We have the good fortune of connecting with so many bright, accomplished folks from a variety of industries and we often ask them to tell us what they feel has been the most important factor behind their success. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Anna & Camille Flores | Picnic Company Owners

We definitely feel an important factor of the success of our brand, The Ultimate Picnic is the ability to express our creative vision with others and create memorable moments with the people that matter most. Just as we would with our family and friends! Also the genuine outpouring support from not only from our friends and family, but from complete strangers who admire and believe in our craft. Read more>>

Joseph Abell | Personal Coach

I learned to do everything myself. I didn’t take formal courses; I just learned as I went. I got into Excel because my income was growing. I learned CSS so I could redesign my website. I’ve also picked up Photoshop, CRM management, coding, and more. Today, I delegate a lot of work to others, from coaching to programming. But I only hand off jobs that I fully understand. That means I stay in perfect sync and can optimize every detail of my businesses. Read more>>

Phil Allen, Jr. | Author, Filmmaker, and Speaker

When I think about success I think of how relative that term is. For me success is not necessarily arriving at a place, but it is about reaching goals I set for myself and the impact I make on other people’s lives as I strive for those goals. The reason why I say it is not about arriving at a particular place and calling that success is because for me there is always more to do, more to impact, and a new set of issues in our society to find solutions for. Read more>>

Mariah Gonzales | Candle Artist, Owner, & Founder

There are multiple factors behind my success and the success of Magickal Madre. To start off, believing in myself and my brand was the foundation to even starting my journey. Along with that, passion for my craft, patience for growth, consistency everyday, determination to keep going no matter what, authenticity, and building meaningful relationships with my customers. I believe this is what sets me and my brand apart and has allowed me to do what I love every single day. Read more>>

Tully Diö | Host/Music Director/Creator, Outlaws of Rock Podcast and Music Video Show

I am genuinely passionate about what I do. Every time I put on my headphones to pick out the tracks for our next show, I’m excited to listen to all the new bands – it’s something I dig every single time. I’m excited to find new music and share it with the world, I want the bands I play to succeed, and I want our listeners to feel that same excitement. Read more>>

Elliott Schackne | Strength Coach & Integrative Nutritionist

Every aspect of my approach comes from a HEALTH FOUNDATION first. Training programs are not just “burning calories” or a collection of workouts. Nutrition programs are not just caloric deficits or surpluses. Every variable works together to optimize the client’s health, first and foremost. Woven into my practice are many elements of functional medicine and naturopathy, which have informed so much of the three pillars of my practice: Training, Nutrition, Lifestyle. Read more>>

Sarah Tomasetti | Founder & Director, Wine 4 Paws

My brand Wine 4 Paws just appeals to so many people, and it’s gained huge momentum over the last 13 years. When I started this fundraiser, I was looking for a way to raise money for our local Humane Society, and also wanted to promote our wine industry and this amazing community. Read more>>

Ryan & Andrew | Filmmakers

When we first started making sketches together roughly seven years ago it became apparent as we put our minds together we produced a clear, coherent comedic voice. That comedic voice, more than anything, is what define us. A comedic “voice” may sound like a vague, amorphous thing, but it’s like with some musicians you can listen to a couple bars of a song and identify who the artist is even if you’ve never heard that song before. Read more>>

Ron a.k.a. DJ R-Tistic | Traveling DJ

Being a DJ, crowd awareness is one of the most important factors that contribute to our success. Outside of just reading a crowd in the moment, I had to read the landscape of the DJ scene within the last decade and make all the adjustments necessary. I realized the importance of social media early on, so I always made sure to create content such as full mixes and video mixes that could spread to listeners throughout the world. Read more>>

ELOI MOLI | Cinematographer

I think the most important factor behind my success is the love and passion I have for my work. Becoming a cinematographer has been my life’s journey. This journey started when I was 9, and I fell in love with Black and White photography, getting my lab in my child’s room. Light and framing was my passion during my childhood. Read more>>

Monet Orozco | Freehand Henna Artist

The most important factor behind my success/the success of my brand is first and foremost being yourself. When you’re authentic, putting your heart and soul behind your brand and work – there is no failing. Along with a great support system, surrounding yourself with those who believe in you and cheer you on; it really does take village. Read more>>

Jessica Vaughn | Jessica Vaughn | Music Executive & Professional Artist/Songwriter

I love this question, because success is subjective. When I was signed to a major label, my peers considered me “successful”, but to me I wasn’t truly successful until I was in my thirties. For me – it means having a life I can enjoy with my husband (&kitty Giles) and in a career where I’m having fun, I feel seen and respected. I think the most important factor behind my success and my brand is not giving up. Read more>>

Bobby Torrez | Horror YouTuber & Content Creator

Being yourself and staying true to yourself. People can sense Authenticity and I believe and hope that when folks watch my videos, they can see that im having fun talking horror and see my personality shine through. Read more>>

Selina Thomas | CEO Founder of 6 Degrees HR Consulting

The most important factor behind 6 Degrees HR is the constant commitment to engaging with current and potential clients. The Covid 19 crisis proved that that engagement prior to the pandemic was what made the difference in setting my brand apart. I deliberately engaged in quick 30 second HR tips initially daily to develop the brands presence on all social media platforms which created brand recognition. 6 Degrees became a trusted and familiar brand that is now poised to franchise nationally as the go to Human Resource firm to support small to medium sizes companies. Read more>>

The Keymakers | Musician Duo

We’ve heard from a bunch of confused siblings who don’t understand how we can live together, work together, and not drive each other crazy, but really it’s a product of us – for the most part – being on the same page. This helps us in the studio when we’re working on music, but also in other aspects of our careers as artists. Not having to always butt heads in an unproductive way allows us to spend more time focusing on the things that matter to our success. Read more>>

Lee Altman | Co-Head of Athlete Partnerships at Twitter

The concept of success is subjective and there is no set blueprint to accomplishing it. My personal definition of success is being of service to others. Like the great Muhammad Ali said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” The most important factor in my professional success has been my passion and belief in the mission and message behind my work. Read more>>

Mark T. Laurent | On-Location Sound Mixer (Television Production Sound Man)

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand would be to always keep thriving to work well with others, along with keeping up with my professional technical skills. Both are equally essential to stay competitive within my TV Production career. Read more>>

Luca Marton | Street Soccer USA Los Angeles Development Manager

Without question, the most crucial component to any success is authenticity. When I walk into a new community, one which is not my own, I’m always hyper cognizant of the fact that I am a guest. Even after several years within any particular community, I still act with this mindset, and never presume to know anything, except that there’s a real possibility that there’s so much that I don’t know. Read more>>

Luis Cervantes | Certified Personal Trainer & Professional Dancer/Choreographer

The most important factor behind the success of Fuego Fitness is our community. At Fuego Fitness, we work out to feel great in our skin and live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, which is why we value such a strong, welcoming, and encouraging environment. We work to create a community where people can help motivate each other to reach their goals without feeling inferior or incapable. Fitness can be extremely intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. I believe continuing to create and grow that environment for people will be the driving force behind our success. Read more>>

Jenna Madden | Actor/Artist

The most important factor behind my career has been my support system. You always hear about people who have a strong drive and never stop working but I don’t think we talk enough about having a good and supportive team to back you up. Being an actor is a very challenging career. It’s a great way to express your art but it’s also a career that judges you for being yourself and the way you look. When I first came to LA I didn’t know anyone and struggled with myself many times if I had made the right choice. Read more>>

Justin Johnson | Digital Content Producer

Authenticity, working with authentic people, not to sound “corny” but, everything is organic. The ones who really watch and pay attention to anything Campaign Studios related they know for a fact that it was some work put into the content, that we actually love what we do. I’m lacking with the clothes and graphic design but everything is original, everything comes from a sincere place. Read more>>

Luretha Davidson | Creative

I believe the most important factors behind the success of my brand is to just show my appreciation to the city I was born and raised in. I believe there are many dope creatives in my city and I am here to get it more out there. Read more>>

Joel Gutierrez | Executive Chef of Lido Bottle Works in Newport Beach

I’m always evolving, and never settling for complacency. Even from when I originally started. At 18, I was a college student, working as a server in a nursing home. Then I became a cook there. Then I decided to make a career out of cooking and took my first job as a line cook in a professional kitchen. Read more>>

Gina Lopez | Spray Tan & Teeth Whitening Educator

My success is built on the success of other women. I established a “Mission” to train at least 100 women and help them build successful spray tan and teeth whitening businesses. I want to help women, moms, single moms learn how to start a beauty business without having to invest thousands of dollars and learn have to become financially independent. Read more>>

Zoe Hylton Hylton | Graphic Designer & Brand Specialist

The most important factor behind my brand is definitely my drive. There were many times were people weren’t supporting me and I would think I wasn’t as good as my peers. I always had to tell myself to keep pushing, keep going, keep trying new things even if it feels uncomfortable. Eventually, my time came and the reason for that is because I never stopped going, even when it got hard. Read more>>

Sarah Krieg | Photographer & Filmmaker

Putting in my 10,000 hours has been the cornerstone of my success. I’m still learning and every film I make gets easier. But in the beginning, it can quickly become overwhelming with all the frame rates, and editing software, and gear options, and storyboards. I see a lot of people get frustrated and that fear of failing can slow them down. I try to say yes to anything that excites (or even scares) me. And the more I saw yes, the more I film, the more I edit, the more I learn. I keep creating. Read more>>

Kaleo Jacobs | Artist

I believe the biggest factor in my success was determination. Waking up everyday and putting the work in and knowing that things may get difficult, but would be worse if you stop. Read more>>

Crystal Truong | Creative Director / Founder

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is to consistently convey our message as a company. I designed and created Dylan because I wanted the power of product to empower people. Through imagery, blog posts and even with who we chose to collaborate with, I make sure to keep the same messaging. Read more>>

Darius Portley | Actor, Writer, Director, Comedian

The most important factor in my career I would have to say patience and understanding. You can’t always get the role you want or dreamed of having, I honestly thrive off of not getting picked because it only makes me work harder then the next person. I find different ways to become better not just as an actor but as a person and i intrepid that into my career, being successful you can not be afraid to fail or be told no, you’ll hear no before you hear yes 6 times out of ten, but when you do hear that yes, man embrace it with love and joy cause you never that could be your start. Read more>>

Jo Nuñes | Energy Healer, Sexologist, Yoga Instructor and Life/Relationship Coach

My relentlessness, resilience and determination is what sets me apart from others when it comes to my success. I have been through 3 lifetimes in 1 lifetime. Instead of choosing fear, i choose love. Growing a business, let a lone starting a business takes a lot of learning, talking less and listening more, time, patience and most importantly consistency. In order to start anything new in life and have it be successful, you need a certain mindset and that takes work. Once you know yourself, know who you are and are honest with yourself, you will not only have a successful brand, but you will have a happy life! Read more>>

Tenley Patterson | Fashion & Body Positive Content Creator

I think the most important factor behind my success so far is remaining persistent in the face of obstacle. I chose to build a brand on social media with a niche in fashion and styling. These are both incredibly competitive and rigid structures in society built on antiquated views on beauty and social norms. Read more>>

Chris Morrissey | Filmmaker / Actor / Writer

Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world and truly a place of endless possibilities! Many people arrive here in hopes of making their showbiz dreams come true. Some achieve great success and some, unfortunately, leave a couple of years later jaded and disappointed. I was born in Los Angeles (on Sunset Boulevard to be exact) I have seen it all! The good, the bad, and the ugly! I don’t know if that is a blessing or a curse, but I do know that it made me work harder to make my mark in the world of entertainment. Read more>>

Wendy Chang | Community Leader & Philanthropist

As the director of a private family foundation, I have the privilege of working with many dedicated leaders building a better Los Angeles for youth, families, and community. I am also personally involved with many nonprofit community organizations – as board member, advisory council chair, funding collaborative chair, giving circle chair, and volunteer. Read more>>

Jeff Howard | Film festival programmer

After launching Film Invasion Los Angeles, it took less than a year for this film festival to become an experiment in integrity. We faced countless decisions where we could make a choice that would bring in more revenue but knock our integrity as a festival that celebrates purely independent cinema. It did not take long for me to start joking with filmmakers who commented on the quality of our selections with comments like, “Yeah, we’re the festival that gives a s–t,” It is very hard to turn away inferior work with well known performers, because you know that film will sell tickets. Read more>>

Tasha Champion | Transformation Empowerment Coach, Intuitive Healer, 2x Best Selling Author, Speaker and Breast Cancer Survivor

The most important factor behind my success & the success of my brand, is trusting my spirit (higher power) and being in my truth at all times. It is not always easy but it is always worth it. Sometimes I may want to do something and I can feel my spirit directing me in different path, no matter how much I may try to fight it, I know it is important for me to focus on trusting my spirit because it will not lead me wrong. Being in my truth means I can always be a place of honesty, dignity and integrity. While the truth may not be pretty anything outside of that truth takes you our of your authenticity. Read more>>

Lavena Lewis | CEO of Vena Vena handcrafted

Never giving up! I’m doing what I love and I’m always finding new opportunities Read more>>

Cristina Livadary | CEO and Financial Life Planner

The success of our brand can really be summed up with one word: mana. Mana (also the name of our firm) is an ancient Hawaiian word for power, unrelated to wealth and I truly believe that it took Stephanie and I harnessing our individual mana to create the success we’ve experienced over the past three years. Read more>>

Sara Glancy | Public Speaking Coach

Storytelling has always been my not-so-secret weapon. We’ve probably all heard the old adage that “People buy from brands that they know, like, and trust.” I’ve found that telling a great story is the fastest and most sure-fire way to build trust with an audience. (I’m a huge word-nerd and a fierce advocate for the power of story, so I could wax poetic about this all day!) But, to put it simply, stories are an exercise in empathy. They transport us to far away places and allow us to imagine life through the eyes of another human. And in a year where many folks are feeling deeply disconnected from their friends, neighbors, and colleagues, we need those outlets for connection more than ever. Read more>>

Gavin Maxwell | Calisthenics Trainer & Pro Athlete

Being as authentic as possible with my audience! I find that people engage the most with my online content when I am being as true to myself as possible. Most people try to create a fake persona online which people can see right through, what I have learned over the years is to show people the real me. That’s why they follow you after all! Read more>>

Adolfo Sanchez | Fashion Designer

I believe that in order to have success you have to have drive and determination. I have been through so many challenges and obstacles and as they say “when you fall you need to get back up and keep going”. That is what I really believe is the success behind many companies and behind my own brand. Read more>>