We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Michelle Jewsbury | Global Breakthrough Specialist and Executive Director of Unsilenced Voices

Main Message: Unsilenced Voices is an international organization that helps survivors of domestic abuse, sexual gender-based violence, and human trafficking worldwide. Sub Message #1: Unsilenced Voices is able to offer services to countries outside of the US either alone or by partnering with local organizations in order to offer vocational programs, education, and more that are tailored for that culture and community. Read more>>

Marcus Norrirs | Composer

South Side Symphony is committed to artistically telling Black stories. I think it is important for underrepresented groups to be committed to telling their stories, otherwise these stories can go without being heard. We want to be both a voice in the conversation and also make art that encourages those conversations to happen in the first place. Read more>>

Cazzy Zahursky | Author and Illustrator

Authoring children’s books has not only provided me with an opportunity to express myself creatively, but also to nurture young minds when they are most impressionable, as they learn to cope with life’s emotional challenges. Hopefully the stories I write and illustrate will inspire children to pursue reading as an enjoyable activity that teaches them more about themselves, about others, and about the world around them. Read more>>

Ashley Feazell | Author/Founder of The Talented 10th children’s book series

The Talented 10th is not only and educational program aiming to help increase a scholars self-esteem, comprehension, vocabulary, reading skills and test taking ability but we are also passionate about giving back. We use our profits to help the children in our community and surrounding learn without the overbearing stigma. Self-representation is important but understanding each other’s culture is what is necessary for a thriving society, so are books are about black history and the diaspora but are written with inclusivity in mind. Read more>>

Alice Issac | Event Producer & Wedding Specialist

I get to partner with non-profits to help throw their events and as we invite the guests, sometimes the people that show up are finding out for the first time about these special causes (getting women out of the sex trade, rehabilitating at-risk youth, homelessness, domestic violence, etc). As the people who benefit from these non-profits are being equipped, rehabilitated, and restored, they return to society healthier and more whole. In turn, those who are partnering financially with these non-profits are also getting memorable and meaningful experiences. Read more>>

Ken Arutyunyan | Therapist

The mental health of the world has definitely been impacted through the years especially recently due to the current pandemic. We have witnessed so many people suffer mentally and physically this last year. I provide therapy for those who struggle with mental health issues and work to help them find their path to a better life. Mental healthy therapy is beneficial for every individual and we love to bring smiles to people who struggle with daily challenges and struggles. Read more>>

Dave Dennis | General Manager/Executive Chef, Matador Cantina y Cocina

Giving back to the community is something we feel very strongly about. We provide a service and grateful the community has embraced us through the years. Giving back is the least we can do whether hosting local charity fundraisers, sponsoring team sports, or holding toy and food drives. Read more>>

Ricky Mendez | Motivational Speaker

I believe 2020 & 2021 are the greatest times to be alive in human history for 3 reasons. 1) It’s the greatest time to have the time to acquire new skillsets and mindsets. 2) It’s the greatest time to expand our minds to what is possible with innovation in our lives and businesses and 3) it’s the greatest time to grow relationship capital. In short, there’s more opportunity today than ever before. “But Ricky, there are people hurting out there.” Read more>>

Robbin Turner | Founder & Botanical Formulator

Violet Botanical Skincare sources roughly 90 percent of its ingredients from a vendor who works with rural harvesters in Botswana, southern Africa. The harvesters are predominantly women. It allows them to earn an income for their families and help break the chains of poverty. That is why the United Nations call shea butter, “Women’s Gold.” Another one of our vendors works with small family farms in the Philippines to source our organic coconut oil. The farmers harvest it the traditional way, by hand, and that helps sustain community family farms. Read more>>

Ombute Devi | Transformational facilitator & Chiropractor

In these times of epic change I am helping my community cultivate a deeper and more meaningful relationship to that within us that never changes. That guides, protects, heals, transforms and loves us. I do this work with individuals in sacred journey space and sacred witnessing sessions. Read more>>

Tami Daks + Lauren Gwartz | Side by Side Design – Interior Design + Event Planning

We won’t pretend for a minute that Interior Design + Event Planning is as important as what our health care workers and educators are doing right now for our community, but when the pandemic hit, we wanted to do something small to help too! No time like the present to add a third “side” to our business, right? Last May (starting with Mother’s Day), we began creating custom curated gifting experiences in a BOX to allow new ways to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and special milestones such as babies being born and micro-weddings. Read more>>

Brittany Hohl | Partner of Beach House

In the spring of 2018, Beach House said “No More!” to waste and fluff and since then, we have been on a mission to #changethebeautygame by utilizing mailers that are as eco-friendly as possible and devoid of excess. Every aspect of our shipping process is sustainable and we ensure that all of our clients’ custom packaging meets our requirements, too. We know that finding packaging vendors that are affordable and offer chic options can be cumbersome so we turned our informative site into a hub that includes a list of stockists, nationwide, that offer sustainable, eco-friendly packaging options. We all have to work together to make the change. Read more>>

Raven Gates | Bakestress and Owner of Made By Yub

2020 was a difficult and challenging year for everyone. For the holidays I started doing Pay it Forward as a way to spread some holiday cheer. Anyone who ordered would receive extra free desserts that I asked that they give (Pay it Forward) to anyone who may need some extra love, cheering up, or to someone who may just love desserts. However, the responses I received were so touching that I decided to keep Pay it Forward for good. It allows me to feel like I am spreading some joy to people during these different times but it also allows the customers to give back at the same time. Read more>>

Kedrin Johnson | CEO

WAYS has been in business since 2016. We stand on the belief in employment and empowerment. WAYS recently purchased a building where we will soon be housing, employing, and educating women between the age of 18-24. This 10-month program is set to begin in June 2021. These women will be educated on their credit, and receive certifications in billing/coding, e-commerce, Certified Nursing Assistant training, and a host of other classes. They will be fully employed by WAYS and housing at our facility. Absolutely free. That’s how WAYS is helping to change the world. Read more>>

Jillian Clark | Roboro Founder & Sustainable Fashion Brand Consultant

Roboro is combating the global effects of the fashion industry; both environmental and human impacts. The fashion industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world, and the largest contributor to modern day slavery and child labor. Our 6 Tenets ensure that all Roboro products address these social and environmental issues, in addition to the quality of our products. Read more>>

Naimah Muhammad | Singer-Songwriter

Music has always played an important role in voicing the present, imagining the future, and remembering the past. Some of my favorite musicians are those who’ve had a lasting impact on society, and I feel a responsibility to create music that is relevant and positive. Most recently, while in the COVID-19 lockdown this fall/winter, I had the opportunity to connect with two other female songwriters on Zoom – two women I’d never met before, but shared a similar interest in creating no matter what. Read more>>

Sarahjeen François | Performer & Playwright

I was just watching JR (the French street artist) do a Ted Talk from 2011, and as he was describing the scope of his artistic practice, he posed this question: “Could art change the world?” It is serendipitous, really, to have revisited his remarks prior to seeing this question. My first encounter with JR’s talk (titled: Use Art To Turn The World Inside Out) was in 2018– I was in my second year of graduate school at CalArts and was TA-ing a class called Survey of World Theater: Arts & Activism– the talk was in the curriculum, and I could see why. Read more>>

Ava Notkin | Spiritual Content Creator

Finding our place in this world is a constantly evolving journey, but I’ve been led to the wisdom that our place is already solidified. Alas, it is up to us to forge the path and follow our purpose. There will always be criticism, perhaps from society or the ego, but our inner wisdom always knows where to turn. However, it’s up to us to look inside and listen. To quiet the chatter and get to the center. What may be unorthodox and foreign to others could very well be your true calling. Read more>>

Berry Stein | Art Educator / Kit Peddler

I started Art Life Practice because I believe wholeheartedly that the practice of creative expression is vital to nurturing what excites and inspires you to live a meaningful life. The words – Art – Life – Practice – can be thought of as a singular philosophy: creative expression is an essential part of wellbeing, and as life experiences inform your creative practice, the practice informs your life experiences. Read more>>

Argentina Bonilla | Business Owner & Creative

My business is called Crafting for Change and it does just that. Social justice means having compassion for all parts of the community and physically acting on those beliefs. Crafting for Change is entirely rooted in this belief, therefore, we are always making a difference in our community. Read more>>

Brad Neaton | Writer

At the risk of sounding a little grandiose, I write for more than myself. I write for the people who need it most, in the ways that are needed most; I write so that others might look upon my work and know they are seen; I write to console and to guide, to challenge and to remind. Read more>>

Alicia Doyle | Award Winning Author

My first book, Fighting Chance, has had a tremendous positive impact since it was published in February of 2020, just one month after Covid changed the world as we know it. Before the pandemic forced people into social isolation, I had scheduled book signings and speaking appearances, all of which were cancelled. Read more>>

Inessa Chimato | Model&Life Enthusiast

I wouldn’t call myself business, but as an individual who is positive, always improving; working on myself, looking for ways to grow and better my life, I get a lot of feedback from followers and friends that I brighten their day, or answer the question they had, or help them live through their hardship with my positivity and great outlook on life. To me, It’s a biggest compliment knowing I am making somebody’s day better in one way or other. Read more>>

ANGELA OBRIEN | Founder, Creative Director

Cleobella is rooted in sustainability and focused on people and process. We look at the entire eco-system of fashion and celebrate globally inspired, ethically handmade designs. We believe that what you put on your skin is important, which is why all of our cottons are GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and most of our prints are made with natural vegetable dyes. We celebrate slow fashion and a 80% of our prints are hand block printed. Read more>>

Barbara Biosah | CEO & Fashion Designer of DUMEBI

One of the main goals for DUMEBI is to create more job opportunities for local fashion graduates and young adults by having all our productions manufactured in-house. The Fashion industry has always been so competitive with many graduates finding it very hard to find a good paid job in fashion after graduation. Many graduates have to intern for years or change fields because of the lack of job opportunities as most fashion houses manufacture their products overseas to save on labour costs. Read more>>

Jeff Walker | Rhymecologist

I think rhyme collagen helps the world because it is a bridge between people who are helping people and those who need help. It speaks in the language that so many youth are akin to while providing a service that they need and want Read more>>

Thiên Ân Performing Arts | Vietnamese Cultural Performance Arts

Our vision is to provide the platform for local youths to learn, perform, protect and prolong the Vietnamese culture through our unique forms of traditional dancing, traditional drumming, and lion dancing performances. Not only we help our members connect to the Vietnamese culture, but also teach them the valuable core characteristics such as respect, confidence, and self-discipline along with high encouragement so each member may value the performances as exciting and empowering. In turn, they then can share these BLESSINGS back with others through our unique Vietnamese cultural performances. Read more>>

BiankA AlloyN & SabreeN NaimaH | Cute Coffee Aviators 🙂

We feel our social impact has brought healing and understanding to our communities. Our entire business structure is built on spreading love, joy, and bridging all the gaps that disconnect us. Coffee is a great way to bring people together and we have seen so much togetherness through our business locally, nationally, and internationally. One of our number one gaps to close is the farmer to the coffee drinker. Read more>>

Tucker Cole | Director of Communications

Pawineer strives to help every pet owner who looks to stay home and bond with their pet. We provide customers with PupTrimmer which is the best alternative to clipping nails. Clipping nails can be very scary for a lot of pets due to the loud sounds. Grooming can be quite costly, especially if you own multiple pets- not to mention that they are being handled by a complete stranger! Trimming at home with PupTrimmer and PupTrimmer Pro allows pet owners to share a trust and bond with their pet, while also saving money. During these times, every penny counts and our products are one of the best investments pet owners can make! Read more>>

Alina Chau | Children’s Books Author and Illustrator

As an Asian American and a first-generation immigrant, I love sharing my culture and stories through visual storytelling. It’s heartbreaking to see the act of hatred and violence on the news. In a community or society, while not everyone could agree or relate to particular social-political agendas, we could always connect through daily human experiences. Read more>>

Nubia Stephens | Business Owner & Consultant

Numaade is nufood a nuway! Numaade has helped the community/world by raising awareness levels regarding our offerings and value as well as spreading the message that Numaade is a convenient, healthy fast food alternative. Numaade assists with creating better eating habits and providing great food and desserts that will help those who live or want to live the health, wellness & fitness lifestyle or just want to get their health issues under control by eating better. People have to eat. In our increasingly busy and chaotic world, there’s always room for a food business offering an alternative to better food choices and options that actually taste good and is good for you. Read more>>

Allie Mitchell | Writer & Actress

The sole purpose of VegOut is to share vegan and eco-friendly food, products, and services with our audience. By doing so, we hope to encourage more people to follow a vegan lifestyle which is better for the planet, animals, and their health. We try to specifically highlight brands and restaurants that are owned by women, families, BIPOC, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, we showcase products and foods that range in price and location to promote the accessibility of veganism and nudge larger corporations to start offering more plant-based options to forward the movement. Read more>>

Eve Dawes | Founder Dawes Custom Cosmetics | Blogger Glamour and Gains

I became heavily involved in philanthropy and community back in 2014 when I started doing pageants and wanted to find a way to still be able able to give back, serve, and to make others feel special while raising money for a cause even after my reign. The Dawes Custom Cosmetics For A Cause Program was created to be able to give back to non-profit organizations. Where a percentage of proceeds from limited edition lipsticks goes to charity such as the Power in Purple collection for the American Cancer Society and donating to silent auctions. Read more>>

Donny Makower | CEO & Co-Founder

RDCL Superfoods champions and promotes the health, ecological, and ethical benefits of plant-based nutrition. For starters, we believe in the power of plants to achieve optimal well-being, so all of our products are vegan and utilize real, whole-food ingredients that provide nutritional and/or functional benefits. Additionally, given that animal agriculture is one of the most significant drivers of environmental destruction and climate change, we make a positive impact on our planet by avoiding the use of any animal-based ingredients. Read more>>

Michel Daher | Pharmacist/Owner

My businesses, Pax Pharmacy I and II, are independent owned community pharmacies. One is a regular walk-in style retail pharmacy, the other a closed door “Long Term Care” pharmacy. Both are unique in that they target a few key demographics. Both take student pharmacists to train, as I feel it’s important to educate the next generation of pharmacists who will eventually be taking care of me. Read more>>

Keenan Cline | CTO / Owner of Lightbulb Networks

I could come out and say the obvious things on this question like “We do a good job and help businesses grow”. I’m not going to do that today though. I want to bring up two things that were and still are core driving forces with my company. The event in my life that drove me towards starting Lightbulb Networks was when I worked for another company very similar to ours. Read more>>

Syd Stewart | Filmmaker, Educator & Entrepreneur

Better Youth is a creative youth development agency for opportunity youth ages 14-24. We serve and classify opportunity youth as serve foster, former foster (TAY), homeless and low-income youth. Our mission is to validate young people by developing life skills through mentoring and media arts training. Our vision is to activate a community of vulnerable youth who are equipped for personal, academic, and career pathways. Read more>>

Brian “Mildew” Knoebel | Actor, Drag Artist, & Owner of The Mildew

As a drag performer, a business owner and even as an actor/writer living here in Los Angeles, I have been working very hard to ensure that everything I create leaves a positive impact on the world. Whether it’s a pilot I wrote, a drag performance on a small stage in WeHo, or a new upcycled garment posted on my site, everything is thought out and curated to engage others and empower them to be confident and proud of who they are and the journey they are on. I also want everyone to pull the lens back and acknowledge the issues in our lives on a global level. Read more>>

Brittany Smith | Social Media Manager & Lactation Consultant

Being a Social Media Manager, I help business owners create and maintain their social media marketing strategy. Social media is one of the fastest growing markets and when it is used correctly, it can lead to tremendous business growth and sales. I help businesses thrive through what I do. Read more>>

Asia Lyneise | Wardrobe Stylist & Cannabis Curator

As a stylist and a black woman that’s entering into the recreational cannabis industry with a brand called, Stylish Stoners. My business will be working closely with the MRA’s (Marijuana Regulatory Agency) Social Equity Program. The Social Equity Program promotes and encourages participation in the marijuana industry by people from communities that have been disproportinately impacted by marijuana prohibition and enforcement. Read more>>