In our experience, most folks, including ourselves don’t have enough of an understanding of risk and the role it plays in our lives and careers and so we have made a concerted effort as a team to have conversations about risk with our interviewees. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Rafael Cabrera | Actor & Entrepreneur

I’ve come to see risk taking as an essential part of my life and my career. In 2017, I took a major risk to try and advance my career. I turned in the keys to my Jersey City,NJ apartment packed my car (then Dodge Challenger) and drove cross country to Los Angeles. I had nothing in LA; no apartment, no job and no friends (not even acquaintances). But I knew that it was the entertainment capital, and being an actor, I knew it’s where I needed to be. Luckily the day I arrived, I found a room for rent on craigslist (which I do not recommend). Now four years later my resume includes Guest Star and Recurring roles in 9 different network television shows. I still am not where I want to be in my career but everyday I try to put myself in a position to get there. I’ve taken plenty of risks in these last four years that have terribly failed. Read more>>

Carey Adela | Intuitive Healer and Coach

I think of risks as taking a leap into the unknown. Taking a risk can either go as we hope, even better or turn out to be lessons. But either way, all risk lead to growth. I have not always been someone who believed in taking a risk, In fact I have always played it safe and stayed in my comfort zone. Recently I realized that nothing great happens when we play it safe. and live life from a a place of fear. How I show up in my personal life affects my business. So recently I have decided to do things that scare me. The biggest risk I took in 2020 was leaving my 9-5 to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. It was not a comfortable decision, but had not done so I would have not been able to grow my brand as much as I have in the past few months. Read more>>

Derek Emery | Automotive Industry Professional

As a general rule, employees are in the safe zone by choice and the owner or professional who employs them has his or her life on the line. Without the risk taker, the entrepreneur, a society will no doubt fall into a socialistic or even a communistic way of life which has never one time in history been successful. I have been a risk taker my business career and have found I have failed four out of every five attempts at success which is about normal for the entrepreneur. The four failures have been a lesson in life and a financial hit, but the one time I succeeded it has paid massive dividends. Being a risk taking entrepreneur is not for the faint-hearted. Read more>>

Kayla Kane | Luxury Business Owner & Content Creator

When I first started my small business, Little Luxe Vintage, I just WENT FOR IT. One day I had the idea and then started making moves for it to become a reality. I didn’t spend too much time getting caught up in the logistics. There is a huge aspect of fear when it comes to starting something yourself and the one thing I’ve heard universally from business owners is that you have to be fearless and go for your dream! The mentality that I’ve always stuck to is, “You don’t know until you know.” If you don’t try it, then how will you know if it will be successful? Risk mentality changes when your business develops but over time you learn how to make strategic risks from past experiences. If you are thinking about starting a business, DO IT. See what happens, learn, and grow. Read more>>

Kat Papadopoulos | Hairstylist + Salon Owner

My whole career has been a risk. I started when I was 18 in the corporate world of hair, but knew that the artist and entrepreneur in me had to be set free. At 22 I became a small business owner, working for myself at a salon. In 2015 I had the opportunity to open and create a successful independent salon with partners, and that risk paid off until the pandemic. I know we have all been tested during these tough times, but for me, getting through this pandemic hasn’t just been about staying safe. It’s been about me starting from scratch and rebuilding my dreams and goals from the ground up. Opening a new business is always a risk, but all my experiences just show me I have all the tools to succeed. My newest and most ambitious project, Liberation Salon, makes that risk feel so rewarding! Coming soon to Culver City, stay connected on social media to keep up with our adventure!. Read more>>

Eli Prasit | Videographer & Graphic Designer

I believe that the bigger a risk is, the more you will be able to learn from it. I like to phrase my risks as “leaps of faith” because I believe that in those moments when you are deciding between staying stagnant or progressing, then progression will always win. I’ve taken many risks for example, I took a risk by moving to Los Angeles, California from Houston, Texas. The emotions that come from taking risks such as fear, happiness, and adrenaline are what fuel me each and every time to stand outside my comfort zone. Whether or not the result will always be good, at least you will not sit in regret of never proceeding with that decision. Read more>>

Ricky Abilez | Artist, Educator, & Activist

It can be terrifying to take risks, but I think pursuing a career in the arts demands it. There seems to be a common misconception that taking risks is the equivalent of making bold, earth-shattering choices that invite recognition. However, I feel that risks can be both big and small. It’s a major risk to step outside of your comfort zone at all. I was constantly hopping between jobs for 3 years while trying to pursue a career in acting. I worked as a maid, barista, personal assistant, tutor, educator, and party-performer before I was offered my first “big” gig. Every time I quit a job to attend an audition or perform in a 99-seat theatre contract, I was taking a risk. I recently released my first single on all music streaming platforms, which was a major personal risk, because I wasn’t sure how people would respond. I am enrolled as a full-time graduate student in the MPA program at CU Denver. Read more>>

Isaiah Brown | Recording Artist/Musician/Song-Writer

Everything good in life comes with risk, and accomplishing your goals/dreams wouldn’t be possible without a leap of faith. I moved to LA right after I graduated high school in the small town of Ashland, OR, and had one goal in my mind: to prove to myself and the ones I love that my purpose is music. Being raised relatively conventional (or as conventional as can be isolated in the mountains) brought the necessity of stability in life. As we all know, the music industry is arguably the hardest to create a fully stable life off of. However, I’ve found that risking that stability for the betterment of my craft has proven more rewarding than I could’ve imagined. From just a little hometown barely seen on the map, I’ve managed to work hard and manifest enough that God (the universe/higher power/whatever you want to call it) provided me with the tools I needed to grow and develop my art. Read more>>

Layla Anderson | Non Profit Founder & Psychologist

Last year I took a risk and quit my job. The job was stable, it taught me a lot about the needs of the community and allowed me to work directly with families in Los Angeles. But I knew I would never fully spread my wings if I remained too comfortable. So I quit. I had no job lined up and I’ve struggled to find employment since. But I found myself. I poured into me and I got mentally and physically strong. 9 months later my Nonprofit was officially incorporated. I control the structure of the organization and the pace of growth, I prioritize women who have rarely been put first and I empower them to prioritize themselves. I’ve seen such a change in the people around me since I’ve made this leap. I see my friends taking more risks, believing in themselves and finding ways to support each other. Read more>>

Tamara Faith | Published Author, Actress, Spoken Word Artist and Motivational Speaker

I think risks themselves are necessary. I take a risk to go after my dreams but I also take the risk to bet on myself daily. I have to believe constantly in a drive that it deep within myself that creates my reality. I think risks can be nerve wracking but it’s that very feeling that I need to propel myself into the unknown and there’s so many good things in the unknown. In the realms of my life/career taking risks hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had to move a few times after college, follow a dream no in my family understood and risk looking foolish to those that knew more than I did. I lost money, time, sleep, sometimes I lost out on opportunities to hang out with friends but I always had to put things into perspective. If I don’t hone in on the risk I could take now, this moment may not come around again. Read more>>

Androu De Vera | Photographer & Film Maker

I perceive risk as an opportunity. Even though the risk is the effect of uncertainty, by knowing the risks and reducing them, it led me to more opportunity. For example, there is a ton of risk in starting your own business. Fortunately, I got my bachelor of science in Marketing. By understanding the ins and outs of business I reduced my risk and gained more opportunities to succeed in content creation. This played a big role in my life/career by forcing me to educate myself and continue working on my craft. I am self-taught in photography and videography. I started this career path in Chicago being a freelance content creator. Then, I found myself not growing and decided to see what I could do in Los Angeles. My thought process was, “If I can thrive in LA then I know this is the right career for me.” Read more>>

Rane Jameson | Actor, Writer, Director. Storyteller.

I feel like I’ve always had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde relationship when it comes to risk. While I have done many, many things in my life that go against the norm, and have over-extended myself, or placed myself in danger numerous times throughout the years– There are also aspects of my life in which I am very hesitant and reserved… When it comes to risking myself, my own finances, my own existence and success– I’d rather take the shot and fail, than not take the shot at all. However, when it comes to involving others– Or even when it comes to relationships, or just asking for help, I take less shots than I probably should. I think it’s something in the way I was raised. Growing up, I learned that I was ultimately responsible for myself. So it doesn’t bother me to go out on a limb, if when it breaks, I’m the only one who tumbles to the ground. Read more>>

Gowtham Namasivayam | Film Producer & Director

I believe that taking risks is essential to succeed. It’s never comfortable but, life begins outside of our comfort zone. I have taken a few life-changing risks. I walked away from my medical profession and stepping into the entertainment industry when I was in my early 20s. I decided to shoot a feature-length narrative film amid a global pandemic. A common thing that drove my decision for the two situations was that I chose to follow my heart over my brain. I decided to pursue emotion over logic. I did what felt right over easy. Fortunately, I never regretted my choices, and it has propelled my life and career forward. Deep down in my heart, I know that even if I had failed, I wouldn’t regret it a tiny bit because I’ll be satisfied that I tried. Read more>>

Jordan Black | Actor/Writer

I’m a big believer in taking risks. I believe you must take risks in order to accomplish anything noteworthy. As someone who works in entertainment I’ve learned you can’t really move forward in this business unless you are willing to put everything on the line. My journey began at the age of 17 when I made the decision to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Without taking that huge step I would never have been able to achieve so many of my dreams. Read more>>

Kim Fetrow | Photographer

I am usually a risk-taker. My favorite thing is to fly around in helicopters with the door off to shoot aerials. As a rule, I generally say “yes” to an assignment and THEN figure out how I will make it happen. Taking those risks has allowed me to learn about SO MANY genres of photography and not pinhole myself into only one thing. I’m not sure I would have achieved the success I have if I had limited myself to only shoot “wine”, for instance. I think my commercial clients now trust me to be able to handle all of their needs and come back to me when they need different things = more business opportunities. (For instance event, marketing, headshots, products, create artwork for clinic walls, etc.) “Can you climb this tower crane or shoot from this super high lift?” “Sure.” “Let’s get the shot from this moving combine as the machine is harvesting.”. Read more>>

Ligia Gonzalez | Decorator and Animal’s Right Advocate

Weirdly enough, I don’t like to think about risk as risk per se, meaning the fear of the unknown, what could go wrong? and what’s to loose. I often face major life and career events with a cold head instead (at least I try to), and although I enjoy analyzing the different situations a decision can lead me to, and study the factors at risk, I am rarely faced with the sense of fear risks usually come with, and I definitely hate overthinking so I think that’s contributed immensely to diving into some of the most drastic risks I’ve taken regarding my career and even personal life. I constantly tell myself that whatever the outcome is I will figure it out… you know? take it as it comes sort of mentality. Read more>>

Jaron Adams (A.K.A) Imikuris | Skateboarder, Actor, and Recording Artist

Risk is one of the biggest parts of my life. Even before I started music, I made a huge leap moving to LA to become an actor. No success was guaranteed. No job was secured. it was just me, and a dream of doing something bigger with my life. I think I’ve always known that I would be happier struggling my whole life trying to get to where I want to be, then be miserable my whole life barely holding down a job. I have this same mindset moving forward into music, and to be honest, I think the risk is what makes it all worth it. Read more>>

Emara Grainger | Wholistic Women’s

ENDURANCE BY E LLC was formed when I decided to take a huge risk and leap of faith. I discovered my true LOVE and PASSION for fitness during my maternity leave with my second daughter from my counseling job. I always imagined that I would retire from my rehabilitation counseling position at the hospital however, destiny had other plans. My BIGEST risk has been quitting my 9 to 5 masters level counseling job without any evidence that ENDURANCE BY E would ever exist. My journey has included many highs and lows. However, the most valuable thing that my journey has provided is the deepest and most fulfilling self discovery experience. I have discovered gifts and talents that I never knew were housed inside of me. I have went from being a counselor to a fitness professional,fashion designer and jewelry designer. Read more>>

Colson XL | Musician/Producer/DJ

As terrifying as it often is, we think risk taking is essential to growth for any new business, but especially as an independent artist. Taking calculated risks often puts you outside of your comfort zone and requires sacrifice of some control, but it also gives you an opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally. Additionally, you gain new data to work with and inform future decisions. For example, if we take a risk with our music and release a sound that is new for us, we get the opportunity to see how people will react to it, whether positive or negative, and take that lesson with us for future writing sessions. There is no 100% guaranteed way to obtain success as an entrepreneur. Of course you can look for guidance from others who have more experience and use that information to your benefit. Read more>>

Tara Olson | Choreographer | Creative Director | Dance Teacher

I don’t need to tell anybody what risk makes you feel. We all know that it can be both terrifying and exciting and that for any kind of growth risk just has to be involved in the process. In my case, risk has played a major role in my life and the calling that is on it. None of this will make any sense if I don’t first say that I am a Jesus follower, for real. It’s not a religious thing, it’s not some set of morals that I have or my parents gave me, it’s an intimate relationship with the living God, LOVE Himself. Because of that, everything stems from Him and on this topic of risk, I would say that some of the biggest risks I have taken are the ones where you actually don’t go. They are the ones where you have to check your ego, your intent, and your heart under God in order that HE is the focus and that HIS purposes are what takes the front seat. I know the world doesn’t need me, but I believe it desperately needs Jesus. Read more>>

Taurai Augustin | Freelancer, Athlete & Future Physician

I think about risk as potential to grow. I believe that certain risks are unique opportunities to put goals and ambitions into perspective. In my own life I have had to take several risks when it comes to my professional career and aspirations. I decided to move to the United States from a much different country and culture in the Caribbean. Although I was able to adapt, I faced continued challenges and surprises. My open-mindedness and ability to learn from others who have thrived in this environment helped me make risky decision that proved to be more rewarding than not attempting them at all. I believe that taking a risk is a test of one’s confidence in a scenario that’s why I believe that practicing and doing research leads to what I call calculated risks. These seem less like risks but are crucial for moving forward. Read more>>

Justine Pan | Budding Concrete Creator

I’m one of the most risk-averse millennial I know! But I like to frame it as I’m more measured than most, partly because of my upbringing and being drawn to historically stable jobs, and then starting off my professional career as…an accountant! It was taxing for the first six years, but after I took a much-needed detour, I really found the balance my life so desperately needed! I was able to use the extra time to recenter and explore other interests, one of which was home decor. Many home decor pieces can cost quite the pretty penny even though their primary purpose is aesthetic and not functional. Since the items I gravitate towards are basic, I recently decided to buy some bags of concrete and concrete dye and begin making my own concrete decor bowls and trays. With my accounting background, I make sure I’m at least covering my costs. Read more>>

Anna Burns | Filmmaker and Photographer

I’ve spent over half my life as an extreme athlete – first as a Junior Olympic gymnast, and then as an NCAA Division 1 Springboard Diver, so taking risks is something I should be comfortable with by now. The way I think about risk taking and how I’ve approached it in my life is less about a random “full send” and more about being comfortable being scared, or ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’. Not a single day of my time as an athlete went by without some sort of level of fear – whether it be of physically getting hurt on a new skill, or the fear of failure, making mistakes, and letting people down. But each day, if I wanted improve, I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, take another step into the unknown. Often times when asked what sport I did, people would say “isn’t that scary?” and while you’d expect a frequent “risk taker” to say no, it’s not scary, my answer was always “Yes, but I’ve just gotten used to it.” Read more>>

Kelsee Pietz | Producer, Photographer & Podcaster

Risk taking has played such an intricate role in my life and attributing to my success and where i am today. I made a very impulsive, risky decision years ago to quit a job (in my dream field & hometown) where I was being sexually harassed, with no back up plan in place. I spent 2 years of my life living at my parents house in Kansas City sulking in my anxiety & depression wanting to give up. For 2 years I applied for jobs across the country in the film industry while being rejected left and right. I think i counted 149 “no’s” in my e-mail at one point. I would be lying if I said there weren’t times I wanted to quit….MANY times. I thought to myself “maybe this industry just isn’t for me”, but the film industry was and is my passion, and I didn’t want to give up just yet. I wound up in Los Angeles in September of 2019, a place I never wanted to live in a million years, (in fact I wasn’t even applying to jobs here) with a dream job working on a true crime TV Show. Read more>>

Dean Earls | Record Producer / Studio Owner / Entrepreneur

I think without risk there would be no entrepreneurs. Without risk, there is few rewards. I’ve taken risks. my whole life, some. paid off and some failed miserably. But every risk thought me valuable lessons to help me moving forward. The key. is not giving up when the risk doesn’t go your way. Read more>>

Spencer Johnson | Filmmaker & Social Media Marketer

Our lives are the sum of a sequence of calculated risks and assumptions of risk. From the moment we are born, we are making risk calculations and assuming the risk of our decisions. Should I touch that hot pan? Should I jump off this branch? Should I take that new position? Should I marry them? We are constantly weighing risk and assuming risk. I feel that an overall disassociation from our decision-making power is what makes us think more risk-averse. So often, we are often told by the people in positions of power around us that assuming the risk isn’t worth it because look at all you have to lose. Then we question ourselves and think, why didn’t I think of that? Maybe I shouldn’t trust my instincts and trust theirs instead because they are trying to protect me. Read more>>

Shannon Brooke | Photographer

Taking risks has been the only way I could move forward and up in my life and career. I took the risk of paying to go to art school, and even though I will be paying for it for the rest of my life, I have no regrets. My education got me on the right track, it got me on a schedule, and it prepared me for the business of being a photographer. This doesn’t work for everyone, but school worked for me. I need structure, and hands on education with practice. I have always taken the risk to not lower my standards for clients, and to not take work unless I am getting paid. I have had celebrities ask to shoot with me, but without a budget, I can’t move forward with that task. It’s a matter of respect, and everything costs money. I won’t come to shoot unless I can bring my all to the art. I need a budget for equipment, assistance, and travel. That’s just how it works!. Read more>>

Joe Levi | Singer-Songwriter and Actor

There’s a fantastic Bowie quote where he talks about always going a little further into the water than you’re comfortable with, “when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting.” Its a great analogy about challenging yourself as a creative person, I hope that I’m constantly taking an element of risk with my work. It would be dull not to. I pride myself on a belief of nonconformity; there have been people over the years, people ‘within the industry’, who have suggested that I try to adapt my sound to something more marketable, or smooth out the more left field edges, and I just find this so bleak. It’s advice I’ve always rejected, how unsatisfying would it be to find commercial success with something you’ve reluctantly compromised. To fascinate is to draw attention, playing it safe is almost always unremarkable. Read more>>

Pascal Shirley | Photographer & Fine Art Printer

With great risk often comes great reward. If you don’t risk something, you’ll never gain anything. Risk is so intertwined with life that one must always embrace it. When you’re staring calculated risk in the face it can still feel scary, but know that in times of fear and challenge you often learn and grow the most. Choosing to become an artist/photographer in my early 20’s I knew was a huge risk financially and emotionally. I’m now 40 and the rewards from taking that risk far outweigh those early fears. Last year I tore my ACL snowboarding down a steep mountain. I have always known snowboarding is a risky sport but why would I let that hold me back. There is most certainly a genius to being bold. Sometimes we fail, other times we succeed, but there is evolution in continuing to go forward. Don’t settle for a false sense of security by shrinking from the right risks. Live bold and don’t look back!. Read more>>

Diana Nguyen | Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, CEO & Founder of Madison / Savile

I spent 15 years in finance as an auditor, consultant, data analyst and compliance manager. Being in a role for 15 years that was all about managing risk, it was very hard to go from a very risk-averse role to embracing all kinds of risk as an entrepreneur. Being in a comfortable position for so long and enjoying a certain lifestyle and then jumping into the unknown as a budget conscious entrepreneur was definitely a huge change and huge risk. In order to adapt, I had to get comfortable living in the unknown and remembering that it was feeding my purpose. I didn’t want to live a life of ‘what ifs’. Know your why and know what your north star is and the risk will be worth it. “Don’t fear failure, fear being in the same exact place next year as you are today” – Anonymous. I embrace change and I always strive for progress to make things happen. Everything stays the same unless I take the initiative and the necessary actions to create change. Read more>>

Edwin Arzu | Artist, Songwriter, Creative, Producer & Poet

There’s a power and without a doubt a fear when it comes to risk taking, but with those risky moments are the ones that push you past a ceiling you probably thought was solid. In my life and career its all been about risk, in a society where it tells one this is how you live life and then the people tell others if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll be living with no security, but what is security if your happiness isn’t secure? Taking risk made me leave the Bronx, become homeless in LA for a bit, but 2 years of hard work and i appreciate those moments I bet on myself, i couldn’t be where i am now if i didn’t take a shot in the dark. Even though times may seem really dark and bleak, there’s always yourself to count on. Read more>>

Natalyn Randle | Founder & CEO

I took a risk November 2010 to bet on me 110% to make me a better person and to find my JOY I was entitled too. . It was scary when I realized I had to pull back so many layers of hurt, pain, unforgiveness, darkness, hate, distrust and much more. Taking a risk on my life journey one step at a time has lead me to find my inner self, my self worth, my self pride and most of all my self love. Taking a risk you never know where it will lead you. Through my inner healing God has truly bless me mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I have been blessed with an amazing platform where I can share my story. Black Business Women Rock 501c3 is an organization that serves to cultivate connections and offer opportunities for entrepreneurs all over the world. I thank God for allowing me to see all my blessing. It was worth taking the RISK. Read more>>

Lynn Taylor | CEO, Inventor, Belt Accessory Brand

When I was 16, we had a high school project to interview people and ask them about their goals; an open-ended question by design. I asked people of all ages and walks of life about it in a local mall. What struck me was that initially, every answer was about getting the next promotion or job. Then I re-asked the question; what they really wanted out of life. Each person paused and smiled, as if they had to reset … and then I got a much broader, long-term answer. That experience taught me a lot and has stayed with me since. I think all of us can think bigger and expect greatness. I like to call myself an Empowerment Zealot in my various business pursuits, because I think we’re all on this planet to make a contribution … and do what we love. To achieve this, you must take chances. To me, risk has a few components: 1) You must adopt the attitude that the worst thing that can happen is you fail and learn something. Read more>>

Bri Jacobs | Business Launch Strategist

Risk brings opportunities. I don’t believe in playing it safe. Ever. Safe is a gateway for limitations and as an entrepreneur, limitations are the ultimate downfall for my business. I look at risks as a way to put myself out there, get more experience, and a door to so many opportunities that would not have been available if I didn’t got outside of my comfort zone. Risks took me from working in a tiring HR career to running a thriving business that is only getting better. Taking risks allowed me to finally work on my own terms and take care of my children without worrying about what a boss has to say. Risk taking helped me regain control of my life because I created my own norms and took chances to create opportunities. Read more>>

Neha Shaida | Radio & Podcast Host

Risk is the leading character in my career. In the industry I work in you will always have people that give you no’s, reject you, don’t believe in you, or don’t think you’re good enough, you truly have to bet on yourself, and that’s what I did time and time again. It would have been easy to give up after every no and take my two degrees and get a very high paying job but I always chose to take the risk, bet on myself and double down. The truth is if you don’t believe in yourself you can’t expect other people to, specially in an industry where it takes a lot of convincing to get anywhere. Read more>>

Dezmyre Volmeus | Haitian Actor, Award Winning Filmmaker, Realtor, and loan Officer

One of the biggest decisions I ever made was leaving Miami to pursue my career in the film industry. I am Haitian- American and at time it can be struggle to decide whether to please your parents by going after a career they feel like it’s safe for you or choose your own path. In the Haitian culture, the parents always expect you to become either a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Political Science and International Relations at Florida International University and was considering going to law school in order to fulfill their expectations of me. I got hired at North Miami Police Department and things were going exactly as my parents dreamt of. However, I had found the courage to leave it all behind and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams. I didn’t talk it over with my parents because I knew my mind was made up and was ready for the consequences. Read more>>

David Gómez-Villamediana | Creative Producer / Branding & Media Content Consultant

By nature humans are reluctant to take risks yet it is a vital step when it comes to growth and self development. I come from a relatively conservative family so taking risks was my own way to rebel against the establishment and pursue my own independence since I was a little kid. That’s how I ended moving to NY and that’s how I am now in Los Angeles. Today I understand that being able to explore beyond your comfort zone is linked to certain type of personalities. I moved to New York when I was 21 years just with a vague plan about what I wanted to accomplish and how I would do it, sometimes I think I was extremely naive of me yet somehow I went all the way. Back then I decided to reject a position as Junior Executive at Burson-Marsteller (today Burson Cohn & Wolfe) to pursue a career in fashion. There are not really safe bets in life and sometimes you just need to follow your instinct. Read more>>

Ron Sarchian | Personal Trainer/Professional Stuntman

I truly believe in “No risk, No reward”. It all started for me, as a kid, growing up in Detroit after my dad died when I was 3 years old. He was only 33 years old. I learned about death at a very young age which taught me in a very hard way. Life is short, get out there and live it. After graduating from college and playing college football I was getting bored with my life. Yes, I was married and had just been introduced to skydiving and kickboxing while working at Boeing in Seattle, WA. Soon I was introduced to stuntwork and working also as a professional stuntman. I finally made the choice to quit my job at Boeing, get a divorce after 7 years of marriage and sell my house which I had just finished remodeling. Why,, because I wanted to take a risk at being a professional stuntman. Yes, I still am a stuntman but now I work more as a fitness professional here in the San Fernando Valley. Read more>>

Chloe Temtchine | Singer/Songwriter/Speaker/Entertainer

I’m a huge believer in taking risks. I feel as though when you make a move that you’re unsure about but you somehow feel in your gut is the right move, you’re heading in the right direction. Perspective has allowed me to take many risks in my life. I remind myself that, worst-case scenario, if things don’t work out, it’s not that serious. As long as everyone I love is happy and healthy, I don’t have much to lose by taking risks. When it comes to my career, I think that most moves I’ve made could be considered risky. As a singer/songwriter/entertainer, it feels as though I’m making up the rules as I go and that alone feels quite risky, but I love not knowing what’s going to happen. The idea of taking risks is exciting and that excitement appears to be keeping things flowing in the right direction. Read more>>

Maggie ThrillEmAll | The Feisty Freckled Femme Fatale – Burlesque Performer and Kitten Wrangler

I feel that my entire life has been about risks. I tend to be someone that takes a lot of risks, but I think that comes from what I’ve been through. I’ve been through some terrible experiences, including having an abusive spouse. The thing these experiences have taught me is that no risk is as scary as what I’ve already lived through. I took a huge risk moving to LA without a place to live or job. I took another risk after retiring from roller derby and beginning burlesque, only to end up being in charge of a surprisingly successful burlesque troupe. Read more>>