We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Noelle Marie Gardner | Creator & Yogi

Both of our brands, Namaste Organic and Flower + Thorne Botanicals bring people real relief from aches, injuries and pain. It’s such an honor to be able to craft beautiful healing products that truly make an impact on the quality of people’s lives. There is an entire segment of the population that is unfamiliar with and even slightly awkward with delving into legal cannabis, primarily older women. Read more>>

Nat Vikitsreth | A somatic social justice practitioner & trauma-informed licensed psychotherapist

Parents of young children work with me to understand their intergenerational family trauma (I.G.F.T.) and internalized oppression (I.O.). These are the two invisible and sticky parenting roadblocks that keep unknowingly coming up in day-to-day parenting despite the parents’ values and intention. When you promised to never talk to your child like how your parents talked to you only to find yourself repeating those same words when you snapped at your toddler. Or, when you are trying to conform and perform parenting just to fit into the “good parenting box” that colonialism, patriarchy, and White supremacy demand you to. Read more>>

Luis Ramón Quintero | Writer, Director & Producer

In today’s technological world, media plays a vital part on young minds personal development and growth. As a writer-director of Latin decent I often turned to media to see positive role models from our community. I quickly came to realize that Latinos are almost nonexistent on screen and when they do appear, they are often stereotypically portrayed as maids, gang bangers or cartels. This is why in 2002 I set out to change that narrative. My long-term goal is to eliminate Latin stereotypes in mainstream media and offer a platform where women and people of color can create stories that represent the world we live in today. You cannot be what you cannot see. Read more>>

Tyler James | Music Professional

Music impacts everyone. Notes strung together and played in sync with rhythm have a seemingly magical way of communicating across borders and languages. It’s an immensely powerful thing and can change the way that people experience life. I believe that music brings people together in ways that nothing else can. Read more>>

Magüis Sosa | founder of Five 2 Media & Entertainment & Co-Founder of Lolita Ayala Shop

I recently co-founded a merchandise shop where a big percentage of the sales go to a non-profit in Mexico called Solo por Ayudar, which has different health programs for the people with low income. Read more>>

Rayna Campbell | Actress and Owner of Flow Energy Coaching

I help artists and creative people manage their mindsets and mental health via my business Flow Coaching. Being an artist can be tough at times. It can be a lonely road with little direction. Every decision you make in your career can impact it positively or negatively. Artists can find themselves out of work for long periods of time or unable to sell their products. They start questioning whether they’re good enough, unique enough, young enough, or even if they are supposed to be an artist. Read more>>

Patil Toutounjian | Founder and Operator of Tatik Streetwear

I started Tatik Streetwear after living in Armenia for 1.5 years. When I went back to Canada, March of 2020, the intention was to visit for a couple of months and return to Armenia to continue to life I established in our homeland. However, due to COVID19, I found myself “stuck” in Canada. This experience allowed me to reflect on my purpose in life, which is to empower one person each day. In addition to this purpose, I felt the lack of resources that would help me integrate my Armeninennes in my day to day life. Read more>>

Robert Sturman | Photographer

For me, photographs are ideas. And they have the very real potential to perpetuate and evolve humanity. In my case, I choose ideas that will help evolve us in a positive direction. When people see a photograph that they can also feel in a profound way, they remember it, and it begins to shape how we see. The idea begins to grow into a larger reality. Read more>>

Christy Soeder | Actor, Model, Conscious Creative Director & Environmental Advocate

Impact is something that is so important to me that I always try to be conscious of. We all make an impact on each other and on our world whether we’re conscious of it or not. Waking up to that idea a few years ago and how that translates into our careers, businesses, and futures, really got me thinking about how I can structure my business/career with artistic integrity and make an impact for the good. When I am working as a freelance model/stylist or creative director, I am focused on creating art that uses repurposed materials, doesn’t create waste, and sends a responsible, intentional message. Read more>>

Alexi Sciutto | Actor, Director, Entertainer

When I was kid, I was dealt a very busy schedule. I would wake up in the morning, probably after 3 or 4 snoozes, and then head to school, After school, I would go to Kumon (Yes, I went to Kumon), and after study time, I would go to soccer practice. My mind would be pulled every which way, there wasn’t a lot of downtime, but no matter what, in the back of my mind, I knew that when the weekend came, I would be going to the movies. Read more>>

Michael Bright | Artist

At the very least, twice a month Health Is Wealth Lifestyle gathers people to explicitly acknowledge their health is paramount. We foster community and a personal inventory of where people are. We perform high intensity workouts, but there’s always a space for our participants to slow down, calm their breath and be open. I believe that mindfulness and connection is the best part. Read more>>

Edith Zamora | Owner, Head Bruja

We never know just what the impact of our actions is, but we try anyway. As a counselor, I was always reminded that we plant seeds, and that we won’t always (and most usually) see the fruits of our labor. We do the work because we believe people can evolve, grow, and make better choices. As a Bruja, I believe these same principles. My business was born from a need to heal myself and connect to Spirit, the Ancestors, the Earth. It was time to finally harvest the seeds of all my personal learning and growth, as I moved on from many things that were holding me back. Read more>>

Flora Rees-Arredondo | Visual Development Artist

I believe that there are an incredible amount of important voices and stories that still need to be heard. As long as there are unheard voices in entertainment and animation, I will continue to create artwork to support them through my own independent short films and artwork created for my clients. My artwork is for every Latina, Latinx, mixed, or bi-racial individual who ever felt lost or unheard. My art is about challenging social norms and presenting artwork that makes you think about the world around you. Read more>>

Lara Arguijo | Energy Healer & ThetaHealing® Instructor

Quite simply, I want to make the world a better place and my abilities as a healer help me do that for others in transformative ways. I remind myself of a quote daily as I meet with my clients or volunteer in my community. The full version of this quote is often summarized as ‘be the change you wish to see in the world,’ but the portion of the quote that inspires me is, “We but mirror the world Read more>>

Carolyn Iga | Music School and Store

As an online and live brick and mortar music school, we are in the business of creativity and relationships. . . which happened to be two of the most needed commodities during a pandemic. With society rapidly advancing through the last half a century, giving us so many options and means of isolating ourselves, whether by driving our own cars through traffic, listening to our own ear buds while standing in lines, or installing double pane windows to reduce noise from the outside, all of these technological “advances” have allowed us to settle into these controlled environments that fill our time and personal space with, . . . well, . . . loneliness. Read more>>

Melvin Graham | Film Producer & Multimedia Consultant

I believe my company Render Squad Industries LLC, helps the community and the world by creating films and media to tell stories that go untold. With a camera and audio equipment, we take on issues that are not often highlighted or showcased on popular platforms. In a very clever and innovative way, we’re able to inform and inspire people visually. Read more>>

Andra Tashjian | Master Lash Artist/Owner & Founder of LunaKai Lash

LunaKai Lash is the first in the lash industry to have sustainable bamboo products to replace single use plastic disposable supplies. It is our mission to reduce the amount of plastic and bring awareness to our Earth’s plastic waste problem and how we can make a difference in our lash room. LunaKai Lash has replaced your everyday single use plastic, such as mascara wands/microfiber wands, with sustainable bamboo handles. Read more>>

Ashley Jones | Certified Fitness Instructor/Coach

The mission of Group Fit by Ash is to provide a space to bring people together one sweat session at a time. Group Fit by Ash helps the community by providing free workouts that are open to everyone. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. I pride myself on providing a space and community that is inviting where no one feels singled out or as if they don’t fit in. Read more>>

Chelsea Arns | Entrepreneur, Mindset and Manifestation Mentor & Creator of the Aligned Planner & Journal

My business, the Aligned Planner & Journal is a 3-in-1 high performance planner, a journal and a manifestation mindset, all in one. It aligns one and what they want to have, with who they need to be and what they need to do, to get there. It’s the perfect blend of slay your goals, learn to apply the law of attraction so it works FOR you and focusing on what matters most in life – one’s well being, internal happiness and self love. The Aligned Planner & Journal helps the world because it INpowers each individual to manifest a life they love, while creating positive ripple effects to everyone else in their life. Read more>>

Jenn Bieri | Yoga Teacher & Fitness Enthusiast

I created Move with Jenn because there is a stigma in the fitness and yoga world that moving is only for some people. You have to look a certain way or be a certain type of person to be included and I couldn’t disagree more. Movement is for EVERYONE and I believe in creating a safe, non-judgmental, accessible space for people to practice, learn and explore what movement looks like for them. Read more>>

Elise Solberg | Musician & Non-profit Executive Director

Turn Up Her Mic is a non-profit that I founded to raise awareness of the gender equality in the music industry. We primarily focus on careers and roles that work behind the scenes. Over the past few years, I’ve realized that there really isn’t a collective platform in which womxn working behind the scenes in music can speak out and share their stories. We’ve had many womxn join our virtual panels to speak on their experiences and the gender issues they see in the industry. Their roles have ranged from music direction, tour managing, and side musicians, and they’ve worked with some of the biggest artists (Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Lizzo, Bon Iver, Ariana Grande, and more). Read more>>

Jhessica Tor | Entrepreneur & Financial Specialist

It’s no secret that finance is a male-dominated industry, more so in financial services. Women control 51% of the U.S. personal wealth, yet according to studies, only 12% feel confident that they will be able to retire comfortably. This is something that has to change, and I believe that it can. As a mother, entrepreneur, and financial services professional I understand the importance of financial literacy and the role it plays when you are planning for your future, your children’s future, and the future of your business. Read more>>

Jesus Rivera | (AKA) Big Zeus Rapper, Entrepreneur, CEO

Vicious Cycle is a record label giving opportunities to those who feel like they don’t have a voice, by Creating a platform for up and coming artist / entrepreneurs to express themselves creatively through clothing,music,and even business. what i do for my team and community is I try my best to teach them about Financial stability and how to invest your money so it can work for you. With the motto “Break The Cycle” The mission is to motivate and uplift a culture that is used to being picked last. Read more>>

Alexander Miguel | Daydreamer & Nighttime Truck Driver

I feel my business helps the community by sharing my culture from Oaxaca to those here in LA.. At the same time as providing a little culture to the LA community , I help the families in my home state of Oaxaca by selling their handmade goods here in LA. This process helps the people in the small villages continue to make and export their cultural goods so that they aren’t forced to migrate to bigger cities, (where some lose their culture or identity), and are able to stay comfortably in their villages while preserving their traditions. Read more>>

Lindsey Paoli, MS, MFT-Intern | Therapist and Life Performance Coach

As a coach and therapist, my main mission is really to revolutionize the way the world approaches mental health by creating psychoeducation about prevention. We practice preventative care for everything, from our bodies, to our teeth, to even our cars! The fact that the mental health stigma has impeded our ability to see the importance of preventative mental care baffles me, especially because your mental health impacts everything else in your life: your relationships, your physical health, your success, and yes, your happiness. Read more>>

Kelvin Andres Funes | Multimedia Artist/Entrepreneur

This topic is essential, because if your business does not serve a purpose in further developing the community or the world then there is no passion, and passion is the real fruit of life. At MVMNT ARTISTRY, our business model revolves around the many Movements that are formed throughout our community. Get it? It’s in the name. We help illustrate and create for other businesses, organizations, sport teams, and even family gatherings: The tow truck company, your school club, clothing lines, law firms etc…. Read more>>

Lauren St. Laurent | Costume & Fashion Designer

Ever since founding Castle Corsetry, I have had a strong sense of my design morals as well as quality control. So many fashion brands in current times rely on overseas manufacturing, which not only hurts the US economy, but has paved the way for ‘fast fashion.’ Castle Corsetry is anything but fast-fashion in that I value quality over quantity. Read more>>

Omid Rejali | Trial Lawyer & Founder of LawPer

LawPer is an innovative online platform connecting injured victims to personal injury lawyers. Its innovative pricing structure will have a big impact on injured victims being able to save money and keep more of their settlement dollars. I started LawPer out of my frustration with the personal injury industry and greedy lawyers. LawPer changes the average contingency pricing-the model where the attorney does not get paid until the case is settled. Read more>>

Stacie P. | Owner & Designer

I would be hesitant to claim that a statement t-shirt helps the world, but it does allow people to express their thoughts and ideas upfront and unapologetically. My business also seeks out local community events to support such as Melalin Market, KJLH Women’s Health Expo and the Black College Expo, Read more>>

Professor Elemental | Steam Powered Hip Hop Emcee and comedian

I’m a great believer that the idea of ‘helping the world’ is a bit much. I mean, the world is huge. We are tiny. The idea of helping the world feels like bringing a small dustpan and brush to help clear up an earthquake. Where would you even begin? But helping those around you, we can all do that. Making sure everyone is having a good time and feels a sense of unity, sharing politeness and good manners, making people feel part of something larger and building a sense of community- these things are all not only doable, but vital. Read more>>

Juliet Ramos | Founder of BrokenGirl Unchained

It has been my goal since I started BrokenGirl Unchained to help people. I always thought that if I could just help one person, then my mission would be a success. I have therapists, relationship coaches, lawyers, and other professionals on the show who are able to dispense advice for the listening audience. Often, I will get feedback from people who tell me that a particular show helped them with their own personal struggles and aided them on their own healing journey. Read more>>

Alitalia Adams | Founder of Lusso Vitale

As a small business owner, it’s important for me to incorporate representation, community and green practices into my brand. Lusso Vitale products are all vegan and cruelty free. Our nail polish is also 10 free, which makes for a healthier manicure. While most brands recruit one designer, our press on nails are designed by nail artists, then sent to our manufacturer for production. Read more>>

Aaron Grasso | Co-founder + CEO

Solo Cinebot was started with the intention of getting people back to work during the pandemic. We wanted a safe alternative to traditional filming that followed social distancing guidelines but didn’t compromise quality or the creative control that content creators hope for. Our systems have allowed the safe filming of countless VIP talent in their own homes, including many elderly and patients with autoimmune deficiencies, veterans, celebrities and more. Because of the suite of functionality within the system, it requires a small crew to operate. Read more>>

Julia Kaye | Comic Artist & Storyboard Revisionist at Disney TV Animation

For the past 5 years or so I’ve been using my online platforms to share autobiographical comics about my day to day life experiences as a trans woman- reflections on gender, dating, chosen family, love, anxiety, and everything else under the sun. I started creating and posting these honest reflections because, at the time, I realized that there didn’t seem to be much in the way of broadly accessible trans-related content that spoke to the nuance of my personal experiences. I had dearly wished that there were content or books that I could’ve shared with the people in my life as a way to help explain myself. Read more>>

Shawntelle Bivens | Educator & Business Owner

Our motto at Black Box Candle Co. is “Culture, Self Care, and Community”. When I design a candle, I hold each of these pillars in my spirit and heart. I deeply value the connection that can be found in these areas. Each candle I make, has some relation to culture. Whether it be, ethnic, generational, or even expressions of sex & intimacy, you will be able to celebrate various pieces of your intersectional identity. While embracing who you are, I hope that Black Box Candles allow you to create the space for your self care. Read more>>

Heather Christie | CEO Mind Body Music | Music Mentor | Expressive Arts Therapy Facilitator

Mind Body Music is based on the belief that everyone has creative genius; people just need the rights tools to be supported in accessing their unique brand of artistic excellence. Our mission is to help awaken a new era of creatively empowered humans, so that we are freed up to live in harmony with each other, the planet, and all living creatures. By tending to the innate creative expression in humans, we are also supporting the ecosystem of earth-human relations, and thus supporting a more positive future for all. Read more>>

Deja Riley | lululemon ambassador + MIRROR trainer

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and BELONGING. As a Black Woman in the fitness/wellness industry, those concepts quickly became the pillars of my business and my driving forces. Fitness/wellness is NOT one size fits all, and should be accessible to EVERYONE. My goals have always been to make sure that everyone taking my classes feels like they belong there. No matter the fitness level, body type, race or geolocation, everyone is welcome to my SWEATY SMILE SQUAD. Read more>>

Daniela Genie | Head of Creator Partnerships & Community

mayk.it is a new platform that is helping people to express themself through music or audio. This new app will allow users to explore their creative identities. mayk.it it is a place where imperfection is welcome. Being part of a project where the main goal is to inspire others to create makes me excited. The community on mayk is very positive and inclusive; creators like supporting each other and collaborating with one and other. The app allows creators to be their authentic selves through audio and music using their own voice/ words. Read more>>

Jay Dizon | Filmmaker & Artist

I’m in the process of trying to fund my first feature film with the working title “Two’s Koa Warriors” the film is an authentic portrayal of Asian-American and Pacific Islander stories. Taking place in Hawai’i with Native Hawaiian and Asian leads it seeks to help further stories of AAPI people and bring more representation in film and media. There were major strides with successes like “Crazy Rich Asians”, “The Farewell” and “Minari” and my film hopefully adds to that collection. Read more>>

Daniel Hendrick | Singing Teacher & Vocal Therapist

Singing Opera at times can inspire, it can lift consciousness to higher and higher levels. Music in general, can vibrate at frequencies that seem to be healing to us, body and soul. Read more>>