We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.  Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Stefanie Feldman | Interior design professional turned Virtual Reality Product Manager

Risk is a part of life, whether you want it to be or not. Risk can often be associated with something negative or dangerous, because by definition that is what we have learned it is. Everything can be considered a risk in life…from simply going outside, driving your car, starting a new job or even entering a new relationship. There’s always some form of risk to either your mind, body or heart. A few years back, I opened up a wise fortune cookie with a quote inside that has resonated with me ever since. I even made a custom bracelet with these words on it to remind me every day; it said “Nothing dared, nothing gained.” These words couldn’t be truer for how I want and try to live my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today in my life, in particular my career without taking a risk or as I like to call it “taking a leap of faith.” It’s a jump into the unknown, it’s allows oneself to be vulnerable to new possibilities with hope for a better future. Read more>>

Takaaki Hirakawa | Singer Actor Comedian

Risk equals in my mind as courage. How willing are you to jump in the water before you know anything. Not having a knowledge will give you a great advantage as well. Because you don’t know about a certain thing that your peers may be aware of, you may be able to take the risk and that may lead you to somewhere others couldn’t be. I will admit that as I got older, I became self conscious and less courageous because I have been exposed to many things. And from now on, because I know, I would like to take a risk and be courageous as if I don’t know anything. Read more>>

Randolph Summiel | Actor

Risks man, risks are interesting to me. The thing about risks is you’re not sure if they are going to benefit you or hurt you but without taking risks you’ll never know how far you can go or if you’re truly walking in your purpose. I consistently have to ask God for direction and clarity because I don’t always know what I’m doing. I just know I have to walk by faith and not by sight and keep going. After receiving my Master’s Degree I worked odd jobs trying to keep everything together. Times I slept in my car because I couldn’t afford housing comfortably. It was hard, but for me, necessary to achieve my goals. Finding myself in these situations proved to me how much I wanted to be a successful actor. I didn’t want to give up. It was a crazy risk but without that experience, I wouldn’t be this far. My sacrifices may not mirror others however, they are apart of my journey. Coming to terms with my reality, has allowed me to accept who I am and welcome my risks. Read more>>

Diana Acevedo | Film & Stage Performance Artist

Risk taking has become naturally integrated in my personal life and especially my career/business. I think it’s more natural to take a risk than people may realize they do as often as most fear it. Yes, without jumping out of your comfort zone and taking risks when you know it benefits you, you can never attain your goals or where you want to be but while that’s true, why do we more easily decide to take risks that don’t benefit us in the best way? This includes harmful behavior, jumping into a red flagged relationship, or running a red light, just to list a few. LOL Healthy risk taking is a habit worth forming and may take time but once you exercise it, you’ll thank yourself. As you should!. Read more>>

Joseph Pacheco | Entrepreneur, Song Writer, Recording Artist, and Multi Business Investor

Life itself comes with risks and does not offer any guarantees to any of us. We all take risks everyday in life. It’s ok to faulie that is how we learn and grow from any mistakes we’ve made. personally I’ve took risks and yes I failed Plenty of times. I let great opportunities walk passed me because I was afraid of taking on risk but after all the mistakes I was determined to never gave up on myself nor let it bring me down. When taking risks to achieve goals i look at risk more like trustworthiness or poor decision-making. I like to use a set of rules that has helped me for an example. do I have trust in myself or the people and companies with that risk. Or Am I making a poor decision because realistically i cant afford this risk. Now I look at my position in life am I ok mentally, spritely, and physically and will my finances be ok can I still be positive and not so upset if I need to invest any type of money but end up losing it all and failing. Read more>>

Nick Demopoulos | Musician, Digital Interface Designer.

I think learning to cope with risks in life is something you should feel comfortable with. Once my step mom told me that if I don’t risk anything I will never gain anything and that really stuck with me. I think she was talking more about gambling in Vegas, but it applies to many things. In my twenties I moved to New York from LA with a no plan and only knew three people there. It was a huge risk and a very spontaneous decision I made without really thinking. But it paid off for me and changed my life massively. I think that is really the role risks play in my life. i take massive risks without even knowing it or even thinking about it. It’s probably not very safe, but sometimes you can win big. Read more>>

Elizabeth Rossi | Author, Screenwriter, Composer

I consider risks to be an essential step towards growth in any area… whether that’s love, career, or life in general. Staying inside the comfort zone doesn’t allow my soul to shine and realize all of its potential. So I find myself constantly pushing that edge, trying to find new ways of expressing myself in writing, music, and ultimately in life. And each time I fully express myself, there’s a certain amount of courage involved. It’s a risk to be authentic because you never know how you’ll be received, but living authentically and putting myself fully on the page or in a song is the only true way I feel I can connect with others through my work or really in any endeavor. And if I don’t put 100% of me into it, then why bother doing it? I believe through taking these risks and being unapologetically me, allowing my soul to shine through my creative passions – that is when my stories or music are able to touch the souls of others. Read more>>

Gloria Molist | Olivo Amigo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Founder

Risk has always been associated with something negative since you are exposing yourself to a situation or change that can result in danger, loss, or discomfort. Since we don’t know the result of what we are exposing ourselves to, we become vulnerable. Vulnerability is often scary because we don’t control the situation or outcome. I believe that every action and word during our day has a risk since it can impact others’ lives and our lives in different ways. This is why I believe the important part of taking risks is the intention of our actions and the attitude in which we execute those actions. If you take a risk knowing that you are doing it with the intention of achieving something better and you have a positive attitude, regardless of the outcome, you have learned a valuable lesson. Read more>>

MASH | Rapper/Vocalist/Musician

Taking risks is probably the most important part of any career in my opinion. It reveals, or better yet, unlocks parts of ourselves we don’t know about. When all the odds are against you, and everyone is saying no, with even more discouragement waiting around the corner. Risk teaches you to truly have faith in yourself for new possibilities we never were aware of. Yeah, it might not work, and sometimes we come home empty handed, but with a head full new knowledge. I’ve rolled the dice with my last dollar more than once, and more times than not, I come out with a seven. I’m not saying to gamble with your life, but we do only get one. I base many decisions on when I look back on my life, am I going to be happy or regret not trying? I rather not live with never knowing what could have been. Read more>>

GVE MIKE | Artist / Music Producer / Entrepreneur

When it comes to risk, I used to play it really safe… but now I am open to taking risks more because I tend to do my research on what i’m getting involved in. Especially with music, you have to realize its all a risk and it may never “work out”, but if you believe in yourself, your skills, your drive and have a good network, you have a great chance of succeeding in your field. If your career is your passion, I believe it will work out in the end for you. You may not be Drake at the end of the day but have a career that allows you to feed your family, build wealth and live the life your desire than in my mind your a success! It will take some time but believe in what you’re doing!. Read more>>

Gail Landau | Attorney and Founder, Catmosphere Laguna Foundation

Fear and confidence are not mutually exclusive concepts. Each time I felt trepidation about a life move or a career move, the energy behind the decision-making process drove me forward. I made the leap after 30 years of practicing law as a litigator to open the first Cat Cafe and Lounge in Orange County, CA, Catmosphere Laguna. Neither the County nor the City of Laguna Beach knew what I was talking about when I made my first Business Model presentations prior to receiving licensing approval. What had started in 2017 as a Foundation with the mission of finding forever homes for abandoned and homeless felines morphed into a community Cafe concept. Risk? What risk? There is never a shortage of worthy homeless animals nor a shortage of humans seeking companionship. What could go wrong? Covid-19 restrictions forced us to close our doors on March 16, 2020. Read more>>

James Cude | Film Editor, Writer and Producer

I once read this statement, and it has always stuck with me: Risk is a problem that COULD happen. Change fixes the problem that HAS happened. I think back on that statement as I answer this question, because I don’t consider myself a risk taker. It involves change, and I’m not a fan of change. I think that stems from the fact that I lost one of my senses at a young age. I started losing my hearing when I was 13, got my first set of hearing aids when I was 18, and have progressively lost more hearing all my life. My career involves a lot of work with sound. I didn’t plan this career, it’s where my interests gravitated while in grad school. In the 20 years I’ve been doing it, I have encountered discrimination because of my hearing. How can a deaf person be an editor? I’ve asked myself that question, in moments of doubt. Read more>>

Fernanda Kelly | Founder & CEO

“El que no arriesga no gana” is a saying in spanish that means “the one who doesn’t risk doesn’t win”. I am a true believer that in life, we must dare, risk and explore. We must trust our instincts when reason says “don’t do it” . We must be willing to loose in order to gain. But in reality, there is really no loosing, because as we all know, we gain experience!. Read more>>

Jalise Johnson | Dessert Confectionist

I’m a firm believer of “If there is no risk there is no reward”. This is always one of my constant thoughts when its time for me to step out on Faith and make a big move for my business. Im all about going for it and taking risk, but being a wife and mother, I have to think about how those risk taking moments will not only effect me, but my family as well. Read more>>

Kat and Brooke Wyman | Yoga Studio Owners

Everything we want is on the other side of risk. Deep, meaningful, soul-nourishing, love. A big, grand, beautiful, and fulfilling life. Work that fills your heart, and also brings success. Going after huge life goals. The things in life that have the biggest impact, most likely involve some level of risk. Risk is inherently a part of the game as a business owner, and as any human trying to make an impact. For us, we like to measure risk against trust. If we are going to take a risk in business, life, love, or adventure, is our trust in ourselves, our plan, the universe, or that it will work out big enough to justify the risk we’re about to take?We sit here today propelled by numerous great risks. Falling in love with each other was a risk. Would our families accept? Would our communities? Would our relationship work out? We trusted our love. Starting a business with no statistical proof of success was a risk. Our loved ones doubted us. We trusted our vision. I left a solid career to go all in with our studio, giving up a great salary, benefits, and stability to go all in on our studio. Read more>>

Castella | National Recording Artist – Singer Songwriter & former HR Executive

I’d honestly say, I’ve played it safe for the majority of my life… going to college right after high school, graduating, getting married, having kids, getting a stable job in local government. The first big risk I took was applying to be a Director of Human Resources, which was an “at-will” position, meaning I could be dismissed at any time for no reason at all… I always avoided “at-will” positions. I took the risk. My worst nightmare came true when I was dismissed from that position one day, with no warning and no opportunity to fix whatever troubled my then boss. But at the same time, over the course of the past year, I had taken another risk in my life and that was creating music and living my dreams of being a singer songwriter. I had been so busy playing it safe, I didn’t even realize I had it in me! After the job ended I was faced with yet another risk opportunity. Read more>>

Nikki Glaspie | Drummer/Band Leader/Businesswoman

My motto is: high risk, high reward. I’ve taken quite a few risks in my career that have defined my career. The first risk was leaving school and moving to Brooklyn NY with just rent money in my pocket. GOD said to go to NY so I went. I auditioned for Beyoncé six months later. I had $50 to my name and I needed money. I actually turned down 2 gigs to go audition. A week later I got the gig. My next risk was when I left Beyoncé. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I wanted to get back to my roots. Within 3 months I joined Ivan Neville’s band Dumpstaphunk. While in Dumpstaphunk, I played with all of The Meters, the Neville Brothers, many incredible musicians and learned how to run a business. I left Dumpstaphunk to start my own band; The Nth Power. That was a huge risk, because I was stepping out on my own, using my own name, music and ideas to generate income for me and my band mates. Read more>>

Lawrence Chau | Actor, TV Host, Filmmaker

I’m all for throwing caution to the wind — the keyword being with “caution.” Any endeavor of risk entails more than passion. You also need to be genuinely talented at what you are pursuing; you need to research whatever it is you’re after, be disciplined and organized; have sharp business and networking skills; be open to learning new things; be malleable; be self-assured; be budget-conscious; and have a strong sense of self. Until you are able to map out a master plan with contingency plans, don’t do it. It’s never wise to put all your eggs in one basket. Life is just too unpredictable. I’ve taken calculated risks all my life: opting to go to journalism school because communication and writing were my strong suits versus math and science (sorry about medical school, folks). Ditto with venturing off to Asia to land my breaks in journalism, public relations, and finally entertainment. I juggled many jobs at once and worked around the clock to stay afloat financially (Hong Kong and Singapore ain’t cheap!) in pursuit of my checklist of goals. Read more>>

Bridget Winder | Professional Visual Artist & Performer

I don’t think about risk. When you’re running a business as an entrepreneur, every decision you make is a risk. There’s no way to avoid them. They are in the DNA of the entrepreneur model. I attribute my entire career to taking risks – Consciously or subconsciously. But with taking on perpetual risk, there’s never been any room for the fear of failure. I’ve never been one afraid to fail or to look insane for making a decision for a vision I can see that others don’t quite have the grasp of yet. But that again is risk. I will inevitably have countless meetings with failure but I don’t even think about it when it happens because it’s so normal at this point. I just get up as quickly as possible and move forward to the next risk. Read more>>

Mika Leah | CEO & Founder of Goomi Group and Buxxomly

After being rushed into emergency heart surgery three weeks after my 33rd birthday, the doctors told me that I was lucky to be alive. I came out of that experience with the realization that life is a gift and that I was now living my “bonus” life. Knowing this has given me the courage to take risks and say, “why the #$%@* not?!” – which led me to start my second company Buxxomly in the midst of a pandemic. I believe that life is a journey, not a destination, so let’s take risks and have fun while we are still alive!. Read more>>

Chanelle Kazadi | Artist & Business Owner

I think risk 9/10 are worth it . A lot of people fear results and I used to be one of those people but now I see the world for what it is and there’s so much more to see if I stayed complacent I would always be curious about “what if” . The best thing I did was take a risk with music and till this day I’m happy I did. Read more>>

Arathi Nagaraj | Artistic Director

I wholeheartedly believe that without risk, there are no significant gains. My family and I moved to America in 2006, and it wasn’t until a year later I decided to actually pursue the artform that was near and dear to my heart. In the small town of Collierville, Tennessee, I began by pasting a couple of flyers that read, “Bharatanatyam: Indian Classical Dance Classes” in local grocery stores. Steadily, I received a handful of inquiries and began teaching in the master bedroom of our two-bedroom apartment to about six young girls. What began with a small idea has now blossomed into a dance institution with the capacity of 50 students. The initial risk I took to start a venture as an immigrant in this country is now not only my livelihood, but also my newfound purpose in life. Without risk, the turn of events in my life wouldn’t have manifested as beautifully as they did. Read more>>

Jade Stevens | Marketing and Public Affairs Consultant

To become a better version of ourselves, you should always take calculated risks. These are moments where you can stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. I look at risks by asking myself “Am I willing to bet on myself to do everything possible to make that opportunity work?” Ten times out of ten I will. So with that in mind, I am ok with failure as long as I know that I did all that I could to make it work. It shows a sign of progress. Read more>>

Dustin Ceithamer | Actor, Composer, Artistic Consultant

Take a risk! Make a strong choice. Especially when auditioning! When I am auditioning for show, film, series, etc. I assuming the casting department has been there all day seeing people for the project. I want to break up their day – make them laugh, smile, lean forward – ultimately, I want them to have a good time. I try to think of preparing my material in a way that will do that. I’ve sung a song standing on my head, revealed I was wearing a corset, brought in a little appropriate prop, etc. Always be respectful, read the room, have fun and prepare to dazzle!. Read more>>

Emily Swank | Founder/CEO Autism Assistant

For me personally, taking risks is a normal and exciting part of life and a necessary part of business. My husband and I agreed early on that we both wanted to live the type of life where we don’t leave anything on the table. If there’s an opportunity, we’re going for it. Some risks, like relocating for a new job, have paid off greatly for us, while other businesses we’ve ventured into have left us struggling at times. The people who usually have difficulty with taking risks typically do so because of the fear of failure. But the interesting thing is, the more risks you take, the more you find yourself comfortable with the possibility of failure. When failure no longer scares you, your potential is limitless. Ultimately, whether the risk pays off or not, you always learn valuable lessons that you will carry with you throughout your career and life. Read more>>

Tristan Simone | Hip-Hop Artist & Entrepreneur

I believe that taking risks means to sacrifice. It takes a certain type of conviction and confidence to trust yourself enough to show others what you have to offer. The reason taking risks is important is because otherwise you will never know what could have been. My career as a musician has involved some of that. The biggest risk I’ve ever taken was knowing that I was going to pursue Hip-Hop as a career. I never in my life thought that Berklee College of Music would ever accept a rapper into their school, but after seeing my friend Zaid Tabani performing in Boston back in 2015, it gave me the confidence to rap in my audition. I don’t think he knows this, but he’s an important part of my story because Zaid showed me that I could come to Berklee to Rap. Read more>>

Mary Felker | Artist, Muralist, & Art Educator

Taking risks is part of choosing to build a creative career. Society tells us that it isn’t just risky but that it would not in any way be lucrative to become a full-time artist. Like a responsible adult I listened to society and entered the art world as a high school art teacher for seven years. Within that career as an art teacher I started selling my art and found that people enjoyed it so I decided I should pursue selling my work further. There was a pivotal moment where I took risk within my Art Education career and decided that instead of pursuing my Masters in Education I would stop and instead invest my time and energy into my Art Business. This was a BIG decision that I took a lot of time to consider because I knew it was an actual fork in the road that would determine my entire future. Read more>>

Annelise Cherie | Alignment Healer & Coach

Risk is a funny word as it implies that there are things in life that are guaranteed. Everything we do in life poses risk and uncertainty. The way I see it– it’s what we do with the risk that matters. We have two paths with the acknowledgment that all things pose a risk– one path is to fear it and not take action as a way to control the unknowns– the second path is to lean into it and turn the risk into trust. I did not always have this relationship with risk. I sadly spent most of my life afraid to take chances. It wasn’t until I decided to take the biggest risk in my life that I would find the way out of my fear and learn my unshakable purpose — consequently leading to the start of my business. My career began with taking a risk on my life — not just in my life. Read more>>

James Jin | Head Brewer

I’ve once jumped from a balcony into the Mekong river in Laos while backpacking around Asia. The river looked gentle and I knew I was a good swimmer, and I knew the risk of hitting something under the riverbed if I landed in a shallow part. I sat at the balcony hesitating for a while. Knowing the risks, I took a jump and avoided hitting anything, but I was not expecting my jeans to weigh me down and the river current was a lot stronger than I anticipated. I ended up almost drowning and shouting for help thinking I might die. Then a hand grabbed me and realized about seven people made a chain by grabbing each other’s hands and pulled me out of the river. There’s many challenges in starting a craft sake brewery in LA, and I was hesitant at first thinking about risks, but I decided I need to jump and see what happens. Read more>>

Mariah Jackson | Stylist & Creative Director

I think taking risks are key – not only within your career but in your personal life! It is important to step outside of your comfort zone and get out of your box to try new things. Career wise I would say it would be me risking purchasing or renting a very expensive item or clothing article in hopes that it will be used for the shoot. Another example would be me taking on gigs / projects that I feel would be beneficial for me and my business by taking a few hours / a day off work. While risks are necessary you also have to have balance. I used to be so strict on myself on what I should and shouldn’t do but the older I get the more I realize, you literally never know what’s going to happen until it happens. So with this, you can either loathe in how you should’ve, could’ve, would’ve done this or said that instead of just doing it! If you take a risk and it ends up being what you anticipated that’s great! If it goes exactly how you don’t want that’s okay too!. Read more>>

Angel Papadakis Papadakis | Owner/Operator of Kefi Yoga

Without risks you seldom get the rewards you seek! For me, not taking any risks would most likely lead to regret of not taking on the adventure in the first place for fear of what it might bring. Following the tenets of my yoga practice, it’s about enjoying the process and not being too attached to a certain outcome. That’s not to say I don’t have goals. Goals are important, however, I believe that as you embark on your journey being mindful that your path may digress from where you thought you were going to go and that’s ok. The key is to enjoy the path. Read more>>

Drew Muse | Yoga Teacher & Mushroom Chocolatier

I love taking “risks”, I love that you used the word risk. It seems as thought people often operate from a place of fear so a risk can sound like a bad thing. What if we replaced risk with chance, how would our perspective change? It’s really the same thing. I take risks because one day I’m going to die and when my life is flashing before my eyes I don’t want to regret not having lived my life to the fullest, and done everything I can to live a life of passion and purpose. I still have fears but I no longer allow fears to control me or my actions. There is always a chance of failure and judgement from others, but we get to decide how and if we allow outside forces to effect us. The chances/ risks iv taken have ultimately given me the life Iv always dreamed of because I always do what I want. That takes a lot of courage and vulnerability. I am not always confident in my decisions but I trust myself and the support of my community. I am very proud of the person I have become because of it. Read more>>

Sara Boutine | Actress & Yoga Instructor

Growing up, risks were often hasty and reactive. As I grounded down, risks became calculated and action driven. Getting into arts, was a risk. Starting my life over in LA, was a risk. Launching a yoga business, was a risk.
Risks have been vital for my growth and an important push into life changing choices. This year, I took a risk directing a short film; taking old unused footage, adding new footage, creating an experimental narrative that is super exciting to tell. Read more>>

Hugh Macdonald | Musician

In music, risk is everything. You are basically risking a life of comfort and financial stability, for a possible long period of time of financial struggle and hustle, in exchange for this weird thing that you love so much that you can’t possibly give up. Risk has run through my whole life as a musician, you have to believe in something that you can’t really even explain SO MUCH that you are willing to risk anything for it. I know I speak for myself and my musical peers, that nothing in the world would stop us from pursuing music. Being broke for the next twenty years? Fine. Betting all we have on songs? No problem. Read more>>

John Mathis | Filmmaker

Risk is inevitable in any business or work venture. Filmmaking is an incredibly risky career so I think you just have to be a hundred and ten percent dedicated to your craft and be willing to put in the time and work to succeed. For me, before making any big decision I make a pros and cons list and try to really think it all through. However, at the end of the day, I do believe that passion and belief is the most important thing. For me, before I make a film I have to be real with myself and decide if it’s something I want to spend the next three or so years pursuing. With my feature Where’s Rose it took four years to get off the ground. There were times when the people around me told me I should move on and give up. However when you know what you want sometimes you just have to put in the hours and fight for it. Read more>>

Reina Hidalgo | Dancer/Choreographer/Consulting Producer

I think about risk as a new flame in my soul. A flame that ignites a passion and willingness within me to pursue my dreams. Taking a risk has been a blessing in my life that manifest into something yet unknown. The unknown that has benefit and enhanced my career. A moment of trusting and Surrendering to the outcome. Knowing that no matter what I will be ok. Read more>>

Stefany Bryan | Singer-Songwriter

I think that risks are worth taking when they for something you are passionate about. When I was in high school I was talking to another kid that was a musician and I asked him, aren’t you afraid of not going to college if you decide to do music? And he said nothing about music scares me. I wasn’t at that point in my life because of my priorities. But now I can relate, and I can confidently say that nothing about music scares me. It’s worth taking that risk because I’ll do whatever it takes to continue to make music. Even if it’s risky. Read more>>

Drasko V | Media Artist / Creative Director / Music Producer

Without risk, I would not have had the journey that shaped me into the person I am today. Not taking a risk might sound safer and more comfortable, but there is no growth and experience in comfort. Taking a risk can come with pain, but it will for sure have the reward of growth, courage, experience. Inspiring stories almost always involve risks and overcoming difficulties. Comfort zones are killers of creative spirit. The artistic process is a reflective and expressive journey, and learning to face fears and jump into unknowns in life is going to expand and evolve your artistic spirit too. “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell. Read more>>

Kevin Romar | Professional Skateboard & DJ

You have to take risks to be able to jump outside of your comfort zone to reach the next level. When I’ve taken a risk or multiple risks to do something for my career, it has helped tremendously. Rather it be reaching out to a sponsor I like to see if they will sponsor me, or trying a scary skateboarding trick down some stairs, or taking a risk to DJ different events that are outside of the normal to understand that not every party or event is the same and that you have to be prepared no matter the circumstance and be willing to take a risk on what songs you think will work for them. Risks sometimes have to be calculated tho, not all risks are good risk, but I think risks overall involve your intuition and what you think is best for the moment and that you have to be willing to go off of your gut feeling to take yourself to that next step. Read more>>

Camal Pugh | Choreographer, Instructor, Dancer

I think risk is something we are taught to be fearful of doing when growing up without knowing that’s what we are learning. We have to play it safe, make sure we have a back up plan etc. I can admit I was one of those children who was afraid to take risks but as I got older I realized where’s the reward without the risk. The risk can be the action needed to propel you or a learning experience. My biggest risk was deciding to pursue dance as a career after college. After no formal training, done sports all my life, knowing nothing about it. It was a risk I was willing to take. I fell on my face a couple times but was successful along the journey. I think the biggest risk was me deciding to move to LA after living in DC all of my life. To this day that was this biggest risk I have taken. Read more>>