One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Girvan Swirv Bramble | Stunt Actor, Bboy, and Black Business Advocate

I work with a team on a website called Black Cents, where we promote black owned online retail businesses in order to increase the exposure of high quality goods created within the black community. I also am deeply apart of the Breaking (breakdance) Hip Hop community, and co created an event called Make History, held during Black History Month in February, celebrating black dancers &music history within our community, and fostering genuine familial connections for everyone that attends. Read more>>

Nancy Sanchez | Singer Songwriter, Artist & Educator

I am an independent artist who is grounded in both the music industry and the community. My latest release is an EP called “Say Something”. This 3 song EP is a good example of how my art can benefit both the community and the world. I wrote this EP after the murder of George Floyd, at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement when three songs resistance poured out of me. Read more>>

Constantin Le Fou | Street Artist

Vegan Club uses art and fashion to inspire the world about veganism. Read more>>

Tatiana Scott | Community Organizer and Creative

Passion Fruits LA helps the community by providing quality spaces for small businesses and artist to thrive. We raise awareness in the Downtown Los Angeles with our Street markets and expose the community to businesses and creatives that they may not have heard of otherwise. Read more>>

FrankenVi | Tattoo Artist & black Rabbit

As a I child, I imagined myself as an artist – not even knowing what does it mean exactly. I have a vivid life inside my soul, lot of creatures and feelings, and wanted to represent them in different forms of art. I am so impressed by people who can make others wonder of the beauties and deepness of the world. Read more>>

Ursula Lentine | Metaphysician, Healer, Teacher, Speaker, Author

On my email signature, it reads, Enhance the planet one kind act at a time. That does represent the way I think. When we act in a micro level way with the macro level in mind, we will eventually get to a better place. I help people heal out their old wounds that have become so familiar to them, that they don’t even know how life is without them. Read more>>

Talia Spencer | Concept Designer for Films such as The Matrix 4, Wicked, Borderlands and more.

I believe stories are the most important part of cultural transmission. The films we show our kids inform them about the moral structures of the world, how to behave, & how to deal with adversity. My job is to tell honest stories about life and what it is to be a human, so that anyone watching comes away inspired to go out into their life and live it bravely. Read more>>

Tene Muhammad | Community Activist

Wow! There’s no easy answer to this question. As the founder of, “The Bridge Compton”, I wear many hats when it comes to this work. My initial plan was to focus on bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community. However, I identified several other gaps in my community, that also needed to be filled. Besides Law Enforcement vs. Community, there’s Brown vs. Black, there’s Christian vs Muslim and then there’s the Gangs, to name a few. Read more>>

Lynn McClintock | Yoga Instructor/Go OM Yourself Brand Creator

The Go OM Yourself mission is to promote a lifestyle that overflows with the spiritual essentials of wellness, strength, and serenity, while the concepts of joy, individuality and style, color the human condition with such a vengeance…it takes your breath away on a daily basis. Read more>>

Lani Cupchoy, Ph.D. | CEO & Owner of Pinkjade Creations LLC, Public Historian, Author, Artist & Filmmaker

Whether through filmmaking, music production or visual arts, Pinkjade Creations LLC is my artivism imprint in utilizing different forms of storytelling to create bridges that both raises consciousness and heals our communities. As creative expression has supported personal healing throughout different moments of my life, participating within the creative arts community has provided the opportunity to share my lens and purpose with the world. For me, my creative business is interconnected with humankind and therefore, much of my life’s work seeks to continually ignite new waves of creative spirit and inspire humanity to carry oneself with passion, light and love. Read more>>

Bridget Horan | Chef

My business partner and I started Indy Urban Foodies in the middle of a global pandemic, when restaurants worldwide were either having to adapt or being forced to close. We have both been in the industry for over a decade, so seeing small businesses we frequented close their doors, friends and colleagues facing unemployment, and the Indianapolis restaurant scene trying to be creative to survive was painful for us to watch. Read more>>

Duffe | A social enterprise focused on highlighting and aiding creatives of all disciplines

Our vision for Duffe is to debunk and redefine the systems used for understanding the world that are outdated and stagnant; inspire an awakening in others; and sensitize through content creation. Read more>>

Chavonne Stewart | Founder & Director

Exposher was created specifically for underserved girls living in low socioeconomic communities. To give them hope, expose them to life, cultures, careers, and the many possibilities that the world has to offer them. All in hopes that the girls will understand the gift of Exposher and use it to better their perspective concerning their current circumstance and their future. That’s exactly what Exposher is doing and in turn, cultivating wonderful citizens in these underserved and overlooked communities. Read more>>

Carrie Eldridge | Founder of ATO Platform & Technology Innovator

We study history to understand humanity, and to prevent repeated mistakes. Art is the recording of more than events, it is the recording of emotion, human experience, and cultural transitions. ATO was created with the mission to allow all artists to be equally represented in the history of our world. Read more>>

Amanda Alonzo | Podcast Host, Marketer, Entrepreneur, And Creative

I have always wanted to create a space that allows for people to share their story and experiences to help other learn and grow. A lot of my guest speak about situations that others might be naive to, or just never thought about the other side. We all see the world how we have experienced it, but some don’t realize the person right next to you has gone thru different injustices to get to the same place you are. Read more>>

Katlynn wit a K | Artist & Innovator

Well in 2019 I was just thinking about launching a clothing brand & in 2020 I launched my Streetwear Apparel Brand called TwoTwentyThree. Its been an experience like no other and I’m still in the beginning stages of this path but ultimately TwoTwentyThree isn’t just a clothing brand, it didn’t get its name soley because it sounds cool or fancy, and it’s not only about looking good but its about a divine purpose within ourselves. Read more>>

Stephanie Pappas | Sacred Sex & Relationship Coach

I empower conscious couples and heart centered singles to own their sexuality, to put pleasure first every day by stepping into their joy, to create boundaries that make them feel safe, to practice consent always, to embody the way they communicate so that they can speak their truth to be fully seen and heard. All of these tools help the communities where these people live as they step into leadership in these practices. Spreading the knowledge of consent, communication, and pleasure creates magick in every interaction, not only within one relationship but within every one they encounter. Read more>>

Agustin Ruelas | Co-owner and Nonprofit consultant

Brewjeria Company has always been about building community. When family and friends started homebrewing back in 2010 we started hosting tasting events with beer that was still a work in progress. Several years later with more brewing knowledge and connections to community organizations we began donating beer to nonprofit fundraisers, something we did for 5 years before opening our brewery and taproom and will continue to do after the pandemic. Read more>>

Derek Jameson | Spiritual Life Coach & Past Life Regression

I built my business around the service of humanity. Every thought, action, and creation must reflect the relationships between our brothers and sisters of the world. We are here to teach, grow, and to love. My work helps people break cycles and patterns, connect to spirit and intuition, and harmonize the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. If we can reach one person and shift their vibration, they carry that energy into all other encounters and it becomes a domino effect. It starts with one. I awaken the dormant power within each client and community to stand in their own light and life purpose. Read more>>

Joe Young | Creator (Writer, Artist, Producer & Teaching Artist)

I am a digital content creator in print and motion pictures. I create content that is positive and try to motivate and inspire others. Also I have a literary agency where I place creatives’ works for distribution (print and film) that they may get a chance to achieve their dreams and reach the masses with their message. Read more>>

Chase Bell | Songwriter / Music Producer

I regularly get hired to produce music for projects whether thats Tv/Film/VideoGames/or Artist’s careers where other musicians are needed to get involved. I am a direct line between musicians and paid gigs in all genres of music. I am so grateful when I get to hire other musicians to work with me. 🙂 Read more>>

Brent Harvey | Actor, Writer, Director & Acting Coach

Our belief is, the more people you help become successful the more successful you become and in turn, change the world. It’s that simple. So we made it our mission to training and educating actors in the craft, and also teach them how to become Self-Sustaining Actors, so they are able to create their own success and opportunities without having to rely on gatekeepers, luck, or the powers that be to give them their opportunity to shine. Read more>>

Robert Portillo | SEO and CRO Specialist

For a business to succeed online, they have to do two things well. 1. Get found
2. Convert the people that find you into customers As such, my business specializes in SEO and CRO. SEO (search engine optimization) helps people find your business when they search online. CRO (conversion rate optimization) helps people convert from a visitor, into a customer. Read more>>

Wendy Sterling | Divorce Coach + Leading Global Divorce Recovery Specialist

I believe divorce can be an empowering experience that women go through to find their true identity and voice to design the life that they want instead of feel stuck with the life that they have. I often work with divorced women who struggle with so much noise around fear of what is next, who they are and how they will get through the day. They’ve lost all hope in finding joy, love or peace again in their life. Just like I did 4.5 years ago. Read more>>

Kathy Carbone | Postdoctoral Scholar, Lecturer, and Archivist

I’m the director, archivist, and co-founder of The Amplification Project: Digital Archive for Forced Migration, Contemporary Art, and Action (, a community-led public participatory digital archive for artists, activists, researchers, or other cultural producers to preserve and share new and existing art and activist projects inspired, influenced or affected by experiences of displacement, crossing borders, asylum-seeking, and refugeehood. Read more>>

Miss Shu Mai | Drag Performer, Show Producer

As an artist, performer, and show organizer, my work impacts the community by providing safe spaces for LGBTQ BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities, specifically the LGBTQ Asian Pacific Islander community. In the spaces I help curate, we center the experiences of our own and uplift the work of queer and trans API artists that are often underrepresented. From my show, Send Noodz Party, not only do we create this space around performances and entertainment, we also utilize the platform we have to galvanize our community to be better allies to our fellow BIPOC neighbors. Read more>>

Lakia Pearson | Owner & Candlemaker

At 1133 Candles, our mission is to refresh your home, strengthen your faith and give back to the community. This business was started because God gave me the idea to make all natural soy candles that wouldn’t trigger my husband’s allergies. Two years later, we now have customers who appreciate that our handmade and scented soy candles are non-toxic and don’t make them sneeze. Read more>>

Michael Vilardo | Co-Founder & COO of Emile Learning

Emile Learning is an EdTech startup focused on bringing consumer tech and media to the education space. We are building a full tech stack product that empowers digital learning. We are excited because for a long time, students have been married to their school by zip code or based on how much wealth their parents have. With our platform, we are agnostic in terms that we can be a phenomenal resource for wealthy, middle class, and low income families. Read more>>

Jerry Whiting | Hemp Farmer & Activist

I’m the co-founder & president of LeBlanc CNE, Inc., a small family business focused on hemp genetics & cultivation, product development, research and education. I’m “Seattle’s Favorite Black Hemp Farmer”. I write a monthly hemp column that I use to educate and motivate people: Fellow hemp activist Pam West and I are launching our second podcast, The Hemp Kite, where share what we call The Hemp Lifestyle. Read more>>

Diana R. | Upcycling Consultant

I work in three pillars: One: reducing plastic bags pollution by transforming the bag’s wastes into urban fashionable products. Two: investing in talented marginalized artisans to uplift their skills and support their living through revenue generated out of the products they make out of plastic bags. Three: improve local handmade chic production that aims in economical development. Read more>>

Cynthia Billingslea | Founder – Hey Girlfriend Network

Hey Girlfriend Network is dedicated to providing positive resources to help those in need. We use the platform which has a social media following of over 20,000 people to seek and provide information. Job openings, housing resources, food and clothing giveaways, small business marketing are just a few of the things that are shared to various communities. Knowledge is power and sometimes people just don’t know where or how to seek assistance. Our mission is designated to provide basic need resources. Read more>>

Samantha Paige | Artist//Writer//Teacher//Parent//Lover of Change

I created Last Cut Project initially to share my specific health story when I decided to embrace my flat chest. In 2016, I opted for an explant surgery to remove silicone implants that I had elected with a preventive double mastectomy years prior. I wanted to normalize that choice and talk about a “last cut” moment I was living.  Read more>>

Maranda Sanford | Cofounder of Illuminary

Illuminary was born out of the idea that everyone has light inside of them, a spark that wants to be ignited, and if we are able to heal ourselves enough, that spark will be lit. That spark is a ripple effect that goes out and inspires others to light their own inner flame. Read more>>

David Vuong | Sports Writer & Social Media Manager

For some kids, basketball is their path to college. However not all kids have the chance to play in front of coaches and are not seen by schools at the next level. Generally in most gyms across the US, the media will flock to the high schools of the 5 star prospects and players who generate social media clicks. With The Slam N Jam, it is quite the opposite. I look for underrated and overlooked prospects and provide an opportunity for them. All players regardless of class, gender, and social media buzz get a chance for coverage. Read more>>

Remington Fraser | Founder & CEO, The Revury

The Revury is an online luxury consignment shop – we curb the environmental impact of the fashion industry by extending the product lifecyle and reducing demand on new production. Its the sustainable way to shop designer fashion (at prices up to 90% off retail!). Read more>>

Roman Norfleet | Founder of Inner Ashram

We share tools for meditation and inner peace through a variety of mediums. Technology and science are rapidly evolving and gaining speed in the west, but so are mental health issues and needs. Through music, inspirational dialogue and uplifting content, we share practical and spiritual ways to find peace, wellness and balance in our daily lives. Read more>>

Dr. Anjali Kasunich | Naturopathic Doctor & Consultant

I educate and empower people to make decisions that will improve their health and the quality of their life. My holistic approach to wellness incorporates foods, supplements, herbs, mindful daily practices and medication if necessary to make it as easy as possible to heal. When individuals are supported in making positive changes for their health, they begin making making more positive changes in all aspects of their lives. This has the power to uplift entire communities! Read more>>

Anthony Isaiah | Recording Artist & Song Writer

Music is a soundtrack for your life. We create life lasting memories associated with the song playing at that time . Music is therapy. Its a healing tool. People turn to music as an outlet during hard times and good. Music can deliver a message, and the people are the bridge. I’m very thankful to be able to utilize my gifts to put a little bit more positivity into society – especially in a time where that seems to be missing more than ever. Read more>>

AJ The Digital Maestro | Entrepreneur

Have you ever noticed that big media outlets primarily cover negative news? With big headlines about something tragic or something outlandish. Sadly our society has been conditioned to only want to hear about this type of news. And a lot of big media companies in our day & age like to exploit this, and try to push out all the attractive news. Read more>>

Morgan Mathers | CEO of Moku Manu Vintage

Moku Manu Vintage impacts the community by being an outlet for sustainable garments and supporting other organizations that help people in need. Our team at Moku Manu Vintage curates, mends, and styles second hand garments to alleviate the pains of shopping for thrifted clothing. Our curating service temporarily keeps garments out of landfills, and restores value to second hand clothing. Along with this, the money that is spent at the thrift stores, like Goodwill, supports people in the community in need. So not only are these garments eco friendly to the earth, but provides relief and assistance to individuals in the community. Read more>>