Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Olga Reding | Founder & Owner of Olga’s Organics

I launched Olga’s Organics with the mission to provide the world with the first truly certified organic makeup. I wanted to do this because when I went out looking for really clean beauty products I couldn’t find one’s I could trust, even in the “healthy” stores. Makeup at that time was still made with chemicals, and that’s if you could even find the ingredient list. Read more>>

Sarah Williams | Co-Founder of AdventureFit

How does your business help the community or world? “Nature can inspire by it’s beauty, awe by it’s grandeur and commands respect by its power. Nature can break down the body and the ego in the best, most beautiful way, and if you allow it to do so, you can connect to it in a way that elevates, nourishes and grows the spirit. Read more>>

Laura Cryan | Writer & Fiber Artist

I believe there are a lot of good life lessons to be found in crafting. One of my goals is to demystify the fiber arts so that everyone can practice and appreciate them, because if someone believes they’re not skilled enough or haven’t got patience enough to try, they’re not just missing out on homemade potholders or embroidered tea towels, they’re missing out on the very cathartic and healing powers of the making process itself. Read more>>

Jackie McEwan | Founder of Gluten Free Follow Me

I created Gluten Free Follow Me so that there could be a gluten-free guide for the world! When I found out that I had to go gluten-free over 8 years ago, I was so overwhelmed and wished that there was ONE guide that had everything I needed to know about following a gluten-free diet. Read more>>

Claunesha Jones | Owner Of Torch Los Angeles

We always act like the person we think we are. We are all held hostage to our thought life and we always move in the direction of our most dominant thought. While our emotions fiercely drive us, they are only a byproduct of our thinking, not of our circumstances. It is what we pay attention to that comes to live in us as our thought life. Read more>>

Jewel Hargrove | Actor & Designer

The Enneagram is a highly popular personality characterization system that shows 9 “personality” types with their core motivations and fears. Knowing my Enneagram Type – and that of my friends and family – has helped me communicate with them so much more effectively, and even love them better in the ways that they receive love. Read more>>

Vicky Iskandar | Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Consultant

One of the services I offer to clients besides a traditional Feng Shui assessment is a strategic reading based on the five element theory of Chinese Metaphysics and a rare ancient art of war called Qi Men Dun Jia. There’s been a high demand for the reading in the past year, and I’m grateful to have the expertise to share this useful and timely knowledge. Read more>>

Malik Muhammad | Owner of Malik Books

Malik Books is a black owned independent bookstore located in a undeserved area of Los Angeles. Malik Books uses books to elevate a positive image of self in the community. Self esteem, self awareness, and self respect have a direct relationship to success. Communities are only a reflection of the people who live in the community. Read more>>

Laura Pavlakovich | Photographer/Non Profit Founder

I had always known that I wanted to do photography but I never thought to combine it with my personal experience of having Type 1 Diabetes until 2016. It was then when I met a mother of a young boy who had just been diagnosed with Type 1. She told me how isolated he felt and how she “could only show him statistics on a computer of how many others are out there so many times.” Read more>>

Portia Boston | Diversity/Inclusivity Educator + Fitness Professional

I started a DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) education business, where I help people engage, learn and develop a relationship with antiracism. My mission is to ultimately make a the world a little less prejudice and a little more empathetic through antiracist education. Read more>>

Margie Hunter | Yoga Instructor, Mentor, Author, Radio Host

The sole purpose of the yoga classes I teach, my mentoring work, the book I wrote and my radio show, is to help others in my local, as well as global community. Through the local classes and Zoom classes, my students have been able to learn to calm their nervous systems down and tap into the source of balance and homeostasis in their bodies.. Read more>>

Brittany Noelle | Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

My business helps to impact the community in many ways. I provide free resources on how to eat healthier, live a toxic free life, how to workout effectively, and relieve pain related to poor movement patterns. I help people become stronger and more confident through weight training and mindset coaching. Read more>>

Nicole Pringle | Educator & CEO of Tutor For Toddlers

During the Covid pandemic I’ve decided to relaunch my tutor company, Tutor For Toddlers. I felt it was imperative to assist both parents and students during these difficult times in our education system. There were and still are many parents and students struggling with remote learning. Read more>>

Jodi Orgill Brown, MS, CFRE | Professional Speaker, Author, Interactions and Communications Expert, & Brain Tumor Survivor

In a world of 7 billion people speaking 6,500 different languages, how can any person make an impact? When you speak the language of doing good, no translation is required and no megaphone is needed. Even with a blindfold, we can make the world better when we elevate and give attention to our interactions with others. Read more>>

Tracey & Iliana Harvey | Relationship Experts

Satisfying and meaningful relationships make us happier and healthier. Life has no end of challenges, stressors, and undesirable circumstances that are beyond our control—global pandemics like COVID-19, health issues, stress and overwhelm from work, or even minor hassles like shattering your iPhone screen or dealing with a critical coworker. Read more>>

Abigail Kim | Artist & Singer-Songwriter

I was thrown into the music world in a bit of an odd way- I was contacted by a producer for a reality TV show in South Korea (much like The Voice / X-Factor / American Idol etc.) called Kpop Star via my YouTube channel when I was in my junior year of high school, creating cover videos as a side-hobby. Read more>>

Francesca Douglass-Franco | Founder + Executive Director

Humansave is a nonprofit mental health organization that provides specialized treatment to human trafficking victims and their families, while also facilitating a prevention and early intervention program for at risk members of the community. Read more>>

Nikki Bridges | Trauma & Ancestral Healing/ Sound Therapist

My business was born from a need ro help others and focus on sharing different methods of healing in the process… As I worked to find spaces that were more inclusive, as well as mindful of acknowledging the healing modalities that were often stolen from Indigenous cultures, I realized that there was a serious need for education and awareness… My work has now shifted the focus on not just healing, but also on the decolonization of healing spaces, both in person and online… Read more>>

Katie Miles | Designer & Entrepreneur

Sustainability is a primary focus for our company. A central goal of our company is to construct all of our products with recyclable, biodegradable, eco friendly fabrics and to design all of our costumes to last so that they can be used everyday, washed, and passed down rather than ending up in a landfill. Read more>>

Erin-Elizabeth Miller | Ethical Fashion Blogger, Influencer, Actress & Model

My blog and my instagram focus on Ethical and Eco-friendly Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle products. The brands I bring awareness to are companies that care about the planet, the people and the wellness of the world as a whole. I’m proud to feature these extra special people doing extraordinary things in more sustainable and ethical ways. Doing good has never looked so good. Read more>>

Kate Berry | Photographer

As a photographer, I feel I have a duty to share messages and stories and increasingly that is becoming important to me, to travel, to meet people of all different backgrounds, cultures, to hear their stories and to share them. As a white person with some degree of privilege, mine isn’t the story that needs to be told, but I can certainly hear, document and share others’. Read more>>

Cassy Aoyagi | president, FormLA Landscaping and board member, U.S. Green Building Council, Los Angeles

We believe our work – and that of every LA landscaper – can save this beloved city and the world. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but it isn’t! An abundance of data backs it up. LA’s landscapers can build social equity, improve health, mitigate “natural” disaster risks, and boost our environmental and economic resilience. Or we can do the exact opposite. Read more>>

Enrique Pavlioglou | Founder & CEO, CheckUps

CheckUps’ software helps probationers let their assigned probation officer know that they haven’t left city limits, broken curfew or committed any other probation violations- all via a smartphone app. Our remote check-in offering also benefits community supervision agencies whose employees oversee millions of Americans on probation and parole. Read more>>

Jen Cervelli | Jewelry Designer and Artist

At Jennifer Cervelli Jewelry, I design and create timeless fine jewelry that’s rustic, ethical, and highly well-crafted for earth-conscious, free spirits because we believe in empowering others while saving the Earth! JCJ is passionate about cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. Read more>>

Cameron Morey | Founder – Light Up Masks

My business is helping the world by providing protective half masks to curb the spread of COVID-19. At Light Up Masks we normally sell Halloween costume and rave style masks. With the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have switched our operations to focus on selling half face masks. Read more>>

Carolin (Hosac) Peters | Artist and Art Instructor at Cura Studios

It’s so easy to get derailed as a creative person. With Cura Studios my focus is on connecting artists to their creative voice through classical drawing. There are all the “thou shalt’s” we pick up from peers and mentors for example. Those can sound like this: “Real artists never do…!” “Artists only do…”, etc. Read more>>

Adrian Zaw | Video & Photo Producer

Whether you’re a struggling non-profit saving lives, or a multi-million dollar business looking to change lives, being heard, seen and understood can mean the difference between barely surviving and thriving. Read more>>

Brandy Gillmore, PhD | Celebrity Mind/Body Healing Coach & Spiritual Teacher

Honestly, I ended up somewhere I never thought I would be, I was a mess and this is something that is happening to more and more people.
I was injured, dependent on using a wheelchair, walker, cane, and told doctors couldn’t help me. Every area of my life fell apart: from relationships, financially, and level of happiness. Read more>>

Sabra Williams | Artist and activist.

Creative Acts is an organization that seeks to transform urgent social justice issues through the revolutionary power of the Arts; to heal trauma, build community, raise power, and center the voices of those who are or have been incarcerated. Read more>>

Roza Sinaysky | Fashion consultant and showroom owner

I started my business out of pure social impact focus, I gather israeli & Jewish fashion and lifestyle designers and brands from around the world and giving them a platform to expand in the US market. It was important for me to show the word that there is more to Israel then politics snd news, it’s a place of creativity, talent and fashion forward thinking Read more>>

Wild Rising | Herbalist & Earth Alchemy

Wild Rising aims to bridge the gap between Chinese and Western herbalism, while creating greater accessibility and understanding of plant medicine tradition. We are bringing the community closer to this earth based practice through holistic products and education. The world becomes increasingly removed from nature, and our hope is to help humans remember their original and ancestral connection with this earth. Read more>>

Sean Evora | Owner & Founder – EVORA SWIM

I launched EVORA SWIM in March 2019 with the goal of making a difference. I wanted to create lifestyle brand focused on creating a meaningful impact and helping those in need through comfortable, fashion-forward swimwear that helps people look good & feel good at the same time. Read more>>

Tiffany Evans | Career Coach

My business is community base and it’s primary focus is to enhance people’s lives with services that motivates them to live their dreams. We help closed the skill gap by educating our customers and empowering them to become self-sufficient. Also, we solve recruitment challenges by connecting qualified candidates to employers. Read more>>

Amy Asaturyan | Self Help Coach & Author

As a collective, we are all seeking love, acceptance, forgiveness and healing. I launched as an educational platform deeply rooted in the core principles of learning how to take full responsibility for everything. It is a safe space offering live, interactive online courses centered around the subject of pragmatic self and relationship healing, as well as one on one coaching sessions. Read more>>

Tracey McGill | On Board Organics founder

I think the key to starting a business or developing an idea is solving a problem, and what I’ve found is most entrepreneurs creativeness comes from solving a problem that impacts them or their loved ones directly- which is exactly how On Board came to fruition. Read more>>

Jimira Lindo | Therapist & Business Owner

My business is called Lindo Sorrel which is a wellness Hibiscus beverage that is beneficial to the whole world. Lindo is my married last name and Sorrel is what Hibiscus is called in the Caribbean. Lindo Sorrel (Hibiscus tea) is herbal, anti viral, rich in antioxidants, rich in vitamin c and more. Read more>>

Theresa Kilcourse | Web Designer & Graphic Designer

Well I’m glad you asked! Because this is actually a pretty important factor in the kinds of clients I pursue. I don’t know if I can claim to be doing anything on as grand a scale as helping the WORLD, but I do prefer to work for nonprofits and small businesses. Read more>>

Kim Ebeling | Wedding & Event Panner

We are an event planning team that helps our clients plan events that are sustainable and beautiful. These to things are not mutually exclusive and we love helping guide our couples through the process. It not only is better for the environment but it is also an opportunity to up-level your event and create awareness to the guests causing a ripple effect. Read more>>

Nicole Twyman | Online Wellness Coach, Certified Trainer, Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, and Small Business Encourager

I prefer to call my business a ministry; as my team and I intentionally give of ourselves far more than we receive. I’m a proud servant leader of the divas of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous; a virtual health and wellness support group specifically targeted to support black and brown women across the globe. Read more>>

Kathy Kaehler | Health and Wellness Expert and Podcast Host

Recently I was asked to co-host a brand new podcast called Risky Business with the Coverage Queens. Previously, I had hosted my own podcast called Kathy Kaehler LIVE which came to an end a few years ago. When this opportunity to co-host a new show I was so ready. Read more>>

Maurizio OTTO De Togni | Mentor to multiple Grammy-winning producers, & Hollywood’s go-to professional, Pro Tools & Logic Expert Consulting & education

I have been teaching, mentoring and consulting since 2005 after an already ongoing successful career in the music industry.. All I could have learnt myself, since the very first computer when I was a kid (11 yo), to the latest works, and in between, all the records, commercials, TV shows, computers, all the “pain” I had to feel to solve all the problems (they come with the par), I have the chance and opportunity every day with my job to help hundreds of people every year! Read more>>

Elisabeth White | Film Director and Producer

Films and media content, especially now during COVID, is an essential part of almost every person’s life. It’s an art, and art is crucial to the survival of humankind. Everyone depends on creativity to thrive and express themselves in their personal lives. From the scientists and the doctors and the technicians to the artists themselves, films are something everyone can enjoy and depend on for comfort. Read more>>

Ashley Kennedy | Millennial REALTOR®

I feel that my business helps my community in several ways. As a Black, millennial REALTOR® I feel that it’s my duty to educate and help as many people as possible to reach their real estate goals. I’m on social media often and I use my platforms to spread resources and knowledge. Read more>>

Matthew Paetz | Personal Development Coach

It’s our mission to create a world of transitional characters. People who embrace courage and create lives they’re proud of. My focus is on helping others understand how to create more meaning in their lives by learning how to use their pain to create a deep sense of purpose. Read more>>