We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below

Mark Page | Senior Concept Artist/Visual Development Artist

I think I’m still working on actually developing a brand. People do tell me that I have a recognizable style and I guess my style has become my brand so far. I’ve grown my career by trying to be as broad as possible when it comes to the subject matter that I’m designing. That also I think has contributed to the success of my brand if you will. When a client approaches me to create a character, or design an environment, or something else, because they’ve seen the range of my design abilities I think they feel comfortable with me working on their project. This has helped me to get more assignments, but clients sometimes want you work in a specific style and this makes things tricky in keeping a traditional brand. So I guess you can brand yourself as a designer that can contribute to whatever the project is, or you can brand yourself based on a specific style. This however can limit the work you may be called on to do, at the same time people may want exactly your style for their project. Read more>>

Ashley Nicole Allen | Bardot Babe Public Relations Agency Owner

Connection and authenticity. When developing Bardot Babe Public Relations in October of 2020 in the midst of a pandemic it was to connect people and their brands in a creative and innovative way. Connection is needed and desired by the human race. It’s natural and essential. I think we have all yearned for some sort of a connection in 2020 and that desire is still very present because we have realized as a society that we need each other. How do we connect? How do we build lasting connection? I’ve found that true authenticity invites and allows genuine connection. I think these uncertain times have really opened the dialogue around challenges and struggles for both businesses and individuals; real challenges and real set backs, not surface conversations. It has forced people to share their needs and seek real solutions from and with people who can actually make an impact. Read more>>

Esin Aydingoz | Composer For Media

Pursuing my passion as a career has been the most important factor behind my success. When you do something you love, you end up having an endless motivation and willingness to work hard. And it shows! Music business, as well as the entertainment business in general, is all about planting seeds and investing in one’s self in various ways. Putting all my time and energy into this idea opened a lot of doors for me over the course of the last few years. I applied to things I thought I had no shot at – jobs, competitions, mentorship programs – and I ended up getting a good amount of them. I said yes to gigs that a majority of others would have probably rejected. Thankfully, many of these turned into continuous and rewarding collaborations and/or referrals. I often delivered more music than required, completed more revisions than initially agreed to, or simply went above and beyond what was expected of me on a given project. When one moves to another continent with no relatives or friends. Read more>>

Nada Lena Nasserdeen | TEDx Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Founder of Rise Up For You

As a past performer, former executive, college professor, and now an entrepreneur, I have seen it all. Individuals around the world, who are smart, educated, and overly capable, sabotage their success in both the professional and personal areas of their lives. This tragedy by far is one of the worst diseases that we must cure within ourselves, within our team members, and within our community. Imagine a world where people put their best foot forward regardless of any fear they felt? What would the world look like if people led with empathy and carried themselves with the utmost confidence? Just imagine how much more productive and efficient our workplaces would be, how much more loving we would be to ourselves, and what youth and the next generation would like with such role models around them. Read more>>

Ray Mitchell Jr. | Filmmaker

The most important factor driving my success is humility. I believe that humility is one of the most universally beneficial characteristics a dream chaser can have. When pursuing a new endeavor there are going to be a lot of growing pains. Humility benefits the starting process by enabling you to be comfortable with starting small. People often ‘bite off more than they can chew’ in the beginning, and the stress coupled with the shock of being overwhelmed may result in them suffering major setbacks if not quitting. Research and development are paramount for success in every arena. Humility helps you embrace your weaknesses, so you can research, develop, and overcome those deficiencies. Humility also maximizes the pool of people you are willing to learn from. My brand of films explore the human condition in the most vulnerable, honest, and objective ways possible. Read more>>

Helen Pollock | Equestrian Life & Style

When I started Life Equestrian it was a passion project that lead to business. I created my IG account to talk about new and up and coming brands, a place for the new brands to tell their story and show how their products are being used by an amateur competitive equestrian. I would say the most important factor behind the success of Life Equestrian is the passion for horses and the bond between horse and rider. My goal is to create photos and videos capturing that feeling being curated across Life Equestrian IG and Blog to also tell a story for the brands. Read more>>

Vanessa Villegas | Fine Art Advisor

I started my fine art advisory over three years ago with little more than a handful of contacts and my 10 years of experience running a gallery. I would be lying if I could tell you that my journey up to this point has been easy. The truth is starting out on your own is hard. Building a successful brand takes time and planning. For me the most important piece of the puzzle has been building and maintaining strong relationships with my clients. Conducting my business with integrity has fostered good connection with all my contacts. That has translated to a network of repeat clients who trust me to guide them through the daunting process of buying fine art, building investment grade collections, and eventually selling when the time is right. Going the extra mile for each of my collectors is not only good for business, but it is rewarding to see the joy when my clients are beyond satisfied with their acquisitions. Read more>>

Jayma Forman | Vintage Shop Owner & Artist

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is keeping sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. As we continue to grow our team and evolve into best practices both for us and our customers, I think it’s vital we look at the larger picture – how we can minimize our carbon footprint, both as individuals and as a company. Further, another aspect I look for when collaborating and hiring is to find POC, members of the LGBTQ community and others who have so much uniqueness within themselves. I want to give them a platform for their voice to be heard and their creativity to shine through. Inclusion is near and dear to me and my company, and I hope to see that value upheld in larger companies in the fashion industry. Success starts and ends with employees and customers that are happy and feel like they are being heard. That includes being inclusive, honest, and readily available should anyone need to lean on us. Read more>>

Alexis Joy | Creator of Alexisjoyvipaccess.com

There are two things that instantly come into mind – first, it’s passion. Having the utmost passion for your craft is the fuel that will always keep you going. No matter how many obstacles come your way, having passion for what you do will always be the light that guides you and helps you through. I believe a big reason behind the success of my brand is because I’ve always lived and breathed my work. Even when I was a full-time college student balancing multiple classes along with my business, I would always make time for my site, even if that meant writing articles until 2:00 am and having to wake up three hours later for school, because I was so passionate about my work. And, the other important factor is having a support system. I truly owe all of my success to my own support system – my mom, grandma, great-grandma and my Papa Ben, Lola and Ronnie. Having that unwavering support gave me the confidence to always go after my dreams. Read more>>

Brian Kramer | International Event Photographer and Storyteller

I Believe one of the most important things that has contributed to my success has been our customer service and adaptability to all situations and our volunteer and getting clients involved donating to charity. Read more>>

Gregory Meade | CEO and Co-Founder of CROSSNET

Having a strong team. The people you surround yourself is the key to everything. Read more>>

David Dennis | Co-Founder of Ventana Surfboards & Supplies

We created a set of values that resonate with our customers and that we are proud to follow. Everything we do, every product we create, every interaction with our customers, every story we tell, every post we promote relates back to our brand values of artisanship, responsibility, and adventure. Quality and artisanship are very important to us. Every detail matters, and we want everything we make and sell to be used by our customers for many years. Our hollow wooden surfboards are hand-crafted, surfable works of art that set the quality bar for every product we offer. Every Ventana product speaks to environmental and/or social responsibility, and we donate at least 5% of profits to ocean conservation. A clean, protected sea is required for our business to succeed and for all of us to continue to enjoy the ocean. Social responsibility helps us create the kind of world in which we want to live. Read more>>

John E. Low | Music Composer

My career–and the moments of success I’ve enjoyed–are in large part due to my ability to listen, imagine and interpret. Listening is obviously a key attribute of any composer. As I write and compose I have to focus intently on what I am writing on a sonic level: for example, what kind of emotion or feeling will an upright piano sound evoke and how might that differ from a grand piano, or how might an upright bass differ emotionally from a distorted electric bass. I also have to listen on a compositional level–how might I arrange the notes and what kind of chord progression might work to achieve what I am after for my client. Maybe there’s no chord changes at all? Or how can play with note pattern to make it feel energetic, exciting and upbeat but without going over the top? The options sometimes feel endless but the more you work at it the more you get a feel for what works best. The second aspect of being an effective listener is paying close attention to the client’s brief or the filmmaker’s needs. Read more>>

Brittany Rendak | Brittany Rendak | Talent PR, Podcast Host & Content Creator

A career in the entertainment industry is possible. Everyone creates their own unique path and story to success in this cutthroat business. Being successful in the entertainment industry takes hard work, dedication, and the right mindset. You must be willing to risk it all and be willing to face many obstacles to accomplish your dreams. I never even had it in my mind that I would fail. I only put positive thoughts in my head. My motto is to live the dream and I was set on doing whatever it took to pursue mine. I had talked about moving to Hollywood all my life and I always noticed many of my family and friends didn’t think I would actually do it. This only gave me more motivation and energy to get my first job in the industry. Which I did in less than a year living in LA! One of the most important factors behind my success was getting my foot in the door and working my way up from there. Read more>>

Franne Golde | Songwriter/President and Founder of Frannegolde.com Clothing Brand

I think the most important factor behind the success of my brand has been giving up control. It is so important to let everyone do what they do best and give them the encouragement and space to do so, including yourself. No one is good at everything or knows everything. When you work as a team and everyone’s doing what they do best, magic happens! Also and as important is to say, “I don’t know.” To quote Tolkien, “Even the wisest cannot see all ends.” Read more>>

Daniela Schweinsberg | Freelance Artist

The most important factor of course is the art itself – the list of what you need to create “good” art seems endless: talent, knowledge about what you’re doing and the material, curiosity, a willingness to experiment and much more. And once you manage what you do, you have to be brave enough to leave your comfort zone to constantly develop yourself and your art. But I think all this is not enough. It’s just as important to have entrepreneurial qualities too. As an artist that not only sells via galleries but market herself, I take on many activities that galleries previously did. This is also reflected in the time I spend on this. Around half of my working time is spent on activities that have nothing to do with the painting process, i.e. taking photos and presenting my art, maintaining websites, creating catalogs, accounting… The artist’s “job” is extremely varied, and most of it is far from the romantic idea of an artist’s life. Read more>>

Mario Masitti | Photographer & Consultant

I am such a huge fan of lean startups and MVPs, that I attribute so much of my success to super fast iterations that I can make with a level of healthy impulsivity. Without the bloat of a corporate structure, or having to work with a ton of people to accomplish a goal, I can make incredibly fast changes. This can be creative/artistically, or this can be on the branding/marketing/business side. This doesn’t negate the power of teams and collaborations, but being hands on and having creative control on every aspect of the business certainly has allowed my brand to evolve and grow at an exponential rate. Read more>>

Phil Bichsel | Design DIrector

I played a lot of sports growing up and always looked up to famous athletes. At some point, I had to make the choice between pursuing sports or going to college to further my education. Motion Graphics and especially Sports Motion Graphics helped me to stay close to my favorite sports. I consume a lot of sports content, trying to stay as informed as possible and understanding what every network is up to, graphics wise. Designing for something you’re passionate about makes things a lot easier. It is also what gets me out of bed in the morning. Sports is the last remaining piece of content people actually watch Live, so knowing that millions are tuning into a broadcast you helped shape thru some of your work is really exciting. Seeing what some of my friends create on a daily basis is also very inspiring and it keeps pushing myself to new heights. Read more>>

Kathryn Ross-Nash | Pilates Teachers of Teacher & Author

Truth, clarity and being identifiable – I have built my brand organically. The first thing was to truly hone my craft as a pilates teacher. This means to train clients , the same clients, year after year and learn to truly apply the method and change their bodies. The other part of truth is to walk the walk. If you truly believe in what you are doing others feel that truth. We may be wonderful marketers, that gets people through the doors, but truth will keep them there. People are smart and they read the messages we are sending with our face and our body language. Our words may lie and manipulate, but our bodies don’t. The Second is to be clear. It is easy to lose focus and become distracted by shiny objects, too many catch phrases and marketing gimmicks . Be able to easily describe what you do in a few clear sentences. Read more>>

Jessica Salceda | Creative Entrepreneur & Gift Designer

The path to success is not a straight line and for me personally, it’s failure that has brought me to where I am now. In taking risks and not always achieving a perfect outcome, I have learned that I can accomplish anything. As long as I pick myself back up and try again, I gain a new sense of confidence each time. Read more>>

Reanna Shay Holt | Artist

My most important factor behind the success of everything I do is pure authenticity and everything being created from a space of love. I always want people to see what I create and know that it comes from the purest part of my heart. If it’s my Reawaken Journals, Journal Prompt, Choreography a song or music. It all comes from a place that is pure and honest. The back of my very first journals I released in 2020 say “lead with love”. People can feel when you are being authentic with your work and I truly believe that is a massive factor behind my success. Read more>>

SORMANI | Singer & Songwriter

It’s an interesting question to begin the interview with because it depends on what we define success as. Based on my experience, we can have so many dreams and goals but if we don’t take action we’ll be dreaming forever, I’m now for example finishing up my debut single and so many ask why it has taken me so long and I guess it has to do with having a clear vision of what kind of product I wanted to share with my audience, I didn’t want to release music just because, if you want your audience to value your music you must give them quality music and you will see the results. I began my music career in high school singing for the whole school then in church as a worship director for 10 years, then beginning my own journey as an independent artist performing in venues, theaters, auditoriums or events and I had to push myself to become better. Read more>>

Russell Tanoue | Photographer, Makeup Artist, Event Producer

As a photographer I have shot everything from CD covers, Calendars, Magazines, Catalogs, Celebrities Aspiring actors and models, etc. Aside of keeping up with the styles and vibe in the industry, my most important factor behind my success is always going beyond the call of duty. Regardless if they are professional talent or new faces. Everyone deserves that equal attentive time and extras. Read more>>

Joe Borress | Principal at Tri Star Electric & Automation

Passion and honesty. We inform all of our clients of the pros and cons of the scope of work in regards to their construction project. We always put the clients needs first, NEVER the money. We truly feel we have so much knowledge to share especially when it comes to keeping the design team informed of the best practices we recommend. We only want to add value to ever project. Our staff is compiled of highly skilled and like minded leaders that i’m very proud of. That is are true corporate culture. Read more>>

Julia Mattox | Creative Director & Web and Brand Designer

Seeing failures or struggles as opportunities for growth and learning. The best things that I have done to move the needle in my business have all been centered around hard lessons. There is definitely no direct path to instant success, the key is learning from our mistakes and using them to our benefit. You can do an internet search, watch videos, observe what others are doing in your industry all day, but nothing compares to the real-life experiences of trial and error. For me, it’s been about learning when to say yes or no to new opportunities, professional relationships, and partnerships. Understanding what type of people I best serve or collaborate with has been a long process, but so very essential. Read more>>

Romy Schorr | Lifestyle & Wellness Influencer For Midlife Women

Pursue your passion and be genuine and authentic! Since I am an online influencer sharing aspects of myself and my life on a regular basis, I think being true to yourself and creating an online persona that mirrors who you are in real life is key. One of the best compliments a person can give me is that I am exactly who I present to be online and that I am so real, relatable and authentic. I think doing what I love and doing what brings me joy is also the key to my success. After being an influencer for over 12 years, I still get excited everyday single to see what opportunities come my way and knowing that I have worked hard to bring these opportunities to fruition is the best feeling in the world. Read more>>

Tony Clough Tri Faundeen | Tony= Printmaker, Tri = Studio Manager

The most important factor for us is quality. We consistently provide new and returning clients the highest quality artwork . We’ve built most of our business on word of mouth, and we’ve gotten a lot of clients who were referred to us because they were looking for something different or unique. Silkscreen printing is one of those mediums that can be done by almost anyone, but it’s actually very rare to run a (successful) fine art studio that specializes in hand-printed limited edition prints at the scale that we operate. We are an artisan studio with over a decade of experience under our belts, and we spend the extra time to make sure things are done properly, from custom color mixing to hand touching-up prints during post production. We are almost obsessive about our dedication to quality. Many artists are precious about their work, and want to sign their names on artwork that they can be proud of. Read more>>

Gary Chau | Creative Director

The most important factor behind the success of our brand is that it was created through the friendship of my best friend Mark and I. We are friends first before the business and wouldn’t do it without each other – The positive energy that is generated because we love what we do and that we get to do it together, makes it all worthwhile. This is how we have been able to thrive in a hyper-competitive business and city for the past 15 years, while also being local and independent. Read more>>

Caroline Klebl | Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a wonderful way to purify the body and mind and awaken to the knowledge of the true self. Success in yoga is attained by practicing yoga asana, meditation and cultivating virtuous actions. Virtuous thoughts, speech and actions lead to a peaceful state of mind and positive outcomes, while viceful thoughts, speech and actions lead to endless pain and suffering. When striving for success it is important to keep the benefit to others as well as yourself in mind and avoid actions which suppress or negatively impact others or the environment. Source of Yoga provides yoga retreats and yoga teacher training programs in Los Angeles as well as in beautiful destinations around the world. Read more>>

Steven Minton | Entrepreneur / President, InferLink Corp

The single most important factor is finding good partners and/or employees to work with. When I look back at my successes, many of them, if not all, are directly attributable to excellence on the part of the people I’ve worked with. Similarly, when I look back the failures, its often because I didn’t have the know-how or skills to do the job optimally, and my partners didn’t either. In those cases, I could imagine that things might have worked out differently had we had the right person. Often, having the right person is critical to choosing a strategy that will work, as well as executing on that strategy. Having a good team involves diversity of talent. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Part of being a good leader is building a team where people’s strengths are capitalized on (and their weaknesses are compensated for). Read more>>

Alex Ivey | Writer & Photographer

Success is a funny word because it has no real meaning. One artist’s success is another artist’s mediocrity. I used to think of success as accolades and public recognition–all the trappings of American capitalistic hero worship. AKA the “great mind” myth of the singular genius who is so important that the world bows down to him or her and elevates their talent to the level of religiosity. Financial freedom quickly follows in this fantasy. As does travel, stunningly attractive sexual partners and elegant apartments in vibrant cities. And it all must be done before the age of 30, otherwise what’s the point? This fiction is poison in disguise and it kills thousands of talented artists before their time. Success for me is my partner, my daughter and being peaceful enough to work, love and like the things I’m making. And the factor that gifted me this sea change in my mind was failure. Failure taught me that success is a lie. It is how you play the game that really matters. Read more>>

Brittany Mason | Beauty Model

The most important factor behind my success Was the fact that I didn’t really have support when I first entered this industry, and I had to work very hard and research what I wanted. I realize that in order to get to where I wanted to be I had to do my research and contact people who already were in the industry and see if they were willing to work with me, and give me a chance. My persistence and dedication has been a major factor. Read more>>

Martin Moody | Cinematographer

Giving success time, realizing long term goals by namesake take a long time to achieve. That the process of growing your career during this “long term” is motivate by yourself solely, and has to be everyday. This process can be exhausting and disencouraging. Obsticals and misstakes have to be a learning and ever eyeopening experience. Read more>>

Desiree Parker | Actor

The most important factor behind my success has been diligence. I have heard “no” a lot more that I have heard “yes” as I have been pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. On top of that, people aren’t always nice when they say no. Despite that, I have always kept going and never been discouraged when things don’t go my way. I also have been working on it daily for the past 5 years. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. The work that others don’t see tends to be what makes the biggest difference. I have always approached the business like a career and been willing to put in the time and effort. I also believe that doing the work that others aren’t willing to do is very important. A lot of people aren’t willing to spend 10 hours on the computer or do 10 auditions to only book one job. However, I am okay with it and I believe that it has been a big reason for much of my success. I believe that nothing great comes easy, you have to be diligent!. Read more>>

Rob McCarty | AR & Blockchain Entrepreneur

Most of our success has come in the form of people selflessly helping us out without asking for anything in return. Be it our advisors, our new employees, or our customers, we’ve found that success is a by product of the people around us helping us level up. Read more>>

Rachel Leyco | Award-Winning Filmmaker, Writer, Actor & Activist

Success is sweet. Self-growth is sweeter. Anne Sweeney said it best: “Define success on your own term, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” Success looks different for everyone. Success can look like the climbing the mountain. Or getting out of bed. Success can look like a six figure business. Or starting a small shop with your best mate. Success can look like an Academy Award. Or finishing that screenplay that isn’t exactly marketable but it’s true to you. Success can look like a goal. But it’s also the blood, sweat, and tears of getting up everyday to practice and build yourself up to be the best version of you that you can be —- long before you score the winning goal. I am a creative through and through. A multi-hyphenate filmmaker, writer, actor, and activist. My films and scripts have won awards and been official selections in many film festivals around the world. Read more>>

Granison Crawford | Comedian & Founder

To me the most important factor is creativity. It’s important to be creative and think outside the box in terms of presentation, execution, and engagement. One of the ways I used creativity for my League of Comedy was to implement digital baseball cards. This created something for the digital audience and fans to enjoy, and also generated a lot of interest from the performers who would then have their very own personalized card. Read more>>

Jen Weinberg | Executive Producer/Producer

I think it all boils down to liking what you do and surrounding yourself with people who are like minded. It’s much more productive to work with someone who’ll hold your hand across the finish line, rather than those who compete to prove their worth. It also makes the best work. Believe it or not, inside an ad agency there is a lot of competition – even interdepartmentally, which is just such horse-shit, but that kind of rivalry is encouraged in some places. I’ve been HOP, freelance and everything in between and I only choose places that have people with the same goal: Be kind while making stuff great. Read more>>

Natalie Serguian | Dancer & Aspiring Linguist

Ambition. My mother was an immigrant to this country and a single mother of six. As the eldest, I adopted mature responsibilities at an early age and helped raise my five siblings as she worked full-time, studied the English language, and ultimately graduated with a Microbiology degree from UCLA. Her drive and ability to overcome inexplicable challenges greatly influenced me and translated into my own work habits. I am who I am because of my mother and she is the motivation behind my success. Read more>>