Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Dandrell Scott | Voiceover Actor & Rapper

The most important factor behind my success is resilience. At this moment, I’m an established voiceover actor, a rising musical artist, and a profitable brand owner of Bad Clothes Company. None of this would be possible without overcoming trials and staying persistent. Nothing happens overnight!. Read more>>

Taylor Marie Smith | Creative Entrepreneur

There are so many different factors that have contributed to the success of my brand. Starting & running a business came with high & lows (depending how you look at it). I’ve learned so much about myself & life in general & am still learning every day with every trial & every error. I’ve found the importance in surrounding myself with people who not only inspire me, but see me, support me & believe in me. I’m also really big on positive thinking patterns, staying inspired & over all just keeping myself motivated. To be able to accomplish what I have I would have to say I’ve learned that maintaining a positive & resilient mindset is a day in & day out process, but it’s also key. While I was building a strong mindset & work ethic I was also elevating my spirit & in turn developed a level of understanding & trust in my process. This ultimately led to trusting in myself. Read more>>

Eric & Juliet | Sleepy Peach Brand Owners

Eric: It’s gotta be our style. We’re not afraid to get weird with it. Our clothes are loud and often toe the line from being borderline obnoxious. We find that the safer the design, the worse it sells. People value individuality, and they’re not afraid of upstaging others. Juliet: Colors! We’re colorful and we’re fun! We’re personal. We’re like real people. Eric: Yes, we are real. Almost. Read more>>

Kristin Fraser | Entrepreneur | Founder of The Grapeseed Co. and Seaside Makers

Perseverance and resilience equally share that roll! I started The Grapeseed Company in my mid 20s. Years ago, people began using those words to describe me and my business in press articles, and I didn’t quite get why… I would read them after the interview and be like, “I just didn’t give up!” When something goes wrong, I’m always thinking of ways we can creatively fix the issue and learn from it moving forward. There is always something to learn, even in the worst of situations! The past 6 years I’ve come to understand, accept and cultivate growth through these qualities much more, as I navigated life events like divorce and becoming a mom, then the Thomas Fire and mudflow, and now COVID, all while growing The Grapeseed Company and starting Seaside Makers. Read more>>

Yasmine Sahid | Creator and Comedian

I want to offer something that makes people want to come back for more. People’s attention span is so small that you have to make sure that you can strike their interest immediately. As an artist it’s easy to believe that everything you put out there is great work. It’s good to be confident, but you can get delusional about it. If something doesn’t perform well you get in your head like “This was great, why did no one like it?”But we have to detach ourselves from what we create for a moment and think “Who am I selling this to? If I saw this for the first time would I be interested? Does this reflect my style well?” When I began thinking that way I notice a spike of interest in my analytics for my music and videos. People want to see something new and exciting, that’s how they discover you and that’s how they fall in love with the creator. Read more>>

Star System | Visual, Literary, Dramatic and Musical Artists

Love. Love love love love love. Love wasn’t always the factor we thought was most important. We used to say “spite” to answer this question. But since our system has recently begun to be able to explore, experience and express loving each other, ourselves, and our art, it has informed every aspect of our brand. We are a system of several unique and talented individuals who all share one body here on Earth. Contemporary western culture calls our particular flavor of neurodivergence “Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)”. Love in the form of compassion and gratitude enabled us to become a system capable of functioning effectively and enjoyably in the world. Read more>>

Breana Kennedy | Co- Owner for TAB Showroom

This is a pretty big question to tackle but instantly my mind went to how lucky I am to have my business partner. She is one of the most resilient people I have ever met, and has an engine that just doesn’t quit! I think to find success it is incredibly important to have balance in life whether it be work/life balance, realism/passion or risk/certainty. The beauty of having a partner is having someone to constantly bounce ideas off of and somehow balance your current life mindset. I find when I am feeling overwhelmed with any challenges we are facing, Tali, my business partner (and partner in all things really), will somehow find a beautiful way to make everything seem possible. In turn I find that where one of us is lacking, the other more than makes up for it. It is a perfect balance. Read more>>

Melissa & Teemu Orkamo | Founders / Owners

For The Party team it is about loving what we do! Everyday we get the pleasure of working with our machines, designing and making products that we love. The added bonus is that we have some wonderful clients who enjoying working with us, allowing us to add some magic to their special occasions and celebrations. We are known for our design style and the quality of our products and service – we are human though but we try our very best to make each client feel like they have our full attention and focus. Read more>>

Yasmine Sahid | Creator and Comedian

I want to offer something that makes people want to come back for more. People’s attention span is so small that you have to make sure that you can strike their interest immediately. As an artist it’s easy to believe that everything you put out there is great work. It’s good to be confident, but you can get delusional about it. If something doesn’t perform well you get in your head like “This was great, why did no one like it?”But we have to detach ourselves from what we create for a moment and think “Who am I selling this to? If I saw this for the first time would I be interested? Does this reflect my style well?” When I began thinking that way I notice a spike of interest in my analytics for my music and videos. People want to see something new and exciting, that’s how they discover you and that’s how they fall in love with the creator. Read more>>

Trisanne Marin | Senior Talent Manager

I put a strong emphasis on leadership as well as effective communication. I think it is really important to tell someone what they need to hear and not necessarily what they want to hear. In order for a client to be able to trust your input, it is imparative to learn about them on a personal level and understand what specific form of communication works well for them. Read more>>

Octavia Goredema | Career Coach, Host & Writer

I would say the most important factor behind my success is being focused. I prioritize the work that really excites me. I’ve learned how to laser focus on what I want to do, and the steps I need to take to do that. I set big goals, but I try not to let them overwhelm me. I just focus on the next step, one at a time. I think it comes down to be being willing to do the work, and not being too attached to if things go wrong or right. No one wants to make mistakes of course, but if you don’t try stuff, you’ll just never know. I make so many mistakes! Of course, they sting in the moment, but then I pick myself up and try and figure out how to fix it. Read more>>

Tiffany Jumaily | Integrative Pediatrician

We want to be able to provide a different kind of doctor’s visit; a satisfying and warm experience. We structured the office as a place where we would want to bring our own children. As a concierge office, we are able to structure our schedule to spend more time with each family. We have time to listen to parents’ concerns, explain treatment options and just be silly with shy kids. We care. And when we care, we provide better medical care to the families who entrust us with their health. Read more>>

Felix Jones | Magician & Mentalist

When I began performing at the Magic Castle in Hollywood on a regular basis, I noticed that card magicians ruled the roost, so to speak. I became a professional performer late in life, and I knew that I could never match the skill of the “card guys.” I decided to focus on mentalism instead. There aren’t many mentalists at the Magic Castle, and although they’re talented, most were doing similar types of material. I wanted to make an impact and looked for effects (what magicians call “tricks”) that no one else performs. But because I have a distinctive character, I only developed the effects that were consistent with who Felix Jones is. This melding of character and material (including every word I say) created my brand so that now world-famous magicians and mentalists offer me unique effects that they recognize as “Felix Jones-ian.” Recently I’ve been adding new material that’s more magic than mentalism, but I’m rigorous in making sure each effect stays true to the Felix Jones brand. Read more>>

Marc Francis Ona | Tattoo Artist

I’d say, I’m not there yet. I’m still striving hard to get there, working harder than I ever before and creating my own opportunities so I can achieve the real success. Too many people have dreams and yet they take no action on any of it. You have to stretch yourself and go beyond what you think is possible. Read more>>

Giovanna Salas | Producer, Film Maker, Consultant

Simply waking up in the morning is a success, in my opinion. Every step you take after that, along with positive thinking, will help you achieve any goal. What keeps my Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures brand going is constant innovation. I pay careful attention to my clients’ feedback about what they want and need. This is where my inspiration comes from. Positive communication is the only way to improve our lives. Not a single one of us is perfect. We are all human and make mistakes. It’s important for us to be self-aware. We must be open to evolve and learn. Read more>>

Liz Murdoch | Animal Communicator & Intuitive Empath

Being able to tune in to myself and my inner knowing, connecting and being fully present with my clients, both animals and people, and trusting my intuition create the foundation of my success with my business. Read more>>

Lisa Liu | Co-Creator, Unison Orchestra

The most important factor behind my success is my careful selection of the people I choose to be surrounded by on our shared journey. Read more>>

Oliver Sehulster | Founder + Creative Director

Our relationships with our clients are the lifeblood for our agency. We are constantly inspired by the incredible things they put out into the world, and we dive into telling their stories with unbridled passion. We’ve worked with the majority of our clients for nearly ten years and function less like an outside agency and more like the creative arm of their marketing teams. We are fiercely loyal and turn working relationships into thriving friendships. It’s not out of the ordinary for clients to swing by our studio (pre-pandemic) for a brainstorm and beer. Because of these tightly-knit connections, we put our all into every story we tell and design we create. Our depth of experience in the creative process allows us to walk start-ups through potentially scary processes of discovery and branding. Read more>>

Elizabeth Moradi | Event Producer, Owner Blissed Events

Definitely consistency. Showing up is half the battle. I believe a lot of why some people become “successful” at something, and others don’t, is because some keep pushing at it even when they get setback, even when they don’t see results, even when they repeatedly get rejected. It’s the difference between giving up when it looks like things are not happening, versus sticking through every single obstacle and actually seeing it happen. You have to be consistent, you have to keep creating, and you have to keep putting your work out there, regardless of what comes back. Read more>>

Tahira Aliya | Dance Instructor

The most important factor behind the success of training young dancers and maintaining a business is a cohesive relationship of my experience and education. The unique combination of my dance experience; over 30!years of dance training, traveling the world and studying various genres of dance, my education in Sports Medicine and entrepreneurial passion. Read more>>

Èric Boadella | Film Director

In my opinion, the most important factor to make it as an artist or a creative is persistence, The struggle never ends. You constantly need to reinvent yourself, seek new projects, and face new challenges. It may sound strange but directing is probably about 10% of my time as a film director. 40% of my work as a director is to pitch myself and seek new projects, and the other 50% is to work on scripts, concepts and treatments of projects that may or may not happen. But I welcome these struggles; they lead to new opportunities. Last year was hard, for everyone, and we had the almost impossible mission to shoot a feature film. What it could have taken a few weeks took months, but persistence saved us. And now we are about to finish a film that Voyage LA readers would be very interested to know about: CITY OF LOVE, a slow burn thriller about our city of Angels. Read more>>

Primera Generación Dance Collective | Dance Collective

The most important factor behind our success as a non- hierarchal collaborative collective is trusting that each one of us brings value, work ethic, rigor, experience, knowledge, and authentic desire to create opportunities for the next generation. When we began our journey together we were always transparent of who we were as a collective, what our stories were as a familia navigating the art world, our intention in creating works that represent those who are marginalized, and in building honest collaborative relationships with individuals who have the same goals as we did. Our “success” is something that pushes us to continue innovating and providing for those who have no voice or have had an opportunity and therefore we wan to create that space and that motivation for others to succeed. Read more>>

Monique Sar | E-Commerce Executive & Business Consultant

I would say the most important factor behind my success is my grit and resilience towards my long-term goals. I never felt like I was the brightest crayon in the box, nor did I consider myself lucky or have the most talent. I had to work hard for everything that I achieved and get really comfortable with my relationship with failure. As a daughter of immigrants, I have always considered myself an underdog. My family did not immigrate to the states for us to live average lives. I knew that my grandparents wanted to make sure we strived for success and could continue on their legacy to be happy and prosperous. So, what do immigrant families do best? Work hard. So that’s exactly what I did – I worked hard, got a good degree, got a good job, and started working in finance for a fortune 100 firm. Read more>>

Jason Fullilove | Chef & Owner of Barbara Jean LA

There are a few, however, number one is work ethic. By the end of 2019 I was operating 3 restaurants and my own catering company. At the beginning of their careers, most chefs will work tirelessly for other people. At some point making the transition to work tirelessly for yourself is essential. That’s where building your own brand and name recognition is important. You have to be willing to do the work at every stage of your career. Read more>>

Council | Band Made Up of The Brothers Reeves

I think we can safely say, that without persistence, this band would have never made it anywhere. Whether it be teaching ourselves how to play instruments, learning how to write songs or learning to sing, persistence kept hope alive. We knew if we continued to work, no matter how much it felt like we weren’t progressing, we would eventually get to where we wanted to go. We have been told no more times than I can even count and told we should quit, we don’t have enough talent, our singer can’t sing on a professional level and on and on and on. But we don’t give up. We set our minds on the goal of being a band that releases music that is lyrically honest and musically emotional and melodic. Persistence has helped us not send one or two or five emails, but 100’s and 100’s. We kept at it till we eventually landed worldwide syncs like the Olympics, FIFA Mens and Women’s World Cup and American Idol. Read more>>

Last Letter | Artist & Brand Owner

I’d say the most important thing about the brand is that it’s proven it’s longevity through, not just the apparel, but the entire mission and relevancy of the brand. Read more>>

Venna Tang | Event Consultant & Planner

I’m constantly learning and expanding my network within the event industry. Every event is an opportunity to improve in some aspect. There is always a better way to manage time or workflows or creative tools. I am always learning how to be more efficient when planning wide varieties of occasions from same sex weddings, ethnic weddings, and drive by baby showers to corporate events such as workshops and seminars. I believe that planning events is a journey and you always learn more about yourself from every event. Building out my network is also key to my success. I’m relentlessly expanding my contacts and meeting new vendors when figuring out ways to best activate spaces or include live entertainment. Having connections of all levels and specialties provides so many ways to build out an event. It’s exciting to learn what vendors have to bring to the table, and provides flexibility and options to make sure events turn out how my clients envisioned. Read more>>

Matthew Celia | Co-Founder & Creative Director at Light Sail VR

Do good work. It’s the mantra we always try to adhere to. There are times when that’s hard, or when circumstances prevent you from feeling like you’ve done your best work, but ultimately we’ve always wanted to create good work over making money. We’ll sometimes dip into our own pockets to give a job that extra thing that we think is going to be important to make it a success for us and for our clients. I think that your brand is always judged by the work that’s created. It’s the same way when I hire folks to collaborate with. I always ask to take a look at their work and judge them accordingly. We’ve been so lucky to work with great brands and talent and I think that’s created a body of work that I’m really proud of, but we continue to push. I know that every future job we get is going to depend on what we’ve done before, and that’s not easy when working in an industry like immersive cinema where a lot hasn’t been done before. So I think the key here is to show a consistent quality level with high end talent and that’s directly led to the success we’re experiencing today. Read more>>

Tamara Kumbula | Singer, Songwriter, Producer

I definitely think that a factor that’s really important, especially in the music industry, is finding a unique sound that people haven’t heard before is still somewhat relatable so that you’re able to specifically market to target group of people. Personally, I think it’s more important to be unique because it makes you memorable and it sets you apart from millions of people that are also in your genre or niche so to speak. I also think that consistency is really important in the sense that constantly working to build your brand on a daily or weekly basis will definitely benefit your career substantially. Read more>>

Oscar Barcelli | Drummer, Composer and Educator

The most important factor is to be honest with the music I do. Whenever I play for an artist or I write my own music, I always try to play what the music asks for. I don’t like to overplay on the songs just to make it sound harder. I believe that every musician should always do that. This is the only way to succeed in music. One other thing that is very important is to stay humble no matter what. In my experience, music has taken me in many places and I’ve always had the mentality to learn and help as much as I can. I’ve had the opportunity to study and share the stage with the greats and they always taught me that humility is the key to success. Read more>>

Nikki Morgan | Beekeeper

I think my business success comes from my ability to connect with people. I love making people feel welcome at our farmer’s market and I’m happy to answer questions they have about what I do and what makes us unique. Since I’m the beekeeper, customers are able to make a connection with the person who is handling their product rather than just grabbing a jar at the supermarket. I believe it makes the product more special and they’re excited to support me in the future. These strong ties with the community lead to new opportunities, like new locations to keep bees or bee removal jobs. We’ve began working closely with Eco Now because of the friendship we made at the market. We sell several products of ours at their two stores in Anaheim and Costa Mesa and collaborate on new projects. Read more>>

Keri Dixon | Founder and Sole Owner of BeyondSlay Boutique

The most important factor behind my brand’s success would be my overall determination. To even start a business you have to be prepared to persevere through anything and keep a level head. My determination has helped me build great connections that I could only dream about! Finding all of my clothing, my web design, and even photoshoots, we’re all things I was determined to make happen by any means. There were plenty of doors closed in my face, tons of people who expressed their doubt, and just overall negativity. However, knowing how determined I am to succeed puts everything else in my rear view. Read more>>

Julia Hansen | Founder of The Yellow Tulip Project

The most important factor behind my success has been the way young people have responded to The Yellow Tulip Project’s mission and how they have jumped into this powerful momentum to bring change to their schools and communities. Crafting this non-profit it was crucial for me to create a safe space for young people to help find and define their voices in order to actively make changes that we see are needed. Far too often I have sat at a round table of mental health professionals -as the only youth representative- where they talk and talk and talk about what to do for youth mental health awareness and not one persons asks me what I think needs to be done even as the only young person in the room….a bit odd am I right? People ignore the obvious truth: young people are passionately and actively making the changes that are needed in order to create a more inclusive, safe and healthier future. Read more>>

Dr. Lior Lewensztain | That’s it. Founder and CEO

Simplicity and transparency have been the cornerstone of That’s it. since our early days, and I have no doubt that it has been critical to the success of the company. Today, the demand from consumers for transparency and simplicity from food brands is higher than ever, and it’s continuing to grow. I wish I could say that we had our finger on the pulse of what was to come, but honestly, it was a happy accident. Our fruit bars, for example, are made with only fruit. Nothing extra, nothing that we’re trying to hide or hoping that people don’t notice. We didn’t do it to be trendy, or even transparent – we did it because you just don’t need all the other junk. So, our product has made it easy for us to be perfectly in line with those changing demands from today’s consumer. Read more>>

Robin Fierce | Drag Performer

I think the most important part of my success is believing in what I do and myself. Along with that being kind to the people I work with. Believing in your talent is so important. I am a performer. If I don’t believe what I do people will not either. When you have passion it shows in your work. Along with the passion, you have to show kindness and openness. I can not say how many opportunities I’ve got from recommendation… actually like this one! When you are good at what you do and people like you AS A PERSON not just the talent, doors will open that you didn’t expect. Read more>>

Hannah True | Certified Balloon Artist & Balloon Whisperer

Passion! I wholeheartedly believe being passionate about what you do will lead to success. For me, balloons bring me joy and I love the joy balloons bring to others as well. My passion for balloons shows through in my work and I like to believe my customers can see that. Read more>>

Alison Oshinomi | Gonstead Chiropractor

Constancy to purpose. Read more>>

Jennifer Alise Heyward | Publicist/Magazine Owner

Determination! When I was told NO! I made a way out of no where. I have strong confidence in EVERYTHING that I do. You have to know that you will be successful and stay in your own lane. Read more>>