How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career?  Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Jenna Milly | Screenwriter

It’s funny because this movie business seems to be all about risk. Financial risk… emotional risk… artistic risk. So, I think it’s so ironic to me that I don’t think of myself as a huge risk taker. I am the last person who would ever want to go bungee jumping because of fear of heights… and dying… and smacking your face against a rock canyon… but I seem to have no problem throwing my script out into the ring to have it creatively gnawed to bits by the town. Read more>>

Constanza Jabalí | Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator

I am not one to take risks, I like to have a backup plan in most of the things I do, but for some people choosing a creative career is a risk, in that sense it is better to risk doing something that makes you happy, even if it is not easy and requires more work, in the end it will be worth it. Read more>>

Amy Talluto | Artist & Podcaster

I like to think that I’m a risk-taker in my work and life, but I worry saying so might seem braggy! One thing I WILL say is that there is a great book with an amazing parable about risk that has inspired me many times over the years. The book is called “Hope for the Flowers,” and was written by Trina Paulus in 1972. It’s kind of a “Road Not Taken” cautionary tale,..only, starring cartoon caterpillars (I profile the book on the podcast in Episode 30: “Hope for the Artists.” Check it out!). The moral of Paulus’ story is that it’s better to go your own way and “risk the butterfly” than it is to continue futilely climbing up a “caterpillar pillar” with everyone else. Read more>>

Coach Nar | Personal Development Coach

I have always been an adventurous person with respect to my thought process. I love feeling free and limitless, even though there are boundaries that I exercise with myself and those who I share space with at any given moment. What this means is that I am not burdened by thoughts of “what ifs” and “maybes”…I am not plagued with the thought of not being able to do something. I personally think that I can do anything I want, with that age-old adage of “putting my mind to it”. So, “risk” is not a factor for me to consider when I decide to do something. I do not think to myself “oh, this is hella risky, maybe I should avoid it. Read more>>

Edith Simone Morales Sen | Dancer,Choreographer

I think taking risks separates you from people who are not successful – that could go for any type of success- love, friendships and especially careers. But the risk taking that I am talking about is being clear of how to go about things not just going for blood without knowing WHY you do it. Being smart about what do I gain from taking that risk and also seeing what could/will I loose or be compromised with by following that path and deciding If I want to take the risk of a possible success and/or loss . But would you really loose anything? I see it as a win win situation because at least I TRIED and I LEARNED so moving forward I will have more experience (FOR LIFE) in guiding myself and other people. Read more>>

Jessica Enriquez | Tooth Gem Technician & Hairdresser

When I started this business I had to loose fear of taking risks and become comfortable doing so. After I got certified to do tooth gems I realized I was not equipped with enough supplies. I opened up a credit card and invested all my available balance on everything I needed from displays, disposables, to PPE. I would also spend most of my paychecks on Swarovski crystals and dental supplies. Read more>>

Yuling He | Alternative Investment Officer & Finance Educator

When we talk about risk, generally we categorize ourselves as risk averse or risk-taking. However the way I think about risk is different. In my opinion, risk is us. The moment we came to the world, we start to learn to crawl, walk, jump and run, which exposed ourselves to potential injuries; we start to eat what’s cooked or what’s offered on the restaurant tables, which exposed ourselves to potential food poisoning; as we grow older, we start to make decisions, chose what to do or what not to do, which exposed ourselves to potential failure, leading further possible /expected or unexpected results. Every single movement is embedded with risks. Taking risk, played an essential part on what have became you and me in daily life. Read more>>

Lance Jordan | Actor

No risk, no reward. It’s simple as that to me. There is no passion in playing small and settling for a life less than the one you deserve. If there is a 99% chance I am to fail at something, all I can see is the 1% chance to win. When I entered the acting and film industry, I was well aware of what I was getting into. 1/1 million chance you get to the big screen and become a house hold name, I figured I’ll be the one to take that chance. Most of those around me told me I won’t get far and I’m crazy for going for it, I only listened to those who encouraged me. Risk is a beautiful thing because the trick about risk is that it dares you to grow. Risk is the process of exposing yourself to danger, harm, or loss. Read more>>

Carley Baker | Artist/Business Owner

I think my view on risk taking has changed a lot in the past 5 years. I used to play it pretty safe. Always doing what I though I was “supposed” to do. It wasn’t until we had the opportunity to move to Hawaii (through my husbands former job) that I saw risks as opportunities and not these scary things out to get me. Moving was a risk. We were half a world away from our family. Trying to figure out a new city/state. New cultural norms. New foods. What if we hated it there? It was very cool to figure out the world on our own. Read more>>

Cally Nielsen | Singer, songwriter, music producer, yoga teacher, & breathwork coach

I strongly believe that there is no “one right path” when it comes to our lives – especially within how we create our art. Taking risks and putting ourselves in uncomfortable/new situations is one of the fastest routes to finding who we really want to be. I write this as an artist who is still finding her own way in the industry and continuously uncovering the full scope of what I wish to share with this world. We are only here for a small blip in time, and that is the only ounce of permission we need to do whatever feels good in our soul. Read more>>

Jada Taylor | Actress & Model

I embrace risks. They can be scary but they are needed. They promote growth. 6 years ago my family took a risk with helping me chase my dreams by literally splitting our family up so I could be in LA. My mom uprooted her life and moved to LA with me to help support me and my dreams. It has been the biggest risk of my life so far. I’ve had to overcome a lot of self doubt not thinking I’d be good enough or putting pressure on myself to be successful because my family and parents have sacrificed so much for me to be in California. Being an actress I’m taking risks daily. Read more>>

Aaron Cobb | Visual Development Artist

I think, in general, taking risks is an inherent part of pursuing any sort of creative profession. Especially when you are a young artist. Before going to school or really learning the fundamentals of your craft, you’re not really certain if what you have is just passion or if its something that you can use to support yourself. Looking back, I understand that I was taking a risk when pursuing art as a career but it never really felt like that. I couldn’t really imagine me doing something else, so it felt less like a risk and really just the only option for me. Read more>>

Travis Anderson | Advertising photographer, jazz pianist, film composer

Taking risks, to me, is non-negotiable.  It’s the fuel that makes us grow as artists. If you aren’t out of your comfort zone, you’re repeating yourself. And that feeling of stagnation is what lets me know I’m not growing. Bowie said something once that struck me so deeply, describing the feeling of being in the water at the moment your toes just barely touch bottom. That’s the sweet spot of artistic fear and risk taking. Pushing yourself just beyond your comfort zone, but knowing that if you work hard enough, you can succeed. And if you fail? You’ve learned lessons there as well, which means you’re growing. Read more>>

Cheyenne Morris | Owner of Sugar with Sass

Okay we have all heard the cliche that life is all about taking risks, but it is the truth. Whether it be in your personal or professional life, there will always be risks that need to be taken to get to the next stage. When I started Sugar with Sass, I can say with confidence that it was the biggest risk I had ever taken. I had just graduated college and was ready to dive into the next step of my academic and professional career, but there was this thought in the back of my mind that I couldn’t ignore. Read more>>

KILASI | Growth in Risk taking

I try my best to approach taking risk in a strategic way, but I also embrace that everything will not always go as planned. I watched a recent interview with Jay Z and Kevin Hart. I heard Jay mention that that things happen for you not to you. He further mentioned that you can only control but so much of your future and I couldn’t agree more. Read more>>

Trulee Hall | Artist/Filmmaker/Musician

Taking risks, going out on a limb alone in the dark forest of the unknown- sure that can be scary! But I’d rather fail than be boring enough to not try! Making art, for me (its obviously not for everyone), is an externalization of an irrationally brave vulnerability. It can certainly feel like spreading out your low budget guts on a platter for all to judge! But I can’t worry too much about what other people think or it would be impossible to take the kind of leaps of faith that edgy, juicy art requires. Many artists figure out whatever sells and replicate it. Read more>>

Nicole Acosta | Multi-Disciplinary Artist, HOOPS Originator, and Marketing Director

I think I spent most of my life up until I was around 35 years old scared to take risks. Whether it was in my personal life, art practice or career, I had become complacent and lost a sense of who I was and what I wanted in life. This was because I became a young mom at 19 then had another child at the age of 30. I had spent years in unhealthy relationships that ultimately led me to feel stuck and lost. Once I graduated college I began to take control of my life. In 2016 I ended the relationship I was in at the time and started to focus on my career in marketing and personal art practice. Read more>>

A.A. Brenner | Playwright, Dramaturg & Actor

Growing up as a queer, Disabled kid in New York City, my mentor, hero, and best friend was my great-aunt Helen, who was a Polio survivor and basically my own personal Disabled icon. In an era when most Disabled children weren’t even allowed to go to school, Aunt Helen went to college, got her master’s, taught in the Brooklyn public school system for over 40 years, and even walked the Great Wall of China. She also instilled in me her life’s motto: Read more>>

Micah Clasper-Torch | Artist & Entrepreneur

I believe the riskiest thing a person can do is to ignore an inner call to pursue their passion and share it with the world. We each have a unique set of gifts and a limited time here on earth, and what else are we here for if not to live into those gifts and share them with others? While it may not automatically lead to “happiness” or “success” as traditionally defined, I do believe it leads to a great sense of peace and fulfillment in life. Read more>>

Michael Jacobson | Visionary & CEO of French Florist

Marvels in human engineering we have today wouldn’t have been brought to reality without someone taking a risk. Risk is about looking at the upside and downside of an idea objectively, and making a go- or no-go decision on the idea at hand. We have taken a lot of risks at the French Florist, some that have panned out very well and some not so much. The successful risks we’ve taken, though, have outweighed any “failures” by a 1,000:1 ratio. Read more>>

Christi Vynece | Designer, Author, Speaker

I think that taking risks is the key to identifying what you are built for. Often times we avoid risk because we are afraid to fail. One of the reasons that I keep moving forward is primarily because of my failures. It is my greatest teacher. I would have never started to design If I was not afraid to mess up or worry if people would like my designs. I remember when social media was getting really popular, I was scared to get an account on Facebook and start posting my clothes. I remember a co-worker encouraging me to just do it! Read more>>

Mario Carlock “Carlockster” | Artist/ Creative Enthusiast

Some people never take a risk in their life, they graduate High School, settle for a significant other that’s their second choice, do the college thing, fall into a job or career, get comfortable and have a couple kids and never truly live. Yeah, that’s not for me. That’s always waiting back in my hometown. Risk is something I’m always gambling with. I tell myself all the time, “you didn’t move to LA, to just work a job” I moved to LA to become the creative enthusiast I am today. With risk comes reward and a lot of failure stories I laugh about today. Read more>>

AUGUSTO A LOPEZ | Videographer

I began working in sales in my early 20’s but as I approached my 30’s, I realized the cubicle life was no longer for me. I decided to move to New York (a brief period of my life) and picked up a camera when I did. I began snapping photos, began to assist other photographers and finally enrolled into a film program at SF State. Read more>>