culture

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is really leaning on the reason WHY I started. Motiv8 The Culture is more than just an athletic brand. It is a lifestyle rooted in the experience of the football STUDENT-athlete. Motiv8 The Culture is defining what it means to truly be a STUDENT-athlete. Our goal as a brand is to create a CULTURE of athletes who believe academics are just as important as making plays on the field. We achieve this goal with our overall message and engaging events ranging from college tours, conferences, panelist discussions, business attire clothing drives, and much more. Read more>>

Hanna & Anne-Louise | Habbi Habbi Reading Wand & Bilingual Books

Staying focused on the *long term.* For us, that means building a brand and product that make it easier to teach kids Spanish and Chinese … no-screens, play-based bilingual learning accessible for all families. We (try to!) remind ourselves not to worry too much about short term ups and downs, and avoid activities that might yield a quick sale but don’t serve the brand over time (like excessive paid ads, giveaways, discounting). Instead, we try to focus our energy on things like product quality and content. Read more>>

Ren Scott | Photographer & Actor

The most important factor, of not only my personal success, but who I am as a man, is my relationship with Jesus Christ. My brand was built on the understanding that my life and my career, is not my own. And all things I do, I should do to the glory of God. Glass Darkly was birthed from 1 Cor. 13:12 which explains how we see the world; “through a glass darkly” but eventually we will see Jesus face to face. Who is the essence of truth, love, and peace in this world which echos what we search for in the art of photography, and art in general. Read more>>

Necole Key | Independent Artist Manager / Indie Label A&R Administrator /Music Supervision Coordinator

LOVE I have to LOVE what I am doing and I have to do it in love. I won’t even cook if I can’t do it in LOVE no matter if I follow the recipe exactly if it is not in love it comes out awful . My love for sports kept me talking about the game. My relationship  with sports far exceeds a fanatic. The game saved my life.   I had a situation where I was forced into an abusive marriage. I was so young, the only thing I knew about myself was Jesus was my Lord and Savior, I love Sunny Delight, I only wanted to drive a car that was stick shift  (every girl should learn to drive stick)  and I LOVE MY LOS ANGELES LAKERS. Read more>>

Kevin Dippold | Music Producer / Film Mixer

For me it’s always been my obsession with music and sound. Ever since I started playing the guitar at age 13 I’ve been fascinated and driven to explore this field. I’ve always wanted to know how things work, probably from an even younger age. But once I learned the guitar, I found the missing piece of the puzzle that allowed me to break things apart and put them back together again. The more I learned about music and sound the more I loved it. It was a feedback loop that allowed me to learn from myself. Read more>>

Bryan Lysaght | BLJ the Artist | Modern Contemporary Artist, activist, mental health advocate and entrepreneur

FEARLESS. My approach towards art/craft was fearless, because fear of the unknown inhibits creativity. Being opened to uncertainty allows me to get creative while being present, making space, and inviting Inspiration. Read more>>

Yusuke Watanabe | Visual Development Artist & Children’s Book Illustrator

Being healthy, cherishing the time I spend with my family and friends, and keep making my artworks are my successes. I want to keep drawing comics, making picture books, and making animations. I want to make them individually, and I also want to collaborate as a team. It would be great to have an exhibition as well. So many things that I want to do! If you do not draw what you want to when you want, you will miss the chance to know your destination. Therefore, it is also my success and happiness to make what I want to make at the moment I want to make it. Read more>>

Fernando Marrero | Actor, Producer, Stuntman

My faith in God & my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. I’m an individual that was dealt a raw deal in Life & could’ve easily fell by the wayside. However my faith always remained staunchly unwavering. Read more>>

Katie Covington | Baker & Sugar Artist

I would say passion, but I think the key factor in my success is actually putting all of my passion into the right place: the product itself. Several years ago, I started a business selling children’s products with my illustrations on them. I was passionate about my art, and about making my business succeed, but that passion didn’t have a focus. I tried to do too many things at once, from drawing characters and getting the products made, to business plans and marketing. All of that is important for a business of course, but I had a thousand postcards printed before I had even tried to sell anything. Ultimately that business didn’t succeed. Read more>>

Jabari Butler | Chef & Instructor

The Passion & The People. I cook because I love food. The marriage of science and art excites me more than anything else. I want to eat it. I want to talk about it. I am her student. I am positive that my clients feel the passion that goes into the food I cook. I think it shines in my smile when I am proud of a completed dish or am asked to explain what I’m serving or doing. Read more>>

Pauline Herr | Music Producer, Singer, Songwriter

I get asked this quite a bit (although it’s usually worded a bit differently) and there are a few things that I’ve found to be important when you’re starting a brand or artist project. Ever since I started doing music I’ve always naturally been drawn to being supportive of other artists and giving back to my community in some way. I think doing this has really helped me grow my fan base even more and create closer bonds within my circle of artist friends. The more people that you support and lift up, the more they’ll do the same for you. That being said, do things out of the good of your heart and don’t expect someone to do the same for you every time. It’ll all come back around eventually, so just be kind and don’t look at other artists as your competitors. Read more>>

Rob Hill | Fine Artist & Designer

Some of the most important factors behind my success comes from finding a balance between life and passion, having a diverse mind, and not being boxed in. One has to carve time in their daily schedule to focus on the present and relax. Keeping the mind free is essential and its not always easy as I have had to sacrifice a lot to be alone and fully focused on my craft. However, one should not forget to reward themselves for their efforts and find time to take a vacation, visit loved ones, and or try something new. Do not box yourself in and get lost in the work flow, it’s about a balance. Read more>>

Marcie Gilbert | Executive Director and Co-Founder

What is the most important factor behind your success / the success of your brand? Marcie Gilbert, Executive Director and Co-Founder: Our organizational culture is built upon the the program we deliver, Connections. Connections is a listening circle and storytelling process that invites us to come together in a safe, brave space where we can speak and listen from our hearts. All aspects of our organization are integrated and shaped by Connections, e.g., how we conduct meetings, how we share leadership, our emphasis on relationship, community, and celebrating each person’s contributions. Read more>>

Matt Norden | Singer-songwriter

The lesson I relearn at least once a week is ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself.’ The less you have to rely on other people the better off you are. It’s difficult because as an unsigned DIY artist you have to be a jack of all trades: writing, recording, mixing, promoting, performing etc. But with the help of advancing technology and professor Google it has never been easier to be a bedroom business. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist so the more control I retain over a song or merchandise, the better off it’ll be. Read more>>

Alicia Blas | Garden and product designer. (Gardenologist). Mom of 2 fabulous love bugs. Master Gardener who knows her plants. Spirited soul that feels 100% connected to the Universe!

I feel like what put me in the direction of a successful entrepreneur was when I changed the definition of success for myself! I work the hardest on things that I love the most. Raising my boys (ages 27 and 25), building gardens for people that fit their vibe and life style. Creating friendships that are real and connected. Always knowing that the Universe has my back. Knowing almost every single plant that works in zone 9 (LA,CA) and always trying to be a bit better tomorrow then I was yesterday! These are all things that fall under the “definition of success.” Read more>>

Marabina Jaimes | Emmy Award Winning Host, Actress, Voice Talent

Constantly learning new things. I like to think of actors like trees…the more branches you grow, the more opportunities you create for yourself. I’m an Emmy winner (PBS “ Storytime!”) who does it all: from Stage, Television, Film to Hosting/Interviewing, to all genres of Voice Over (Commercials, Animation, Video Games, Narration, Audio Books, Dubbing, ADR) and I do it in two languages! Read more>>

Tony Brown | Executive Director of Heart of Los Angeles

I want the world to know that every individual has the potential to do good in this world with their own unique talents/ We just need to be given that chance to reach our full potential. And that is what Heart of L.A. (HOLA) does for the youth in our community. Read more>>

Autumn Shelton | CFO and Co-Founder of Autumn Brands

Being successful takes an incredible team of like minded individuals that each bring their own unique skills to the table. Autumn Brands is successful because of our dynamic team of owners and staff, the fact that we stay true to our vision and who we are and that we are constantly communicating with each other and our consumers. Read more>>

Ike Elimsa | Director of Twelve12

The most important factor that has contributed to the success of Twelve12, and I believe for any company, is integrity. Although not solely in the traditional definition of the word, but a multifaceted, wall to wall, 360 degree view of integrity in which honesty with ourselves, our team, and our clients and customers is the number one priority. Being honest with ourselves is the first step towards integrity, meaning we must understand our abilities and limitations in order to provide a product or service that we truly believe in. Read more>>

Porsha Harris | Vice President/General Agent

The most important factors behind my success are my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, consistency and NOT giving up! Read more>>

Mezuo | Artist/Producer

There’s a lot of factors that have played into the success of my brand thus far, which makes it difficult to pinpoint just one. The fact that I was able to balance college and my creative pursuits in an extremely rigorous environment gave me a different level of confidence navigating life outside of school. It equipped me with top tier time management skills because I was striving to operate at the highest level on both ends. I can comfortably say you need the time management skills to build a career as an artist because there are plenty of factors outside of the art itself. I remain grateful for my foundation as I look back on my journey thus far. Read more>>

Michael Osborne | Retired, Graphic Designer and current woodworker.

A few things come to mind, but I suppose hard work, more hard work, and harder work is the obvious answer. It’s helpful that I was fortunate enough to work at something I truly loved and was passionate about. Being a designer wasn’t really like a job- it’s just who I was and what I did. That doesn’t mean it was easy. It wasn’t. But if more people loved and were actually passionate about their work this would be a much happier world. Being diligent about my work, in a consistent manner, and surrounding myself with brilliant people was always a good formula for me and my business. There is much to say about showing up in this way Every- Single- Day. Read more>>

Emily Goodson | CEO of CultureSmart & Motivational Speaker on Resilience

Vulnerability. True success in my business started in fall 2020 when I embraced complete vulnerability and surrender. I started my business at the beginning of January 2020 to create workplace cultures where everyone feels accepted. I advise early-stage startups (typically in the Series A or Series B stages) on scaling culture. I also partner with later stage start-ups in need of culture transformation help. Read more>>

Brinley Amicon | Guitarist

Although I am most definitely microscopic in the “guitar world,” I prioritize keeping the music as the focal point of my career— music opposed to gender, appearance, etc. I fully comprehend the benefits of being a female guitarist. Despite this, I do not want, nor expect a hall-pass or pity claps because of my gender. I would like to work towards a world where women, being talented and knowledgeable, is not seen as “abnormal.” Read more>>

Tomi Dieguez | Director & Creator / Father of three

The most important decision that made me who I am today was some years ago when I went through a big career crisis. Coming from the arts, my Commercial Director career and working for the advertising industry began to erode my guts and felt like a detour from my “real career” as an “artist”. Such a cliché I know… But that night, in the middle of an insomniac internal monologue I asked myself “what is it that you would love to be doing that you are not?”. Read more>>

Marie Delepiere | French baker and Pastry chef

I started baking out of my Brooklyn apartment in March 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, and demand for home deliveries in New York struck an all time high, as of course it did nationwide. At first, I started baking for the family, but quickly realized that I had a unique marketplace literally on my doorstep. My son and I positioned ourselves on our Greenpoint stoop offering sealed cups of freshly squeezed lemonade from a table filled with individually bagged freshly baked croissants, pains au chocolat, baguettes and brioches, and then waited for the Sunday morning foot traffic to pass us by; everyone stopped, everyone bought. Read more>>