We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Brie Doherty | Program Director

There are many names for what we do-some quite outdated and not actually representative of whats happening, but more recently called equine-assisted services for people with disabilities. Our particular realm lies within adaptive (or therapeutic) riding. With the word adaptive, we are talking about making a regular activity accessible for a person with a disability. Horseback riding is a sport that we have found a way to use to directly impact a persons physical and mental wellbeing. We are an industry that spans decades, however we are still often misjudged. With the growing popularity of animals involved in many facets of therapeutic services, its very important for us to be clear about what we do and dont do. We teach horseback riding lessons to people with disabilities. We bring sport and recreation to individuals who otherwise may not get to experience those things like their peers. We provide a sense of community, a team, for our clients. Read more>>

Hassan Said | Director, Writer, & Producer

The motion picture industry is a giant global industry. Being an independent filmmaker you are competing in a market where studios and algorithms that have billions of dollars invested dictate the public taste. Furthermore, making a film or a show on an independent budget takes on alot of compromise from everyone involved and a much longer timeline from start to finish due to limited budgets. It is endless amounts of work and sleepless days. It’s patience, and requires immense resilience to have your project be finished, let alone be seen to a global audience amidst the recycled content week in and week out. From conception, writing, shooting, production planning, post production, festivals, distribution, fundraising. Storytelling is a large feat and has so many branches that have to conduct and play in the same rhythm to reach the finish line. Read more>>

Heather Cunningham | Astrologer & Writer

There are two sides to the astrology industry and neither side seems to understand the other. The first is the side most people are familiar with: the monthly horoscopes and Buzzfeed quizzes, or Tiktoks that begin like, “This is how the signs react to getting dumped…” This corner of the astrology market is super fun, but it gets a reputation for being superficial, and I tend to agree to an extent. There can sometimes be a lack of research, and many astrologers fear that things like “sun-sign columns” actually give astrology a bad name. But it’s this same corner of the market that’s the most accessible and, more importantly, the most easily-digestible to people interested in learning about astrology who otherwise know nothing about the zodiac. On the opposite end, are the older, more serious astrologers. These people are really smart, and they’ve certainly put their time in. Read more>>

Stacey Freeman, Ph.D. | Co-Founder and Editor

A lot of people have negative views of influencers as being vapid, superficial, and lacking substance. But growing a successful business as an influencer is actually a full-time job. I started my blog in 2013 and in the last 8 years, I’ve never taken a single day off. To grow and maintain a successful blog and social media channels, you need to be consistent and post often. Of course, there are stories of people who became overnight successes as influencers, for a lot of us, including me, it has taken many years to grow my following, respect through brand partnerships, and refining my brand to align with the shifts in society. Read more>>

Wen Yeh | Student of Life and Spirits

People on the outside usually fantasize about how much fun it is to work at/own/manage, a bar but they have no clue as to how much hard work, discipline, perseverance and self awareness it takes to keep the business fun and interesting AND afloat. Ironically, this lack of awareness actually also applies to many within our industry as well and that ignorance permeates to the public so the public tends to have a negative association with our industry about being lazy, lackadaisical and superficial. Read more>>

Ray Cunningham | TV Personality/Author

Hollywood is made for hustlers. You may have aspirations but proper networking will make your wildest dreams come true. Read more>>

Christina Hsu | Color, Material, and Finish Designer

Being a CMF (Color Material and Finish) Designer, I specialize in studying, developing, and designing materials to be used on products. This includes understanding the properties of materials, how it looks and feels, and how color can be applied to create a product that communicates its value to customers. For example, power tools that you see at the hardware store look and feel very different from something like an office chair. Each of these products live in very different contexts in our lives, and each product performs very different functions and provides value to us in different ways. In conjunction with the way an object is shaped, a CMF Designer focuses on how the materials on the product can be designed to enable the experience of that product: for a hand drill, a CMF designer would think about the type of materials that are robust enough to endure the demanding environments they’re needed in while having the tactile qualities to make it safe and easy to operate for the user. Read more>>

Siddhartha Valluri | Designer + World Builder

Too often people outside the creative fields take for granted how long of a journey it is to craft good art and design. The act of creating is hard. It takes decades of work and dedication to create something truly magnificent that will eventually stand the test of time. But those on the outside only see the final result. This industry is filled with extreme ecstasy and agony. From the outside it is very tough to understand why it is such a complex process and why people put so much energy into it. Once the work is out there in the world, it belongs to everyone. Everyone can enjoy the beauty, and also ridicule the failures. A risk that any designer or artist has to take. Does it sound like the creative industry is bad ? Not at all, for those of us who want to create, it is in our nature to put all the energy we have into it, and so we do, in search of that perfect synergy of idea and execution. Read more>>

Halley Lutz | Private Photo Editor + Custom Preset Creator

I think photography’s post-production gets overlooked a lot, especially these days where you can take a decent photo on your iPhone. It takes a lot more than just pulling your camera up to your face to take a photo. Photographers have to consider their subjects, the way light is shining, location and much more. And the work doesn’t stop there. The editing portion often takes more time than the actual photo shoot. Photographers capture anywhere between 2,000 – 5,000 photos on an average wedding day. To sort through those photos, pick the best ones and then color correct those final selections takes a lot of patience and time. I love it but not every photographer does so that’s where I come in! I look at color correcting photos like a puzzle, trying to figure out what is missing with every photo. Read more>>

Keely Semler | Birth Doula + Student Midwife

Unless you have given birth yourself, most people don’t realize that our culture has turned pregnancy and birth into a medical event. It is as if our healthcare system perceives pregnancy as something that needs to be cured. This perception robs even the healthiest of pregnant people of their right to have the birth experience that they want. Read more>>

Heidi Ramee | Actress/Singer

One thing that outsiders may not be aware of is that performing (acting in my case) forces you to become extremely introspective and self aware. Being on camera you have to notice every movement, every facial expression, and look inward to analyze where it’s coming from and why it’s showing up on screen. So much of the business is marketing, so you are forced to look at yourself as a product which, generally speaking, is not great for a person’s mental health. It’s so easy, particularly in entertainment, to play the comparison game and feel like you’re never enough and never doing enough, especially in the age of social media. There are two sides to every coin though and I think living in this industry is what prompted me to pursue my own mental health journey which has given me the tools to lead a much more intentional and present life in all areas. I’m grateful for the introspection. Read more>>

FANGBANGER | Alternative Rock Band

Most people assume that being signed to a major label will help them but in this current age of technology it’s more powerful to be an independent artist. Read more>>

Kate Schettler | Actor, Model & Pop Artist

I don’t think people realize the amount of rejection that actors and artists have to endure in order to succeed. In 2016, I did 100 auditions and callbacks (yes, I counted) and booked zero jobs that year. It was disheartening to say the least; but I persevered and booked a network tv co-star in 2017. The silver lining of this rejection factor is that the resulting resilience is gives you tremendous confidence. It’s a muscle you develop over time through countless failures. You just get to a point where you honestly don’t care anymore because you place very little attachment on any given audition. You simply bring your best energy and do your best work and then let it go. Eventually, if you are working smart and intentionally with good training, you will book. It’s just a matter of time and perseverance. But people on the outside looking in only see the credits and think it came easy. Read more>>

Jamila Choyce | Plus Size Model/Actor & Entrepreneur

Modeling is hardwor, but it is very rewarding. . The photoshoots, fashion shows, fittings, are grueling. Walking in 3″ to 5″ heels can be painful and dangerous. Walking on and off the runway in heels is not easy. And please do not slip and fall down! Beauty starts internally. Eating healthy, drinking gallons of water per day, and getting the proper sleep and exercise is imperative. Read more>>

Megan Rach | Queer Actor and Writer

Don’t wait for the industry to come to you! Especially in this day and age I’ve found that today’s actors/screenwriters have both an easier and much more difficult time creating art and gaining recognition. I know that doesn’t make sense. Basically what I’m saying is, we have created multiple platforms, thousands of channels, and a million new ways to get “famous” in this industry. While that is amazing and I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have been given, the dreams are shattered for artists that crave to be given the same recognition that we watched happen to the A-List actors of today in the early 2000s. If you are here because you want to be famous, don’t come here thinking you’ll be famous. Come here because you are making art, because you love what you do and you want to do it for the rest of your life. A slight loophole, and my second point. Read more>>

Chelle Thompson | Scenic Designer and Artist

As a female Scenic Artist in the entertainment industry in 2021, many would be unaware of the struggles we still deal with on the job as females. The mentality that my sex makes me unable to do the job, that I am unable to do my tasks without the help of men, and of course my favorite “mansplaining”. I will admit that the expression on the faces of men when I refuse their help and carry a 5 gallon bucket of plaster or paint up a ladder by myself, make me smile. There is a difference between being a gentleman by opening a door, or offering their seat and assuming that we can’t do the normal task that is required to perform our job. Trust me, we can tell the difference by their body language, looks we receive, and the comments made behind our backs. This leads us to prove by going beyond what is required to make us equal to the men, but does that make us equal? We have to work twice as hard to show that we can do our jobs. Read more>>

Nicole Emrani Green | Co-Founder & CEO

Although I wish it were easier, I believe people underestimate the work it takes to build and run an app. I have to admit that I also though this myself when I first started Givingli. However, I soon realized how far from “simple” the journey of creating an app was. The best way to put it, every single part of every flow, functionality, and positioning in an app will not come together unless it’s created. This puts a tremendous amount of responsibility on app founders to not only build a great product, but also run the day to day of a full functioning business. However, if you’re building a product you feel extremely passionate about, it’s extremely worth it to see something you created come to life… and totally worth it. Read more>>

Jenny Bouton | Professional Makeup Artist

One thing I think people aren’t aware of about what makeup artists do is all of the pre and post work it entails. Even before Covid was a thing, prepping a makeup kit took a. lot of extra time. I have to go through each product, disinfect the packaging, and disinfect the product. Washing brushes, disinfecting and sterilizing them. I make sure I am all stocked up on disposable applicators, paper towels, spatulas, and palette paper. Some days I’d work a 10+ hour day and then come home and spend at least a couple hours doing all of these steps for a job the next day. I personally really enjoy the process but it definitely takes commitment. Read more>>

Eva Lili Bartha | Fashion Experience Designer and XR Creative Tech Lead

Fashion is a beautiful form of self-expression, and I consider myself lucky to be involved in such a creative field. However, it has also an extremely negative socio-environmental footprint, that people often overlook. Through my practice, my goal is to raise awareness on the critical issues within the fashion and lifestyle industry. I believe, that if we all act together, businesses, stakeholders, individuals, change is possible. Read more>>

Renato Sebastiani | Songwriter/Music Producer

People who are not involved in the music industry look at our world as it is strictly related to creativity, Now creativity is obviously fundamental, but in actuality there is a lot of work that needs to be done that is not related to the creative process itself. See promotion for artists, admin pretty much for everyone and in general a musician, producer, songwriter or artist needs to be knowledgeable about the industry if they want to go anywhere. It is more technical than many would think. Read more>>

Mykel | Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist

The 10 year overnight success. It’s so funny to me how people glamorize creative careers in general, and especially ones in music. It’s easy to buy into the narrative that one day, if you sing at your local bar someone from a record label or a manager will “discover” you, wisp you off to LA and the rest is history! The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Even the artists who come seemingly out of nowhere have been hustling in the game for YEARS before their big break. This break can happen at any moment, so the pressure is continuing to put yourself in positions where opportunity is likely to find you. Whether by consistently releasing music independently, building an online brand, networking, writing for other artists, or branching out into other creative musical spheres such as film and television. You have to be versatile and spread yourself pretty thin in this business just to have a small chance at catching that magic ‘break’. And let me tell you it takes time and money and a whole lotta risk to do it. Read more>>

Kelly Contessa | Coffee Roaster & Operations Officer

I saw a TikTok recently claiming that if you drink coffee, chances are you are drinking ground up cockroaches! According to the video (and comment section) this was an unavoidable FACT! I was a little confused, as I have been roasting coffee for years and have never seen A COCKROACH. I also highly doubt they would be attracted to coffee “green beans,” the unroasted, raw version of the coffee bean, think of a “seed.” – nothing there that would be pleasing to these kitchen pests. However, upon Googling I found this: “PRE-GROUND COFFEE MAY CONTAIN GROUND UP COCKROACHES. Yes, it’s sad but true. The FDA’s own studies show that up to 10% of green coffee beans (and sometimes more) become infested with roaches and other insects. They are unable to process them out completely so they just get roasted and ground up with the beans.” While the data may be true. Read more>>

Lelo | Rapper

Listening is a key factor in becoming successful within an industry where it’s main purpose is to be heard. Typically, rappers believe they know it all going into this industry because of what they see on social media and knowing what’s trending or popping. This isn’t the case because the music industry isn’t only about the music, the music industry has layers that you will never know about it until you listen. Whether it be listening to your favorite artist’s interviews, watching hip hop documentaries, or chopping it up with someone that is on the same path of you. There are always gems dropping that could be a resource within your career, but you will never know if you aren’t listening. The most successful people in this world are great listeners, because you can’t tell a fool nothing. Read more>>

Elton Qualls-Harris | CEO of Eight Ray Agency

One thing that people outside of the industry might be unaware of is that not every party is just a party, In the industry party means networking opportunity party could also mean career advancement. Read more>>

Jazmyne Jenkins | Pastry Chef

One thing I feel that a lot of people fail to realize is the amount of work, time, and effort that goes into making a cake, dessert table, or cookies. People want an extravagant dessert table but their budget is minimal. So when us Bakers, Pastry Chef’s, Chef’s give a price, I don’t think people factor in those three things. For example, one dozen cookies takes two days to make (for me). My process is to make the dough, chill it, cut out the cookies, chill those, bake them off, design them, let them rest, photo shoot, and package them up. So our (all Chef’s) pricing reflects all of that time, supplies used/purchased, and effort. Most people are unaware of the process so they think they can get a full on dessert table with 2 cakes, 2 dozen each of 5-6 different types of desserts, candy selection, decor, ballon arch and backdrop for……$500. Of course there’s always room for options and negotiations to meet anybody’s budget, but with all the factors involved in making your dreams come true, sometimes it’s not feasible to help everyone. Read more>>

Amanda Perri | Yoga, Energy, and Sound Facilitator

I think one huge thing about the wellness industry that outsiders are unaware of is the importance of personal practice/self care, that consisting of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual, and importantly continued education. I’ve had many conversations with folx that will say, “Well, you teach and practice yoga, so you must be relaxed all the time?” It’s so wrong! I am cultivating this tool box of practices, traditions, etc. to help manage the day the day inconveniences, emotions, and trauma to self manage and serve others. These practices definitely aid in a relaxed state, but it gets sticky. Our physical bodies carry so much, not only our experiences from birth and so on, but quite often from others we come into contact with. It’s important for us to continue understanding our inner being-our inner workings. Whether our personal practice may be physical like yoga asana or running, meditation, pranayama (breath work), artistic exploration-it is very intimate and needed. Read more>>

John Allen | Celebrity Lookalike Impersonator For James Bond ,Sean Connery

Being A James Bond ,Sean Connery, Lookalike Impersonator most people are shocked at the high end Fun Exciting Events and Galas i have been hired to attend all over the world with all expenses paid . Samsung Charted a Jumbo Jet in Auckland New Zealand to film a commercial on the plane . Went Managua Nicaragua to help raise $500,000 for Operation Smile to help the children with cleft palates featuring a James Bond evening . Flown to St Thomas for James Bond Themed Gala raising $500,000 for women with breast cancer . Appeared at The Ritz Carton Aspen Colorado to raise money for Health Fund of Colorado. At The Breakers in Palm Beach appeared as James Bond for Ringo Starr Foundation and another event for The March Of Dimes Saving Babies . I have appeared in Several movies and over 20 television commercials . I always Stay at 5 star resorts with all accommodations paid for .So i really feel like i am living as the real James Bond. Also honored to film European commercial with Sean Connery as his Stand -in .Everyone Loves James Bond and Sean was always declared the best preforming the role. Read more>>

JULIANA DESTEFANO | Stand Up Comedian & Actress

I believe people outside of Hollywood think luck is how our industry works. It is rare for someone to “Just get lucky” when it comes to being successful. Our industry requires years and years of saying yes to everything and putting in hours of practice. In the stand-up world, most stand-up comedians spend late nights out at dive bars practicing stand-up. Sometimes the outside world never sees that side. Read more>>

Joel Lava | Director & Creative Director

For the entertainment industry, especially live action and post production, I don’t think people realize how nice so many of the people are. And creative. LA has a stereotype of flaky people who only use you to get ahead. But there’s so many creatives, supportive creatives. So much mutual backscratching. Read more>>