By far, the topic that comes up most in our conversations with entrepreneurs and creatives is risk. We’ve had conversations about risks that worked out and risks that did not. We’ve seen eyes light eye sharing about career-trajectory changing risks as well as folks sigh about the risks they wish they had taken. Below, we’ve selected and shared some of those thoughtful conversations.

Alexandra Fratella | Yoga Instructor & Fitness Model

I think risk is such an important factor to moving forward. Whether it’s in career, relationships, school, friends, just life in general, there are moments where you’re going to have to take that risk or hold back and stay the same. I have taken many major life changing risks, from moving to LA from NY with just $2500 in the bank, no friends or family (in Los Angeles, no financial support, no job, no place to stay, and just a dream to motivate me. Also taking the risk to shifting from the service industry to yoga and fitness full time. Read more>>

Nogi San | Traditional ink & digital artist

Looking back at my artistic journey, risk taking has always been a part of my mindset. I think the issue of risk is absolutely central to being a creative person. Whether it is in the art field or as an entrepreneur, risk is something that you have to deal with and think about a lot. The first big risk I took as an artist was the following: I grew up in a really humble eurasian family where an artistic career wasn’t seen as sustainable. Read more>>

Kari Bradberry | Current Footwear Designer, Former Designer of many other entities.

I’m so grateful that my parents modeled risk taking to me, from the earliest age. I was born in ESwatini, to American parents that had given up their lives in Southern Orange County to lead a life of service and care. I had moved to the US when I was 7. So when, in my 30’s, an opportunity came to work in the Middle East, I jumped at the chance because I knew I could do it, as it has been modeled for me before. Moving to Qatar was the biggest risk I have taken and it was a life changing experience. Read more>>

Alex Sapp | Filmmaker & Photographer

Overtime, I have learned to embrace being out of my comfort zone. When I begin to feel “too comfortable” within a career situation I start to feel uncomfortable. I have always enjoyed being in pursuit for more. I don’t stay in one place too long. That might be too sporadic for some people, but I believe it’s important to work different types of jobs. It has helped me learn what I love doing and more importantly what I don’t like doing. Read more>>

Monty Montgomery | Owner PCH STREET Salon-Wine Lounge | Podcaster | NCAA Official

Risk is a natural part of life. You have to understand the risk of your choices and implement multiple layers of mitigation to minimize that risk. Financially those who take the risk get the rewards. (But, you only hear about the ones where it worked!) I diversified my financial portfolio a few years back with Crypto Currencies. I risked a significant amount and received significant returns. This was the seed money for the purchase of property on one of California’s most known roads, the Pacific Coast Highway. The thought was to mitigate the volatility risk of Crypto with real estate. Read more>>

Fansu Njie | Film Director & Producer

If you put fear aside, then things are much easier in life. If it comes to life and death and its risks that is one thing, but if it is all about whether you are willing to jump on board a film project, investment or something similar, that risk should be so much easier to take. Just like the classic quote; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Read more>>

Anthony Purcella | he/him – Music & Portraiture Photographer

My whole career and life started with me taking a risk. I started doing photography back in 2017 and an opportunity appeared to me to take photos for a band on Warped Tour. They already had a photographer at the time but they ended up not being able to do the tour the day before leaving. When I saw that they weren’t able to do the tour, i contacted a friend who was in the band that I would be willing to do whatever I had to join them on tour. Half of my bunk on the bus was paid for and I had to pay for the remaining half. Read more>>

Regina Del Real | Graphic Artist & Illustrator

I think risk taking is something that is so important, especially when pursuing something you love. Now that I am about 17 years into my career in fashion, I realize that choice of career was a risk in its self. Going into art is not really the “ideal” career generally. Most recently I have taken the biggest risk of my life, and that was leaving my career in fashion, to start an entirely different career. So I guess my point is, unless you want a mundane life, without risks you aren’t really living. Read more>>

Mimi Daraa | Founder Maison Palo Santo & Yoga Teacher

Love this question! Taking risk has been a huge part of our business journey…and one of the things I enjoy (biting nails at the same time of course cough cough)… Everything about our experience was based on following our hearts, our intuition and chasing dreams…even when it didn’t seem logical or others told us we were crazy. Quitting a 6 figure job in Manhattan to pursue my goals of becoming my own boss, making my own schedule and building that mental glass staircase to rise above societal norms, standards or expectations of others are just a few. Read more>>

Ryan Manley | Screenwriter

My thoughts on risk are to throw caution to the wind every chance you get and follow your heart. I know that may sound corny but it is the only way to avoid regret. I found a place in California online near the end of July 2019. Three weeks later I was living here and have been here ever since. Every cautious sign in the world said this was crazy and outlandish to do, but if I listened to that I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today or living my dreams. Read more>>

Rosemary Idisi | Actress

I think taking risks is the only way to get places in life. A quote I live by is “Nothing great comes without risk” and I think that is the truest thing. Taking risks allows you to grow, learn and experience new things! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t take risks. Have I been afraid to take risks in the past? Yes, but today I get excited about it. Read more>>

Olivia Stambouliah | Actor

Risk is so much a part of being human and an actor. I took a huge risk in moving from Sydney, Australia where I had a career for 16 years, to venture into the unknown that is Hollywood, at the age of 35. I was told by my former Agent “you’re too old for Hollywood, don’t move there”. I was scared of course, but I had to take the leap of faith, and bet on myself. So here I am, about to have a huge blockbuster film premiere world wide, as I turn 40… Read more>>

Sherita Moss | Fashion Designer & CEO

I associate the word Risk with the word Leap. It’s scary right? Being in a place that you’re not used to, doing things without being sure of what the outcome may be, it’s a very scary thing. I had to ask myself “ if I was dying tomorrow, would I be okay with my today?” Ever since I started thinking that way, I’ve been diving nose down into any and everything I always wanted to do. Taking risks has played a huge part in both my personal and professional life. Everyday, It has given me more confidence in myself and in my work. Read more>>

Donnie Chen | Co-founder at Pallette Cultural Marketplace @pallettemarket

Risk tolerance is different for everyone, and every action or decision has some degree of risk attached to it. From my experience, the only thing that truly matters is, to fully commit to the decision to take that risk. If you sway or quit before the job is done, all of the efforts and sacrifices will be for nothing. I’m a first-generation immigrant, my family left Taiwan when I was nine years old. Twenty years later, I took a risk and moved back. This is a story we hear often, an expat moving to a new country to explore, Read more>>

Alicja Jasina | Animation Director

I believe that taking risks is necessary in art, to keep it fresh and edgy. So whenever possible, I try to do something I haven’t done before, get out of my comfort zone. I think it’s the innovation of the storytelling of my animated short film “Once Upon a Line” that got it to the Oscar shortlist a few years ago. At that point my “style” was told to be “to the point” and minimalist. Read more>>

Nino Beige | Music Producer, Photographer and overall creative visionary

Assessing risk when pursuing success is probably one of the most import skills to have in your tool belt. The biggest risk I took in my career was moving to Los Angeles from Atlanta in 2014. I didn’t have a big network in place when I arrived in LA so it was definitely risky to show up in LA with nothing but belief in myself that I would make it. I’ve heard the average person lasts only 18 months when they move to this city and this year makes 8 years for me. I made Billboard for the first time in 2019 for my work in Ras Kass’ sequel to his 1996 classic Soul on Ice. Read more>>

Judith Green | Public Servant & Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer

Since the day I found out I was going to be a mother at a young age taking risks has been the fabric of my decision-making. I was told that being a mother meant my dreams of wanting to go to college and having a meaningful career were over, and sadly I believed it. That was until I took the risk of following my dreams and not allowing other people to project their insecurities, doubts, and fears onto me. Taking risks is often associated with a negative connotation, but I believe taking a risk is simply believing in yourself and having faith. Read more>>

Jonathan Maxim | Growth Hacker

When I was 18 I moved to California without a plan or even a college acceptance. 6 years later, I graduated with two Masters degrees in business and an undergraduate degree, soon thereafter getting a job that paid $165,000 per year. Had I stayed home, I probably would’ve been another townie with an associates degree from the local community college and a $44,000 per year job. Read more>>

Shengluo Zhang | Animation and Live-Action hybrid Filmmaker & Producer

For me, making art always means trying something new. New attempts often come with risks. Sometimes it’s the risk of failure. Sometimes it’s the physical risk during the process of making the artwork itself. Whenever I develop a new piece, I focus on the idea itself. After the concept is formed, my focus will shift to how to realize my idea in a physical sense. To achieve my artistic ambitions as much as possible, I tend to take some risks. Read more>>

Dr. Seku Gathers | Concierge Physician and 360 Wellness Coach

Risk, I believe, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. In my educational & entrepreneurial experience there have been many decisions, that at the time, seemed “risky”. Later, however, I realized, that the fear was simply a mental roadblock that could help to strengthen the decision to move forward. Risk, as I have begun to understand, is really a mirror that reflects our level of self-confidence and self-understanding. As we grow and mature, we realize and appreciate our abilities/powers more and more, so what once seemed like a risk, begins to be viewed as a choice. Read more>>

Adrian Burks | Actor, Writer, Director & Producer

I think about risk as a necessity in life. I think taking risks is what life is about, because not taking any risks leaves you nowhere exciting with a bill that you can’t afford. I believe just choosing a career in the arts is a risk, and one that I continue to choose daily. taking risks in accordance to what I want to do in life has become normal to me. As a filmmaker (actor, writer & director) anytime you commit yourself to a part or project or role or vision you’re taking risks because you are exposing yourself creatively for people to judge. Read more>>

Matthew Koss | Journalist and Film Critic

The most significant risk I’ve taken in my career was moving from Melbourne, Australia, to Los Angeles, California, with two suitcases and a student visa in 2014. It has been a tumultuous journey through extreme highs, like when I managed five theaters in Salt Lake City for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, and challenges that have made me question what I truly want out of a career in the entertainment industry. In the year before the pandemic hit, Read more>>

Lorin Z Pillai | CG Artist & Writer

Risk has been a big reason I moved forward in my career. I was a moderately successful muralist, I ran my own company for five years and took on some big jobs. But I felt unfulfilled with the fact that it was always job to job, with little level-up aspect. It was also very solitary. I took an environment design class at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, just as a means to hone my current skill set, that was when I was introduced to the world of VFX and visual storytelling. Read more>>

Bryan Wilson Jr | Creative Director & Designer

Risk is usually associated with a negative connotation, however, for me, it has always been exciting and a motivating factor. I’ve taken risks throughout my life and career that have put me in the position I’m in today. For example, I moved from Florida to New York and bet on myself, I changed my major after 2 years of architecture school to fashion, and more recently after graduating from FIT, I left my job to work on Arcoa full time. Read more>>

Dilcia Giron | Artist

I think about risk as a great opportunity to grow, learn and feel alive. I am a survivor of war and poverty, during my childhood my life was at risk everyday. Although there was some emotional trauma and PTSD, I also developed a certain toughness to life. I moved to the USA without a family and without speaking the language. But I didn’t let that stop me from moving up in both my artistic career and professional career as an insurance agent. I don’t give up no matter the difficulties.Even if is taking me longer than other people who have the advantages I never had. Read more>>

Brad Michael | Software/Electrical Engineer

I’d rather chance regretting doing something than knowing I’d regret not. Leaving my well established cushy desk job with a comfortable salary for the unknown was definitely one of the hardest decisions that I’ve ever made. Deep down though, I knew I had more to offer than my giant corporation was able to appreciate and I was tired of making other people money without that recognition and appreciation. It wasn’t just the money, I knew I would never feel fulfilled, at least not there. Read more>>

Nadje Noordhuis | Trumpeter, composer, and educator

Taking risks has been an essential part of advancing my music career. And my life has always revolved around my work. It would have been impossible to have most of my favorite experiences had I not taken giant leaps of faith. The first major risk I took was leaving my hometown of Sydney, Australia. I moved to a small country town to study sound engineering. I turned up without knowing anyone, and without a place to stay. By the end of my two years of living there, I had built up an amazing network of musicians, designers, and creative contacts with whom I remain close after twenty years. Read more>>

Solo Jones | Artist

You dont get anywhere without risk. Better yet, there is no solid reward without risk. Its almost what makes us who we are. Chemical beings, with pleasure censors. A good risk drives those censors. When I first started shooting my own videos, i learned about permits and asking permission to shoot somewhere. That didnt resonate with me at first. If there was a setting I wanted to shoot at, we just ran in and shot. Guerrilla style. Let them kick us out. Get that on film too. Rushed the creative process. The risk was super rewarding. Read more>>

Austin Davison | Writer / Director

Any creative endeavor is nearly impossible without quite a bit of risk, especially as you are beginning your career. You probably won’t make enough money to live on for years as you start to create art, so you’ll have to find some other ways of making a living to afford the risks of your creative pursuit. But, it’s even riskier to abstain from taking the chances necessary to live the truth you were ultimately destined to live. It’s very difficult to grow in your career without taking chances. You may struggle through much more failures than successes at first (I definitely have), but you just have to recognize those struggles as being an extremely important part of the process of your development. Read more>>

Amy` Orona | Esthetician/Makeup Artist and Body Sculptor

I have been really taking more chances than ever before. Im ready to step into that next chapter. Read more>>

Diana Carla Rowe | Contemporary Painter

I think about risk as an inevitable factor in my career and life. I think as a whole we live in this illusion of stability and or control wether you are working a corprate job or building a business for yourself. Risk is just something we have to dive into and it isnt always a comfortable thing, but once you are committed and willing to handle what comes your way it becomes worth it. Being an Artist is all about risk, creating things that align with you but not necessarily an audience. Read more>>

Zelzin Rodriguez Luna | Entrepreneur and Beauty Artist

As long as I can remember my entire career in the beauty industry has been a risk… I started cosmetology school back in High School, just when I was 200 hours away from completing my program the programs requirements changed to being a US citizen in order to take complete it. I wasn’t the only one, unfortunately a few of my fellow peers fell in the same boat, as a DACA recipient I fought to keep my hours, I was able to finish the program. My journey continued, passed my state board exam and began college a few months after, I struggled with balancing college and my job at the time as a wax specialist. Read more>>

Ken Aka MrGentleman” Pyle | Entrepreneur

Risk to me is a very big thing especially if you’re a person who has been shy all their life because you were picked on as a kid everyday and because of that i end up losing confident in myself but sometimes if you really wanna do something you love you have to go out there and take some risks and because of that i never gave up on my dream. What role has taking risk played on my life/career its has taking a big part being a shy kid that was bullied and dealing with speech problems that i had as a very young kid i never thought i would end up having a podcast show and having a podcast show for 3 years (made 3 years January 20th) and many peoples relate to my personal story and inspire them to take the same risk i took because they was inspire by me for taking big risks that end up starting a podcast on their own so no matter what always take risks. Read more>>

Shruti Tewari | Actor, Screenwriter, Filmmaker

Venturing out to try anything new or unfamiliar brings with it an inordinate amount of risk. As an actor, screenwriter and filmmaker, every narrative that I espouse is a risky undertaking, both, externally and internally. And yet, I am drawn to the riskiest of roles and stories in which I can discern elements of our collective reality. Whether it was in etching a distraught Parisienne in a one-woman show based on Jean Cocteau’s Human Voice or in exploring the limitations borne out of prejudice in my first short film, I have pushed past the comfort of the known and familiar to connect with the human experience from diverse perspectives. Read more>>

Gianluca Pizzorno | Music manager/ entrepreneur

Taking risks it’s a big part of my job and definitely shaped my career, most of the time success come from an idea,an intuition, in seeing potential in something row and making into reality Of course risks need to go accordingly with hard work, commitment and persistence Risks are exciting and scary at the some time but I think nobody achieved something great without taking risks Read more>>

Stacie H. | Mommy Mogul

In Life We Take Risk… It’s like betting In Vegas its a 50/50 Chance ! The risk I took with my latest venture was by far the best one yet so many opportunities I’m still so excited about it all. Read more>>

Lisa Horzen | Owner, developer, operator

Risk is a natural part of life. As a society we have tried very hard to eliminate it. In the course of my life over the last 20 years I have faced many opportunities for risk. As an adult my first serious experience with risk came when we had babies and went full time into Farming and Ranching from good careers. As a result, to create the income needed to support that lifestyle I created one of only two Agricultural Homestays in the state of California in 2000. We were running 300 head of cattle, farming and would often have guests come stay during our branding season. Read more>>

Andre Moore | Photographer, Publisher, Creative

A good majority of where I’m at now involves risk, I have to lean into it. It inspires me to move past barriers I impose on myself. Taking risk has played an important role, it facilitates growth. It feels like a constant affirmation of my imagination. Whatever the result may be. I work to do my all in exploring my current ideas and take them where I can. Learn, then continue to grow. Read more>>

King Inesse | DJ/Event Curator/Creative Director

I think risk is probably one of the most important-if not THE most important, factor in making your dreams come true. Taking risks has a huge role in not only my career but my life. We take risks every day, some smaller than others. I believe risk is stepping out of your comfort zone, with the hopes that this potential step you take will somehow, someway, benefit you. When I first started DJ’ing and breaking out of my comfort zone and doing more live sets, using more advanced equipment, dj’ing in front of bigger crowds, I knew this was something I wanted to dedicate my life to. Read more>>

nick lopez | artist

Risk is a matter of perception based on past experiences that make you think or feel that a certain activity is risky. I’ve never had a problem taking risks but I believe that’s partly because I am fortunate enough to have come from a good family with parents that I know love me and would be there for me if I got in a bind. Read more>>

Salvador Gomez Ambriz | Co-Owner of Gentlemens Hair Lounge

Risk taking has been a part of who I am. The moment I decided to quit my job and start my barber journey was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken. I was 20 years old, engaged and had my first daughter. I also had what you would call a “stable” job. I knew working at that restaurant as a server would not secure a future for my family. I managed to save a few months of income for rent and bills. Not knowing what the future had in store for me, I embarked on a journey that would ultimately prove to be the right one. Read more>>

Peter Tyas | Executive Director: Studio Channel Islands Art Center

Risk taking is a deliberate process, it is a decision to take a risk. I know what works for my organization, I know what my audience expects and I know what capacity we have to challenge those set practices and expectations. Moving beyond those boundaries is a risk – and risk taking is essential for the organization to grow, for the audience to be delighted by our work and for our artists to excel. Read more>>

Christine Kent | Actress, yogimom & jiujitsu practitioner

Risks are essential for a creative life. Being ready to explore an area or concept you’ve never considered and embrace the uncertainty and bravery that requires makes you a whole new and better person. My best risks brought me to different cultures and countries that make me so in love w the earth and it’s people. My worst risks brought me pain but hey, you learn from those too and glueing those bits into your life makes for a more interesting, abstract piece instead of a simple, still life. Read more>>

Marissa Pienaar | Literacy & Liberatory Educator

When I taught fourth grade we always began with a unit entitled, Risks and Consequences. Up until then, I’d never considered the benefits of taking risks in terms of obtaining positive outcomes. Once I discovered this, I realize that accepting risk can be gratifying. Looking back, my whole career has been shaped by taking risks. After college, I taught at a school for independent studies, and we had students from all walks of life who were failed by traditional schooling. Read more>>

Meg Parsighian | Music studio owner and Artist

Ability to take risks has been the biggest factor of my success and overall greatest experiences in my life. I played safe for a long time… I started several small businesses, calculating the possible losses and expenses. I always started with a strategic plan to make sure I wouldn’t lose more than what I would have invested. But it was not long until I realized that I would regret not taking the risk of putting all I’ve got both financially and physically into my business. I knew if I had everything to lose, there would not be a way for me to back out or not give it my 100%. Read more>>

Blake LaBella | Artist Manager & Studio Owner

As far as risk taking goes, one of the biggest risks people take is quitting their day job or “9-5” or “main hustle. When that time came around for me, the “risk” actually wasn’t quitting the day job. It was not quitting the day job. At any moment when you are working for someone else, that person can decide at any point its time for you to go and you’ll lose all your income in one swoop. When working for yourself, at a company you started, you don’t necessarily have that problem. So in my life and business, I always analyze which behavior is “riskier” and rather than being frozen by fear, I take the one that makes the most sense. Read more>>

Krista Walsh | Website Copywriter & Strategist

Many people in my life would probably consider me a risk-taker. And, when I zoom out and look at my choices, I can see why. I graduated college with a niche degree in Book Publishing, pretty convinced that I didn’t, in fact, want to work in book publishing after less-than-great experiences in the industry. Instead, I moved to Spain on my own to teach English part-time in a public elementary school, knowing no one else in the country. Read more>>

Brittany Lessard | Special Effects and Beauty Makeup Artist

I believe risks are one of the most important parts about working in the creative field. The very first decision I made towards becoming a Makeup Artist was a huge risk! My previous job was very comfortable- I had been doing it for years, great benefits, and wonderful management, but since I was a kid I always dreamed of getting out of my small town to pursue makeup. I ended up selling my car and most of my belongings to move down to Los Angeles with zero idea of how I was going to start getting work since I didn’t know anyone. Read more>>

Adri-Anne Ralph | Vocalist, Songwriter, Vocal Coaching + Production

I think that doing anything out of the ordinary, especially pursing a dream, involves risks. And to really go after something involves a lot of sacrifice, so there is always the risk that what you’ve sacrificed for your dream may be lost, or not worth sacrificing in the long run. But I believe that risks are important and even necessary for innovation, creation, and expression, and I admire people who pursue their dreams and ideas whole-heartedly. Read more>>

Yizhu Pan | Production Designer & Product and Textile Designer

I am a risk-taker; the experience of facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of my greatest strengths. Risk always feeds me new knowledge and makes me discover things that I would not have had the opportunity to know without trying. The unpredictable situation of risk is a great impetus for me to reconstruct my way of thinking. I enjoy the bitter-sweet process of working off of the thrill of risk as it always leads me to think out of the box. My thought process that stem from risk is where some of my most unique thoughts and ideas come from. Read more>>

VONJAKO | Photographer & Filmmaker

I think risk taking is a big part of the career challenge. I feel it’s always better to be at the bottom of the ladder and have to try to figure out how to get on top of it than to just achieve something and stop there in the comfort zone. We need to take risks to move forward. Too much thinking and fear might stop you from making the most adventurous and ultimately beneficial choices. As hard as it is, I usually try to do the opposite of what my safety blanket in my head would like me to do. Read more>>

Ashley Zucker | Head of Music Community at Reach // songwriter & visual artist

Taking risks is absolutely necessary in business and in life. Even though the unknown is scary, it’s essential to try new things to grow and continue to learn how to trust yourself. During the height of the pandemic, I decided to take a risk and move from New York City across the country to Los Angeles. I learned how to skateboard and surf, met an amazing group of shredders through a collective called Grlswirl, and I fell in love. Read more>>

Justin Snead | Storm Chaser and Photographer

My thoughts on risk have slowly changed the older I’ve become. Growing up, I was always taught to work hard and strive for success. What I wasn’t taught is that success is often limited the more comfortable we get. Life becomes easy when we have a stable job, routine, bills, etc. It wasn’t until I decided to take the risk of leaving South Carolina at the age of 25 and embracing a new journey that I saw just how limited my options for success were when it came to having stability. Read more>>

Gabriella Santaniello | Fashion Industry Expert & Brand Strategist

I think of risk as a necessary part of doing business. I have a higher risk tolerance than the average person but this has come with time and experience. I like to take calculated risks which to me means being ok with the fact that I might not feel fully comfortable with the risk I’m taking but the pros outweigh the cons. In my opinion, staying idle is worse than taking a risk, even if it doesn’t work out because it might set you on a course you’d never otherwise be on and force you to think in a different way. All of that said, taking risks is a learning process. You learn from each risk and become more confident every time. Read more>>

Aaron Carlson | Writer & Director

I have never looked at decisions we make as risks. They are choices. Every decision we make has its pros and cons and that’s the trick. A risk is something… that I believe, people say when they don’t fully understand what it takes to make a dream come true. Every time I’ve made a decision about something someone usually tries to deter me from taking that step. Their intentions for the most part are good however how does one grow without stepping outside of our own comfort zones? Read more>>

Sydney “FATIGUE” Mvrcus | Contemporary Pop Artist & Music Artist

I whole heartedly believe in the quote “no risk no reward”. In 2006 I risked my car braking down and being stranded on the side of the road in order to chase my dreams. In a 1989 Jeep Cherokee with a dreadful gas leak, a coolant leak, and a slow tire leak from a nail protrusion, I set my sails to Atlanta Georgia. I pursued my creative talents in Georgia up until 2019, when I felt the universe push me to move to Los Angeles California. Yet again with no hesitation, I took another risk and drove straight from Atlanta to Los Angeles with only one hour of sleep and worn out rear brake pads. Read more>>