We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Steven Vogel | Actor

Risk taking is scary and it has played a VERY big role in my life/career. I mean the career/field I’m getting into is a big risk in itself because it’s not a guarantee. In acting classes they told us that if you can see yourself doing anything else then to do it and only pursue acting if you HAVE to do it. Well I’ve been at it for 6 years so I think it’s safe to say that I have to do it. In order to jump into this field I had to take the biggest risk in my entire life which was dropping out of college and moving to Southern California all by myself. Read more>>

Michael Stern | Artist/Director/Producer/ Photographer/Filmmaker

I take risks by rolling determination and perseverance into a fist to smash all doubt. Doesn’t always work out but this is my mindset. Our past informs and strengthens our future. In my teens I underwent major surgery to remove bone tumors pinching my spinal cord. The pinch affected my legs, right arm and shoulder. After awakening from the operation, my doctor said he had been concerned in the operating room that I might not survive. Read more>>

Colleen Hendricks | Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Educator

Risk has played a pivotal key role in my life and career. Being a performer has always been my first love. I started dancing when I was 3 years old. The first memory I ever had was dancing in the living room in front of my father, mother and grandparents. They were cheering me on and I remember thinking “Wow! what if I tried doing this or that or danced on top of this…” At 3 years old I discovered the rush and adrenaline performing gave to me and it became inevitable to my parents to put me in a dance class. Read more>>

Ryan Davis | Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur

You can’t be afraid to take risks, life is too short to waste. You never know the full power an opportunity can hold for your future and how that could potentially impact you as a person until you take that leap. What would life be without taking risks? If you take none then that’s what you’ll get. You will never know what what could have been. The afterthought of regret will always sit there and eat at you. I have always believed that the risk is worth the reward. Read more>>

Yulissa Delgado | Media Host, On-Air Personality & Enterprenur

Risk-taking: What’s your thoughts on takin risks? What role does risk taking play in your life/career? Risk has played an enormous part in my personal growth and career. Yet before we get into my love/hate relationship with “risk,” let’s define it: Risk: a situation involving exposure to danger. Risk has always been an integral part of my life, but it wasn’t until college that I was faced with the tough decisions to take on an uncertain opportunity or stay with what’s comfortable. Read more>>

Danielle Boyd | (DMB) Director & Writer

Risks and living life to me go hand in hand. We cannot grow without risks, risks at the end of the day are just choosing to move forward regardless of how scared or uncertain things are. What I’ve come to understand is that there are always risks associated with any choice we make so it’s best we just take a leap towards something we really want. A few years ago, I quit my 9-5 without having a real back up plan or another job to go to (not at all the way I was raised). Read more>>

Eden Strader | Education + Empowerment for Creatives

My motto in life has become that if I don’t like something I either need to learn to love it or change it. As cheesy as it is (for good reason), we only have one life for sure- and once that truly sunk in for me I realized there is nothing I want to live my life wondering about. I’d rather risk it and fail than to wonder “what if” my entire life. I’ve found that nearly every time I’ve taken a risk, it’s turned out better than I imagined. Even if you fail, its eventually a redirection to something bigger and better. Read more>>

Yerania Del Orbe | Actress, Writer, Director, Producer, Filmmaker

No risk, no reward! I am a thrill seeking risk taker by nature, I am a US Army Combat Veteran, deployed to Mosul, Iraq from 2007-2008, Air assault, which means I got to repel from Helicopters and buildings, a weapons expert, When I left the military to chase a dream, that was risky, by that time I was a divorce single mom and college student getting my bachelors at The New School, NYC. Studying film and studying people for characters became my new big risks. Years later after meeting my future husband, starting a new family became the new risks I took. Read more>>

Sotida Arpon | Actress, Dancer & Producer

Risk taking is a huge part of my career as an actor and a producer. Whether it be a risky choice for the character that I am auditioning for or taking on a project to produce that I feel strongly about but could be controversial I am faced with different types of risks everyday. We as artists and entrepreneurs alike need to push ourselves beyond our boundaries in order to grow and reach new heights in our artistries and careers. Read more>>

Shain Romanowski | Recording Artist

Risk taking has played a huge role within my life and the industry I am in. Without risks there is a high potential of being at a standstill with no potential to grow out of it. I always believed little progress is better than none. Sometimes with those little bits of progress you have to take a little bit of risk whether it is time, finances, or all-around energy honestly. There is no such thing as failure because the route you chose allows you to learn from it even if it sets you back a bit. Read more>>

Seowon Hyun | Film Composer

Any of my career couldn’t be possible without Risk taking. I didn’t major in music in college, but I loved playing in orchestra so much, and I also loved films. So I basically decided to follow my passion during my senior year. Now I am a film composer scored more than 10 feature films including South Korea and China. I work with major Orchestras around the world. None of this was possible without risk taking. Read more>>

Sarah Bentolila | Acupuncturist & Herbalist, specialist in pain management, women’s health and ophthalmology

I took a huge risk starting in this career. I was 25, graduated from one of the best business schools in France and working as a headhunter in Paris. I was well established in my career and personal life, but something was missing. Passion was missing. I had been learning Chinese medicine on the side as a hobby during my weekends and free time and really fell in love with it, I could not shake the pull… Read more>>

Bianca Lago | Artist & Adventure Seeker

I try not to think too much about risks. That is the one thing I have learned about risk taking. If you over-think and over-analyze then more often than not you won’t move at all. Stagnation is worse that failure. In the beginning of my career I would say yes to any and every opportunity that came my way, some riskier than others. If an opportunity arrises that seems like it could help you build then take it! If it doesn’t work out as you imagined than it will lead you to lessons that will enrich and further you career in a different way. I’m not saying bet your house, but if you don’t have a house, what` else do you have to loose? Take the risks. Live the life. Don’t make the same mistake twice, and if you do, don’t make it three times. Learn, move forward. Read more>>

Emily Anderson | Photographer, Comedian, Badass Business Woman and Creative Entrepreneur

Ever since I was small, I’ve viewed “rules” as “guidelines”, always with room for interpretation and/or negotiation. In fact, I distinctly remember one of the very first times I took a risk – I was in the second grade and about six years old. My teacher instructed each student in our class to color in a picture of an apple, which would eventually be cut out and glued onto a big paper tree, displayed on the outside of our classroom door. We were told to use realistic colors– Red, Green, Yellow, etc. Read more>>

Lamont Jackson | Actor & Singer

Being an artist takes alot of risks. I moved to LA from virginia with $3500 in my account. I didnt have a job or a permanent place to stay. My money left me within the first month. I pretended like everything was good for a long time with my family but really i was jobless wondering how i would pay my rent. The only thing that kept me going was that i believed and had faith in myself. Especially for what i want to do with my life, i have to take risk but its worth it. Read more>>

Shiksha “Bollygirl” Mahtani | On Air Host, Indian Influencer, and Bollywood Dancer

Taking risks have played a major role in my career. Had I not taken risks, I wouldn’t be where I am today. After I graduated college, I got a full time job in a Forbes 500 company. The job looked so good on paper. I was doing really well and getting paid good money. The problem was that I was miserable. Deciding to quit my steady job and pursue a career in the arts was one of the hardest and riskiest things I have ever done. Read more>>

Julia Piker | Composer

I think risk is necessary for any meaningful pursuit. Making room in your life to lose or fail, or step into an uncertain environment is really just another opportunity to awaken parts of yourself that were formerly asleep. I think those parts are necessary fuel for creativity. I take calculated risks, which is maybe a little less sexy but still fun. I took a massive risk by leaving a very comfortable and financially stable writing position at a music production company, to move across the country and pursue projects on my own. Read more>>

Anthony Diaz V | Filmmaker

When we hear the word “risk” there is this negative connotation that challenges our worldview of what we consider safe or normal, but in reality, they can be used as guiding lights that can lead to opportunity. Growing up I was always fascinated with movies and visual media. I was able to transport to another world, learn about a different culture, and even experience a different way of life all from the comfort of my couch. Read more>>

Osmar Sequeira | Creative Director

What do I think about risk? I believe that risks are one of the main keys to success, because it is the only way to get out of your comfort zone. It forces you to grow, to expand, to reach for your goal. The risks that I have taken in my life are several. One of the most difficult ones was leaving my family behind in Nicaragua to come to the United States to pursue my dreams. Read more>>

Nataly Quintero | Lifestyle & Product Photographer

I believe that risk is something that society shy’s us away from. Many of us were taught at a very young age that taking a risk is something we should fear and avoid at all costs. Why? Possibly because society as a whole connects risk with instability. This is a huge reason a lot of people stay comfortable and don’t believe things are possible for them. Read more>>

Sabine Meyer zu Reckendorf | Artist/Designer

I think for me taking risks are just challenges that I like to take on,like moving to LA from Germany without speaking much English or knowing anyone there or starting my own business;not working as a commercial designer but designing and building the things I want to build. I love to experiment and do things that I have never done before. Read more>>

Rai Hyde | Business Mentor & Entrepreneurship Coach

From the outside, I probably look like the biggest risk taker. I make seemingly spontaneous decisions, I act quickly as soon as a decision is made, and many of my decisions have my friends and family members clutching their pearls – like quitting a traditional 8-to-5 job directly associated with my college degrees that offered PTO and benefits; or, in the first iteration of my freelance career, firing all my clients and going without income for 3 months to completely makeover my business model. Read more>>

Sarah Kennedy | Artist

Risk-taking is one of the most important aspects of my life. The most fulfilling moments of my life all started with a deliberate decision to take a chance. Growing up, I was terrified to chase experiences that fell outside of my comfort zone. I was a shy child, and my parents regularly teased me because I’d say things like, “I want to, but I’m scared.” Sustained curiosity allowed me to discover that even though I was afraid of judgement or failure, moving forward in spite of my fear would help me create the life I want to live. Read more>>

Natalie Weaver | Social Media Manager/Virtual Assistant

I believe that taking risks is imperative in creating/maintaining a business. Staying “safe” has proven to keep my life at a stand still. I constantly think about what life would be like if I hadn’t taken the chance to move to LA, hadn’t taken the chance to invest in myself and my company. But honestly, I don’t want to know. Yes, are there months where I make less than before? Absolutely. And yes, are there times where It would be easier to not be the boss? Absolutely. But if I hadn’t and didn’t continue to take the risks that I do every day, I wouldn’t have the creative freedom or freedom in general to do what I want, when I want while building a company that is not only profiting but thriving. Read more>>

Sheila Houlahan | Actress, Producer, and Mental Health Care Advocate

This is a tough one to answer because growing up, I was always risk-averse. My mother loves telling stories about me needing to be literally shoved down a slide at a playground due to my baby brain finding slides ludicrously unsafe! Growing up, I always observed before diving into anything that looked particularly risky. I was scared to try new food (I had to be cornered into a stairwell to try a french fry!), dubious about anything involving heights and, above all, totally lacking in trust that any given “risky” activity was actually indeed properly vetted by adults. I was a strange child. Read more>>

Jung Fitzpatrick | Photographer, Connector, & Community Builder

I quit my former career in nonprofit management at the age of 34 to pursue my dream of becoming a photographer. I had no technical training but I had an eye and that inner calling that wouldn’t go away no matter how many times I tried to ignore it. I also feared that if I didn’t take the jump then, I would neither have the energy nor courage later in my life to make such a huge change. So risk played a central role in my career as a photographer. And it has been a part of every major decision I’ve made in my life. Read more>>

Ray Roberts | British Filipino Filmmaker & Content Creator

I owe everything to the risks I took. Pursuing a creative career as a filmmaker was a huge risk in itself. Risks are vital to go further I believe. I didn’t come from a well-off background. I didn’t have rich parents who could pay my rent, let alone pay for my camera equipment. I moved from a small town to London in order to go where the creative work is, and that was a huge risk. I was terrified. I let that fear fuel me. I forced myself to constantly ask myself questions like “How can I get better at my job?”, “How can I find more work” because it was a case of do or die. I I started with no money in my bank account and just went towards what I felt would make me happy. Failing that would mean not being able to pay for rent or food. Honestly, I think as an artist, growing up in poverty was the greatest gift my family gave me. Read more>>

Tracey Sykes Ambrose | Crochet Designer & Entrepreneur

Risking the comfort of a corporate paycheck every 2 weeks to pursue my talents as a Crochet designer and entrepreneur has changed my previous definition of plot twist. My journey as a crochet designer, business owner, and entrepreneur was birthed from the effects of corporate bullying and systemic racism. This unfortunate, deeply rooted, CULTural way of doing business as usual resulted in major depression, anxiety and panic attack disorders. Read more>>

Marshall Cook | Director / Writer / Actor

Everything worth doing involves risk. That’s definitely on a motivational poster somewhere and certainly true in my experience; from traveling, forming friendships, playing football, making videos, acting on stage, moving to LA, auditioning, acting, writing, directing movies and commercials, proposing to my now wife, buying a house… Risks are vital when creativity is your profession, and that’s especially true with writing and directing comedy. If we all colored inside the lines with the appropriate colors, there would be no surprise. No exploration. Nothing to make you feel, or compel you to share or discuss. So, those jokes in my next movie that feel a little risky? I’m leavin’ ’em in. Read more>>

Garrett Castillo | Movie Trailer Editor

Risk taking followed me my whole life. I just have never been content where I always was. I was always looking to climb the next mountain in all aspects in my life and it ties into my creativity. Creativity feels so natural to me and risk taking feels natural to me too. I just don’t feel comfortable being safe. I always feel eager to be just on the edge all the time, always pushing it. I’m always looking around for the next corner for what endless possibilities could exist. I spent about 30 years in a safe place. I had a great career by all accounts, but it was safe. It never seemed as my end goal and where I was destined to land. Read more>>

Albamarina Nahar | Actress, Model, Writer, Painter, Director, Healing Creator

Honestly, I’ve been taking risks since I came out the womb. Risks are the excitement and nerve racking moments to make the ultimate decision that you feel in your gut. It’s a higher power move. It’s listening to your higher self and shift into a wild butterfly. I look at it as getting into another dimension of unlocking your ultimate powers that have been there, but now need grooming and way more attention. Taking risks have always been apart of my life. Its truly taken its real form by playing the most major importance in my life and in my career. Read more>>

Sheryl Hambrick | Curly Hair Specialist

Life is all about taking risks. As the old saying goes, “No risk, no reward.” My business is where it is today because of the risks I’ve taken over the past seven years. Sometimes I think back and say to myself, “Wow, you really just stepped out on a limb and did that!?” In 2014, I was in my fifth year as President and CEO of a successful government contracting business. We had contracts with the Navy and Department of Defense. I was following in my father’s footsteps and he was mentoring me as I learned the tricky world of government contracts. Read more>>

Suzanne Bachner | Playwright & Director

I’ve never regretted taking a risk, just playing it safe. The namesake of my theatre company, JMTC Theatre, and my first father-in-law, John Montgomery Hillan used to say: “You only regret the things you haven’t done”. That’s definitely true for me when it comes to taking risks. Risk taking is also absolutely infectious in the best way. Taking risks creates a ripple effect. Risks beget risks until that’s just your creative / artistic / life normal. Read more>>

Allie Perez | Founder & Co-Owner of KittyFXShop

Risk to me feels like freedom. When you’re young, you are afraid to take risks because of the fear you have about being stuck. If you take a leap and land on the wrong ground, you feel like you ‘have’ to stay there. But in reality, you just have to take the leap again and land elsewhere. Risk can be scary, especially when taking it while the world feels like it’s ending. Not being able to control the outside world can lead to more fear than you initially started with. Read more>>

Ivana Dama | Sound Artist and Researcher

The sound has always had the power to take me to a different time or place, but I have never considered implementing the sound into my art practice. In 2017, I saw the VR project called “Giant” made by a young artist from Serbia. In her project, Milica Zec draws upon her experience growing up in war-torn Serbia during the bombing in 1999. Milica and I share a similar experience of living in a basement during that time, and I previously did a few projects related to the same subject. Seeing her reconstruction of this event was absolutely stunning to me, but sound more than anything brought back my early memories. Read more>>

Kyle Meeks | Writer & Photographer

Risks are so important to progress. I feel like people often make the mistake of thinking the opposite of success is failure, when in reality failures are the building blocks of success and they cause growth. But if success is the result of growth, the opposite of success must be stagnation. I try my best to challenge myself to do things even if I’m not confident I’ll do them perfectly. To me, the idea of living a comfortable life in the suburbs where I never challenge myself, never learn a new perspective, or never dare to be different is a far more frightening risk and I would like to avoid that with all of my ability and resources. Read more>>

Nathaniel Smith | Sculptor

Risk is a part of life–it is almost a pre-condition for life. There are always things outside of my control, and just by choosing to participate in life means I am agreeing to risk all the possible joys and pains contained in it. With this in mind, the present moment becomes much more valuable, as it is the only thing I can influence to my benefit. I see attention, intention and action as the pillars of a successful studio practice. Where I choose to direct my attention, intention, and actions has everything to do with my chance at personal success and fulfillment. Read more>>

Jermaine Edmondson | Actor | Model | Athlete

I think that taking risk is something we all must do in order to get to a place we truly want to go. Through my personal experience I took many risk and I have learned that risk taking could be good and bad but you will never know until you try. Growing up in California I played a lot of different sports, not knowing my full potential or what to expect from it all. At the tail end of my sophomore year in high school, with minimum plans for college. I was given an opportunity to play varsity football at a big time high school in my birth place Canton, Ohio. This would be the first biggest risk/decision I would take in my young career. I would have to leave behind my mom, my coaches, friends. siblings, and teammates. This was no easy choice to make for a kid half way through high school. Read more>>

Alex Woz | Artist and Designer

A few months ago, I left a great job to pursue a temporary position teaching art to low-income students at a local school program. Shortly after that ended, I decided to put down the lesson plans and pursue a career as a full time artist and printmaker- at the risk of my own stability. Art has always been my calling, and my way to fully explore and reveal the most vulnerable aspects of myself. Through painting, illustration, and graphic design, I’ve been able to immerse myself in parts of myself that I never knew existed- and it can be daunting to reveal that to the world. Read more>>

Kirstin Winkler | Film/TV producer & Travel Enthusiast/writer

It would be somewhat of an exaggeration to claim “Mo’ Risk – Mo’ Fun” as my life’s motto, but a certain fondness for risk and welcoming change has frequently rewarded me with growth, opportunity and, well… mo’ fun. And in those rare moments when my risk/reward calculation didn’t add up and ended in disappointment, it still served as an important lesson that likely prevented further emotional faceplants down the line. Read more>>

Jess Furman | Creative Executive

I think risk is a true matter of perspective. I’ve always preferred to be as much in the driver’s seat of my own life and career as possible. Some people think it’s less risky to apply to a “secure” job right out of college and try to play by all the rules to build towards a retirement. To me, that’s always felt too risky. Who’s rules? What would that security cost me? The only thing we all have in equal shares is hours in a day. We’re not guaranteed to live to 65 and be healthy enough to travel. I’ve never put off my dreams. I’ve always set a goal, then put all the hard work behind making sure I had the skills, industry knowledge and network or community around me to achieve my goals. The risk? No clear path. That’s scary for a lot of people. The reward? A life that at times can feel like a roller coaster – but a ride of your own choosing. Read more>>

Emily Caitlan | Professional Makeup Artist/Makeup Designer

There is such a negative connotation associated with the word “risk.” But, viewing it less as a “gamble” and more as a calculated move, taking a risk could be exactly what an individual needs in order to grow professionally or personally. Had I not taken the leap of faith and left my hometown of Chicago, Illinois for Las Vegas, Nevada, the professional growth I longed for may have never happened. And conversely, it also had potential to be the wrong move professionally, but that was the risk I was willing to take. Read more>>

Colleen Mary Saoirse Kelly, MFT PhD | Psychotherapist, Director of International Marketing and Technology for StartAgain Associates

I’ve never had a conventional life with a 9 to 5 job. I went from being an actor in NYC to working as a psychotherapist in Los Angeles. The same is true of my husband who is an artist. I went through the proper education channels and jumped through all the licensing hoops but I was never one to work in an office. I worked on American Indian Reservations for many years, then with refugees from MENA, and finally for two decades in addiction treatment and trauma. Read more>>

Tonia Green | Television Makeup Department Head & Mom

I think risk is necessary to advance and progress in your career and life in general. I say yes to everything and figure it out later. I have to rely on my instincts and surround myself with people that will make me better at what I do as well as help me keep everything together at home. People think you have to sacrifice having a big family to have a successful career and that’s simply not true. You can have it all… you just have to find the balance. Read more>>

Conrad Paul | Singer/Songwriter

I’m addicted to risk. It’s everything to me. Every risk i’ve taken, successful or not, has gotten me where I am today. Read more>>

Jules Kuhr | Artist

Risk is a wild thing. But a good thing. Even though it’s absolutely terrifying. What if I quit that job? What if I move to that city? What if I completely change my entire life? I’m fortunate enough to be in a place where I can take risks. So I did quit that job, I did move to that city, and I did switch up my whole life. Truthfully, I don’t remember my emotions while it was all happening. I didn’t have time to think about it. But looking back, wow. How’d I do that shit. Read more>>

Eryc Perez de Tagle | Photographer

Risk taking is one of the main characters in anyone’s life/career, especially mine. From moving out of my hometown in the Midwest post-college bound for New York City to leaving a secure corporate job in clothing designer for a career as a freelance (not-formally-trained) photographer. I’ve made some bold choices in my life. Some felt easier than others and some of them saw an immediate pay off… Others not so much. Walking away with your tail between your legs because of a bad decision is the WORST, but also part of the process for most people in some way or another. Read more>>

Talia K Dillingham | Industry Professional & Creative | Acting + Stunts

Risk: a situation involving exposure to danger or harm. With this definition of risk I think about it in a calculated fashion, not that risk is an impossibility, but rather something requiring thoughtful respect or discipline to accomplish or avoid. Also as, something most would be fearful of and thus never try. I’ve made two choices in my life: 1) To LIVE(!) a life not wasted, which holds little space or time for fear 2) live by knowledge, growth and wisdom (along with a few other choice qualities that don’t pertain here). Constant encounters with risk allow me to do both fully. Read more>>

Nam Ngo | CEO of Prestige Martial Arts & Fitness

Risk is one of the biggest obstacles that true entrepreneurs have to mentally overcome. Risk will make or break entrepreneurs, either you tackle risk head on or it will have you second guessing your endeavors. I had to give up a financially stable job in order to open up my own business. It was definitely the biggest risk I had to make to become an entrepreneur. What allowed me to overcome the risk is that I figured out solutions to the worst possible outcomes. After I figured out solutions to the worse cast scenario, I was more confident of my decision to be an entrepreneur. Read more>>

Emily Harpel | Founder & Cotton Candy Spinner

If you were to poll my inner circle and say “describe Emily” I can without a doubt guarantee “risk taker” would not make the list. As a matter of fact, I can also guarantee risk adverse would make the list. I know, I know it seems ironic. While starting a cotton candy at the age of 23, freshly out of college, and newly married seems risky, it has truly never felt that way to me. Read more>>

Claire Matson | Writer & Creator

I grew up with a fear based mindset surrounding risk and the unknown. As the product of two very practical parents, I always played it safe. Even as a child I stayed away from activities that might result in me breaking a bone. This mentality led me to believe that a traditionally linear path was the only option. Weekdays from 9-5 were for my day job as a publicist and the evenings were for writing, performing and all other creative pursuits. The more immersed I became in the comedy community in New York, my nights were solidly booked either writing, performing or seeing shows. Read more>>

Jon Snow | Actor

I don’t think risk taking ever gets any less scary. It hasn’t for me at least. But it’s a good fear. Maybe there’s a secret I’ll accidentally stumble upon one day when I’m 95 and gray – actually, I hope my hair all turns white like Gandalf, if I’m being honest. But that’s not really the question, is it? For me, it’s always been something that terrifies me no matter how many times I do it, and I think I’m fairly practiced at the art. I grew up in a cult. I was sexually abused around the age of 6 or 7. Read more>>

Jessica Bazan | Founder & CEO of Host with Grace

Risk taking has been and will always be a fundamental piece of my career. I am only 23 years old and without taking risks I likely would not have pursued my passion at such a young age. I started my career post-college in the entertainment industry. Upon graduating from New York University in 2019, I had dreamed of becoming a big, bold Hollywood talent agent. I quickly realized that it was not the glamorous profession I had dreamed of, and, rather, the 8AM-11PM work day 6 days a week caused burn out and depression very quickly. Read more>>

Shannon & Gavin Thomas & Jones | Co-founders of Blue Sleeve Studios

Our creative studio never would have started if we didn’t wholeheartedly believe in the benefit of taking risks. Creating art, in whatever capacity, means taking a risk every day. Putting a little piece of your inner world out there for the outer world to see is uncomfortable. It’s so easy to live in the cozy zone, doing what you know you are good at, staying in the same relationships, firmly planting your feet somewhere without willingness to move. But we believe without risks, there is no growth. Without stepping outside of your comfort zone, you won’t be able to access unknown parts of yourself. Read more>>

Matt Taussig | CEO

‘One must take risks in order to fly’. We must take risks to get out of our comfort zone, when we step outside of our comfort zone we open ourselves up to unpredictability. The risk we all dread; ‘the what if we fail’? When I was 25, I decided to completely change my career from working in aeronautical engineering to creating my own business in music and events. The truth is, I was unhappy in what I was doing at the time and I new in my gut what career path I needed to take. Read more>>

DARIUS SLAUGHTER | Author, Host and Motivational Speaker

i will forever be a risk taker, a gambler and in some instances almost a visionary as i tend to get caught up on the potential of things/people/events moreso than their current status. Only by taking risks: thinking outside of the box, courage, dedication and sheer power of will can we break economic and social barriers en route to ascension. i see every glass ceiling, road block and slammed door as a challenge to be conquered en route to my greater goal. Read more>>

Anastasiia Polishchuk | Actress & Model

Risk takes a big role in my life by pushing me towards my goals and helping me to face my fears. There’s nothing that scares me more than a possibility of not achieving my goal because of the doubts and fears I have in my head. Every time I’m scared to do something that I know might help me to make my dream come true – I tell myself to take a risk! Moving from Ukraine to America at the age of 17 was the biggest risk I took in my life. Read more>>

Jinous Khadivian | Actress, Director, Writer, Producer

I’m a big believer in taking risks and following your heart. The most fulfilling rewards in life come to us when we take a risk that we know, deep down, is what we’re supposed to do in our life, like it’s part of our blueprint. That’s what I mean by following your heart. The heart always knows, it’s just the brain that comes up with reasons why we shouldn’t do it. Risk always took a big back seat in my life. Even though I’d wanted to be an actress since the age of three, growing up, I didn’t allow myself to indulge in my artistic calling when I got older. Read more>>

Donald (DJ) Durham | owner of Misson2Math Education Company

I believe there is no safer bet than betting on yourself. What some see as a risk, I see as an opportunity to elevate. I believe taking “risks” has allowed me to find deeper value to life. It also give me the ability to take advantage of what life has to offer without fear of failure. The way I see it, if I didn’t take risks or advantage of the opportunities in front of me, eventually those opportunities will fade. When you look at it that way, it almost seems scarier not to risk it sometimes. Read more>>

Angela Izzo | Photographer and Filmmaker

Taking risks plays a huge role in my life and career. At the age of 19 I moved across the country from FL to CA. where I majored in photo-journalism and visual arts. Not knowing anyone, I got into the local mix documenting the music and art scene, and later moved to Los Angeles where I got involved with the underground art scene. I collaborated with edgy artists doing pop up shows and multimedia events. I like to take risks with photo shoots where everything is not pre-planned. I work with my subjects as muses in interesting locations, so the process of taking the photograph is the act of creation. I also like to experiment with different photo techniques, there is a risk to using analog film on important projects since you can’t see it until it’s developed, but I like the results so I’m willing to take the risk. Read more>>