Thinking through whether to start a business – whether to take the risk, whether to go out on your own – isn’t easy. So we asked some entrepreneurs we admire to tell us about how they thought through the process of starting a business.

Val Fishbain | Co-Founder / President of Spread The Love Foods

When my partner, Zach and I gave away homemade peanut butter as wedding favors back in 2013, we weren’t thinking of turning it into a business until people continued to ask us to make more for them to purchase. We figured, there was a need for minimally processed natural organic peanut butter and that it was time to give people what they need and want. It was a new adventure for us as newly weds then so we just jumped in. Read more>>

Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan | 3x Gen-Z Serial Entrepreneur

We found a problem in the college apparel market… Many of the merchandise didn’t reflect the diverse cultures, styles, and interests of our campuses; especially our affinity for streetwear. So we started Geistwear by catering to the popular “hypebeast” mentality, ‘70s aesthetics obsession, and other Gen-Z values like sustainability and social awareness… And now, we’re on a mission to modernize the college apparel industry. Read more>>

Bennie Brimage | CEO & Product Developer

My thought process behind starting a business was that I wanted to create a platform that assists individuals who may not believe they have a creditable job history to be posted online which is not true. I myself, have had numerous challenges and I have come to realize that if you expose your resume along with your skills online, your opportunity to receive notifications from recruiters and HR reps will increase.  There are still those out there that are just grasping the importance, or may not be fully aware of this procedure. Thus, they may require additional hands-on guidance. We at Reference Hive just want to level the playing field for anyone that is seeking additional assistance. Read more>>

Brian B | Destination Private Event DJ

There were a bunch of things that came together all at once. I really wanted the challenge of building a business that had all the risks and rewards solely on me. Secondly, I thought (naively) that it would give me more time back. Third, I wanted the flexibility to do my job from anywhere in the world and be able to travel. Read more>>

Cherish Harris | Owner of Raw Oasis

I’ve always had a feeling I was meant to go into business and become an entrepreneur. But, not until late 2018 did I know exactly how that career path would start for me. It began with a simple idea between my Co-Founder, Tiana, and I about making jewelry. During that same time we had began to dive deep into our spirituality. This was sparked by our intense love for kundalini yoga, crystals and astrology. One Downtown LA hot day, we put the idea of crystals and jewelry together and Raw Oasis was born. Over the next few months the thought process for Raw Oasis began to expand to something more than just crystals and jewelry. We wanted a safe place for people in our community to be able to come to, connect with their spirituality, and learn about things that we had to travel to different parts of LA to learn. Retreats, yoga classes, and spiritual healing are just some branches of the thought process behind Raw Oasis – while also continuing to make hand made crystal jewelry and lifestyle products. Read more>>

Kyle Elliott | Founder, Career Coach, & Professional Resume Writer

While I’ve now been running my business for a little over eight years, happened completely by accident. I never imagined myself running this multi-six-figure resume writing and coaching practice and working with some of Silicon Valley’s top talent. I started as a way to fuel my soy, sugar-free vanilla latte addiction. Seriously! I started working at 14 years old, so resume writing came naturally to me. One day, I thought, “Why not get people to pay me to review their resumes?” I found the platform Fiverr and started charging five dollars to review resumes and write LinkedIn profile summaries. Once Fiverr took their cut, I made around $3.75 per ‘gig.’ Each gig took me about 15 minutes, so this was a fabulous way as a college student to make $15 per hour for Starbucks and Subway money. I never expected this side hustle to grow beyond a side hustle. Yet, there was a huge demand for my services. Following my success with Fiverr, I started recruiting resume writing clients through Craigslist and LinkedIn ProFinder. Read more>>

Reno Ludwiga | Artist Manager & Arstist Development, Mentor

My dad is a lover of music, so evidently growing up, he had always made sure that my siblings and I were very diverse in the genres of music that we would listen to. As my interest in music immensely grew alongside my age, I started to question why there was a lack of representation of Asians in the mainstream industry and was surprised to learn just how underrepresented Asian artists were. Before starting this business, I noticed that there was a substantial amount of raw and promising talent all over the Inland Empire, but how overshadowed the people in my city were by the LA market. My thought process was how I would be able to create a path for these artists who were under-resourced and lacked the proper connections to jump start their dreams into reality. Without regards to race, color, or religion, my goal for this business is to provide the best network and connections for my artists and ensure they get the proper credit they deserve. Read more>>

Matt Warren | Artist and T Shirt Designer

I’ve been lucky enough to follow my passion and for it to have played out how it has. Originally from the UK, after graduating from OTIS College of Art and Design, I obtained an ‘artist’ visa which allowed me to continue to live in the States and pursue my artistic career. My visa allows me to make money from my ‘talent’ but not hold a normal job, so I had to figure out a way to make money within the structure and limitations the visa offers. Ultimately these challenges forced me to push myself, and I had to re-evaluate my art practice and tailor it specifically into a career I could make a living from. My art practice has always been influenced by, and referenced American Pop Culture, and I started a new series of drawing which were the origins of my business. Joining my two passions of art and film, my business organically grew into what it is today – I started selling prints at the Melrose Trading Post, then getting a few t-shirt samples done at a customers suggestion. Read more>>

Miesha Harris | Mimi’s Cosmetics Creations

Starting a business is often a life-altering decision. It can affect you in so many ways beyond just financially. They say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. But what they really mean is to do what you love and you’ll work harder then you ever did before. Read more>>

Kim Rounsefell | Dietitian & Zinester

My business emerged in a very unexpected way. I’ve always wanted to do something that had a positive community impact but didn’t know how that might look. At the time, I was working at an Eating Disorder Treatment Center. I noticed the challenges that many families experienced in accessing and maintaining much-needed healthcare throughout their recovery. As a health professional, this was frustrating and had been stewing in my mind for a while. To coincide with this, I researched the relationships between social media exposure and body image. I noticed many of the impacts that digital media can have on the way people think and feel about themselves. My business idea came together on one uneventful day. I stumbled across this small booklet called a zine (z-ee-n). Zines are independently published media that have been part of our popular culture for decades. Looking at one of these zines, they felt so inviting, real— accessible. The rest is history, I guess you could say. I started by creating my first mental health zine titled ‘Brain Love.’ Read more>>

Juan Carlos Vindas | Wildlife Photographer

I have always loved to share knowledge, experiences and share my own country. Based on that, I decided to start offering my services first as a birding guide and eventually bird and wildlife photography. Read more>>

Myla Ivers | Advanced Akashic Records and Reiki Master. International Yoga and Adventure Retreat Leader.

My thought process behind starting my own business was all based around the desire for more freedom. I hold my freedom in extremely high regard and while employed I kept feeling as though there was no longer any room left for me to grow, both financially as well as how far my mind wanted to expand. When I left for Thailand on my first solo trip in 2014 I kept having the experience of meeting people who were “on holiday” – for 3 to 6 months! The idea of that was so crazy for me. I could not fathom the idea that someone would be able to afford to take that amount of time to explore the planet and have time to just explore themselves. I didn’t realize what a hamster wheel I was on. I didn’t even think to ask for more. That trip changed everything for me. I became very aware of how very small a percentage of people in America were living the life of freedom. My belief is that we are all driven by either pain or pleasure. Once I had a small taste of how magical life could be, I no longer wanted to sit in the zombie like energy of all the things that were no longer working for me. Read more>>

Tiffany Kolchins | App Entrepreneur

MyKinCloud app is a family mindfulness toolkit that helps you and your loved ones deepen connections through a range of mindfulness techniques including meditation, gratitude journaling, yoga exercises and more. It came from a personal place of wanting to share mindfulness with my kids. Mindfulness practices are life skills and practices that I try to integrate every day in every way. It has personally helped me experience more joy in the moment, handle the ups and downs of life with greater ease, and be more compassionate with myself and others. I wanted a way for my kids to explore and experience the benefits of mindfulness for themselves….something practical, accessible and fun for the whole family. There is nothing out there like myKinCloud, so we decided to build it ourselves as an app. Read more>>

Troy DeVolld | Producer, Author, Speaker

I’d been working for decades on other people’s projects and growing frustrated at the increasing lack of sense of ownership in creative results. With Story T Media, especially on the publishing side, I get the feeling that what’s put out feels like it comes from me. Read more>>

Paul Lowe | Ceramics Artist

Ever since I was 18 and started my first shop selling vintage clothes from before 1940 I have always worked for myself. I never really had what someone would call a “real” job. At 25 I opened a flower shop, at 30 I started working as a freelance food and prop stylist and at 45 I started a food and craft magazine. Then at 50 I started doing ceramics, fell in love with it so now my days are divided into the magazine and my ceramics. Always been my own master and can’t really imagine doing it any other way. The ceramics started with me trying to find a special plate for a shoot, I could not find it so I guess I had to make it myself. Took a class and it was like a revelation. I LOVE IT. Its such a good thing as Im a very impatient person and the ceramics make me be patient. It needs time and there is no rushing it. After a while people asked me about buying my work and I was like “oh I guess I should open an online shop”, and I did. Read more>>

Adam Arlit | Partner & Creative Director

For years, I and the other partners of Barnato continually noticed how both smaller automotive companies and startups rarely had the budget to hire large agencies to compete with their larger-scale competitors – and that was a huge problem in our eyes. These smaller companies are going after the same target market and have just as good or even better products. That’s why we started Barnato. We want auto industry and industry-adjacent clients to have access to the best talent at a more affordable rate, no matter how small they are. Pair that with the timing of the COVID-19 pandemic, knowing nearly everything is relying more on digital design and social marketing, we used our decades of experience working with large, corporate clients and readjusted our aim to benefit a new client-side market. Read more>>

Sarah Glicken | Biohacker and Owner of OsteoStrong Mar Vista

I’ve always known I wanted to make a bigger impact on the world but didn’t know how that would manifest. I spent 20 years in corporate America, working for great companies I was In alignment with. It wasn’t until my mom got cancer, and I became her caregiver, that I realized how I could do something more meaningful. At that moment I realized I wanted to help people to lead healthier lives. It took me a few years to figure out what that would look like but I knew it means starting my own business so I could do things on my terms. Once I determined what I wanted to do I jumped in and took massive action. In April, 2018 I opened my first brick and mortar integrative wellness franchise, OsteoStrong, in Los Angeles, CA. I opened it just 6 months after I decided to do it. Since then we’ve grown quickly (pre-covid). Without a doubt, we’ve been so successful because of our strong “why” behind the business. When you care more about your customer than your product you will always succeed. Read more>>

Brian Bowers | Entrepreneur & Outdoor Enthusiast

Starting Precision Facility Group was about taking control of our own destiny. My colleagues and I had a great run at our former company for 20 years. We avoided starting our own company because “we had it pretty good”. But as happens with most jobs when you aren’t in control, the environment started changing. Ownership began slowly squeezing commissions yearly to a point where we were tremendously undervalued. Starting our own firm was what needed to be done to gain control of our financial future and build an environment that we, and people like us, wanted to be associated with. Read more>>

Stephanie Cochrane | Owner + Founder, The Waste Less Shop

When I first started making sustainable swaps in my daily routine I noticed I had to shop at several online stores to find the items I needed. I stumbled across a few products that worked AMAZINGLY and were much more cost effective than their big-box counterpart. I wanted to create a business where everyday people like me could find high quality, sustainable and affordable alternatives to single use plastic household essentials, all in one place. Read more>>

Pj Owens | Creative Director, Brand Strategist & Author

My thought process behind starting my own business and brand is LEGACY. This is not just about my legacy. For me it’s about playing a small role in helping people OWN the greatness that they possess. I like to call that LEGACY WORK! Money and perks are just benefits of our LEGACY WORK! I honestly had this mindset before starting my business! This is such an interesting question….I believe that sometimes along the journey we have to revisit that point of no return. The very moment we decided to run and never stop! The spark that was in our spirits, the endless possibilities, the zeal and the purpose behind it all. Life comes with assignments in the form of people, places and things! I wanted to be sure that my assignment was not only fulfilled but it was executed with a level of excellence that will then become my legacy. Read more>>

Erin Milner | C.E.O. | Celebration Out The Box

When I launched “Celebration Out The Box,” I did so while experiencing much anxiety and fear of failure. I see myself as a person of various interests and passions. Sometimes that can be viewed as a bit scattered, but I’m just a serial entrepreneur driven by my dreams and visions. I realized that my anxieties were stemming from me being overly concerned about what people thought of me launching yet another venture. The Event Setup & Hospitality industry is something I’ve had my hands in for several years now, and it’s something I love doing. I prayed my way through these emotions, and even though I couldn’t visualize every step, God said, “Go for it, and I will lead the way. This is for you!” I’ve always had a heart for serving people and making them feel appreciated. My passion for hospitality is the prevailing purpose behind ‘Celebration Out The Box’… to serve and create a unique experience for our clients to display a visual representation of appreciation for the people they care about. Read more>>

Joe Gardner | Multi-Time Tech Founder, Venture Expert, Strategic Investor

VentureDevs started when my network and my co-founder Wojtek Sobczuk’s network kept reaching out to us for tech and business expertise. We had already built and sold two tech companies beforehand: Modasphere and Surebilling. Those friends and contacts seeking our advice after successfully exiting two companies became our first clients, and that’s really how VentureDevs began. Our contacts were business-minded, but not necessarily tech-minded — which they understood. They might have had an idea for a given market, but they knew that they needed our tech expertise to help them validate, build, and launch their product. It sort of surprised us, but we realized that we could turn this model into a successful business in its own right. Ultimately, what made that model work — and what makes it continue to work — is that it all boils down to trust. Our clients trust us, as well as the fantastic technical and business teams that we’ve put together in the US and Poland. Read more>>

Patris Kirakosian | Chef/Owner

My thought process behind starting my own business was that I wanted to be my own boss . I have been in the culinary industry for about 8 years now and have worked my way up the ladder and worked for many culinary greats including Dominique Ansel. My goal in life is to open up a fine dining restaurant and achieve awards . I have opened up a Nashville hot chicken food truck to get the name of the business out to the public before opening up a brick and mortar . We are planning on opening a brick and mortar this year . Times have been though with covid 19 and we are trying to get things back together . I know I can lead a great group of people through my own business and the story has just began . Starting off culinary school in 2015 my process has been difficult from losing my twin brother to cancer and many more . Cooking keeps me going everyday and makes me appreciate life more and what i can achieve. Read more>>

Kal Morrison | Tattooer

Like a lot of tattooers and artists in general I guess, It has always been really hard for me to stay put. Without realizing it I could only sit still in a city for a year or so max. I have worked in a lot of different shops throughout the country from the Deep South to the small towns in the midwest, out in the Sonoran desert up into New York City and many more. I have always taken a thing or two about how a shop is run, choices the owners made and how much they put into the shop personally. After moving out to Los Angeles from Brooklyn I was working at a shop in Hollywood and then did some work out at a friends shop in Venice and I dont know if it was that point in life where I felt like it was time to stop working for other people or that I simply didn’t feel like it was the perfect fit for me to no fault of those shops of course. I wanted to hang art how I wanted and create a vibe that I felt was inviting and bright and big and open. Some of my favorite shops have walls lined with tattoo flash sheets to choose from and every surface covered with collectables and knick knacks and chachkies. Read more>>

Jenika Kurtz Cuadra | Interior Designer

Looking back on what lead me to make the decision to start my own business I realize it was actually pretty clear, I wanted to spend more time with my family. I am fortunate enough to have quite a large extended family, one with whom I am very close- cousins, aunts and uncles, from all over the United States. I often found that I had to make the regretful decision to decline invitations to important family life events like weddings, showers and birthday parties because I just didn’t have the option to take time off from work. In addition, I wanted to work more closely with my dad, who is a general contractor. Growing up he and I would work on projects around the house together, and he would employ me during summers when I got older, but as a professional adult I found myself regretful that I got to spend all this time on big projects for other people, and not on the ones that were the most important to me personally. One day, on a flight to Utah with my boss at the time, while I was reading a book a friend of mine had given me, it dawned on me, “I need to do my own thing.” Read more>>

Clara Gargano | Tattoo Artist and Illustrator

I started my tattoo business fuor years ago. Not too long ago, you might argue. It was indeed a big decision and a drastic change of rout. I had been studying all my life: after graduating from a BFA in Milan, I decided to study design and communication. I was taking all the steps that would have lead to a career in a communication agency or a design studio. Though after achieving my MSc, after all those long hours spend working at the computer, always indoors, having very little free time, it became obvious that I wanted something different. The main priority was finding a job that would let me be in charge of my time, and something that would allow me to draw. I had a few friends who were already tattooing so I decided to give it a shot. I didn’t like it right away, it’s not a easy thing to do: trying to trace permanently a drawing onto a person who moves and breathes, onto a delicate yet thought surface, which is the skin, with a vibrating needle. But, after years of practice and patience, after tattooing conventions, joys and difficulties. Read more>>

Susan K. Beatty | Author

For a writer, it’s really a no brainer, unless you want to be tied to writing for a company. Because my goal was to write novels, I knew I would be CEO, CFO, and the creative. This is also true for authors who are under contract with a publishing company as I am. I do all the writing, marketing, contract negotiations (an agent will do this for you if you have one), tracking deadlines. etc. In many way, my publisher is part of my team. Read more>>

Blythe Baten | Fashion Stylist

I never dreamed that I would run my own business. I admired my entrepreneurial colleagues that started their own businesses, but did not think I had the drive to start something from the ground up. Before I became a fashion stylist, I worked as a professional actor in NYC in the theatre world, and then moved out to L.A. to pursue more film and television work. What I came to realize as I was building my styling business, was that all those years I spent building my career as an actress was entrepreneurial too! I knew I needed a drastic change, when I was working a side support job and it felt like I spent most of my day putting out fires and getting approval from my boss. I did not enjoy what I did. When having a career as a cabi fashion stylist was presented to me as a career path, I was apprehensive. I knew that it would be a huge challenge, and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. I had two small children, and I wanted to be available for them. Being a stay at home mom wasn’t for me, but I needed a job that allowed me control over my work schedule. Read more>>

Renea Martoff | Entertainment Publicist & Beauty Mogul

My thought process behind owning my own business was simply – FREEDOM! I wanted the freedom to direct my own financial freedom by working for myself. When you develop a discipline to go after your dreams and not depend on someone else fulfilling them for you, it’s a different type of thought process you gain. So you start small and build yourself up brick by brick until you reach your highest pentacle of freedom. Read more>>

Jodi Labowe | Classical Ballet Dancer & Artisan Baker

My love of baking stems from my desire to create something sweet and beautiful for others to enjoy. In a world of uncertainty, the promise of a delicious handmade dessert helps to provide a small, simple sense of comfort and home.  I think the magic of baking is like a mindful romanticizing of the little things in life.  This is the heart and soul of my local, artisan baking business — She Baked Me.   My handcrafted baked goods celebrate the art of traditional homestyle baking, drawn from original heirloom recipes and always made from scratch with quality ingredients. I love being able to bring little morsels of sweetness for others to savor and share with family and friends. After all, its life’s tiny pleasures and sweet memories that matter most. Read more>>

Astghik Piloyan | Founder & Entrepreneur

I decided to start my own candle business – Ellétte (“bright light, torch” from French) as I have always been passionate about candles and had them in every single corner in my house. I still do! My love for candles made me question what goes into candle making. Before opening my candle business, I had purchased numerous candles both from less expensive and high-end brands. However, after doing my research, I was disappointed to find out that I had spent so much money on candles that were unhealthy, harmful to the environment yet expensive. These candles are generally made from paraffin wax which is toxic. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, coal, or shale oil. It has been found to contain known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) such as benzene. So, I decided that I needed to create cleaner candles that will be non-toxic, sustainable, and environmentally responsible. As you may already know, sustainability depends on “three pillars”: 1) our economic activities, 2) our social activities, and 3) our environmental activities. These three domains are interrelated and heavily depend on each other.  Read more>>

Kim Spurkel | Mini Donut Caterer

My mother was my inspiration. She worked hard all her life and for over 20 years she owned and operated a very successful sewing business. I wanted a business that gave me flexibility to spend time with my family while also gaining fulfillment on a personal level. I was in the health and fitness business for many years, but I also believed in not depriving oneself of enjoying a sweet treat, as I worked out hard but enjoyed my desserts too! One evening I was attending a local party in Venice Beach, and I was standing in this line waiting for something that smelled amazing. It sounds silly, but I’ll never forget that moment when I took a bite of this fresh hot mini donut I thought, wow, this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten. It gave me the biggest smile, and it was at this moment that I knew I wanted to have this as a business. When starting my business, I thought this could be a way to have a positive connection with others in my community. I always enjoy being behind my mini donut station, interacting while making my mini donuts and serving them to the guests. Read more>>

Roger Squires | RJ the Chef

For me, I watched my mentor and grand father support a family of 8 from cooking for others. The drive and determination to prepare meals for others gave me the motivation I needed to give myself a shot. My grandfather gave me my first cook book and I watched him chop, cook, pick and bake delicious desserts and food. After many years of self taught baking and learning to fuse flavors I created C’C’s Puffs which later evolved into Fuzion Cheesecakes. From, 2018 I began testing foods on friends and family out of fun. I had so many people rave about my desserts and meals and with much push, I launched Caribbean Soul Kitchen LA. This company was inspired by my Panamanian and Jamaican roots. We offer meals in a bowl, to give your taste buds an island feeling. We feature Oxtails, Jerk Chicken, Jerk Cauliflower and Jerk Shrimp, Cuban inspire Yuca Mojo, along with a variety of patties including curry chicken, garlic spinach and beef. This process has been such an experience and has given me a sense of channeling my grand father. I aim to make him proud with all of the food I prepare, cook and serve to others. Read more>>

Adam Treasure | Actor, Author and Producer

I wanted to prepare an idea that stood out, not just one that would bring in an audience but one that I personally connected with. I remember sitting in my room thinking about it, the process of building business was kinda inspired by actually successful business owners. Read more>>

Alicia Paley | Environmentally Friendly Interior Designer

My design focus has always been sustainability. I wanted to be able to provide all my clients with eco-friendly options that wouldn’t sacrifice on style or quality. Having my own design studio enabled me to do this. I’ve developed a list of go to local trades and vendors that help me provide my clients with the very best of sustainable design solutions, products and services. Read more>>

Anna Lee | Food Stylist & Private Chef

Not a whole lot! I’ve worked a fair share of 9-5 jobs in my related field. I realize no matter how fun the work is, I am the kind of person that just can’t stick with routine. Going into freelancing, I get to do different gigs every single day, I could be making food props for a 1950s TV series one day, being a private chef in a beautiful mansion the next, over the weekend I get to develope a new peach cobbler recipe and research the most creative way to present it, too in the comfort of my own home. and all this is only a week’s work. The adrenaline rush to juggle completely different tasks at once, fulfill different clients’ needs, is my secret to stay sharp, and never feel burnt out about what I do. With this realization, I know I have to start my own business, I just can’t be working for one single company/client. Read more>>

DJ Pasha Gonzalez | Owner/President of DJ Pasha Entertainment Inc

My thought process in starting my own business was absolutely falling in love with the interaction and happiness I could bring to a couple or client. After working for many planners, venues, and companies I quickly realized how much the DJ and Emcee performer gets overlooked. Overlooked meaning everything from respecting a performers skill in music and mixing, very low pay, to not giving the performer essential credit per level of experience instead thinking how cheap another DJ can be or how much profit you can make off of another DJ with much less experience or credentials. This does not help the couple or client in anyway- doesn’t every booking deserve the best?! I wanted to bring to light just how important a director, sound engineer, voice and face of the event can truly be. I wanted to create a company that gives every client a personal touch with great personality that listens and cares about YOU and YOUR  wishes not what this company or planner does at every other wedding and has the nerve to tell you- you MUST do it this way…NO I wanted to make a change and show just how important a performer is from Start to  Finish. Read more>>

Jenae Lien | Artist

Starting my own business made sense in my late 20’s. By that point, I had worked for a number of small businesses as a full-time employee, and gained an understanding of how to operate a strategic business. Having my own business was a natural transition in my career. I started to feel unsatisfied in how my time was being used. I felt that I had more to offer than what was being asked of me at these other companies. Weighing the risks, I remember worrying about a steady flow of income, having a 401K, and what my family would think of me giving up financial security. None of those worries were greater than the fear I had of losing out on experiencing a life dedicated to the arts. My husband was willing to take a leap with me out of the corporate world and into our own business bubble. We saved up money for a year before transitioning, to give us a financial cushion if we needed it. The business world had shifted by then. Social Media made it easier for artists to promote themselves, while also reaching out to clients. Read more>>

Catherine Loewe | Art Advisor

My partner and I after working for many years curating exhibitions and advising collectors wanted to create a platform which harnessed new technology to bring our wish-list artists together in a way that could be visualised in the home. Read more>>

D. Supreme Richardson | Independent Manager A&R

I wanted to work for myself after realizing what I can do to make other businesses or companies successful so the first business I took on as venture capitalize is the entertainment industry after seeing this as a high risk with stakes business moves. The power to help others achieve is a business who knew. But being in control of my own time and success is the most rewarding out of all right with helping others to bring their dreams into reality. Read more>>