There are often countless factors that go into why someone or some brand is successful, but in our research and conversations with successful entrepreneurs and creatives we’ve found that most can usually point to one or a few factors that played an outsized role in the success. We’ve shared some of those conversations below.

Nichola Fynn | Actress & Producer

I hope I can say I am successful. I am just so grateful I have been able to work in jobs I love. I adore acting and entertaining so much. Comedy found me I always thought I would be a dramatic actress after admiring Kate Winslet in the blockbuster film ‘Titanic’. I seemed to play more comedic roles more then anything and I luckily found I had a good response. But in saying that I have also had the chance to play dramatic roles so am glad I have had a the chance to play a mixture of Comedy and Drama. As you can’t always pick auditions or roles they just seem to come to you. Read more>>

Kelly Sweeney | Professional Dancer

The most successful factor behind my success / brand is my work ethic. Since a young age, I’ve always been extremely competitive with myself, always wanting to do better and be better. I am so passionate about my craft, so I give it my full attention and energy. It’s something I’m very proud of! Read more>>

Audrey Hope | Spiritual Healer & Trauma Therapist

The most precious jewel a human being can possess is inner peace from being true to themselves. The gold is to never sell out, to never give your power away and to never waiver from your higher calling. This is not easy to do, it takes courage to face the firing flames of purification, called life. I never imagined that when I started my path that I could find a career that would allow me to be so fully myself, where I could utilize all my gifts and life experiences and be able to make good money from it. It has been a wonderful surprise and it has proven to me that when you commit to becoming your best self and when you decide to heal everything that blocks you life purpose and magic will find you. Read more>>

Gigi Robinson | Digital Creator

I would say the most important factor behind the success of my brand has been figuring out how to use my creativity in positive ways to benefit people within certain communities that I identify with. That mainly comes from fundamental design and branding ideation that I have spent the past few years chopping up. I focus on creating content for college students, people with chronic illness, clean beauty and overall working in a creative field. Some thing that I do every single day is teach myself how to learn a new style of content, new editing process, or even just watching a YouTube video from a different creator to see what’s popular right now. Read more>>

Brandyn Hernandez | CEO

Well, I believe success is subjective, I truly feel that the foundation of all of our success has been authenticity. I believe sincerity & being genuine has taken me further than I ever imagined. From every picture taken, every comment made, it truly is me and how I truly feel. It seems like people do things that will get them noticed, or shock value or just trends in general, which is where my love/hate relationship with social media is rooted. I’ve learned that if I just continue to be real, it allows me to be comfortable in my own skin and as a byproduct, it make my brand so relatable. I represent for the normal people of the world! Read more>>

Kelsey Tikker | Boutique Owner & Hairstylist

I think the most important factor behind the success of Hive is consistency. Our core values are the foundation of every decision we make. We were founded as an Eco-Friendly Salon and Boutique, and remain to this day. That is the bottom line of everything we do. After that, we are a full service salon. We cultivate and maintain meaningful relationships with our clientele, many of whom share the same values as we do. I believe people are drawn to Hive because we are an Eco-Friendly salon, but they stay because it’s a friendly and welcoming place. You can come hang out, have fun, and leave with great hair. Read more>>

Ashleigh Taylor | Portrait Photographer

I think the #1 thing that has lead to my success has been the ability I have to just DIVE RIGHT IN when I want something. When I decide to go after something, I don’t waffle. I just go for it. I put my whole heart into it. I become obsessive. This can sometimes be a bad thing because I am not always cautious or weighing all the possible outcomes. But at the same time I know my ability to just go all in on something with enthusiasm has been my catalyst for success. If you are always waiting for the right time to make a move or the right time to pursue a dream, will it ever come? Does success just come knocking on your door saying “ok now it’s your time to shine?” I don’t think it does. Read more>>

Raimondo Rossi | Stylist & Photographer

I would say it’s creating your own style in your works. I never imitate anyone, not when I style myself or other people, neither when I take portraits or write an editorial for magazines. My way to work comes from listening to myself. This way I can give to the customers a unique work. Also, never let people put you down. In the fashion industry and in photography there is a lot of competition and sometimes envy. I do my job with a very relaxed approach. Read more>>

Vibha Sharma | Conscious Business, Metaphysical, Spiritual & Mindfulness Life Coach

In today’s world, everybody is looking for ways and means to deal with daily stress and to feel better. Stressful situations and high levels of anxiety from a job or relationship can develop into physical manifestations, leading to low energy, poor nutrition, overeating, or even illness. Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world anew.” Einstein established the impression that can be made when we nurture our perception to allow ourselves to view alternative perspectives and imagine greater possibilities. Read more>>

Ozlem Altingoz | Film Director

I think the overwhelming majority of people give up.But I did not.I have done many amazing things and still get to do what I most want to do.Believe in yourself.Don’t be afraid to be a pest or bother other people. The only way to move forward is to take action.Don’t give up.Try always make the best.And keep going..Most important thing is goal.Be creative and make it happen. Don’t let other people block or drop you down if you want to reach your dreams.. Read more>>

Saidy Salas | Beauty Artist & Owner

My brand is now three years old it flew by right before my eyes. The key I have discovered to having a successful brand is knowing what makes your brand special and rare will causes you to standout. My business is in the beauty industry it is a heavily saturated market. Starting up I knew I had to create something new and different. Many beauty salons only offer one kind of service which is cool if you just want to do brows….. As a entrepreneur I captured my niche and ran with it. The beauty artist in me specializes in brows, lashes and makeup I also love skin care these are my talents that I truly focus on. Read more>>

Eraina Ferguson | Author & Tech Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my brand is that it is honest and organic. As the parent of a special needs child, three other children, and a bust husband, I have always been honest about the challenges that I face. However, I have been unapologetic about highlighting the good. Despite everything that is happening in the world around us, I think oftentimes people are ashamed of the good. The things that make us smile are worth celebrating. It encourages others to highlight their good. Read more>>

Melissa Okabe | Real Estate Agent

I believe the most important factor behind my success is focusing on community and prioritizing relationships. My business is highly referral based, so without these strong relationships and the support from my community I would not be in the place I am today. I’m so grateful for my amazing friendships, business relationships, interpersonal relationships that have holistically contributed to my life and my intention is to constantly reflect that value and love back towards others. Read more>>

Tim Sabatino | Artist, Director & Photographer

The most important factor for me is to continue moving forward towards success no matter what happens in my life. To flourish and prosper no matter what. When I say success, I mean survival. As an artist and photographer in Los Angeles, I have been attacked by competition and people who just like to squash artists. So to keep my mind set in the future and on my future goals without letting myself get down due to invalidation has worked the best for me. I am definitely a hard worker, meaning I work a lot, long hours, 7 days per week with a positive attitude. I am excited to book every job. Read more>>

3rd Ai | Artistan, Painter & Muralist

One thing I always love myself or others for is being Versatile. I feel that in itself opens so many more doors to creatively being able to collaborate with others and looking at the problem at hand and finding the best way to achieve a finished product. That idea in itself I feel like some creative people don’t understand how that is relevant. I think about this a lot, and I believe that I wouldn’t of been as successful if I had limited way to bring a clients image to life. Read more>>

Jay of JLC Imagery | Photographer & Designer

Networking! The action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. One of the tips that I five to friends or people trying to gain professional, paid, or celebrity clients. I’m not afraid to shoot for a super low rate or at times free in order to gain a client. A strong network has granted me opportunities that are great towards reaching the goals that I have set. As we all know, everyone knows someone, especially in major cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, New york. Hint: Networking events via Facebook, Eventbrite. Read more>>

Caden Weatherly | Creative Director

The most important factor behind my success so far would be pushing myself to do things I didn’t think I was ready for. There have been so many projects where I am in over my head, but it forces me to learn new things immediately. I would encourage anyone who is creating a business to not turn down opportunity just because you don’t think you are ready. You’re a lot more capable than you let yourself think. This month I celebrated 1 year of my business, it has been the most unbelievable year I could have asked for. I have gotten so many opportunities that I never would have expected in just a year working. Read more>>

Greg Reitman | Founder & CEO

Like all businesses your brand says a thousand word and essentially is your identity. Without it your customers will be lost. As the CEO Founder of Blue Water Entertainment, we’ve taken our brand and identity very seriously. With the advent of COVID-19, the online business has now become the norm. Has a response, we’ve taken notice how important is to protect one ‘s brand especially online. In 2020, our production company, Blue Water Entertainment launched the online virtual Blue Water Summit in conjunction with the online Blue Water Film Festival. We believe the environment is of the utmost importance and is synonymous with the Blue Water brand. Read more>>

Nina Childs | Writer & Producer

I truly intrinsically believe that one of the key factors behind my ‘sucess’ is my relentless willingness to just keep going. Hollywood is a long game. You just have to keep putting 1 foot in front of the other. I have so many friends that are getting starring roles in films and tv shows now after 6-8 years of struggling and auditioning in LA. So for me its always on to the next show, the next film, the next project, the next collaboration. Next is like my favorite word. You just have to keep going! Read more>>