How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career?  Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Kayte Sabicer: Model Maker & Artist

I look at risk as an important part of moving forward. Risk is always scary, and my immediate reaction is usually a sick feeling in my stomach and lots of worried nights- but in the end those are the times that I get pushed out of my comfort zone and end up proving my abilities and getting farther than I thought was possible. Looking back at all the most pivotal times in my career it all involved risk. Taking an unpaid internship with the hope it would lead to a career. Moving to LA and taking on the expense of an apartment I couldn’t afford and just believing I’d get enough work to make ends meet. Turning down one job because I was counting on the better job to come through. Accepting a job that was completely out of my skillset and trusting I could figure it out as I went along. Taking on freelance work with bids and budgets outside of the studio system and learning how to be independent. Getting the confidence to make career decisions based on morals and ethics and not compromising my own mental health for the sake of a few bucks. Read more>>

Crystal Camille: Founder / CEO of THE BEAUTY CZAR

As they say, “No risk, no reward!” My business THE BEAUTY CZAR is based off of taking a risk. I like to call it taking a leap of faith. Starting off I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just knew God had called me to start a business in the beauty industry and so I did. It was a huge risk for me because I am not familiar with the business aspects and taking on an entrepreneurial role. I knew taking this leap of faith would change me and mold me into walking more intentionally in my purpose. So, I risked it all by quitting my 80K salary job and dived into my beauty business. So far God has been by my side, walking me through every step of my new role. This risk has landed me and my business in New York Fashion Week, Getty Images, my products are on models featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, Elle magazine, Bazaar magazine, International Beauty Shows, and published in several well-known blogs. Taking the leap of faith was one of the best decisions of my life. Read more>>

Steven Blake: Lead Singer/Songwriter for Animal Sun

In the music industry you can pretty much sum up the entire experience as one big “risk”. However, for those that have been in it long enough know that it can be a calculated one as long as you don’t fall into the countless pitfalls along the way to the top. When Animal Sun started back in 2015, we were just a group of freshman attending a small east coast university in Virginia who couldn’t get 10 people to listen at an on campus event. We risked everything and gradually, VERY gradually worked our way up to open mic nights, coffee shops, bars, smaller local stages, college parties, and eventually opening for larger national acts before moving to LA in 2019. We’ve slept on floors, worked every awful part time job imaginable, gave up any chance of a future that includes a stable career, survived on Wendy’s 4 for 4’s for weeks because we couldn’t afford groceries, slept in our cars, lost countless friends, made even more enemies, the list goes on. Read more>>

Mphatso Mgangira: Actor, Writer

If I did not take any risks in life, you would not be reading this. I first took the Risk to leave my very comfortable life in South Africa to move out here to the U.S. We all have different perspectives in life and for me it was to branch off and learn new things, acquire new passions and skills. In order to do that, I had to take the risk. Then towards my last year of college, I took another risk by taking an acting class. This risk has led to where my story begins. Read more>>

Michelle Dinh: Illustrator

I think of risk as chance, a factor that contrasts the expected and formulated plans. Risk has played a main role in my life. I chose to pursue my dream of being an artist opposed to following what my family wanted. My family wanted me to choose a stable career but I wanted to do what made me happy. I’m still in the early stages of my career and figuring things out so at the moment so there are many times that my choice seems bleak. Sometimes the unknown is terrifying and sometimes the unknown is adventurous and exciting. Read more>>

Jourdan Scott: Director of Photography & Designer

I think risk are necessary for growth. I read somewhere your life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so for me taking risk is my way of getting out of my comfort zone. I can remember a time in 2016 when I felt complacent at my job and had a conversation with a good friend of mine. De’Zhon who recommended “The Alchemist” to me. I read the book and when I read it it helped me take the risk of diving fully into photography. I quit my job and applied my work ethic to getting better at photography and it brought me to where I am now. I recently took another risk in moving to Long Beach to pursue my creative career even further. I always believed you have to be your biggest fan and bet on yourself every time. Read more>>

Bessie Barker: Bestselling Author, Master Coach & Speaker

Winston Churchill famously said, “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure, without lack of enthusiasm”. I would wiggle that quote a little and say, in my life, success has been my ability to go from risk to risk, without lack of enthusiasm. One of the greatest risks I ever took was a few months after I had just given birth to my first child: and my husband asked if I would be willing to give away, not sell, everything we owned (millions worth). Then leave our celebrity lifestyle, red-carpets, speaking engagements, etc., and live penniless in a small van, for a social experiment: to find the meaning of life and test out, firsthand, if all that God, faith, ‘Universe-will-provide’ stuff everyone reads about was real or just hype. I took a deep breath, realized I wanted more from my life, and decided to stake all I had on a “Yes”.  BEST. DECISION. EVER! Read more>>

Shannon Corbeil: Actor & Writer

Working in a creative field means taking on financial risk for each project and preparing to potentially “fail” in public. Any mistakes or missed opportunities are intrinsically made in front of an audience. What I’ve learned is that I can’t let fear of failure hold me back. I can mitigate risks by educating myself, honing my craft, and recruiting a stellar team to help me, but I have to keep making forward progress in order to succeed. In this way, success itself is redefined as the act of creating, continuing to improve, and growing as an artist. Read more>>

Amaya Williams: KC/LA Photographer

Risks are challenging because it is saying I am willing to step out of what I am sure of into the unknown. Most of my life I’ve played it safe. It wasn’t until I turned 25 that I decided to take the biggest risk of my life. I moved to California with no real plan; just savings, clothes and hopes for the best. I’d say that relocating not only brought about a mind of entrepreneurship but survival and success. I think risk taking is necessary. If we hold ourselves back from what we truly desire, we’ll never see what life could have taken us. I am a believer that most of the time, not all, but most of the time taking risks will lead us to true destiny. Read more>>

Willow Stephens: Musician / Songwriter

My fear of risk taking almost kept me from pursuing my career in music. I was on track to be a teacher thinking I’d just fit music into my life here and there. I’m a recovering perfectionist and I love to plan and be in control. An entrepreneurial life as an independent musician was the scariest thing I could imagine. There was a pivotal moment where I realized I was running away from using my greatest gifts–from the one thing that only I can do. I realized later that playing it “safe” is a risk in and of itself. If I had chosen to shy from the intended purpose for my life, I would have lost out on so much! Right now the chalkboard in my studio say “Have the courage to go big and fail!” That’s something I’m working on applying to my life and business decisions every day. Read more>>

Adrienne Stratton: Behavioral Health Specialist, Intuitive, Medium

I have been a risk taker all of my life, and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Being naturally curious and adventurous, pushing the envelope, exploring the not so conventional areas, and striving for success in all of my endeavors has been the major theme of my life. Early in my professional career I was driven for the promotion, the higher salary, the prestige, and recognition by my peers and corporate leadership. I chased job opportunities, and changed jobs often, frequently risking it all in various sales positions. My life changed in my early 30’s when I entered rehab for Addiction issues. In essence as a young adult my risk taking was more compulsive and ego driven then. So as I matured, I learned to love myself, and my world view changed’ I recognized my gift of Intuition and later Mediumship. the desire to help others grew stronger. Today, I continue to take risk but differently now, more calculated. Read more>>

Peter Goetz: Founder of Backroads Pictures, documentary film & TV producer/director

Having the courage to step into risk always seems to offer the most reward. My work is defined by risk. As a documentary filmmaker, I’ve jumped freight trains with Central American immigrants in Mexico, documented Polar Bears in the Alaskan Arctic, covered armed pastoralists in Kenya, and swam with crocodiles deep in the Amazon. As a scout for National Geographic, I’ve been to over 85 countries and I’m still counting. I have been humbled by the incredible cultures I’ve crossed and the kindness of the many people I’ve met along the way. But life as a freelancer for many different networks and media outlets was limiting in its scope. It wasn’t until five years ago that I stepped out of the comforts of consistent work as showrunner and director for Discovery and National Geographic, that I opened up my own shop, on a quest to capture mission-driven stories. I wanted to work with like-minded independent filmmakers, innovative networks, and brands creating my own formats rather than working for someone else. Read more>>

Melanie Anne: Artist

Taking risks is an essential part of creating art and being an artist. Simply putting any type of creative work into the world is risky, but it is rewarding and absolutely necessary. I knew that taking risks was going to be the groundwork for me entering the professional word as my first project out of grad school was touring my own one woman show across Los Angeles and New York City. Every time I performed I had no idea where my audiences were coming from (my friends rule and always made sure people were there) and no idea if it would be a worthwhile investment (it was/is.) I’ve learned that everything we do as artists involve risks, and that is what makes it so exciting. This past year has been hard in so many ways and a lot of times I thought the only risky thing I was doing or would ever do again would be going to the grocery store. But in this solitude I found new passions and more ways to stay creative. For the first time in my life, my creativity came through music. Read more>>

Denis Ogorodov: Video Artist

I think risk is an essential part of growth. It’s a powerful driver, that if used correctly, can motivate you to learn new tools of the trade, explore new spaces, and reach out to people you might have never have considered otherwise. Coming to the US was a gamble; expensive education, high cost of living, uncertain long-term prospects. This uncertainty forced me to develop connections with other aspiring artists, and to work as an assistant/helper in many different roles which otherwise I might have chosen not to take on. It helped me quickly realize the difference between what I was comfortable with, and what I needed to do to get ahead. Moving from a steady full-time job to becoming an independent contractor was a huge risk. I did not have the capital or savings to leisurely choose my preferred jobs or clients. I had to take what clients I could get and live from paycheck to paycheck, while trying to develop good long-term relationships with coworkers, recruiters, and B2B clients. Read more>>

Jennifer Robyn Jacobs: Actress

It’s easy to play it safe. I am a very agreeable young woman, so I have to constantly navigate through everyone else’s voices, telling me what to do and how to do it. In everything I do I push myself to listen to my gut. It’s hard. A lot of times that means costs, financial, emotional, and sometimes physical. Through those risks, however, I find myself a step closer to the life I desire to lead, and the kind of artist I want to be. Read more>>

Tyler Downey: Story Artist and Illustrator

Taking risks has played a massive role in both the development of my personal life and my career. When you put real collateral on the table it can be an effective way to create accountability with yourself. I have found with many projects, goals, hobbies and passing thoughts that if I don’t use some sort of leverage for accountability it simply will not happen. I think if you have big dreams you have to be willing to invest in yourself and if you let the fear keep you from going all in then you are letting the fear win. Sometimes my risks have crossed the line of irresponsible, but that’s what risk assessment is for. Do you have kids or family that depend on you? Are you risking something that affects others? If you fall short will it destroy you or will life just be a little less comfortable. What is the bottom line? I was surprised how little I needed to be happy and that continues to give me an edge when I am making a decision. Read more>>

Mikey Camarda: Artist

I think risk is necessary. This life can be so simple and we tend to overcomplicate things. If you like something or want something, go get it. Just figure what you need to do and keep things moving forward. Prior to starting a project or before uploading online, I will ask myself “what do I have to lose?” and the answer is always nothing. I can only gain from this because I am just following the vision and seeing where it takes me. I’m not supposed to be the one that says “oh, this will be so good” or “I know this will gain more likes,” it’s not my job to be that person. I usually follow this method all throughout life as well. It’s been beneficial because I only felt like I can gain from these decisions that are being made. Even if it doesn’t work out how I thought it would, I always use that as an opportunity to find the next path. Read more>>

Freydoon Rassouli: Visual artist & Author

As an artist, almost everything I create in life is because I love to do it. When I do things that I love to do, I have no fear. I can easily take risks and not even think about the danger that might come my way. I create art but I am not in the business of making artworks. What I do I call ‘arting’ and because I have fun doing it, what I create becomes a manifestation of love. I believe if everyone does what they love to do, they would all be fearless in that deeper sense of being and doing what they love. As living organisms, we are profoundly integrated with the process of creation itself. Creativity demands the freedom to make mistakes, for it involves trying something new that is outside ordinary standards and may never been tried before. When we create, we explore both the known and the unknown possibilities of forming a spiritual connection between our own personal experience and our acquired knowledge. Read more>>

Hailey McLaughlin: Illustrator and Cartoonist

I usually don’t think about risk in the moment. Often my mindset is: wow, that could be fun! And it’s not until I’m in the thick of something that I think “hmm maybe I should have come up with a better game plan.” But things end up ok 90% of the time. I wanted to move to Los Angeles but couldn’t afford it, so I took a risk and moved to Boyle Heights and volunteered with a Catholic religious order for 9 months. I was completely out of my depth but from there I was able to find a permanent home in Los Angeles, make wonderful friends, and make my way into the animation industry. Read more>>

Elena Pavli: Actor & TV Writer

I feel that most creative careers are defined by risk taking. There is usually some kind of emotional risk involved in the simple act of stepping on stage or sitting down to write but that risk factor is often synonymous with creative expression. Moving to LA was a huge risk for me but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and it marked the beginning of me writing for TV. I knew exactly two people when I got to LA and they were both out of town working! There was a huge risk of me having a lot of solo dinners and cinema visits and that definitely happened for a few months! I got to know the staff at The Arclight Hollywood super well! Read more>>

Khari Jones Jr.: Innovator

I believe taking risks is one of the keys to success. It’s simple, no risk, no reward. Every chapter in my journey they were moments where I took big risks and reaped the benefits. Always trust your intuition. Three years ago I followed my heart, packed up my bags and abruptly moved to L.A. Most didn’t understand and gave their opinions. I tuned the naysayers out. Glad I learned early in life to stop listening to people who didn’t do what I wanted to accomplish. At that time I already knew great things were ahead. When L.A. came to my mind, I meditated and knew I needed to move there quick as possible.  Many things could of went wrong, but I kept my mind on what can go right. Shortly after I transitioned my dreams came to reality. Read more>>

Erik Sopracasa: Actor

Risks can be intimidating, terrifying, but also exciting and inspiring, but most of all it will always teach you a lesson no matter how it goes and it’s important to learn form that. It’s only by taking risks that you can aim for higher goals and achieve some of the things you are dreaming of. Risks do not always have to be on such a large scale that it’s a matter of life and death, it can also be small, every small step you can take towards your goal. If you think about it, everything we do in life involves taking a risk and when you realize that then taking bigger (calculated) risks becomes easier. It’s important to understand what you would like to achieve and what you will have to do to achieve that goal and how important it is for you to achieve it. Is it a promotion at your work, a career change, a passion you would like to pursue as a career, a sports achievement e.g. running your first marathon? Anything. When you know what your goal is and know what you will have to do to achieve it you will automatically also have an idea of what the risks will be that you might have to take. I hope I can inspire you with my story and how I dealt with risks in my life until now. Read more>>

Alyssa Suede: Actor & Musician

I love this quote by T.S. Eliot. He says, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” I’m a huge fan of risk taking. That’s how I got my SAG card at the age of seven. Long story short, I went in to audition for the role of young Nancy Kerrigan for an NBC movie of the week. I was a figure skater, and a family friend who was a manager asked my mom if I’d like to audition for it. So we died my hair brown (with what we thought was one of those wash out colors but ended up being permanent), and I went in to read for casting. I did not get a callback. I was so upset because they hadn’t even seen my skate. And on top of that, I my hair was permanently dark brown. So I had my mom call casting and ask which rink the callbacks were happening at because they needed to see me skate. We got the information, I showed up and just got onto the ice and went straight into the famous Nancy Kerrigan spiral. I booked the role. Read more>>

Hazel Calderon: Actress Comedian

When you are in the process of making a dream into reality, Risk Taking is Everything. Moving to Los Angeles, working as a commercial talent, and having the opportunity to developing my career has been rewarding. If you are trying to get ahead, Risk Taking never goes away. Think about it! Every idea you ever had, required risk. It has been over a year since I started Stand-Up Comedy and initially it was terrifying but as I continued to followed through, the more confident I became. So thank you risks for always pushing me to be the best I can. Read more>>

Kathie Chan: Painter & Screenprinter

I feel risk taking is absolutely necessary! Sometimes its hard to predict whether something is a good choice but I can say for certain I have not yet once regretted a risk I have taken. I believe the more you put on the line, the greater the reward. A couple of years ago, I had graduated college with a BFA in Fine Art. I could only find a couple of part time jobs with an art degree. I felt very jaded about art. After some bad luck and struggling to cover living expenses, I decided to pack up and do a farming program in northern CA. I always had this fantasy of living minimally and working in nature. A couple months in, I realized it wasn’t for me and wanted to come back. I found I wanted to continue art and pursued it even harder. I created a screen printing business and found a full time art to support myself. Read more>>

Raghubir Kintisch: Artist – Writer – Educator – Yogi

I have always been a big risk taker. I have started a multitude of major projects in my life: personal art projects, professional art projects, entrepreneurial projects and successful small businesses, a return to academia in my 60’s, and the reinvention of my career at least 5 times since I was in my twenties. It’s important to think things through and to assess the impact your projects may have, but the most worthwhile outcomes stem from taking the biggest risks. When decisions are made from the heart, it is predominantly based on risk; most things “decided” from there are the most authentic and result in the biggest return. When the head gets overly involved, the risk factor lessens and the return lessens, too. There isn’t a successful creative person out there who hasn’t had to take risks. The whole business of being an artist- which is basically making something out of nothing – is 100% unadulterated jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. Creative people fail all the time and those who do really well for themselves, fail even more than that! Read more>>

Charlotte Hendrickx: Actress I Storyteller I Filmmaker – www; – IG charlottehendrickx.official

Life is full of taking risks and it’s natural to be afraid of making wrong choices, but fear is a bad companion and shouldn’t stop you from trying anyway. If things would go wrong, too bad, but at least you have an experience to learn from or stay away from. We don’t know what the future brings , so if you want to explore possibilities and find out what you are capable of , you must dare to take ‘risks’ and bear the consequences. If you take them in a well-considered way , you will come across pleasant surprises too. The only way to find out is to just go for it ! In a blink of an eye I took the risk of leaving my safe home behind to built a new one on the other side of the globe. I had no clue of what to expect at all or how to complete the circle at that point, but I did know for sure that not trying would make me feel much worse or could even lead to a lifelong regret. Read more>>

Callie McAuliffe: Artist and School Counselor

When I was growing up, I was very much a rule-follower and definitely NOT what you would consider a “risk-taker”. As I grew though, my perception of what risks were changed, and I began to see that I took many risks – by pushing my comfort levels, trying new things, and purposely putting myself in contexts that made me grow. As my teens grew into my twenties, the risks I took eventually led me to art. One of the biggest risks I ever took was moving to Spain after I graduated college. I only kind of spoke Spanish, I did not know anyone, and I didn’t even know what to expect. I moved there with a part-time job offer, and nothing else. Throughout my life, creativity has always been a haven that I turn to in these moments – the kind where you rely on yourself alone and there is not much of a close support system. In college, I turned to dance. In Spain, I turned to guitar, and then eventually to sketching the places I was traveling. I bought myself a sketchbook, and that was the beginning of everything else. Read more>>

C.C. Ekeke: Speculative Fiction Author

There can’t be any success without taking some risk in your business. Risk is how we grow as individual and move out of our comfort zone. However, there’s a difference between publishing one book, putting all my marketing on that would not be the smartest risk. A smarter risk would be switching to writing epic fantasy from cyberpunk books for your next series, but after researching the market as well as who are the top-selling authors in the genre. Read more>>

David Martinez: Guitarist, Composer & Arranger

Well, I think a life without risks is not life at all. Of course, when you are on y0ur 20’s it is easy to go ahead and take risks even if they are unnecessary (not that I did it many, many times). But when you are on your second round of 20’s (other people call it 40’s for some reason), you think more than twice before taking risks. I do not know if that reason is the same for everybody, but for me it is my family what made that change on my risk-taking mentality. Nothing wrong with family, on the contrary, when you are on your own, you know that you are going to be the only one that gets affected by taking that risk, but with family now I know they are going to be affected too by taking that step of faith sometimes, and I do not want to see my wife and kids in bad situation because I decided to take the wrong decision. But after being married for almost 2o years, and being blessed with two kids, I have learned that taking risks is what makes us stronger as a person and also as a family, and it is actually better to do it together, because if I fail, they are there with me to help me to try again. Read more>>

Maso: Singer/Songwriter

Risk is essential when fostering love: It requires vulnerability and trust. It’s now or never. That’s it. If I didn’t take risks, I wouldn’t have been able to make my debut album, “For Loving Me.” In creating these 13 songs, I had to be honest with myself and with the people I care about the most. It’s cliche, but true! I found myself looking for answers to challenging questions: Like, how am I going to survive 3000 miles away from my family? Do the people I love make me, Maso? Am I nothing without them? I am still answering these questions and my music has guided me to pivotal conclusions. I guess you can say it was all born out of risk. Take my next single, “Hour Love (feat. Felice),” as an example. The song focuses on a long distance relationship, supported by horns and sexy R&B vibes. It’s about the desire to be with the person you love. Read more>>

Jim Ellsberry: Artist / Teacher

Risk-taking not is not everyone. But, for the artist, it’s part of the formula that leads to good and, sometimes, great work. My first college-level painting class was with Utah artist Harrison Groutage. One afternoon our class met outdoors to paint. Our subject was the vast, open landscape of Logan Valley in northern Utah. A huge vista, worthy of an equally big elocution by Groutage. He said nothing about our artwork, but everything about life when he walked around looking at our struggles, “Everyone should have at least 3 careers in life.” I do not remember a thing he said about art or painting, but the 3-careers idea stuck with me. Without knowing it at the time, I was to follow Harrison’s admonition. For me, the years ahead brought a career in aerospace; another as a business owner, designer and maker of guitars; and a third career circling back to my earliest inclination: art and painting. Read more>>

James Jovanovich: Actor, Spoken word Artist & Gamer!

You have to risk-it-for-the-biscuit! I am a huge believer in the universal meaning of the word “change”. Even if it means taking a different route to work or choosing a different morning Coffee Stop. I preach this so much to my close friends as well as myself. Lately I have been giving my self the same spiel I give to my Day ones that may be going through some type of life bug. But if you want to make those big life changes then you are going to have to strap in and start taking some risks. Risks are Scary!!! Especially when you start getting out of your early 20’s. Which I find so bazaar. Like what? I am not even that old and my mind is curling up in a little ball and hiding from everything… Get a grip… But risks are a necessary part of life. If the monkey never ventured from the trees and started pursuing food options on the ground level we would never even be here. ( Don’t Fact check the history on me). When you are just a baby you end up taking risks all the time. Read more>>

Erica Munoz: Paralegal & Artist Manager

I have a positive mindset when it comes to risk. In my life risks come hand in hand with opportunities. Even when I have lost financially, I have learned a lesson. I would definitely not be doing what I do today if I didn’t take risks both in my personal life and career. I think, most importantly, is the fact that I cannot recall a risk I took, on any journey, that I regret. I’m on my Nipsey Hustle … “f@$ck living basic, i’m taking risk …” mood forever. Read more>>

Sheila McKain: Fashion Designer and Interiors Inspirer

Whenever I approach an idea that requires any degree of risk, I always try to listen to my intuition, and question how I would feel if I didn’t choose that path. I firmly believe that what stops most people is the inability to take the first step forward and I have taught myself not to overthink every detail. Somethings, like so much of life, are figured out on the journey. Read more>>

Jessica Kang: Yoga Teacher/ Entrepreneur

“Risk” it’s a scary word for a lot of people. It’s a thin line between making the right choice and the wrong one that one can regret for a long time… Being a daughter, the youngest of 5, of immigrants who risked everything to come to this country without knowing the language, without a secured job or any friends; only betting on the American Dream that if you work hard then you can achieve what ever you want, so for me, risk is a way of life if one wants to grow and succeed, whatever your definition of success is, but for me it’s not about ‘success’, it’s about survival. Without taking that leap of faith then one will never know how strong they are or how far they can grow and move forward because without progress and growth in this ever changing world, we’ll get lost and left behind.  It’s the challenges, the obstacles, the doubts in our head, fears we overcome, tears we shed, loneliness we feel, heartaches that need mending that we experience on a daily basis is what makes us unique because we all feel those but how we deal with them is what makes it unique to our own progress. Read more>>

Jazmin Akea: Singer/ Songwriter/ Entrepreneur

I think that taking risks is the key to becoming successful and has played a major role in my life and career. Before moving to LA, I worked and lived in Chicago, IL. The idea of singing in front of audiences in Los Angeles seemed intimidating and so far-fetched during that time, and I knew I would have to push aside any self-imposed limitations when I moved to LA in order become a confident performer. Taking risks has enabled me to build upon my confidence and become more sure of who I am as a person and as an artist. Read more>>

Fletch Power: Cinematographer | Director | Producer

Risk is necessary to get to the next level in life and in your career. There are different types of risk, and I like to think of them as the different bosses you’d face in a video game.  First, you have your small risk, aka the Mini Boss, which is like an everyday risk. And like any good Mini Boss, small risks are a good way to practice and improve your skills. If you happen to lose, then at least you’ll have learned something new and still have a chance to move on to the next level. Then comes the Big Boss. These risks can change your day to day. They usually appear scarier than they actually are, but you won’t know this until after you’ve conquered them. As you gain more experience with facing this particular risk, they become easier to recognize. Read more>>