There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Scott Friedman | Creative Director

I think there’s a difference between doing something risky and betting on yourself when you think the risk is warranted. Uncertainty is kind of a part of any creative career, something my brother and I saw first hand from our dad growing up as he worked first as a writer and then an editor. It gave us the confidence to pursue work outside of a traditional nine-to-five and the belief that we could make a living following our passions. I was lucky after college to find a great job creating graphics for movie trailers for a few years. Eventually I felt the urge to do more design and animation work in commercials and television so I made a plan to create a new calling card for myself. I sent an unsolicited animation test to a band I loved, asking if I could make a music video on their behalf.. To my surprise they said yes – so I spent my nights and weekends working on an animated music video for months and months. I had no guarantees it would lead to anything but the video would end up getting into animation & film festivals around the world, giving me the confidence to leave my job and take the leap as a freelancer. Read more>>

Antonio Breez | Artist/ Song Writer

I actually moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago from Massachusetts. This was a huge leap, all of my family lives on the east coast ( I’m originally from Brooklyn , Ny ) . I took the risk to move to cali, because my music career had been thriving , and I was getting a lot of support from the industry’s best producers , A&Rs, and staff from all sorts of big music companies . So I felt I just needed to bet everything and move . I had a really good job back in Boston doing health care work.. I just up and left to pursue my dreams. I’ll give you one example of a risk. I always wanted to be seen on television. A few years ago I took a train to New York to film the video in the middle of a terrible blizzard. After filming I was stuck in the train station because they cancelled all rides for the night due to the snow. Long story short I made it home the next day my parents were pissed ! But that same video landed on MTV and got a lot of love. Had I never taken that risk I would have never gotten the reward . Had I never taken the risk to move to cali , I would have never gotten an opportunity on the voyage LA. Read more>>

Oszkar Romé | Director, Cinematographer, & Editor

If I always play it safe then my life will always continue to stay the same. That might be great if you feel like you’ve accomplished all your goals in life. I have not accomplished all of my goals. I know there are always more goals I can accomplish and I will never reach my true potential living in comfort. Life is about taking risks otherwise life would be boring. Before our first birthday we probably risk to take our first baby step. We will either take more than one step and walk or we will attempt a step and fall. I took my first big step or big risk when I moved to Florida to pursue a higher education in Filmmaking. I had no family or friends in Florida. Home was on the opposite coast of the country. A risk was taken and I learned how to accomplish the goals in my career and I made new friends and collaborators with the same or similar dreams and goals. A few years later my next risk was moving to Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles is known for being an expensive city when it comes to the cost of living. It is also a very competitive city. Read more>>

Tammy Griggs | Owner of URTHCUR, LLC, Organic Cold & Flu Tonic

Everything I have ever achieved in life has been the result of a risk I have taken. From leaving a small town and moving to Los Angeles at 22 years old, to working with some of the biggest legends in the world, to starting my own health tonic business, URTHCUR. None of these things would have been possible if I hadn’t taken a chance. In fact, I don’t really look at it as taking a risk at all. I see it more as an adventure or an opportunity to explore. A little uncertainty sets the soul on fire. I once had the chance to hop on a plane to work in Kuwait right after the Gulf War. Truly one of the strangest adventures of my life! Another time, I was given the opportunity to work with 2 Hollywood legends in the same week but the only way it could be done was to fly around the entire world in 7 days. From Los Angeles, Paris, Frankfurt, Osaka, Auckland, and back home in 1 week’s time. There was no way I was going to pass that up! The most exhausting thing I’ve ever done. I’ve even walked barefoot across hot coals at Tony Robbins seminar. I loved every minute of it! If you put an opportunity in front of me that peaks my interest then I’m all in. Read more>>

Kevin Blake Chandler | Actor & Model

I think risk is the precursor to success. I don’t believe there is one successful person in the world who didn’t take a risk to get where they are and achieve their goals and dreams. It’s impossible to achieve a dream without risk because most people’s dream exceed normal expectations. Risk has played a major role in my life and career. I wouldn’t be in Los Angeles and have achieved the successes I have without taking a risk. I moved on my own, away from family and chased a dream that has seemed impossible to most. Not only risk but faith! You must have faith in order to take a risk. I took the jump to move out here and chase this dream and now I remain faithful that it’s all going to work out. Read more>>

Vritra | Musician & Graphic Artist

Without risk there is no gain. Ive learned the hard way, that, rather the outcome is positive or negative, the experience and knowledge gained from taking risk is always a positive. Comfort keeps you stagnant. Taking risks in music and with life decisions has gotten me in doors at major and indie labels and will get me through doors in design in the future. Read more>>

Samantha Fields | Artist/Educator

I suppose people like to think that going to art school and choosing painting as a profession is a risk, but I never thought of it that way. For me, the risk wasn’t in the pursuit of art as a career, that was a given. I was always good at making art, and I never seriously considered doing anything else. To me, risk is when I push myself in the work to do something that I’m not sure about…a subject, a way of working, or a way of framing the work. Any artist that fails to take risks in the studio runs the ACTUAL risk of repeating themselves and becoming very, very boring. But of course, even still, as I tell my students…..”If you make a bad painting, nobody dies.” Once, a clever student replied, “We only die inside….a little.” Accurate. Read more>>

Chris Duke Blasman | Owner/Four Brothers Wine Co.

We all know the classic saying, “Is the risk worth the reward?” As an entrapanuer and a business owner, you have to be willing to take risks that most people shy away from. Every time I hire a new employee, or I come out with a new product, it’s a risk. I think if you stay true to your brand, and you have your sights on a bigger picture, then your risk becomes more calculated than instinctual. And when you can play out the best case scenario in your head and the worst. Most of the time you realize the worst case scenario will have far less of an impact on your business than the best, so it’s almost always worth taking that risk. Without taking risks and trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, I would most likely have not started the brand in the first place…. And it’s very important to remember, that it is ok to fail. Over time you will relieve that all those little failures make you so much stronger in the end. In life, I try to live the same way. I grew up surfing as a kid, and I had to learn right away, what situation am I comfortable with. And once you start taking a few risks and pushing yourself outside of that comfort zone. Read more>>

Carly Tatiana Pandža | Writer, Actress, Director, and Producer for TV, Film & Theatre

Taking risks is essential for not only growth but also in career choices and changes. If I had not taken risks at an early age, I wouldn’t have had the muscle memory to utilize it when it really counted in my adult life. I attribute taking risks with a deep knowingness that ultimately no matter which path I choose, my decisions are under the guidance of a faith that the universe has got my back and will conspire to deliver that which is in my best interest. Read more>>

Jennalee Dahlen | Esthetician, Founder & Visionary With a Splash of Happiness

We only get one vessel in life and I believe why not go out on a limb, take a risk and believe as I watch the magic unfold. At the end of the day I do not want to look back and think, “but what if I had just..” I have lived this model through not only my personal life, but as an entrepreneur and small business owner as well. Sometimes the risk I take might not work out as I planned, but it created a new path professionally to an avenue I was not expecting and the ripple effect continued from there. The risk may not have worked, but there is no failure in that, there is success if I am willing to be open to the lesson learned and the opportunity created as a result. One of the biggest risks I ever took was deciding to leave my corporate career in San Francisco as a buyer and go back to school for esthetics while I had a one year old daughter at home. I took a chance on myself and ended up finding my passion and soul mate in a career. Read more>>

Reyna Marrufo | Business & Marketing Coach & Facebook Ads Manager for Latina Entrepreneurs

I believe risk is very important and vital when you are growing your business. There is no successful entrepreneur that did not take a risk. I do consider myself a risk taker and I have taken many risks in my life. I dropped out of college my second year, I quit my job, I’ve invested thousands of dollars in business coaches sometimes not knowing where I’ll get the money later to pay for it, but every time I’ve taken a risk I have overcame it and its taken me to a new level in my business. I know not a lot of people are like me and they like to play it safe. It is good to have a balance, but at some point in your business you are going to have to take a major risk and have faith in yourself that you will make it work. I know many people and even my family think I am crazy and not many people relate to the amount of risk I take in my business, but I know I will put in the work to have a positive outcome and I would rather live a life where I know I tried rather than living a life in a “what if” mentality. Read more>>

Bella Hicks | Musical Theatre Performer/Singer

I have always been drawn to risk. At 8 years old, I saw a performance on aerial silks and started to climb up the fabric as soon as the performance ended. For those that don’t know, aerial silks are two pieces of fabric hung about 30 ft in the air that aerialists climb, wrap around themselves, and then fall from, only to be caught at the base of the fabric, just above the ground. My parents were terrified but supportive, and within two years, I was performing silks, trapeze, tumbling and clowning in a circus. From a young age, I saw how taking a risk could result in a huge reward. I knew very early in life that I wanted to be a singer and musical theatre performer—before I truly understood the risk inherent in the lifestyle. Physically, I am constantly at risk: I recently got hit by a car during a performance, resulting in scars and nerve damage that I will have my whole life. But I have never been afraid of physical injury. It was the emotional risk I was unprepared for. Read more>>

Kamel (Kay-mel) Goffin | Actor & Model

For me taking risks has been essential in my life and my career. The career that I have chosen to be in is a risk all in itself. When you decide to be an actor or any kind of entertainer, you take to that path knowing that there are no set checkpoints that will absolutely make you a success or even a true professional of your craft. Whereas other professions you know that you can go to school for a certain length of time, achieve a degree or certification and you are now that profession whether it be a teacher, doctor or lawyer. Taking risks goes a little deeper for me because taking risks is tied to my faith in God. My level of risk taking is rooted in how much i believe God has me covered and I exhibited that when I quit my city job of 13 years to become a full time actor. I won’t sit here and lie to you and say that it has been easy or sunshine and flowers because it has been the exact opposite. For awhile it felt like hell on earth but God never let me fall and kept His hand on my life the entire time and once I made it out of that season of my life I definitely started to see the flowers and sunshine. Read more>>

VIA | Rapper & Songwriter

The best advice I have to someone looking to embark on any type of creative journey lies around taking risks. Expressing yourself and your art can have a lot of fear behind it, but I have found that taking that risk is 100% the best thing you can do to guarantee your own growth. My music career started in an odd way but was the direct result of taking a risk. I started freestyling at parties with my friends and I eventually started writing and practicing my cadences, trying to make something of it. I did it for fun while I was finishing film school, but it was never my main focus. I didn’t have any producers yet or even have any beats that I owned. One night I was in an Uber, and the driver and I were chatting about music and our favorite artists. I mentioned that I liked to rap, and he chuckled and told me to spit something right then and there. I almost said no, but then I thought to myself, you know what, I’ll never see him again, what’s the harm? So I rapped something I had written recently, and there was this moment after I finished. Read more>>

Jared Hughes | Stuntman & Social Media Influencer/Content Creator

As far as risk goes, I believe in living life to the fullest and always being in the present moment. I want to teach and inspire others to live in The Flowstate, which is the name of my brand/business/social media. “The Flowstate” is typically a term used in extreme sports describing the strongest sense of being in the zone. Extreme sports athletes require intense focus in their sport, because their lives depend on it. When you reach the Flowstate, you are so hyper-focused that nothing else matters except what you are doing at that specific moment. The Flowstate is a concept that we should live by at all times and in any activity, not just in extreme sports. By channeling all of the energy that we normally store, we can unlock our maximum potential, which empowers us to sincerely give our all. One-hundred percent of our focus is dedicated to our craft, passions and to the people around us. Think of the possibilities we can achieve by doing this! Reaching The Flowstate is actually very similar to “reaching enlightenment.” Read more>>

Richard Wilks | Artist

I have taken a few major leaps of faith at critical stages in my career, and I take mini leaps of faith nearly every day as I explore where my art leads me. My first major leap came in 1982 when I set my sites on attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. I had just graduated from high school, had no money and my portfolio needed work. I decided to go to Palomar Community College in SD so I could develop my portfolio, and earn and save money. Three years later, my portfolio got me accepted into Art Center and I had saved enough money to get me started. Halfway through Art Center, I ran out of money and found myself at another “leap of faith” crossroads: Should I end my education now and find a job? After all, I had more than 5 years of college under my belt. Or should I apply for one of the few coveted full-ride scholarships? I took the leap, and two years later, I graduated from Art Center with honors! My most important leap of faith came early in my career. While working as an employee for a large theme park company. Read more>>

Kathy Murphy | Coach, Thought Leader, Singer/Songwriter, Author, Surfer

People say I was a risk taker, fearless, and unstoppable. I took chances. I would have to agree. We all have a different idea about what is risky to us. For me, I was successful in creating impossible things, because I would take risks. I had, and believe everyone has an internal guidance system that we always know what to do, and it contains an internal danger meter. The danger meter will alert us if something is very risks. We can feel it. Having worked as a peace office, and firefighter, risks were apparent, and could always be present. But even in those life and death situations, if we panic, or feel fear they do not go well. You know the risk in the back of your mind, but it does not stop you from doing something. For me, I would get, and still do get alot of seemingly crazy ideas.But instead of asking myself why it would make sense to do it, I would ask myself what the risk really was, and follow it up with why not ? I would never do anything to harm anyone else. We get results and find the best way to do things when we just keep trying shit. I never gave up anything in my life that I really wanted to do. Read more>>

Katharina Stenbeck | Artist

I’m not sure it counts as risk taking per se, but following my intuition even when I’m not sure of where it’ll take me can feel scary sometimes. I’m a firm believer that your intuition and your gut won’t lead you astray but there are certainly times when that inner compass might propel you in a direction that feels really new and uncomfortable at first. It can feel like a big risk to follow your inner voice, but I think the much bigger risk would be to tune it out. Continually honoring my intuition is probably what has shaped me and my career the most. Read more>>

Cetera Jacobs | Photographer & Creative Director

I associate the idea of risk taking with fear. I believe that when we see certain moments or decisions in life as a ‘risk’ it is because we have fear of the unknown and/or a fear of being uncomfortable, which leaves us feeling we have to ‘risk’ or give up something. I believe that the greatest lessons/opportunities are on the other side of fear. For me, risk taking has been a major part of all I have accomplished and will accomplish. I have moved to a new city alone multiple times, taken opportunities that were out of my comfort zone, and so much more. But the biggest risk I have taken was believing in myself and having faith that I can do anything I want in life. If we are not willing to risk and take chances on ourselves how can we look for others to do so. Read more>>

Ruben Tomas | Photographer

I’m originally from Valencia in Spain. At the age of 19, I left my city and since then I have live in 5 different countries, 9 cities. My life has been always about taking risks, I’ve been always an adventurer, wanting to learn about other cultures and having experiences out of my comfort zone. Each time that I took the decision to go and live in another country it was about taking a risk .I have learned that when you take risks in your life, life always gives someting back, experiences that make you grow as a human being. All the learning from those moments are incalculable and makes me the persone that Ive become, so many experineces still to live. For me, life is about learning through the constant risks I take. Regarding my career as a photographer, it has being the same, taking risks and always following my intuition, my feelings, how to be honest as possible as I can be with my feelings and the way I want to creat images. Looking always inside my self has helped me to find my own visual langauge. Read more>>

Asher Jelinsky | Film Director & Writer

There is always some level of uncertainty when trying to get a project off the ground and striving to create a film that resonates. Films would not exist without risk. As a writer/director, the risk is worth it when I have a deep inner drive to tell the story. This drive sustains and motivates me when projects inevitably run into obstacles. I like to be as prepared as possible, and I also welcome the unexpected revelations that can come in the face of risk. Some of the most beautiful moments on set arise out of great challenges as long as you’re willing to stay present. Unpredictability can be terrifying, but there are ways to mitigate risk in prep and approach obstacles as opportunities to grow. To me, directing is about communicating a clarity of vision, but also being willing to recognize when something isn’t working and pivot toward a more authentic choice. As a director, I think maintaining an ongoing relationship with risk is necessary. Read more>>

Candice Han | Muse • Founder of Pitchblend & The 44 • Global Adventurer & Eleutheromaniac

I am perpetually taking countless risks to realize my visions and dreams. Some of the greatest risks I’ve taken was giving away all of my material possessions (apart from what I could carry) for three years while I lived in seven different countries and seven US cities up until the pandemic. Starting and building Pitchblend, my digital & PR company of 16 years has also been one of the most rewarding life risks I’ve taken in the name of my freedom. I love adventure, uncertainty and operate in healthy extremes. I HAVE to push through all the things that scare me. For me risk-taking is essential and the outcomes are magic. Read more>>

Brittanie Ortiz | Artist

I think of risk as taking a chance to succeed in something that you are passionate about. Risk has played a role in my life when I have pursued artistic opportunities that were out of my comfort zone. I perceive risk as an opportunity to learn and grow, and I have this mindset daily when I create new work and experiment with new ideas. Read more>>

Rasheed Louis | Entrepreneur & Marketer

In 10 years of running my business, I have learned that there are levels of risks that come with levels of success and growth. When I was younger in my journey I had mentors that would give me advice on business, and it would all sound hard and negative. I would think to myself that the growth I wanted was never going to happen for me. It wasn’t until I matured that I learned they were not telling me it was not going to happen but I would face things that are non-avoidable even if I was prepared. I would have to choose to go through these challenges in order to have the success I wanted. Those moments of choice would be risks that would show up at every level of growth and failure whether it was building a team or doing deals that had long-term gains but short-term losses. Taking risks is a part of the game, but your level at which you play and view risks determine how much you grow there is no reward without risk. Read more>>

Qieer Wang | Animation Director & Producer

Risk taking has became a habit probably since I decided to quit my full time job as a strategist back in 2013. I moved to the US and gained my master degree in illustration. And later on I jumped into animation industry mostly by self-training and watching tutorials. More recently, I branched out my career paths into advertisement by managing and producing live-action short films. I love accepting and searching for difficult situations that contains uncertainties. Not only because the unknowns is an intriguing puzzle game, but also simply by knowing that my mentality capacity is able to manage it that is a security feeling to me. Every step of my career choice has been a wild ride to me, the more I surf on it, the more I’m aware of my desires to surf. It’s a great self-reconnection experience too. Read more>>

Foxx Brown | Artist

Risk taking can be a scary thought since we dont know what the outcome may be, but to me that’s where the magic is! In my career so far, risk taking has taught me that you can always bounce back from anything. I’d like to think of decisions and risk as “flow”, if it feels like a flowing river that cant stop then I usually go with it. If I have to question the risk more than twice I wont do it. Its helped me a lot with being more innovative since most people dont have the pussy to step outside of the socially accepted “box”….then I will be the one to do it. Read more>>

Tim Russell | Global Real Estate Advisor

It’s fundamental belief that risk taking is paramount to success, I feel that we are taught a conventional way of life , go to school get a job and save. In contrary when you look at any successful person no matter their arena they have always taken a risk, they went against the grain and believed in themselves. There would be no Apple, Disney, Or Amazon. I believe risk has been vital to my success and career. Read more>>

Amanda Gish | Photographer

I strongly believe in taking risks and putting myself out there, especially when it comes to my career and passions. When I find something that makes me feel excited, I follow that feeling. Ultimately, I think we all have a choice between potentially failing or living with regret that we didn’t try. Life has taught me repeatedly that fortune favors the bold. People who consider themselves lucky are usually the ones who make moves to create opportunities and go after what they want. When I started my photography business, I tried to think of small, non-overwhelming ways to grow and progress without putting too much pressure on the outcome. I managed my expectations, while challenging myself to move toward my goals. A mentor of mine, Rich Baker, often says “dare to fail.” I really like that saying and apply it to many aspects of my life. I try to remind myself to think of failure as a stepping stone to success rather than something to be feared. Read more>>

Valfrie Tabian Jr | Cinematographer

Personally, taking a risk is going outside your comfort zone and taking control of that moment. how its been affecting my life/career so far is a different thing because its been ups and down, and i believe thats normal for someone who just started again from scratch, and in my field of industry its never easy to start fresh. I started my career 6 years ago as a filmmaker and leaving my career back home was a tough decision, it was a leap of faith, as an artist i wanted to to push myself because back home i have no idea how to improve myself and how i can achieve my goals artistically and in life. It will never be easy, its a long way to go but with hard work and persistency, it can be achieved. Read more>>

Mengqing YUan | Production Designer

I definitely like taking risks, both in my life and in my career. I’m a production designer; I design sets and visuals for films and videos. Working as a freelance designer in the entertainment industry allows me to meet new people and work on new projects all the time. There are always some unknown factors when taking on new projects. My work itself is risk-taking with many firsts. The first sci-fi film, first music video, first animation, first experimental piece, etc. As a designer, I always want to provide a new vision to the team by striving to design things that have never been done by others. Constantly adapting to new situations and meeting new people keeps me excited and moving forward in both my life and career. Risk-taking is the motivation and drug I need every day. The first music video I worked on was titled “Sinking”. It’s about a girl experiencing depression and she tries to end her life inside her bathtub. I designed a fantasy world between life and death. I drew a 6-foot water ring sculpture in my set design rendering. When I pitched this idea to the director I only had a rough idea of how I could achieve it. Read more>>

Jessenia Mills | Singer-Songwriter | Jessenia

Risk is my song, ‘Dreamlife’. It is based on the struggles of pursuing my passions while still trying to stay afloat in everyday life. Left and right, I was asked by family and peers, “So, where do you work?” It was a simple and conversational question to break the ice, but it was one that hit home for me. What was I doing? Where was my new job now after quitting one after the other? Will I be happy? It had hit me that we based so much of our life’s worth on how successful we were at our jobs. But that’s all they were to me, jobs. Truth be told, I wasn’t happy. I was miserable and felt like I was going with the motions. Wake up, go to work, eat, sleep, repeat. My dreams and aspirations were put to a halt, and I was exhausted. Uninspired…All because of fear. What ifs? How? When? I took a risk when deciding to pursue music as my source of living. I was at a difficult time in my life when I decided to quit my 3 jobs and fully put my energy into being a full-time singer-songwriter. Why was it difficult? I was a recent graduate with no money, stressed about getting a job that paid more than pennies, and yearning to do what I love. Read more>>

Brenda Randall | Fashion Stylist & Brand Consultant

Historically, I’ve never been a major risk taker in terms of my professional life. After college, I chose the safe (financially) and practical career path to the corporate world. I think a lot of us Gen X thought that way. However, despite working a successful job, I always found myself dreaming to work in a creative field, I was never truly happy in the corporate world. I was just afraid of loosing that nice paycheck and starting all over again from ground zero. In hindsight, that’s when I should have done it, but I always say God knows what is best for us. Perhaps at the time it would have not been the best path for me. Now, after leaving the corporate world, staying home with my kids, I have stepped out to pursue those passions I never had the confidence to do back then. Now, I say yes to every opportunity that will challenge me and open new doors; granted the opportunity of course in line with my values and brand. Further, no experience is wasted, my corporate experience is only an asset to me as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. My advice to you Gen X ladies out there afraid to pursue your passions later in life, DO IT, be patient and don’t look back. Read more>>

Joakim Toftgaard | Musician

In day-to-day life, I don’t think I take that many risks. Like most people, I need a certain amount of stability to feel balanced and be happy. When it comes to my career, one might say that trying to make a living as a musician is a big risk in itself! If I think back, there are a few moments when I’ve had to take a leap of faith, and hope that I land on my feet. The first such leap that comes to mind would be moving from Sweden to Dallas TX in 2013, in pursuit of a music degree. I left friends and family behind and went out on my own. I remember the overwhelming feeling of being halfway across the world, not knowing the culture or the people, just trying to figure things out. While it could be stressful at times, the main feeling that I remember having throughout it was a sense of adventure. I’d wake up in my little crummy college apartment each morning and feel like I was living the dream. It made me work harder than I ever had, and I enjoyed every moment of it! The second career risk I took was moving from Dallas to Los Angeles. This was about 4 years later. I had a steady teaching job at a University there, but I decided to leave it behind and try to go 100% freelance. Read more>>

Adrian Jules | Filmmaker

One of my greatest fears in life is not living up to my full potential. I embrace taking risks and betting on myself, which is why I moved to Los Angeles over a decade ago and refused to quit chasing my dream despite all the roadblocks presented in front of me. Read more>>

Amanda Overton | Designer | Interiors + Textiles

Risk requires gumption, a willingness to entirely let go of everything you have envisioned, trust your gut, let go of fear and dive into it all. And I don’t say any of this lightly. That’s why I get excited, liberated talking about it. Risk is the number one go to I attribute to my successes. Meaning I can have all the skills, intuition, creative applications but unless I push myself, take the risk in sharing it, putting it out there to the world then I only have it for myself. But before risk, you’ve got to have clarity. Clarity of your vision. Without clarity of your vision you can feel muddied, unclear, which can create doubt. Doubt is fear, which resist risk.. Once your clear, then it’s fun and liberating to take risk. Read more>>

Chloe Van Vreeswyk | Illustrator

For me taking risks can be accepting a job that I might not have done before, and have to learn as I go. I think it’s also accepting the fact that not being amazing at something right away can be embarrassing and usually really humbling, but that’s where the most growth happens. Deciding to start where you’re at and put yourself out there always has risk, but it’s also the most rewarding way to go about life. Without risk we wouldn’t have any sort of progression. As an illustrator, risk for me usually takes place in experimentation and trying out as many different methods as possible in order to discover a new avenue or style or way to develop an image. Without risk, my creativity is usually pretty stunted and overly cautious, and not nearly as fun or successful. Read more>>

CHELSKO | Singer Song Writer / Actress

Life is about taking risks. I’ve always said that I would rather regret doing something than regret not trying. If you don’t try you will never know. You can choose all the safest options in life and still get hurt, so why not try? The pressure is good for you, pain helps you grow, failure teaches you. My career as a whole is a giant risk, but I get to lay my head down on my pillow at night knowing I’m doing my best, not living in fear. I am helping others, going after my passion, and no matter what the outcome may be, to me that is success. Read more>>

Christina Amalie Mattei | Music Producer and Performer

In terms of risk taking in my career, I think others definitely consider me a risk taker. I mean, I was just at the playground with my kid the other day, with a mom friend and we were casually talking shop about the industry. I wasn’t surprised when she said, “I could never do what you do, I need too much security for that.” I hear things like that all the time from people outside of the industry, so I know they consider me a risk taker. Being a freelance, real, true to their heart artist, is a gamble. The money comes in waves, but it always has. What I have found, is if you stay in that extreme creative space…. the one that’s coming straight from your guts… the one what you are feeling every single note you play like its your last day on earth… If you can stay in that space.. That’s priceless and that’s living and there is no risk in that, for me personally. Thats heaven. Frankly, people like me don’t HAVE a choice. You take risks because, to you, its living in your truth. You don’t think about it as risk, because you are just following your joy. Read more>>

Miles Robbins | Chef

I went to culinary school right after high school and then went from there to working for some of the world’s top chefs. There were people that encouraged me to continue to work for someone else for a few more years, thinking that at age 20, it might be better to wait to open my own catering business. But I was ready to take the risk and go out on my own. I also took a huge risk opening up FourFortyFour during a pandemic, when lots of other restaurants were failing. Turns out the pandemic was a perfect time for me to launch a delivery-only business. Read more>>