We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Brandon “Dame 55” Williams | Multidisciplinary Music Artist & Founder of 55 Media Group

I am inspired by Afrofuturism. Afrofuturism evaluates the past and future to create better conditions for the present generation of B.I.P.O.C communities through the use of technology, often presented through art, music, and literature. Growing up in College Hill Cincinnati Ohio then raised around LA gang culture, Hip hop, and skate culture. Read more>>

Daze DaVinci | Artist – Producer – Creator

Everybody, First i want to thank you guys for reaching out. These have been strange times and energy is very important, positivity is vital, and inspiration is all around us. Im inspired by all the people who keep up the energy, keep up the faith, keep up the hustle, and keep up the work in the hardest of times. Great artists and creators who do it for the art. People giving back without asking for praise, the musicians, actors, artists, and everybody else who has had to adapt to the lockdowns and pandemic, and all the talented individuals who i have the pleasure of building with. Read more>>

Robin Finn | Award-Winning Writer/Teacher/Coach & the Founder and Creator of HEART. SOUL. PEN.® & The Women’s Writing Den

I am inspired by women’s stories. I have fielded more requests during Covid from women who want to write than ever before. Perhaps, in these strange days, the yearning to write has become more urgent? Perhaps expressing oneself feels more necessary? I only know that women spend a tremendous amount of time in service to others…writing is a way to connect to ourselves. So many women tell me they haven’t written in years, or their writing is ‘just journaling,’ or they don’t know what to write about, or they aren’t very good writers, or they only write for work. They tell me they don’t want their writing to take time away from the kids or they don’t have anything important to say. Nothing could be further from the truth! When I work with women and listen to the power of their stories, to the depth and breadth of their life experiences, I am astonished.The women I work with inspire me. Every. Single. Day. The truth is: writing helps us understand ourselves and the world around us. Read more>>

Eewen Chew | Illustrator & Animator

I’ve always thought that the job of an artist is to take in the world at large around them and synthesize it through the lens of their art. Some days, I am inspired by moments that randomly surface – the memory of the vibrant pink of flowers from my grandmother’s garden, a snippet of lyrics humming from the radio, a good quote from a book read while lazing in bed. Other days, inspiration comes from a place more structured – my saved collection of screenshots on my phone, journaling, random photographs of people and places I want to revisit, an ever growing stack of art and prints. Mostly though, I’ve found that one thing tends to lead into another, and inspiration always comes as long as I keep creating. Read more>>

Evelyn Avila | Queer Latina Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I’m inspired by people, nature, traveling, books and magazines, movies, natural light, I enjoy seeing how the sunlight falls on things and people. When I travel I love to people watch and what they do or imagine what they are thinking… and last but not least black and white photographs. They always take me back to where I started. Read more>>

Darelle Noel | Sports Performance Coach

I have always been inspired by the process and the roads that lead to being successful, in my field or craft and I’m been drawn to whose who have become successful but have had to take the less desired route or approach. Ever since I was a young child and throughout my years growing up and trying to figure out my path I was drawn to the painter Jean Michel Basquait simply because he pursued something that in his time wasn’t common for someone from his background and he persevered and ultimately became one of the best artists of his generation as well as pave the way for a new style of artistry and paintmanship. So with my craft this wasn’t something that I dreamed of doing but I wanted to be one of the best in this space even though my path wasn’t one of the most conventional routes. Read more>>

Tyrone Blassingame | Filmmaker, Host & Content Creator

This is a good question, I’m still adding things on to my inspiration list. When I was younger I thought people inspired me. You know the Lebron James, Spike Lee and Denzel Washington”s, but as I start to have my kids they have been my main inspiration. Them 3 little ones is why I wake up everyday and pursue this creative career. I want to show them anything is possible if you work hard enough and be consistent. Read more>>

Merley Greenidge | Gift Curator, Mom

Inspiration comes from so many sources and for me it starts with nature. The sound of the crashing waves at the beach, watching the hummingbirds in my backyard as they lick the nectar that I prepare for them and the sight of wild flowers blooming on my morning walks always fuel me. I’m also deeply inspired by the creativity of my three daughters who express themselves through art, design and dance and music. I look forward to the virtual chats with my 6 year old nieces as they inspire me to laugh and play more. Last but not the least, I’m inspired by the countless number of women who are sharing their stories. Quite frankly, there is no shortage of inspiration. One must simply seek to be inspired. Read more>>

Evin Spain | Pie Maker

I am inspired by people and their passion for life. Their stories of persistence, resistance, resilience, and innovation are what give me the courage and stamina to realize a given vision, be that a vision for a particular pie, or a particular business. In this case a pie business. The food we eat is a metaphor for those passions and the struggles we endure for them. The first pie I learned to make was a recipe from my great grandmother Ruth for a chocolate meringue pie.(I use this recipe for my chocolate pies today) She and my great grandfather Louis Edgar Robbins lived in east Texas in the 1930s, not the most hospitable time for some folks. It is no wonder that I find myself drawn to vintage recipes, once falling into a days long rabbit hole of depression era pies and casseroles. I became fascinated at first with how revolting some dishes from the time sounded. Read more>>

Ariel Velez | Music Artist/Rapper

I’ve been inspired by life situations that helps me be more creative with my lyrics. Some of the things that inspires me also includes art, my personal story, music from different artist and genres. Read more>>

Frida Barfod | Hat Designer

I’m very inspired by storytelling. Every single one of my projects has been build around a small world and it’s characters. Sometimes the stories are created from existing characters. At other times I create them myself. But the stories are always quirky, humorous and often take place in a playful and naive world. It creates a positive energy in the work and when I’m in doubt I can always find the answer within my story and it’s characters. It feels as though I can disappear into this small world with all it’s ideas, impressions and experiments. I work a lot with colours and textiles and therefore my stories often take place in an environment where I can draw inspiration from exactly that. In one of my collections “the cake eating people” I created a story about a group of characters enjoying themselves vigorously eating cake. Therefore there has been taken a big bite out of all the brims of the hats. By this I hope people sense the story behind the pieces and are amused. Read more>>

Parida Tanti | Filmmaker

I’ve been able to take the things I see and feel in my head and translate them into films. Every time this fruition happens successfully, I feel alive; purposeful. It’s a wonderful feeling. Read more>>

Sivan Pais | Glass and Printmaking Artist

I love nature, what I love most in nature is to see it’s processes – how it’s always changing and striving for balance. everything in nature has a purpose and nothing goes to waste. It makes me feel very optimistic knowing that no matter what humans do, nature continues to change and heal. Ever since I remember myself, I found interest in mold or rotten things, the beauty in the decaying is like a microcosmos of a new life, a fertile ground that is conducive to germination, a necessary step in the circle of life for the existence of every living organism, for me it’s the symbol of revival. Read more>>

Shequeta Smith | Screenwriter, Comic Creator & CEO

I’m inspired by people who are walking in their purpose. I believe that everyone is put here to do something, but not everyone figures out what that something is. So when I meet or witness people who are operating in their true purpose it’s very inspiring to me and makes me want to work even harder at what I do. Read more>>

Andrew Gubany | Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach & Spin Instructor and Owner of Purple Pedal

I am inspired by people breaking thru their own barriers. As a society we all have endured things we feel others do not understand. Truth is, everyone is going thru something and while the struggles might not be the same, most people share a common goal of health and wellness. Seeing people from different worlds to focus on the health has got to be one of the most positive atmospheres. To encourage others and see daily changes in a persons life is amazing! It fuels my passion to inspire others the same way I am inspired. Read more>>

Rasina Alexander | Actress & Yoga Instructor

I think I mostly get inspired by people. Wether I know them or I hear a podcast or read a book about them. I love listening to people’s stories and seeing how they move through life. Also witnessing someone speak about something they’re passionate about can be very inspiring and motivating. Read more>>

Lauren Anthony | Founder of Lavingt

Things I see daily that invoke emotion and memories of things prior. Those things spark an idea and I bring the idea to life. I tend to lead more towards sport-inspired graphics because of my background in skateboarding and hockey. Read more>>

Marly Mcfly | Artist

My biggest inspiration has always been women. I was raised by my mother and even as an adult I’ve always had strong women impact and influence my life so that has always been the focal point of my work and my main source of inspiration. Read more>>

Paulina Combow | Comedian and Writer

These days I’m mostly inspired by small kindnesses. We’re all so wrapped up in our own lives and the horrors on the news that we forget to just be kind to each other. I don’t get to go to museums, live shows, on vacations, and all the other “artist field trips” I would normally take to get inspired in the past. Now I have to go by the stimuli I take in: consisting mostly internet, TV, and my family. The internet can be a good source. We’re scrolling and searching online all day, and occasionally you find a quote or a video that cuts through all the layers to make you feel something. Usually what does it for me is stories and videos of strangers doing things to help each other. It’s those small reminders when we start to lose hope in humanity that keep us going. I’m inspired to create those moments for other people. A reminder that someone who doesn’t know them still cares about them and wants to create happiness for them. Read more>>

Diamond Tucker | Singer & Visual Artist

I’m inspired by beauty. The beauty that encompasses our everyday lives the flowers the birds, the breeze, trees and butterflies the natural beauty of life. The moments we take for granted every breath we take for granted. The human experience is undescribable it’s happy and sad, deep and shallow weird and silly and so profound and there’s so much about what we are that we don’t even know yet. But my mission is to take this beauty and give it words, a melody, a picture a song. Read more>>

Bella Crimson | Model/Actress/Content Creator

There are two special factors that keep me inspired to do what I do and never give up. Those things are my purpose and my friends. Since I was a child, I’ve always had this feeling that I was meant to do more than a regular life. I’ve always had BIG dreams that involved helping others in some way. It started off with wanting to be doctor, then went off to wanting to be a cop, and finally a creative. A creative that will tell the stories of people that are being ignored. A creative that will bring truth to light, that will show appreciation to true talent and not by societal criteria. Someone who can motivate another aspiring creative to keep going because if I can do it, they can do it. Then we have my friends. My magical friends whom inspire me all the time. We all have our own life struggles and to see what they create out of it is incredibly motivating. They don’t just create content to create. It has to mean something; it has to tell a story and the stories are extraordinary. Read more>>

Erica Ryan Stallones | Artist

I am inspired by systems of language and organization and by embodied experience. The stars, numbers, rainbows and gradients: methods of classification, interpretation and divination that exist to show us where we are and where we can be. I am interested in the way my own experience differs from yours. I am inspired by shared mythologies, Egyptian tableaux, Cycladic and Pre-Columbian figures, the Tarot and the I Ching, spirit photography, and stories of alien encounters. I often use movement and directed collaboration to attempt to reach outside of myself, to look for common ground, and to celebrate difference. I am inspired by Alice Neel, Francesa Woodman, Kerry James Marshall’s use of primary colors, Roy Orbison standing 6 feet away from the microphone, Crystal Gayle’s Greatest Hits, and so, so many people making art right now. I am inspired by the writing of Agnes Martin and the fragments of Sappho, Yvonne Rainer’s color-coded dance diagrams, empty sports fields, star charts and maps of any kind, accidentally melodramatic monologues, ecstatic states, humor and horror, and really good stage lighting. Read more>>

Pegatina Criolla | Self-taught Artist, Antagonist of Art, Draftsman and Empirical Writer Graduated From The School of Anonymity and Self-Management. Art That is Not Art

My source of inspiration, my muse, my point of reference is life itself with all the elements that it has, ranging from experimental music, independent cinema, forbidden literature, the painting by Francis Bacon, the skateboard drawing by Mark Gonzales, the rarity and beauty of the people, the personal and other experiences, the family that for me is everything the same as non-art and a thousand other things that make up this world drawn by PEGATINA CRIOLLA. Read more>>

Marco Alcala | Freelance Illustrator

I’m inspired by everything and everyone. As cliché as that sounds, I think it’s important to open yourself up to allow for inspiration to come from anywhere around you. When one does this, creating becomes more fun and less stressful! That being said, it’s still important to find that little quirk that sets one apart from the rest. It’s all about finding balance between being open to anything and knowing what works and doesn’t work for you. For example, I enjoy drawing and designing occult artwork with a lighthearted twist. Even though it’s a specific style, I’m still open to grabbing my inspiration from anything and anyone that I see and hear. Read more>>

Kristen DellaPace | Actor + Writer

I’m inspired by watching committed performances. A recent example would be Holly Hunter in the new comedy “Mr. Mayor”, where she plays a pushy jerk. She should be annoying me, but instead she has me laughing; she knows how to sell it. In my writing I’m often inspired to tell stories that exist in quiet places with everyday folks. I find small town life intriguing because the culture tends to be informal and honest where city living (my current reality) feels more slick and buttoned up, always putting on a show. If I had to pinpoint a few things that inspire me in my creative life as a whole, I’d look outside my field. I feel connected to my creativity when I travel, jam out to oldies, when I thrift shop ( I love a good DIY project) and oddly enough I feel so inspired after I rollerblade. Who knew?. Read more>>

Aaron Steinberg | Songwriter / Soundtrack Composer / Artist / Producer

I think maybe the most honest answer is that I’ve been inspired constantly by the people in my somewhat immediate orbit, by people I work with, musically or otherwise – people in fairly close proximity. Trying to give it some thought – I believe it’s really the people who can reflect directly back to you on what you’re doing who are going to prod you to be your best. Being fully open to it isn’t always easy, but when I have been, people I’ve worked alongside have really made all the difference in the world. And generally, now my approach is to actively seek out that conversation. Most definitely in a band setting, the collaboration, the back-and-forth is not only a foundation, but it’s a huge driver of energy. Obviously in a live performance situation, inspiring one another is something immediate – it’s happening in real time. Also, If I could try to look at that question from more of a birdseye perspective, I guess people in the same trajectory – in my case, in music. Read more>>

MoneySign Hines | Hiphop Artist

I am inspired by opportunity to tell my story and have people learn from my journey. I’m inspired by the fact that nobody has taken the path that I have in life and I am able to show others the beauty of being yourself. I’m inspired by the opportunity to motivate the world to be comfortable in their own skin. I’m inspired by the fact that nobody is putting Cerebral Palsy on the forefront the way I am and wanting to go down as a legend for being awareness to CP. Read more>>

Jeff Lowe | Director/Actor/Playwright | Founding Company Member of Alchemy Theatre Company

I am inspired by the kindness and determination of community theatres. As a theatre owner without a home, Alchemy is dependent on other theatres opening their hearts and doors to us. Many theatres have done this with such grace and generosity that it inspires me to do the same for others. They let us in, they never try to mark up the price, they are stepping aside to let others create in their own houses, and for that I am eternally grateful. Alchemy is both a creation and living embodiment of the kindness other our theatre community, and it is that kindness that allows us to live and thrive. When we have our own space, it is that inspiration of kindness that will ensure we pay it forward. The determination comes from the term community theatre itself. Nearly every person I have ever met in my life of theatre is not just working a theatre job; they are working a day job, sometimes a day job, night job, and weekend job when they do not have shows. Read more>>

Lara Clear | Actor, Producer, VO Artist , Children’s Book Author

I am inspired by my Mother as she always works so hard. She is a rock for me and everyone in her life and I would love to be that person for my family and friends. I always try to work very hard and I know that I got that work ethic from my Mother. I am also inspired by nature. I live in the mountains and just going outdoors and on hikes, inspires me tremendously. I get so many bright ideas and motivation whilst on a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains!. Read more>>

Tasha Rivero | Painter & Graphic Designer

My inspiration is a bit morbid. A lot of people will answer this question by naming someone significant in their lives or maybe even just a system that hasn’t been too kind to them. My inspiration comes from pain. I realized a lot of the art pieces I’ve done in the past was because I was going through something really tough and I had no escape from it. So, instead of me lashing out or shutting down, I would just sit down and paint for hours. Pour everything into that and they always turn into the painting that everyone wants to buy. I’ve asked my fellow artist friends if they think if all creative people are ‘damned’ in a sense and at first they deny it and say no way. But, then they always come back and say maybe your right. Maybe with creatives we see the pain and struggle that our friends and family have endured and too, dealing with our own demons, that we want to use our gifts and talents to transmute that into gold. Read more>>