By far, the topic that comes up most in our conversations with entrepreneurs and creatives is risk. We’ve had conversations about risks that worked out and risks that did not. We’ve seen eyes light eye sharing about career-trajectory changing risks as well as folks sigh about the risks they wish they had taken. Below, we’ve selected and shared some of those thoughtful conversations.

Ani Issagholian | Skincare Formulator. Business Owner.

When you want to start your own business, risk is a necessity. There is the fear, of course, and you can not and should not ignore it, but you shouldn’t let your fear stop you. Do it with fear! After one or two risks, you will be sooo comfortable with your feelings. You do the risk by knowing it might not work. We do it; if it works, it works. If not, no problem, do something else. That’s how we do 😀. Read more>>

Von Deon | Artist

Anyone who chooses to become an artists automatically a risk taker. Yes, you can create a plan and strategically approach how you create your art and how you show your art, but overall you have no control over how you viewers will receive it. As an artist you’re taking a risk by putting yourself out there. I do always consider the risks of each decision I make, but being a risk taker is built into my mentality. I understand that no matter how hard I try to make what I want to work work I’m gonna have to take a risk. Whether that be risking my financial stability or my reputation. Overall as an artist I have to take the risk of being vulnerable in front of the World. Read more>>

Zoë Melo | Social Entrepreneur & Curator

Many of my life’s greatest achievements required me going outside of my comfort zone. Whether it meant moving to another country, choosing between becoming a doctor or a fashion model, overcoming shyness to perform onstage, or investing money to start my own business. For me, taking risks isn’t just about the outcome, but the process in and of itself. As a dream-chaser since a young age, I remember analyzing the risks I wanted to take in order to achieve my goals. But not always you have a clear picture of the outcome. In the early 80’s, I was 18 when my family sent me to New York to study English. After living there for six months with my brother, I fell in love with the city. When I finished my course, I returned to Brazil, and at that point I had to make a decision between going back to school to become a doctor or start my courier as a fashion model. I had to choose between security versus uncertainty, and at the end I took the risk that has given me valuable personal and professional experiences. Read more>>

Queen Lin | Music Artist

When I think about risk, I see it as being fearless. If I never took a risk on releasing my music I would still be in the same place. Life is all about taking risks, you may lose some and you may win some. All that matters is that you took the risk and tried. Read more>>

Victoria Sambunaris | Artist

Risk taking is part of being an artist. One is an outsider in a world that leans towards conventions but there is nothing conventional in the arts. It requires focus, commitment and obsession like many professions, but there are no guarantees or protections, no safety nets, no paychecks, no healthcare, no paid leave, no sick days, no retirement plans. Traveling the country alone by car for months at a time to observe and photograph the changing landscape while camping, plotting and researching is part of the risk I take to make my work. It leaves me open to vulnerabilities but the desire to pursue a curiosity, vision or idea is stronger than the need for complacence or security. Every day on the road is different with new discoveries regarding the country, the people and politics that keep me engaged and informed to help me make sense of this complicated place. Without risk, I’m in the dark. Read more>>

Michael Masarof | Filmmaker

It is important to realize everyone’s definition of risk is different to what they are doing and what they want to achieve. But for me, the initial risk was deciding to get into a profession, in my case filmmaking, that has inherent risk in it. Being a filmmaker has no assurances. But, I knew it is what I wanted to do and had the support network to do it. If I was in another position, I might have thought the risk too big. So I think the first question you need to ask yourself is: can you commit your life to a career that will put your life out of balance. If the answer is yes than dive in but also if you are like me you will have no choice because you will hear a voice that keeps telling you: why aren’t you doing this? The second part of the risk equation is once you have committed yourself to the career that has inherent risk in it, how do you support yourself while trying to “succeed” in the high risk career? Defining success is a whole other question but for now let’s say success is being able to provide for yourself and your loved ones. Read more>>

Josh One | Producer & DJ

I’ve always believed in the whole “no risk, no reward” deal. However, there has been plenty of risks I’ve taken with no rewards. I do believe this is what drives me to do something great every time I start a project. Read more>>

Taylor Jazz Martinez | Professional Beauty Expert & Makeup Artist

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear” I have held his quote close to my heart throughout my 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, knowing that whenever I felt scared I was in the right place. In the beginning of my journey as a flourishing business owner everything felt like a scary risk. I spent my first year commuting from OC to LA almost daily, taking as many free jobs as I could. I paid for parking out of my own pocket, and essentially was doing anything and everything I could to be working creatively with clients. I had to learn the ins and outs of what I wanted to do , and what impact I wanted to make on the industry. But when something scared me or made me nervous, I would always see that as an opportunity and I would never say no to anything despite how risky or fearful it was at the time. It was not always easy and I struggled to find my way. Read more>>

Amir Royale | Artist / Entrepreneur

Real red-blooded humans take risks. It’s just a part of our nature. Our ancestors “risked” traveling from one continent to another to extend their lineages. The Walt Disneys, George Lucas and Steven Speilbergs, Issa Raes, Spike Lees, Neil DaGrasse Tysons, Maya Angelous and Rosa Parks of the world took “risks” to make this planet equitable for those that came after them. Falling in love is a “risk.” Becoming educated is a “risk.” If we were to get really granular, just deciding to keep breathing is “risky.” But, to be honest, it’s all about context to me truthfully. Some of us are worried about losing what’s comfortable — and that’s something I’ve throughout life empathized with almost detrimentally. When I was in Kindergarten, my father and I would to go to my public library in Saint Albans, Queens to do this challenge called the “100-Book Challenge” at P.S. 36. Without fail every year since then I would be one of the leading students completing that challenge to the sacrifice of my social life and friendships. Read more>>

Samantha Lopez | Still Photographer

For me risks have always been a question of, “can I live with this feeling of trying if I fail or not trying at all?”. Even if I fail though I understood early on in this pursuit that I could tolerate a life of failures over a life that was filled with fear of failing. Failure will happen sometimes along the way when you’re learning your craft, new industry, hobbie, parenthood etc. it all is trial and error. Failure at least means I tried and that whatever I attempted either wasn’t for me or that I needed to try harder depending on how badly I want it. Risks are important. There will be times you can calculate the risks and play it safe but other times you just have to be willing to go in blind and trust your instincts each step you take. My thoughts before taking risks have looked like ” how am I going to support my kids?”, “what if I invest this little bit of money I have and end up with nothing?”, “what if I can’t find a babysitter?”. Read more>>

Rob Lawless | Cultivator of Human Connection

I think of risk as something that should be calculated. It can make a crazy idea seem a bit more sane. For example, take Alex Honnold from the documentary, Free Solo. He climbed the 3,000-ft face of El Capitan WITHOUT ROPES. This is probably the riskiest thing I can think of any human doing, but once you realize that he spent years perfecting every single movement and placement, you start to understand why he succeeded. Alex didn’t attempt to scale El Capitan without first mastering how he would do it; otherwise, he surely would have failed. Similarly, I think many of us should fee free to take risks if we properly prepare for them. I’ve taken a pretty big risk in my life by leaving a career with Deloitte Consulting to go on a journey to meet 10,000 people, 1:1, for 1 hour each. I believe that every human interaction holds the potential to change the world, and so I became more intentional about meeting new people and have since been acting as a positive example for others to do the same. Read more>>

Kindal Tate | Independent Artist, Songwriter, & Producer

I think risks are about really committing yourself to your dreams and believing in yourself to make a move that will no matter what be a valuable lesson. Risks push you outside of your comfort zone and they show you just how much more capable you actually are. When the pandemic hit the music industry was hit hard. I was very reliant on my musician friends for my production and do to the pandemic that wasn’t available to me anymore. I took the risk of learning music production, guitar, ukulele and bass. I never thought I was capable of doing these things cause I doubted I would be able to learn. It was either not making music for God knows how long or taking a chance on learning new skills to keep on going. I had no choice really so I took the whole year and put in hours of work, hoping I would get good and I did. Currently I am almost done with a self produced album and released a single called “Butterfly”. Risks are important in any part of life you just got to go for it. Read more>>

Cameron Matthews | Actor

This career path I have chosen is marinated in risk. Every actor, every artist knows the risk they are taking when they choose this life. You can’t be an artist without taking risks. It’s scary, even terrifying sometimes. But it’s also exhilarating and so damn rewarding. It’s one of the main reasons why we do it. It took me taking a risk moving away from my hometown. It me taking a risk leaving a well paying job…with benefits!lol Without those risks I wouldn’t be where I am today. The risks in this life, in life in general, is inevitable. Face them head on. Read more>>

Savannah Vinson | Model & Casting Director

I graduated high school one year early at 17 years old from Ohio to move to New York City to pursue my career. I had no idea what to expect! When I moved to NYC I didn’t know anybody. If I never took the risk to move to the big Apple I would not be where I am today. Read more>>

Jacqueline Isaac | Vice President of Roads of Success-a Humanitarian NGO, a Lawyer, and Motivational Speaker

Returning to Egypt to fight against female genital mutilation between college and law school changed me. Working on it at a local level by convincing religious leaders of the dangers and misconceptions of this practice, was such a critical risk to have taken. So did flying into the war zones of Iraq during the invasion of ISIS to stand with survivors of sexual violence in conflict. Every time I took a risk that I knew I was born to take, I was met with opposition. Little did I know, the ability to take risks would be the most important skill I would learn for my future. I learned that there is nothing wrong with searching and taking that leap of faith without knowing all the answers. Take a risk and go on that search. We are all born with fire and should never be conditioned to dim it. Rather, we must discover and learn how to let it blaze and morph into who we are created to be. Each of us have great value. I challenge everyone to find their calling that they are equipped to thrive in. Do not be afraid to go out there to discover it. Read more>>

Noor Amiri | Menswear Designer

It is important to take a risk especially when it comes to improving your life or making career decision. We all take risks, although some may be more conventional than others. We take a risk to put ourselves through college for example, knowing there is the possibility of not even being able to land the dream job and pay back the student loans. We take a risk in small decisions as well, such as choosing what to wear to an event or someplace. There is a risk that you may be overdressed or underdressed or perhaps, someone will laugh at your appearance. Taking a risk is important however because it can define you and help you understand yourself. Read more>>

Michael Van Bodegom Smith | Composer for Visual Media

As a younger artist in the industry, the risk and the career path are essentially indivisible; everyday provides a new financial, emotional, and reputation risk. Living in fear of the risk would be an endless sentence of fear, so I’ve come to welcome it with open arms. Working as a composer for media relies heavily on the people we connect with, as well as the projects we invest in. While I know that I will always give it my all on a project, the actions that a collaborator may take might have serious repercussions. This constant risk drives me to seek and befriend genuinely good people. Surrounding myself with good hearted and benevolent people has helped put my mind at ease, while simultaneously allowing me to take even more risks, knowing that my friends and I will always have each other’s backs. Read more>>

Antony Berrios | Filmmaker & Writer

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go.” -T.S. Eliot Life in its self is full of risk. But the amount of risk we want to take is up to us, more or less. Working as an Editor, Writer, and Filmmaker risk is part of the challenge. It can also be part of the illusion. As a small boy, I always picked the more dangerous tree to climb, or hill to hike, or a game to play. I also never knew a simple life being raised by a single mom who struggled to keep my sister and me fed. Latch key kids of the ‘80s. During those long afternoons and evenings alone at home. I would dive into the world of films, books, and make-believe. Those alone moments ignited my mind in storytelling and fueled my love for film. I was very fortunate to know what I wanted to do at an early age. My obsessive one-track mind would not relent, and all I wanted to do was make films. The risk of telling my family this news that I didn’t want to be a doctor, a lawyer, nothing really respectable to them. Read more>>

Antonio R Coronado | Restaurant Owner

I think risk as an opportunity, in order to be able to gain something you need to be willing to also lose something. For us opening a restaurant was a risky opportunity, we found a place that required a significan less amount of investment than what you would imagine for a restaurant of this size. Our budget and business plan was focused on a smaller shop or even a food truck; but we came to understand that as risky as it was, it represented a great opportunity to be in a position that would required years to achieve starting from something smaller. And instead of focusing on all the adverse consequences or how unlikely it sounded we just focused on what we needed to make it work, to make a conscious detailed plan and get the right mindset and discipline to follow it. Risking to open a restaurant or risking moving from Mexico to seek for a better opportunity is all part of the same, it is trough risk that good opportunities come. Read more>>

Frank Benji | Recording Artist/ Song Writer/ Sound Engineer/ CEO/ Event Coordinator

What I notice about risk and its role in my life is that I have always been attracted to high risk high reward situations. I feel as though I have always been put in the position where odds are favored against me, and when all the pressure is put on you, that’s when I become most efficient in my work. Always thriving in these situations caused me to have appreciation for risk and opportunity. There is simply no growth in comfortability. Every tribulation Ive faced I’ve always walked away with more knowledge and an improved perspective, and god willing, some money. Read more>>

Veronica Argentieri | Actor, Skater & Artist

Risk plays a big part of my life. I think about it all the time, and I think it is an important part of life. Taking risks helps me go out of my comfort zone and try new things, or overcome fears of mine. I have been on the fence about trying eel sushi for a while, I finally did it and wasn’t crazy about it. However, I feel so much better about myself for having tried it. I find other ways to take risks, such as skating. I skateboard and roller-skate regularly, it’s become a huge part of my life and lifestyle. Six years ago I injured my spine, this hindered me from doing a lot of things I wanted to do. Although it has slowly healed I still have to be conscious of it. I decided that I wasn’t going to let it run my life though. I still had so much I wanted to do! Every time I step on my board or tie my skate laces, I have a pretty big risk to get hurt, but I do it anyways. I recently started dropping into and shredding the Venice Skatepark bowl. Read more>>

Carleton Bluford | Actor, Writer, and Singer

To me risk has always been on par with, hope, taking a leap of faith, stepping outside of yourself, and taking chances. As a creator, doing this is essential. And once you take that leap of faith, two things immediately follow. The first is excitement. Stepping into the unknown can garner great rewards. It also gives you this super human feeling. You’re trying something uncomfortable and new and that feels great…then it feels scary and vulnerable and then here comes the second thing. Fear. What if people hate my acting choices? What if I can’t hit the high this time? What if someone thinks my writing is juvenile? What if, what if…My whole life, I’ve taught myself to fight through my fear like my heroes and come out the other side victorious and brave. The only problem with that is I wasn’t really overcoming my fears, I was just burying them. “Forget it and just push on!” I would tell myself seconds before going on stage. Read more>>

Kennya Rivera | Production Supervisor at Brat TV

The way I think about risk is the same way I think about breathing, eating or sleeping, it has to happen if you want to succeed. In no situation you will be able to achieve what you want if you are in a complete comfort zone. It will be scary and very intimidating but what I love to remind myself is that everybody is in the same feeling or has felt the same way as I or has been through a very similar experience, so the thought of knowing that I am not the first person to take risk in my life and also will not be the last makes me feel way more motivated and ready for what is to come. I feel as my culture and home which is Puerto Rico also prepared me to be this way in life. Since growing in the island the only way to evolve is to get out of your comfort zone and take a bunch or risk for yourself, your family and career. Read more>>

Braden Pontoli | Musician – Composer – Conductor – Educator

I believe life hits you with mountains and valleys and the option to hike them or not. You can look afar from a safe distance and never take that risk, or you can choose to take the risk of injury, strain, time, and physical exhaustion in climbing up and down these difficult trails. However, if you do, the reward is fulfilling and the view is beautiful. My career path has definitely been full throttle of those mountains and valleys at times, and other times, looking from that distance planning out my next hike. Right now I feel I have been planning out the next big steps I see myself evolve as an Artist, Composer, and Producer. Read more>>

Kyra Knox | Director/Producer

A huge risk that played an important role in my life was quitting my corporate job almost 3 years ago to follow my dreams as a Producer/Director. I didn’t want to wake up 40 years from now, still working in a cubicle, and I never took that leap of faith. It was scary at first and yes I struggled in the beginning but now it feels so damn good to say I did it. I get paid to do what I love as a career. Read more>>

Yahdy Sensei | DJ, Producer, Music Label Digital Marketer, Anime Nerd

At the end of the day, you have to a decision to make. If you play your cards right, you might make the right decision. Some days, if not most, you’re going to make the wrong decision. It’s okay though, you live and you learn. But the worst thing you can do, is not make a decision at all. When I was about 20 years old, I was faced with a tough decision. Should I stay in Indiana, continue trying to make ends meet via bar tending, working as a leasing agent to get reduced rent, all while taking care of family and drowning in depression? Or, do I leave, & just go for “it.” It’s crazy because, I didn’t even know what “it” was at the time, I just knew that the way my life was going, that this wasn’t “it.” So ultimately I took that risk to try and go find it. I searched high and low, from the east coast to the west coast (literally, I moved from between New York and California and vise versa 6 times in 7 years.) only to find out that what I was looking for wasn’t in a specific location, it was within me. Read more>>

Katy Foley | Actor, Writer and Producer

I’m a risk taker because I believe everything in life is risky. Even safe jobs. Jim Carrey spoke at a graduation and I live by the words in that speech. He talks about how his father would’ve been the best comedian. But instead, he took a safe job that he was laid off from when Jim was 13. He talks about how the struggled for years after that. And posed the question: why take the safe job that you’re less passionate about when there’s no security in that either? To paraphrase his words. I quote this speech every day. If I didn’t take a risk to go to college in New York City and study acting, I wouldn’t have met the people who have given me countless job opportunities. And if I didn’t move to Los Angeles shortly after graduating, I wouldn’t have started working immediately in the industry. I would’ve stayed at a safe job in New York after college. A safe job I wasn’t passionate about. I think it’s a far greater risk to not follow your dreams. Read more>>

Robin Greene | Artist Agent

I think the risk I took at the very start of my career was the catalyst for just about everything that came after it. When I was a junior in college it was my dream to work for a publication like Vanity Fair and at some point I got up the courage to cold email the photo editor about an internship opportunity. She wrote me back immediately. This was my first affirmation of the concept that when you go outside your comfort zone oftentimes the universe reciprocates, or at least I fully understood then that I wasn’t getting anywhere without trying. Although Vanity Fair had filled their intern roster at that time, it gave me the hope I needed to reach out to a number of other photo editors at popular magazines. Within two week’s time I was packing up to move to New York City for an internship with Seventeen. Taking the risk of moving to a big city across the country where I didn’t know anyone, have any income or a place to live, all on two weeks notice was ultimately what kickstarted my whole career. Read more>>

Stephy So | Multidisciplinary Designer | Photographer | Founder of Petiteoki Studio

Risk taking is essential to anyone, especially designers and entrepreneurs. It has played the role of moving me out of my comfort zone to achieve something bigger and experiment often. As a graphic/web designer, I love to experiment with colors, shapes, layouts, typography, etc. It helps me to stay out of creative ruts and deliver the best solutions to my clients. As a photographer, risk taking to me isn’t only about putting me and my camera in danger. It’s about how to push myself to tell a brand’s story by seeing the world’s norms at a different and unique angle. As an entrepreneur, of course, I have to love risks. To me, no risks, no gain. Even if I fail, I learn from it and be a better entrepreneur. This is why risk taking is important. Without taking risks, I wouldn’t know that I could be so confident and be capable of being a better me. Read more>>

Daisy Murray | Illustrator & Fine Artist

Risk taking has always been something I’ve danced around, but when it’s comes to working in the art field, it’s something that most artists have to do to get their career started. I had to decide one day to jump fully into it; no side jobs and no other distractions. It was a huge risk financially to fully trust my art to support me. In the long run, I think it was the right decision. I might struggle sometimes but I get to do something that I love everyday, and that’s what is most important. Read more>>

Muriel Bartol | Entrepreneur

One of my favorite things to do is going to industrial auctions. There are few cheap and inconsequential rushes like standing in a warehouse full of cool machines and equipment i covet with competitors surrounding me, and signaling to the auctioneer I’m placing a bid. It is thrilling. But I also love having had a plan of what my maximum bid will be, strategizing my timing to minimize my price, and getting the best possible deal on whatever is on the block. This kind of risk is essential in business. You can’t start a business without calculated risk. It’s inherently a risky endeavor, but in order to succeed, you have to understand the amount of risk you are able to afford, and proceed from there. If you risk too much you can lose it all. On the other hand, if you don’t take enough of a risk, you will never grow. Read more>>

Devone King | Film Director & Visionary

I am a firm believer in taking risks for your life or career. Many people think of “risk” as a scary step, with “too much on the line” to not have a guarantee in their efforts. I found that this fear of failure, will keep you stagnant or ultimately hinder your progression. When you take a risk and fail, you learn something valuable about your decision and circumstances; You become more confident (since you see that failure doesn’t mean the end of the line). When you take a risk and succeed it’s often exactly what you need to grow, as a person and as a business. In my early 20s with the support of my wife, I decided to quit my fulltime, “stable” job as a front desk concierge in New York, to follow my dream of becoming a film director for the entertainment industry. Without any leads, a promised job or outside help, we drove from New York City to California. Read more>>

Tati Penkova | Photographer and Creative Director

Where I came from we say “who doesn’t risk, doesn’t drink champagne”. Well, I’m a big fan or champagne so “risk” is one of my favorite words. Actually, one of my favorite actions in life. Ever since you’re a kid you’re required to make a choice whether you realize it or not. Do I touch this hot stove? Do I eat this candy looking stone? Do I go play with this kid? By choosing one or another you’re taking a risk of making a decision that will affect your entire life. Every event, every person, every action and word could be considered as a perfect example of taking a risk. Many of us just overestimate and misinterpret it by giving it a meaning as something dangerous. Every time when I fear something I consider it as the right sign to take immediate action because by risking, taking a chance to step out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, you grow and level up in life. What many of us don’t get is you never lose. The amount of life variations is endless. You just flow from one possibility to another. Read more>>

Kennedy Bingham | Bridal Stylist and Wedding Planner

Risk has played a major role in my life. I took a risk leaving a secure finance job to pursue a career in fashion. I took a risk turning down my first major offer for a position I was more passionate about. I took a risk leaving that job to start my own business. And so far, all those risks have paid off (knock on wood). In the moment before a decision, all you can see are the possibilities of failing. But looking back, a lot of those possibilities I considered failing weren’t worth not giving myself a chance. The reasons we use to justify holding ourselves back often include worrying about what other people will think of our path or even what we’ll think of ourselves if we fail. Once I started thinking of failures as redirections, taking risks felt a lot less scary. Growing up you often hear the phrase “high risk, high reward.” I have held steadfast to that mantra and feel that it’s paid off immensely. However, it’s important to note that I was privileged enough to be in a position where I was able to take those risks. Read more>>

Katia Moraes | Singer/Producer

I believe I think about taking an opportunity to express myself instead of taking risks. An opportunity to learn new songs, perform with other musicians, dance a different dance, communicate and inspire a different audience. Taking risks sounds kind of alarming. Taking opportunities sounds natural and possible. Read more>>

A.G. Billig | Published Author & Agent of Inner Transformation

The lens we use to look at life influences how it unfolds. Therefore I choose to look at risk as an opportunity for growth. Each time we step outside of our comfort zone, into the unknown, we take a risk. Yet in doing so, we learn more about ourselves and become stronger. Each time we show up in the world as our authentic selves we risk being ridiculed or rejected. Yet it is by staying true to ourselves that we are free. Each time I took risks and stayed away from the beaten path, my life became effortless and everything came together in synchronicity. I was at the right place, at the right time, met the right people and was able to manifest my vision. Read more>>

April Hicks | Womens Clothing & Accessories boutique and Hair Salon Owner

Most of my career decisions have been based on a little and if not in some cases a lot of risk. When I decided to open my first business, a hair salon I was only 5 years in my craft. I had just begun to feel like I had a good customer base so why not open a salon. I was only 23 at the time so I was met with plenty of opposition; I couldn’t get anyone to lease space to me. I continued to work in other salons until 7 years later when I was able to lease my first spot. I considered myself a somewhat shy, or at least speaking to people publicly after almost 25 years in my career as a stylist/salon owner I had an idea to teach. I knew my local Community College had a teacher training class offered for Cosmetologist to get their teaching credentials. I called to get the information about the class, it was starting in two weeks, and they had 4 spots left. I took the class and passed with an A. At the time I took the class I was unaware that in addition to the credentials I would have to finish my Associates degree. Read more>>

Sarah deCourcy | Music Composer & Producer

I’ve always taken risks. It has, for sure, been a running theme with most decisions i’ve made in my career! Taking risks has always opened doors and created new contacts and opportunities and also kept things challenging. From the start, fresh out of college, i was jumping right in the risk taking like getting out a large loan to build my own recording studio in a complex in London (that i really couldn’t afford at the time!) so i could really compete and get taken seriously as a Composer Producer to then packing all that down 8 years later and moving out to live in L.A to further that dream and goal. Risks for me seem short term as you worry about the immediate effects but in taking them you look further forward to what long term rewards taking them could do for you. Not every risk has been a success for me but the ones that were not i have absolutely learned some valuable lessons. Read more>>

Martha Phelan | Film/Television, Editorial Makeup Artist

Risk taking was foreign to me in the past. I became accustomed to playing it safe in every decision I made in my life. Then I came realize that following my dreams to be a Makeup Artist would require leaving my comfort zone. I was extremely afraid of just leaving my small community of family and friends to move to a large city of millions. It was not only socially frightening but culturally shocking. Taking the risk of failure is always a factor. But the way I saw it, failing was never an option for me. The return on my investment of sacrifice and risk taking led me to great rewards and new experiences in the Film and Television industry. Read more>>