We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Alessandra Shirley | Founder/CEO/Software Engineer and a mom of two

Trust, Quality, Transparency and Focus on Customers are the most important factor behind HereNow CBD brand. Read more>>

Dre Jack | Musician/Rapper

I honestly think that the most important factor behind success is not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone. As an artist I’ve learned that growth and development only goes so far while remaining in your comfort zone. I also feel like stepping outside of your boundaries may help you view your craft in a different light. Read more>>

Gina Kim | Acupuncturist & Entrepreneur

Beyond business models and analytics. Beyond grit and grind.
Beyond connections and happenstance. The most important factor influencing my success with Gina K Acupuncture is simply: I care. Read more>>

Tomoka Nomura-Jarvis | Musician/ Woodwind player

The factors that have contributed the most to my success are flexibility and the willingness to learn. When presented with a challenge, I accept, regarding it as an opportunity to learn about an unfamiliar topic or acquire a new skill. Read more>>

Lynn Schwarz | Venue owner, talent buyer, and bartender

The way I define success is not based on money at all, but having the ability to be admired and be among the best at what you do, over a long period of time, without your brand diminishing in quality, and without riding on your past successes. In the world of independent music venues, it is extremely difficult to survive, and to stay relevant. Read more>>

Darin Back | Professional Photography and Music Video Director.

The most important factor behind my photography success is being consistent with my brand. I always use my hand-painted background for all of my black and white portraits. I’ve entered contests and won twice this year. That really helped my brand because 7 million people entered these contests, so it opened up opportunities for me to work. Read more>>

Danielle M. Alexander | Event Planner, Producer and Consultant

Authenticity is the one thing I’d say has contributed most to the success of my brand. I’m inherently someone who is collaborative, a perfectionist, and a social butterfly. Most of my business comes through referrals from people I know and have worked with Read more>>

Harleny Vasquez | Social Work Career Coach

The most important factor behind my success is being in control of my own thoughts about my ability to succeed. My brand comes from a place of being authentic and motivating others to achieve their goals regardless of the obstacles and challenges that they face. Read more>>

Oguz Can Ozcanli | Film & TV Composer

I think the most important factor behind my success is building real friendships and trying to help people in their careers and personal life. Of course, being really good at what you do has a crucial role in achieving success. Relationships are gold in music business. You have to nourish it. Read more>>

Tony “G” Gonzalez | Creative Director- Choreographer- Casting Director

One hundred percent it’s Work ethic . Making sure I’m invested and connected to every project and venture I tackle . My brand is about delivering on time on point and always following through . Being passionate and energetic continues to enhance my style, vibe and overall presentation . When you are a hustler . You learn to to adapt have great communication skills and get the job done . Hard working mentality will never let you down Read more>>

Bita | Floral designer

Keeping my business small and simple allows me to focus on quality instead of quantity and lets me devote my time and attention to my customers. I am the buyer, designer and delivery person from A to Z. In the age of online shopping, most people expect an easy and seamless experience when it comes to their orders and deliveries and I feel I offer this service. Read more>>

Priyom Haider | Artist / Entrepreneur

I would say it would be to do things different and additional from most people, thinking outside the box. Separating myself from the thousands of others just like me, doing the same thing. Being able to stand out to the best of my potential with all my skill sets. Read more>>

Jay Miners | Indie Singer/Songwriter & Co-Founder of Keepsake House

It is very important to me that anything I put out into the world is true to my music and true to myself. Whether it is a decision I’m making about a song or about my business, Keepsake House, I’m always checking in with myself and asking: is this 100% transparent? Read more>>

Chris Bauer | Freelance producer & writer

Community. Every success I’ve had in the films I’ve produced have been due to a group of people who are passionate about the work they’re doing and, equally as important if not more so, like each other and spending time together outside work. Read more>>

Leana Parhami | Founder, Owner & Creative Director Of Arebesk

The most important factor behind the growth and success of Arebesk is hands down consistency, dedication and great, quality products. It is very important to first create a product that the market needs. You need to find that hole in the market and know who your customer is. Read more>>

Ian Michael | Owner and operator of Ian Michael Luxury Estates

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is behind a shadow of a doubt client appreciation. I look out for my clients on everything aspect i can think of and treat them with the upmost respect and that is why i have great client reviews and clients always refer business to me. I put the clients wants and needs above all else and make sure they are more than happy while working with me and achieving the results they want and more. Read more>>

Cathy Council | Relationship Coach

I firmly believe the most important factor behind my success are the relationships that I have in my circle and the relationship that I have with myself. Being true to who I am has allowed me to go further and believe deeper in what I am capable of. Read more>>

Courtney Krol | Vibes Founder & Owner

Passion. I am passionate and believe in the product and service that Vibes delivers which gives me the continued strength, creativity and determination to continue to hit our milestones and grow. Read more>>

Ani Agassi | Creative Director

Throughout my life experiences, I must say that there are more than one important aspects regarding success. I think the most obvious one is, YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE HOURS! You must be passionate to want to learn everything and anything possible about your craft. Read more>>

Amanda Lee Brewer | International Hula Hoop Instructor & Creative Producer

People seek value in the brands they support and follow, whether it’s learning something new, purchasing a life changing product or finding inspiration in the brand’s overall message. In my opinion, a business that tries to sell you something without first proving their value is a business that will not succeed in the long term. Read more>>

Ryan Chua | LA-based Fashion & Lifestyle Content Creator

The most important factor behind my success is the ability to adapt to changes. Some people are terrified at changes, I’ve learned to embrace it. There are always new opportunities that come with changes and novelty that people miss out when they decide to run away from it. Read more>>

PowerFall Project Podcast | Nick Powers & Adam Fallert

To create something that we wanted to listen to, at the very least we’d entertain ourselves. So much of what we’ve done in the past for projects, clients, colleagues or work has been about please other people’s expectations. With PowerFall Project we get to do something we truly enjoy! Read more>>

Twanita Dozier | CEO & Founder

As a Minority Woman owned business, my brand success has come from confidence, dedication, and passion. I created Boss Up Magazine and my mobile app the Boss Experience, to celebrate other minority owned businesses, and to bridge the gap of emerging entrepreneurs and media. Read more>>

Robert Cobb | Founder, Publisher and CEO of INSCMagazine

Relationships. I feel that too many of us in the media industry are caught up on snappy headlines, tweets, likes, shares and traffic, that the human element of building and developing relationships is lost. Building and maintaining relationships is key because you know you have a person/contact you can rely and count on, and also a potential new partner/ally down the road if you need them. Read more>>

Master Sterling | Film Director & Photographer

The most difficult part of going after anything you want is telling yourself that you aren’t crazy while everyone else around you cannot see the vision. Claiming your desire to be a film director outwardly to others when you’re 15 and don’t have any clue how it will happen might not really inspire the most confidence in your words. You aren’t the film director yet. Therefore, it isn’t present. It’s not tangible. They can’t see it yet. Read more>>

Bobbie Riley | Celebrity Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist

The most important factor behind my success I would say is being kind, connective and willing to give and help others. I believe that true success is a by-product of what you sew into this world and your communities and who you allow to influence you according to your values. I’d attribute my success to all of these factors.. Read more>>

Tiffany Smiley | Founder of More Than Me

That it really is about More Than Me. It is about our entire ecosystem rising together. Read more>>

Karissa Matthews | Artist and model

I believe that what brings real success is doing what you love, and sticking true to your inspirations. Despite the trends or fads, if you’re constantly creating things that you love and vibe with, everything else will fall into place. Read more>>

RJ Izquierdo | Actor and visual artist

I think the main factor behind my success is how much I love what I do. I have this constant desire to learn more and become better at my crafts. There really is no end goal because the journey is too much fun. Read more>>

John Downey III | Actor, Producer, Legal Expert, Moderator the Prayer Claim Call

Two things – I do NOT take no for an answer and I am constantly reinventing myself. In college I had a professor who said YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT IN THIS BUSINESS – year 1 – freshman. By my senior year I was a working actor in NYC on an NBC series and working behind the scenes on the #1 afternoon daytime show on Lifetime Television. And I have not stopped working in Film & Television since. In fact, 3 years ago I got my 1st Emmy Nomination !! Read more>>

Naama Cameron | Parent Coach/Behavior Specialist

I love what I do and I’m passionate about helping families. I am a special way of connecting with kids. Read more>>

Jesse Santos | Lighting Designer & Electrician

The most important factor behind my success has been not giving up when I fail. Something I feel that wasn’t ever touched on in my training was dealing with failure and rejection. Learning from my mistakes and failures has allowed me to progress quickly and improve my work. Failure has become my greatest teacher. Read more>>

Antjuan Tobias | Actor, Comedian and Writer

The most important factor behind my success is self awareness; as an actor and comic. Self awareness IS the success. Everything after that is a bonus, but as far as industry goes, my awareness and acknowledgement of my own wants and desires allowed me to be free in my work.  Read more>>

GongYao Wang | Production Sound Mixer and Sound Designer

The most important factor behind my success is perseverance and diligence. As a foreign person, working in the U.S film industry is not easy, especially you have to build your connection and personal marketing from zero. Also, you have to pay more time and energy to expand your connection and network. Read more>>

Greg Gregorian | Veteran Entrepreneur

I think the most important factor behind the success of my company Lunar Branding® is that I live by the mantra, “treat every customer as if they are your only customer.” Being in the promotional product industry, all my clients only order customized merchandise in bulk. Read more>>

Sarah Holmes | Owner & Creative Director / SJH Jewelry

The most important factor of success in my personal life and in my business is to maintain quality and lead with integrity. There are many jewelry businesses competing for success, I think one of the major reasons why my clients return is because I stand behind my products and make a huge effort in making sure they are happy. Read more>>

Taylor Chung | Music producer + DJ

I think the most important factor behind my success is authenticity and relatability. Read more>>

Roman Mathis | Human, Storyteller, Actor, Artist, Filmmaker, & Model

For me I would say persistence. When I really put my mind to something I’m not going to stop until I achieve what I want. There’s no quit in me and I don’t give up. I feel like anything in life is achievable if you’re persistent about what you want. Read more>>

Sara Butler | Entrepreneur, Artist, Athlete, Mom

I think the most important factor behind my success of my young company was my ability to pivot to a mask making business when I was no longer able hold in person classes. My custom and batik style masks have kept my company afloat and actually thriving over the past year. I was very proud of the fact thatI was able to employ 4 people who had been played off. Read more>>