Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Gerda Mi | Founder & Designer

Since I started to think turning my swimwear into the brand. First Idea that blew into my mind, how to inspire & encourage more women join Extreme Sports in this Case – Surfing, how to inspire them to trust more themselves. So when I design swimwear it’s not just sustainable and fashionable. It’s functional and comfortable & that’s very important, when you surf big waves or just want to forget what you wearing so you can focus on the waves. Even the New Collection of the Upcycled Silk & Satin – I have changed the dress length maybe 3 times, so it would be suitable & not to short ride a motorbike in it. I think Fashion is powerful social tool, that can be used in many good ways, inspire people change their habits, try new things and shape mind of their own inner trust. When we look good & comfortable, we are more confidence, no matter what we would do. Read more>>

Yukio Plant designer | Making Art with Plants & Pots

During these tough times with staying home due to Covid, plants have been a big part of people’s lives. Plants are beautiful and take loving care. People have turned to buying a plant to help decorate their homes, bedrooms, offices, etc. I’ve heard people call it adopting a plant. Plants are living and need loving care. I try to pot these plants with the nicest combination. It’s like finding the right clothes to wear. I’ve come up with my own hand crafted design pots and try to give the best combination with the plants. Read more>>

Elaine Hall | Founder, Director of The Miracle Project, Award Winning Speaker, Writer & Coach

The Miracle Project’s mission is to create a neurodiverse community where the voices, passions and stories of individuals of all abilities are celebrated, elevated, supported and belong. Founded in 2004, The Miracle Project helps those with of all abilities – speaking and non-speaking – enhance their social emotional health, resiliency, independence, and quality of life by using the expressive arts to build communication, self-esteem, job and social skills. Our unique programs use groundbreaking, evidence-based methods focused on the strengths and abilities inherent in each participant. Through shared experiences with neurotypical peers, individuals with disabilities find a safe haven to develop their talents, build community, ease anxiety and depression, and rehearse for life. Read more>>

Kevin Ervin Kelley

As a 28-year old innovation-design firm, Shook Kelley focuses on finding innovative ways to bring people together in the public realm. And we typically find that urge and activity best happens at the intersections of where commerce and community meet, Public places, such as restaurants, bars, grocery stores, shopping districts, or even theaters and symphonies do an excellent job of convening people—strangers really—in a public forum and experience that feels safe—physically, socially, and emotionally—to inhabit. While the world seems obsessed with how technology can keep us in our homes and on the couch binge-watching Netflix and ordering all our meals in, our firm offers people compelling, safe reasons to go out in public to meet neighbors, friends, family, and even strangers. At our core, we have grave societal concerns that people spend, on average, 11 hours a day on some screen and not around other people. Read more>>

Karen Michelle | Business Entrepreneur & Founder

Karen Michelle a Lifestyle Brand is part of the community by producing the Love Your Body Events. Love Your Body Events are about Self Esteem & Empowerment of Women & Girls of All Shapes, Backgrounds, Sizes & Ages! A place where Everyone is Welcome! Red Carpet • Fashion Show • Beauty • Shopping & More! An afternoon of fun with a Red Carpet, Fabulous Fashion Runway Show featuring Established and New Emerging Fashion Designers, Shop from Fantastic Vendors and have some photo-op fun and enjoy a Complimentary Dessert Reception. The main focus of the event is that everyone is welcome. So it brings together people from all over, from other communities to create one new community that is fun, feel good, and free of judgement. Be You!!! That is my mission. Read more>>

Pamela Rios Alvarez | Visionary, Leader & Founder

Our brand lives by the “Build Others. Build You” motto. With “Build Others” we want people to actively practice being mindful about others. What this means is looking out for each other and building each other up through kind gestures, good deeds, or in any other positive way. As a brand, we build others through charitable work, donations, and encouragement to our audience. With “Build You” we want to make sure that people are taking care of themselves as well. This is so important, and it goes hand-in-hand because without taking care of yourself first, you can’t take care of others. HAUS OF BARZ hopes to not only help individuals push themselves to be physically healthy but mentally as well. That is our goal for everyone who comes across our message. HEART OF BARZ HEART OF BARZ is our monthly donation segment. We allow our audience to vote on what we donate to: a current social issue, a current environmental issue, or a current health issue. Read more>>

Mary Michelle Chua | Registered Yoga Instructor & Root 2 Rise Yoga Founder

At the heart of Root 2 Rise Yoga is the purpose of inspiring and facilitating whole (mind, body and spirit) wellness and a shared space for community to thrive. Through community yoga classes, now mostly online, participants of diverse backgrounds, come together to share in healthy physical conditioning, mindfulness practices, conscious breathing techniques, meditation, spiritual wisdom teachings and soulful social connection. Online and physically distant classes in nature are mostly offered by donation, providing accessibility to all since 2010. Our international (Costa Rica and Bali) and California yoga retreats integrate arts, outdoor adventure and immersion in local traditional culture and nature, intending to bridge cultures through peaceful understanding while cultivating appreciation of the natural world. Read more>>

Alan Katz | Wedding Officiant

Marriage is one of the most fundamental rights and ideals that humans can experience. My job is to fulfill that experience for couples. When I started Performing Wedding Ceremonies I didn’t really realize the impact that I was having on the world,and the community at large. Marriage and Weddings are things that you see in the movies with all the glitz and glamour and drama. But in its purest form marriage is a deep commitment the two people are making beyond anything else. Sometimes it’s made in haste sometimes it’s thought out and planned. Who’s to say which one works better than the other. All I know is that when I’m standing there joining a couple together it is the highest high that I have ever had. The fact that I am committing to people to one another can be pretty mind blowing. Will they work out and will there be a success I don’t know but in my heart and in my soul I hope they do. Read more>>

Beth Helmstetter | Event Designer & Entertaining Expert

In addition to creating beautiful experiences and memories for our clients and their guests, I have also founded an online gift registry called The Good Beginning where couples and families can register for donations to their favorite organizations in lieu of or in addition to wedding or baby gifts. Since 2016, we’ve helped couples and soon-to-be parents raise close to $750,000 for causes that are near and dear to their hearts. Read more>>

Tabbatha Mays | Founder & CEO

Spirits Landing helps community and the world in a number of ways: First, by focusing on young women in our leadership academy we help create balance in the world through our curriculum that encourages young women to use their power and their voice in leadership roles in business, commerce, coding and government. We also expose young girls to heath and wellness sciences such as natural herbal and homeopathic studies. When we invest in women, it is by nature that they will share, teach and invest in others. Secondly we change the world because we provide services for the entire community through our Soul Sessions – counseling, therapy and life coaching to boys, men, couples and families. We provide a safe place for the entire community to grow, heal and raise their vibrations toward a healthier, more harmonious world. Read more>>

Ian Taras, M.D. | Boutique Gynecologist

Many medical offices closed when CoronaVirus pandemic caused California to shutter non-essential business on 3/19/20. I turned to my staff who were committed to stay open and keep patients with gynecology issues out of ERs and urgent cares. We never closed even one day! In the first 7 days, amongst many other routine cases of bladder and yeast infections, we diagnosed an abnormal bleeding uterine cancer as well as a breast cancer early enough that neither of those two women needed chemotherapy! That early detection is directly attributable to an amazing office-family who stuck together and stepped it up in a time of crisis! Read more>>

Whitney R. Sincoff | Owner

Art Dimensions Inc. strives to help the greater community. One goal of my business is to provide exposure for artists. I have 83 artists on my roster and many are emerging. Through my lease-to-own program, these artists and those that are well- known have an avenue for greater exposure as their artwork is leased and/or sold to corporate clients and production companies. The art decorates both offices and tv show and film sets for viewers to see. Also, I am proud to donate 25% of all proceeds from all art sales to charity, and I choose a different charity each month to focus on. Art Dimensions Inc. has supported the following charities in 2020: St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, charity: water, Feeding America, and The Lynne Cohen Foundation. Donating to these organizations and helping those that they serve is very fulfilling and I am grateful to be able to do so. Read more>>

Seth Archuleta | Artist & Actor

Well I guess the question is, how does art help the world? That is a long answer. For my work in particular, it is the very act of noticing another human being and I think the world always needs that. To put it I simply, I like knowing that something I created helped make someone else happy. I like that there are people out there who trusted me with an image that means something to them and is hanging in their home. That really is such a great feeling. I question my reason for doing art all the time. On one hand, I simply enjoy it the same way that I enjoyed it when I was five years old. It is instinct and innocence. There is also the fascination with shading and rendering and that moment when the drawing comes alive. There is also that need to connect with others, and portraiture is an inherently empathetic act. On the other hand, once you get older, one discovers that it can also be a shortcut to opulence (or the illusion of opulence) and can influence how people view you. Read more>>

Kathleen Lenihan | Owner

Junk for Joy, Costume & Vintage is an integral part of Magnolia Park’s small business community in Burbank.  For nearly thirty years, this family owned and operated shop has offered exceptional customer service to everyone from costume designers, stylists, artists, filmmakers, cosplayers, drag queens, burners, re-enactors, and the pure vintage enthusiasts.  Given its enormous collection, the shopping experience at Junk for Joy is akin to a treasure hunt!  Rising textile waste in the world’s landfills motivates Junk For Joy to repurpose, reclaim, and inspire its community to be green consumers by shopping small and shopping vintage.  Junk For Joy’s mission is to spread joy by providing an outlet for personal creative expression through its curated collection of one-of-a-kind costumes and unique vintage apparel. Read more>>

Anne Robin | Anne Robin Calligraphy and Design

For many years, I have found it very hard to keep quiet about my social and political views on social media. Speaking up about these things on business accounts, especially years ago, was pretty taboo, because it meant losing a lot of followers, and potentially some work. But I chose speaking out and following my heart rather than conforming to those norms, and although I still lose followers over it, it has become increasingly important for me to do. This year, since Covid has ground the wedding and events industry mostly to a halt, I have had to pivot a bit, and I started making more and more products which speak to political and social issues. I typically donate a portion of the proceeds to a related charity. It is also increasingly important for me to use my platform to encourage people to vote and to spread the message of kindness, inclusion, tolerance and empathy. Read more>>

Samantha Jones | Animal Communicator & Psychic Medium

My goal for Beyond The Bridge is to help as many people and animals as I can with the gifts that I have been given. Helping to bring closure after a loved one passes is one of my main goals. My abilities with animals are where I feel I can make a difference though. Some people come to me for closure after an animal has passed. Some come to me because of a behavioral issue with a living pet or to try and get down to the bottom of a medical condition. I want animals to live better lives. They give us so much unconditional love. Making this telepathic connection for them is a part of giving that love back to them. Read more>>

Robert Ehrig | The Appliance Outlet Guy

First its important to understand what we do. We sell cosmetically distressed luxury appliance at 20 to 40% of price protected retails. with that said, most people think they can never afford to enjoy these high end kitchen appliances on normal wages. that is where we come in. raising the quality of life for more of the majority. If you have never used higher quality appliances, there is truly nothing like it. Read more>>

Keisha Montfleury | Confidence Coach for Girls

Being the founder of 2 companies (one of them being a 501 C 3 non profit, and the other being an LLC), BOTH businesses focus on the HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT of our young girls. What do I mean by that? Well I am so glad that you asked, I would love to explain further. First let me share a couple of statistics with you: Did you know that 7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school, and relationships with family and friends or That 75% of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in negative activities like, cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking, or disordered eating Well if you are anything like me, these statistics can be alarming…and then add on the fact that I was one of those girls with the low self esteem making poor choices due to having low or no confidence. Read more>>

Judith Asu Andersson | Founder

When we expected our daughter we lived in LA, and that stark contrast to my own childhood made me question my priorities and values. I knew time, connection, and community was things I wanted for my family and Askr & Embla was born out of the desire to create something sustainable that could offer that connection to us and others. I wanted new parents to feel it was OK to trust your intuition and shift focus from achieving to connecting. There is so many things we “must” haves and do and the idea behind the brand is to offer fewer and better things that are made in a sustainable manner without materials or processes that harms our children or the planet we live on. Askr & Embla grew out of the heart of DownTown Los Angels that despite its size has similarities to a small village. Read more>>

Heather Leon | International Pilates Master

I am truly blessed to have been able to teach the Classical Pilates technique, for the past 25 years, as it was originally designed by the creator, Joseph Pilates. The original method transforms people’s lives from the inside out. With consistent practice, students are able to get into shape, redesign their physique and overcome injuries and limitations. Other benefits include: a deepening of the mind/body/spirit connection, an increased sense of well being and improved stamina. Having operated two Pilates studios in the Los Angeles area for over two decades and traveled overseas to conduct teacher training programs, I have been able to touch many lives and disseminate the traditional Pilates teachings on a scale that I could have never imagined. Currently, I am also offering Pilates mat classes and private sessions online during a very difficult period that we are all navigating. Read more>>

Victoria Livingstone | Creator, Writer, Animator, Artist & Filmmaker

The goal of each Optic Monster project is to inform, educate and inspire viewers in order to challenge established world views and personal misnomers through content focused on unique individuals, remarkable circumstances and illumination of the misunderstood, while imbuing a bit of fantastic into the mix. Essentially, to expand the understanding of ourselves and our world in-order to expand and embetter the world for all, while creating a bit of magic. Read more>>

Nathan Wills | Industrial Designer & Entrepreneur


Torch helps the urban cyclist community by giving us a chance to avoid a crash with our gear, rather than only protecting us in a crash. The idea is to make the rider the visible focus and not a tiny set of lights mounted at random spots on our bikes. To address this idea I set out to make the largest bike lights I could integrate into products cyclists already use, such as helmets and backpacks. To date we’ve sold tens of thousands in around 50 countries which proved to me that I was not the only one who wanted to be more visible to motorists while riding through traffic such as LA or London where we are based. Our community has not only supported us by purchasing our products, but they are a very vocal and supportive bunch. Read more>>

Sam Varela | Comedy Booker & Event Producer

I produce comedy events (formerly live, now online) to help amazing comedians get introduced to new audiences and build a community that thrives off each other. I also try to make up for all the bad producers out there by making an effort to book fun lineups and pay my performers since I always feel honored when comedians do my shows. I also strive to make my shows highly diverse in opposition to the big clubs and industry folks who still work primarily with straight white male comics. I have always believed that audiences like comics from many backgrounds but are often only presented with one comedic point of view, I also confront other producers and the theaters/clubs who have a tendency to book limited women/POCs/LGBTQIA+ comics and try to kindly let them know that they have a blindspot in the diversity of their bookings. Read more>>

Kathryn Alice | Bestselling Author & Relationship Expert

I’m fortunate enough to run a business with a very positive message. We get wedding photos sent to us all of the time of the people I’ve helped to find love. And so many heartwarming letters from people I’ve helped let go of a toxic relationship or impossible attachment. So we’ve helped peoples’ love lives. In 2018 when the Woolsey Fire burnt down our home and 400 others in Malibu, where we reside, I taught a series of workshops in the community on letting go. I am my family badly needed to let go as did so many around us grieving. So I’m fortunate to know how to help folks in times like this. It helped me, too! Directing a Crisis Support Team for so many years put me in a position to be able to help people at some of their hardest times. Read more>>